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(83.18 KB 513x1024 DuP22ywW0AEp8km.jpg)
(325.76 KB 470x594 37821432_p0.jpg)
(175.04 KB 400x560 51365848_p0.png)
Cute & Dark/Sad Bakanon 04/22/2021 (Thu) 13:27:44 No. 74
Sometimes adorable despair is an appeal. Let's post things that have the good and bad, and you can post sad things in your life or whathaveyou. For searching images, pixiv has a category of "yamikawaii", or "dark cute" as one possible way to translate it. Lots of pinks and purples with owo faces on little plushies while someone is going comatose in a drug haze possibly to cope with what pictured evidence suggests is an abusive household. Have fun in this thread.
(673.01 KB 1178x950 72087908_p1.jpg)
(91.52 KB 1549x878 outta_sync.jpg)
(4.63 MB 2448x3082 75510289_p0.jpg)
(2.14 MB 1448x2048 77932772_p0.jpg)
(3.56 MB 1736x2456 77742253_p1.jpg)
I just adore yamikawaii, cute and sad, depressingly adorable junk
(2.36 MB 1399x2222 83806598_p0.png)
(52.72 KB 400x400 78561725_p23.png)
(80.91 KB 540x600 78561725_p27.png)
(1.38 MB 476x334 de09f282e.mp4)
(1.11 MB 800x1260 53983734_p0.png)
Avogado6 is a pro at making really cute images that ultimately make you feel bad.
While others are similar to what you would find in a depressed teenager's Tumblr/Twitter/Blogspot/Myspace/whateverkidsusenow blog.
(2.70 MB 1600x1600 83412518_p11.png)
(262.35 KB 768x1024 83617741_p8.jpg)
(2.53 MB 800x1132 80070864_p0.jpg)
(250.28 KB 768x1024 80529339_p0.jpg)
(181.83 KB 900x1200 79617712_p1.jpg)
>>85 >similar to what you would find in a depressed teenager's Tumblr/Twitter/Blogspot/Myspace/whateverkidsusenow blog As it happens I love excessively emo garbage. A favorite of mine is cutesy with visible (even only partially so) self-harm marks. 1267 pics in my collection
>>88 I prefer when the feels are depicted in a subtle or implicit way. It makes me appreciate the art much more than when the feeling of sadness and darkness is evident.
(4.03 MB 2000x2825 80431605_p0.png)
(437.40 KB 1900x1900 81061960_p0.jpg)
(1.27 MB 2000x2000 81267712_p0.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1620x2160 70137603_p1.jpg)
(2.10 MB 1227x1320 82887749_p8.jpg)
>>92 Definitely a lot of value in that, and I do appreciate it, but I lean in a generally more chaotic direction with art. I like tons of bright colors, intense and overt emotion, and exaggeration.
(55.43 KB 1171x976 DG7WYcPUwAEXoL6.jpg)
(592.92 KB 4096x2777 DQgyKnMVoAIko32.jpg)
(45.33 KB 1240x873 DVZTQAeWsAAeApY.jpg)
(42.16 KB 978x741 DF16KNrV0AAyaH4.jpg)
(36.79 KB 975x840 DF5yLzRUMAIFTTg.jpg)
@buttoniris on twitter does a lot of cute chibi expressions of her unending despair
(40.81 KB 811x614 DZ0Ao6LWkAAuVQB.jpg)
(41.60 KB 811x614 DZ0Arv4WkAAbM65.jpg)
(41.60 KB 811x614 DZ0Arv4WkAAbM65.jpg)
(41.60 KB 811x614 DZ0Arv4WkAAbM65.jpg)
(41.60 KB 811x614 DZ0Arv4WkAAbM65.jpg)
(58.01 KB 1108x847 DpK1ZwNW0AYNpLG.jpg)
(75.74 KB 1419x1106 DpKm7q6WkAEAN30.jpg)
(46.52 KB 948x750 Dq5avr4XcAASZi8.jpg)
(22.79 KB 590x404 DuzssFpWsAUvrAs.jpg)
(52.21 KB 968x977 EEtx1ofW4AAqLVD.jpg)
She is adorable.
