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(972.77 KB 633x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
(276.15 KB 698x1043 48622034_p1.png)
sleepy snoozy Bakanon 05/02/2021 (Sun) 02:08:02 No. 385
i hav insomnia let's all get together and sleep in this thread to catch up on much needed snooze post here if you shoudl be sleeping post here to help other anons sleep soundly tonight
(212.33 KB 540x438 this_loli_is_dead.png)
(912.72 KB 500x282 5d7.gif)
(356.67 KB 400x400 711910870_1326981.gif)
(352.60 KB 500x453 ma0m07fBPI1r922azo1.gif)
(329.03 KB 200x200 m85hjkG8ZQ1rr5ytzo1.gif)
still awake never sleep life is a heck
I couldn't sleep last night bottomless coffee is a terrible idea fuck you cute girls at my local cafe
(46.67 KB 369x401 80070304_p1.png)
>>396 There was a time where my routine was going out late and getting a coffee for 25 cents at a local place and I slept never But here I am now with usually no coffee besides a cup in the morning and I still sleep little. Every time I see someone post Tsugi I think of hotabo-anon from another site, I wonder how they're doing. I have seen Tsugi's videos, they're boring. Aesthetically she's OK, but short hair is lame
>>398 >Every time I see someone post Tsugi I think of hotabo-anon from another site hmm well I'm afraid that isn't me >I have seen Tsugi's videos, they're boring It's the aesthetic man, something about cute girls in unsettling environments does it for me. Also I love grey hair and suspender skirts
(2.16 MB 1454x1488 76033696_p0.png)
>>399 cute and unsettling is a wonderful combo, but I didn't see that in any of her videos
(403.14 KB 640x360 woke toshino.gif)
One day I'll learn not to beat my internal clock but not today
(2.13 MB 326x273 a72d0023a7d3317c.gif)
tfw sleepless disconnect from reality
>>400 nope nothing unsettling here. Although tbh the videos are nothing special, it's just the community which randomly decided to make her a meme which made the whole thing interesting
I cancelled all my appointments aka none and slept for like 12 hours. I got up this morning and feel great lol I recommend
I have the opposite problem from insomina. I wake up at 5am I'm like "hmm too early no point getting up", then 2 hours later I'm like "hmm I actually do still feel a little sleepy and I'm feeling pretty comfy here" so I just lie there till like 10am. I'm a goddamn irl Snorlax
Napping after swimming for an hour is nice, I have my own pool in the backyard, sometimes I run in the park but I could only do that in the weekdays because I am the only one there.
(498.99 KB 1000x1000 73816473_p0.jpg)
(978.34 KB 1200x1600 73766591_p0.jpg)
Are stuffed sharks a real thing because now I want one
(74.64 KB 1024x1024 wild-republic-mako-shark.jpg)
>>456 bass pro shops used to stuffed fish and shark animals , I don't know if they still do because I haven't been there in a while.
(14.86 KB 564x467 ClipboardImage.png)
3rd night of caffiene withdrawal. Man you don't know how hooked you are till the headaches come. I slept till afternoon because I just felt like I had no energy
(97.38 KB 649x950 DkCR1eCVsAAK36R.jpg)
One time I had a dream that oh hey I had dreams once, that means I used to sleep. ha ha
(364.80 KB 1600x1200 89839477_p0.png)
I had a dream that I was meeting up with someone so we could explore an office building. It wasn't abandoned, it was in use, we wanted to see what was going on in the various rooms We found a room full of kitten versions of mythological beasts, also Kyle Hill from Because Science showed up because his office is on one of the higher floors.
(611.05 KB 610x836 ClipboardImage.png)
basically me
(1.76 MB 2500x2500 1517011296628.jpg)
>>730 The other day I dreamed with my usual routine when I was a student (waking up, taking a piss, going to school, etc), and at some point I felt sleepy and fell asleep in middle of class. The curious thing is that just after I went to sleep in my dream, I dreamed (or maybe I woke up without noticing it) with myself sleeping in my bed in the same position I was sleeping in the real world and with the same things I left in my bed table before going to sleep. What's more, I was seeing myself in a 3rd person view (kinda like pic related but from a much lower angle) from the edge of the top right corner of my bed, an angle that normally is inaccessible because it is next to a wall. Is worth mentioning that I woke up for real shortly after seeing myself sleep from a weird angle, but even after waking up I kept feeling that it still was a dream until my cat meowed for food and made me realize that I was awake.
