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(8.56 KB 286x176 download.jpg)

women moose 10/12/2021 (Tue) 18:07:50 No. 2901
Heya, So I'm 'seeing' a girl and so far all we've done is cuddle in bed and I wondered how do I take it further to get to a stage where we'd actually be having sex thank u
By cuddle I'm assuming you're kissing as you do so, if not you're going to have to work your way to that. Get grabby. Despite what porn and whores would have you believe women prefer to take a passive role in sex, that and the thought that she's just so goddamn attractive that she makes her man unable to control himself around her is a compliment. Note the "her man", women only like this when they like the guy. Basically grab her ass and pull her to you, this tells her that you want her and you need her as close to you as possible, if she likes you she'll like that. For men sex is largely visual, we see a grill and we're ready to go. Women aren't like this unless you're a Roman god in flesh. For women sex is largely anticipation and emotion, she wants (You) to make her a dripping mess desperate for your dick. You achieve this by teasing the ever loving fuck out of her. The methods to do so differ from woman to woman, you have to test and take note of reactions. Kissing/lightly biting the nape/back of neck tends to be a universal yes, some girls really like earplay while others dislike your breath in their ear. Lightly tracing a finger or two across her skin, especially in areas she cannot see, is also another typically well received tactic. Practice on yourself first, the effect is diminished if you do not do it smoothly. Slowly tracing just outside the areola, is also good. (""do not"" give one nipple/tit more attention than the other, this applies to everything there's more than one of.) Teasing the sides of her cunt entrance, lightly grabbing/biting her inner thighs, there're a lot of potential options. I even had an ex that could cum from putting the right amount of pressure on a certain point in her left sole. You have to play around with her and learn about her, try everything and remember how she reacts. Women tend to be shy about these things and aren't likely to tell you what to do. The most important thing, and I cannot stress this enough, is to not overuse the "cheat codes" you've discovered. Once a tactic is overused it stops working completely.
>>2902 >Women tend to be shy about these things and aren't likely to tell you what to do. Not OP, but why though? Why do women tend to be silent about things they want?
>>2903 A good woman considers her man the most important person in her life, until she has kids but that's just a fact of life. He is her source of security, love, resources, and is currently the highest candidate to father her children. Women are highly social creatures, which means they fear social consequence and judgement more than men. It could just be a fear that the most important person to her wouldn't like the fact that she likes something, or that he wouldn't like being told what to do. As I said in my last post, women like anticipation. Telling someone to do something doesn't garner much anticipation. She simply doesn't realize how much she likes something until it happens. Her man knowing what gets her going by himself is hot. Fear that doing so wouldn't be socially acceptable. Testing if you're worth her. Pick one, choose a combo, add more options, whatever. Women are an enigma and I can't claim to fully understand them. I only live in terror of what I do understand of them.
Thank you for the tips guys
>wanting sex before marriage It's not worth it chief. Just enjoy the intimacy without peepee in veevee.
>>2901 Shes not having sex with you simply because you're not attractive. Shes not a virgin, she just doesn't think you're man enough. Shes doing all the cuddling and affection because she wants to keep you around for support. Maybe one day you'll even get to have a kid with her if its yours. Women aren't open about these things because they'd get beat up, and rightfully so. But since you can't have children with out the approval of women you can't do anything about it. So everyone just copes and calls women a mystery and go about their lives sleeping with whores that won't have sex with them.
>>2914 she is a virgin and how is a woman a whore if they DON'T sleep with you..?
>>2931 >she's a virgin I suppose you think shes saving it for marriage too. But even then, if we pretend your legal aged girlfriend hasn't had sex with anyone, if shes not holding back for marriage why is she holding back? If shes an adult why didn't she have sex with anyone already? She not retarded or malnourished or something that her body isn't ready, right? Whores aren't whores because they have sex with lots of different men but because of who she has sex with and for what purpose. For instance, say you have a girl who turns everyone down but then chad walks in and she bends over. Even though she didn't fuck everyone around shes still a whore because she wants the alpha stud to recklessly dick her down. Look at any woman in real life who would be considered a whore, what kinds of people is she having sex with assuming they aren't paying cash for that sex? They aren't just anyone.
>>2932 I know she's a virgin because she's told me and I trust her. She's introverted like me as we both do a STEM subject. I wouldn't call her a whore at all. She doesn't act out for male attention or dress sluttily
>>2904 So do what you do in your run of the mill fighting game by pressing buttons until you find a combo or combo series that works for you? And don't become a 1 trick pony if you want to win the match?
>>2933 >She's introverted like me as we both do a STEM subject >because introversion matters when you're a female >its not like guys are going to initiate conversation with her, her introversion means shes not getting laid at all! >imagine being a young female with no social skills and being interested in some nerdy subject, super pathetic, shes doomed to be a sexless loser. Sounds correct to me. >but she doesn't dress like a slut Because shes not poor or an idiot. >because she's told me and I trust her. Would you still be going out with her if she told you she wasn't and still didn't want to have sex with you?
>>2935 Yes, of course I would still be going out with her. The fact that you're being so critical of her reflects more on yourself than anything else. Do you have bad experiences with women?

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