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(392.81 KB 2600x2700 1520620244366.jpg)
Really stupid mistakes you have made Bakanon 05/12/2021 (Wed) 02:20:09 No. 519
>1 month ago >decide to buy an external HDD to free space on my PC >move a truckload of files I haven't used in a while but still want to keep (old documents, music I almost never listen to, family photos, old games) >"do you want to encrypt the HDD?" >click yes because doing it made me feel like a haxxor >write complex password I have never used before to increase the haxxor mood >don't write a hint or set up a way to recover it to make sure nobody sees my shit >forget about the HDD and its content <1 month later >want to play an old game >connect old HDD to PC >"Please enter the password" >... >shit >FUCK >can't remember the password >none of the passwords I usually use work >didn't write it anywhere because I'm a paranoid fuck >password hint is fucking ":D" >mom asks for some of the old photos I have stored in the HDD because she wants to print them and make a collage 1 week later and she's still waiting for them because I cockblocked myself out of my own files by pretending to be a cool secret haxxor.
>>519 >password hint is fucking ":D" hahaha fucking nice >1 week later and she's still waiting F I've had a few close calls but never accidentally deleted anything more than a month of stuff. I recently went on a HDD buying spree and have like 16TB of storage now. However there was that one time when I was experimenting with Linux in 2009 and wiped all the metadata of my files when I copied them over from Windows. It's a minor thing but since I keep basically my whole life in digital format it can be a pain in the ass not being able to check metadata on an old project if I'm curious when I was working on it. When I first experimented with Linux I didn't know the "startx" command so I spent about a month just doing stuff from the commandline. Then one day I typed it in and was like "wtf this thing has a GUI?"
>>520 >When I first experimented with Linux I didn't know the "startx" command so I spent about a month just doing stuff from the commandline Wait, isn't startx supposed to run automatically? What Linux distro were you running and how long ago did you play with it?
(224.87 KB 487x560 1500240551801.png)
>all my passwords are just my username backwards + 42069 I am above you fools, I never forget my passwords, even years later.
(278.99 KB 1024x768 1551550782385.png)
>>521 I was using Slackware, I think that's setup so that you need to manually configure your startup or you're stuck on commandline. And it was like 15 years ago. >>522 nonakaB42069 eh? brb hacking you
(281.24 KB 500x281 1418857726313.gif)
>>527 Fool! That was just an example number. As if I'd share the real number.
>>535 Fool! Now I know what number the password isn't
(88.49 KB 477x693 1422718836304.jpg)
>>538 Fool! There are an infinite number of numbers. Infinity minus one is still infinity. As expected of the dumbest fairy.
(54.65 KB 512x336 download.jpg)
>>541 >implying there are numbers greater than 1 million Nice try but I won't fall for your tricks anon
>>527 >Slackware >15 years ago That explains everything. Not only Linugs only became somewhat usable for newcomers with Ubuntu 10.04, but Slackware has never been known for being "friendly". >>522 I usually do a similar technique (same string of words + something different for each account), but I used something completely different for the HDD because hackers lol
(20.43 KB 460x456 ayXvy3r_460s.jpg)
>>543 >Slackware has never been known for being "friendly"
>>544 Friendly for newcomers.
(18.88 KB 706x600 1337h4x0r.png)
>>519 >":D" Have no fear, anon. I know your password. benis :DDDDDDD
(470.89 KB 1740x2009 85030833_p0.png)
>unplug computer and take it apart to blow the dust out with compressed air >put it back together >plug the monitor into the motherboard instead of the video card >spend two days completely baffled as to why nothing seems to work properly and even basic games lag to hell I may be dumb, but I'm also stupid At least I learned from it and the last time I made that mistake, I was immediate in checking that I plugged it in right and fixed it.
(86.75 KB 494x436 791593500.jpg)
>>617 >plug the monitor into the motherboard instead of the video card I'm actually surprised it even let you start the OS without exploding. >I may be dumb, but I'm also stupid Hey, t least you didn't completely disassemble a laptop without paying attention to the location of the screws, causing 3 of them to get lost, others to force their way in and get swept out, and a couple of large screws in the wrong places to dent the plastic case of the laptop, nor did you get to blame a supposed "tech-savvy friend" to whom you "took the laptop to check".

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