>>731 cute I like dreams like that
>>730 haha I've never had that but I hate it when I have an amazing dream but then forget about it. Writing down dreams is good practice. Sometimes I have some real crazy dreams and I force myself up to write about them because I don't want to forget >>731 I'm in my 30s and STILL have dreams where I'm in high school and acting like there's nothing strange about it. That era is stuck hard in my subconscious
(59.75 KB 1280x720 1533541569069.jpg)
>>742 I tried to get into the habit of writing down my dreams in a journal, but reading what I wrote caused me so much embarrassment (because of the ridiculousness of the dreams and the way I wrote them down) that I gave up the idea completely. >I'm in my 30s and STILL have dreams where I'm in high school and acting like there's nothing strange about it Same, but I hate when I have these dreams because they always remind me of all the shameful things I did in school and the cool things I never got to do.
>>743 >cool things I never got to do Same. I was a boring shota, I feel like I never truly "lived" till I started university. If I could go back I would do things completely differently. But still I can't help but have fondness for those years, I've spent way too much time thinking about all the things that happened during that time which made me the person I am today. But if there's something cool you want to do, nothing stopping you from doing it now. You might never be a kid again, but what is that really worth apart from the feels of reliving the past
(747.59 KB 1355x1901 81626021_p0.png)
>>778 >>743 I think we'd all live life differently if we could... because we already lived it the way we did. New experiences are the cool thing. I spent my teenage years with drug abusing thieving delinquents. It was eventful, a "cool" crowd by some metric, but I probably wouldn't do that again. I lived, it happened, I'll try "living" a different way if I were to do it over again. Probably more early internet and extra curricular activities and bitcoin >If there's something cool you want to do, nothing stopping you from doing it now Well, money and practical time. Still, I mostly agree with this. Lots of travel during the pandemic, lots of fun. What do you want to do? I assume if you want cool things you missed out on in school, it'd be social things, like going to movies and parties. Those still happen... Though the pandemic throws a wrench in. Still, in the past 12 months, I've gone out to eat with friends like 25 times, and lately I watch movies with my boyfriend a few times a month. If you're really isolated, message a friend on discord or something and ask if they wanna watch a movie with you It's actually pretty easy
(171.34 KB 768x768 72461625_p0.jpg)
Dreamed I was with some friends at the mall and we went into some shop of knicknacks and I tried flirting with the guy at the cashier to get a better deal. It didn't work, so my friend bought whatever it was she wanted and we went on our way. Then it was another day and I was there again, this time while my friends shopped, I looked at the coffee mugs and thought about if i should get one, and I picked one and took it to the counter. Again I started flirting with the guy, who had to be, like, twice my age. He seemed to like me, but I wasn't getting a discount, and I changed my mind about the mug, so I handed it back. Then I noticed there was like 4 tbsp of cinnamon in it, and said I forgot i put that in there, but he can keep that too. (??) and this is when I really won him over. He was completely smitten when I gave him that cinnamon-filled mug. We talked a bit more and my friends weren't looking, so I kissed him, he was flustered, and he entered me into a contest to win a bunch of plushies. I knew I would win. I left that store victorious.
(639.23 KB 1535x2048 78966646_p0.jpg)
i had a really cool dream and i can't remember it exactly, i think it involved me talking to a janitor about some crazy story or secret he had, which somehow led to a bunch of mercenaries sort of like the tf2 gang (i think one of them was literally the spy, but another seemed to be a psychic totally unrelated who gave people heart attacks with his mind and was also a psycopath) chasing me and some group of rebels(?) down, first with a very scawwy and threatening invasion of our base as timers ticked down to all of the defenses getting let up and some civillians getting threatened(?) ending with our escape (or at least mine) i can't fucking REMEMBr it because i had a false awakening and for some reason i remember THAT better than i remember the actual dream. false awakenings are weird, i still remember a dream i had from when i was 11-12 where i did it like 50 times and each time i 'woke up' the sun would sink lower and lower until i actually woke up and it was the dead of night, probably the craziest dream i ever had

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