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What show/cartoon/movie/anime have you watched recently? Bakanon 05/02/2021 (Sun) 18:33:20 No. 412
Just finished watching both seasons of Hilda (pics related). Its a really cute and wholesome cartoon about a little girl going in (mis)adventures with her friends and dealing with creatures from European folklore and myths (witches, ghosts, trolls that turn into stone, goblin-like guys that kidnap naughty children and fed them to an ogre, giant worms, vikings, etc). Really enjoyable show, which is a real oddity because Netflix only produce ugly garbage almost all the time.
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>>412 Oh, that's what that character's from. I've seen pics of her floating around, but never looked into it. I've been watching Deep Space Nine. We're a few episodes into season 2 and enjoying it a good amount. Some anon drew art of it when I stopped doing requests to go have dinner and watch the show instead. Very silly. Lolified, obviously. I swear I'm not a loli irl. It's a fun show to watch and talk about, very character driven with good continuity and getting more into political intrigue plots as we go.
Funny I was thinking on opening a Hilda thread here, do you mind if I open a thread exclusively to Hilda?
>>413 >Deep Space Nine Absolute patrician taste. It's very well written and watchable, as in, I wouldn't recommend needing a watch guide. In addition, I can only think of a few episodes that are worth skipping. The refugee episode from season 2 is one of them. Which characters do you love so far? For me, they're all pretty good, but I think Bashir is underrated. Since you finished season 1. I am Tosk.
(299.57 KB 2048x1652 1619981235591.jpg)

These two fill my soul with joy.
>>419 I like Odo's no-nonsense personality, and it's nice seeing Obrian from TNG.
>>419 > The refugee episode JUST watched it It was terrible. My boyfriend pointed out one of the features of the refugee race is that they're lead by women and men are the submissive sex and that the show didn't really do anything with that, and he laughed when I pointed out they gave us a race run by women and all their ships were damaged, their kids were belligerent, and the leadership was petty, unreasonable, and indignant. Wasn't a good episode
(69.41 KB 693x800 o'brien.jpg)

>>432 >I like Odo's no-nonsense personality Yeah, Odo's autism is great. It's made even better with a character like Quark. >and it's nice seeing O'Brien from TNG Yeah. >>471 Yep, it's one of the very few stinkers out of all of DS9. Even if you don’t take the political aspects into account, it's a poorly written episode. I don't what they were thinking when they made it. >Refugees in trouble, need help >Hey, we found you guys this great planet >No, we want Bajor >We can’t let you on Bajor, we're still recovering from the Cardassian occupation >NO! WE WANT BAJOR! OUR RELIGIOUS TEXTS DEMAND IT! YOU'RE THE WORSE PEOPLE EVER! >Boy is kill >This is all your fault, you Bajorans! How a story like could have "worked" better: >Refugees in trouble, need help >Bajor says we can’t help them, we have enough trouble on our hand >Some of the Bajorans get into fights them and vice-versa >Some of the refugees are skilled farmers, they have space magic to grow crops in harsh terrain >Bajor takes some of the refugees in because of their space magic, others get sent to another place for the time being It wouldn't have been anything ground breaking or great, but it would have been much better than the trainwreck we got.
(429.38 KB 640x478 ClipboardImage.png)

>>472 I expected "the refugee episode" would be disliked by channers because Trek is pretty rogressive, so it's just "ah fuck refugees i don't need this agenda here" But it was just genuinely bad And to be honest the alternative you propose doesn't sound much better. Though if they wanted to be realistic, it doesn't need to be magic, it can just be that farming is what they do and if working hard and constantly to make the tattered land grow crops, they'll do it, and it works for Bajor because they don't have such a surplus of people that anyone wants that job Just like real life, it's giving shit jobs no one wants to do to the immigrants who don't need to be paid fairly for it And the message is "migrate cheap labor into underdeveloped land to make it useful" Then 3 seasons down the line, we'll stop with the constant retarded bajoran terrorist schemes and instead of retarded refugee terrorist schemes. Anyway, we made jokes during the episode and after it, so it wasn't that bad. looking forward to the next one tomorrow.
(6.08 MB 960x540 O'Brien must suffer.mp4)

>>473 >>472 >O'Brien
>>481 O'Brien canonically banged his 12 year old wife. He's better than most of us.
(1.25 MB 2000x2400 86931274_p1.jpg)

Most memorable part of today's episode is Dr. Bashir saying "I was in love once... she had the most exquisite feet." Armageddon, season 2
(368.88 KB 640x360 Hello There Sexy.mp4)

>Today's episode of DS9: Crossover THE TERRAN EMPIRE TIMELINE I've referenced it a few times, I still remember it from TOS. To sum up the episode, this video of Kira Nerys
(639.94 KB 1000x1000 89164628_p1.jpg)

>Star Trek Insurrection movie It was kinda dumb, and the effects were silly, but not a bad watch. we enjoyed it. "It was like a long episode" my bf said. Much more action-filled than a long episode, but yeah it did have a decent amount of that feeling in it. >Bring up great theory everything that happens after Picard enters the Nexus in the Generations movie happened inside the Nexus, he never left >explain how all the events can be related to Picard's issues and psyche >bf gets so offended he just gets up and leaves the room abruptly Star Trek Majora's Mask: Picard is Dead but that's just a theory A Trek Theory Do you think he's ever coming back?
If by "recent" you mean last thing I watched, Space Dandy was the last slides I actually kept up with. That came out like 6 years ago now, didn't it? There's a lot I've always wanted to watch, mainly older animation like Moomin and Lupin the 3rd. Not so many movies or TV shows though, most stuff that comes out today is just so samey or derivative it's not worth the time.
>Vroomiz Ughh, its really good.

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