(321.02 KB 1600x1300 38070015_p0.jpg)
it's cute and sad
(195.24 KB 640x750 happy bday.mp4)
(179.71 KB 768x768 67421867_p0.jpg)
(161.64 KB 631x780 67411167_p0.jpg)
(2.48 KB 240x320 23226691_p0.png)
(88.24 KB 480x640 56578737_p0.jpg)
(613.16 KB 768x768 72157843_p0.jpg)
more bright yamikawaii
(594.81 KB 1323x1335 47558776_p0.png)
(193.46 KB 480x670 50616400_p0.png)
(403.73 KB 1000x1200 51277276_p0.jpg)
(382.30 KB 1000x1000 45001055_p3.jpg)
(253.81 KB 1200x500 67091012_p0.jpg)
Especially love the chibi one
(136.02 KB 600x570 73011204_p0.jpg)
(442.33 KB 807x857 74958247_p0.jpg)
(926.40 KB 1080x1060 74985769_p0.png)
(285.62 KB 1000x1500 67363080_p0.jpg)
(495.03 KB 702x1247 51268333_p3.jpg)
(181.46 KB 692x1005 51268333_p1.jpg)
(169.30 KB 1025x1255 72464413_p1.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1536x1536 71969973_p0.jpg)
(838.07 KB 1181x1748 68314284_p0.jpg)
(440.82 KB 1665x2048 74829012_p0.jpg)
>>140 >3rd This is some Lisa Frank stuff right there, except for you know the drugs and stuff.
(244.33 KB 1280x887 84242098_p1.jpg)
(635.92 KB 1000x1200 78646664_p0.jpg)
(260.94 KB 768x1024 79740926_p0.jpg)
(2.38 MB 1200x1200 79900450_p1.png)
(5.56 MB 5278x5904 81248436_p0.png)
a bit more on the psycho side in one of these but still cute and this /r9k/ one is silly and cute
(4.24 MB 2181x4000 82911157_p0.png)
(1.05 MB 1388x900 ebimomo__80cf.jpg)
(780.24 KB 760x1000 ebimomomo03.jpg)
(802.35 KB 636x900 ebimomomo3.png)
(1.21 MB 1316x900 ebimomomo05.jpg)
I've always liked cute and creepy
(240.77 KB 1448x2048 EVZ7MWUUUAIjkQt.jpg)
(1.29 MB 3536x4096 EVT-2nxU8AA9HC3.jpg)
A lot of RPG maker horror games follow this aesthetic it seems.
(411.56 KB 731x1000 cage_by_chaamal_d7z8xhh.jpg)
(248.59 KB 683x1500 24349014_p0.jpg)
(200.28 KB 4500x6000 73812854_p0.png)
(2.66 MB 2700x2500 75079769_p0.jpg)
(270.59 KB 1000x1400 Ey2HvvQU8AAIWvA.jpg)
(276.93 KB 1000x1400 Ey2HxLFVIAMW9RH.jpg)
(120.44 KB 420x618 nellophame-EuLnbkAUYAIeJ2W.mp4)
(152.83 KB 1270x1000 mikotocchi_774-EwwpHCZVoAAL1d-.jpg)
(265.50 KB 1080x2070 Miel_de_colza-Eyp8OH_WYAIv6yr.jpg)
>>153 Yeah, it even became a trope for RPGMaker games to be inspired by MOTHER/Earthbound and Yume Nikki's weird/creepy/sad parts and mix them with cutesy graphics and relatively innocent characters to increase the shock. Pics related, is OMORI, a recently launched game that follows this trope to a T (don't get me wrong, it's a good game with really cute characters and cool music). >>156 >last pic Way too far.
(545.17 KB 773x1100 72375441_p5.jpg)
(220.35 KB 500x762 27541534_p0.png)
(204.17 KB 768x768 66939267_p4.jpg)
(692.99 KB 700x800 75123204_p2.png)
Abusive relationships can be dark, sad, and cute. It reminds me, the board owner stated this was a place for people to talk about sad personal stories back when he explained making the board on /b/. Real abuse can suck, but anyone want to vent about some dark history? I have always had dysfunctional relationships myself, but not really inclined to be the first to talk about that.
(1.09 MB 1024x678 ClipboardImage.png)
There's a lot of cute+sad with this character, but I don't have any on hand Take this subtle reference one that is grim and silly
>>239 I want to protect her smile
(6.20 MB 2038x1656 ClipboardImage.png)
(6.09 MB 2038x1656 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.29 MB 1584x1077 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.05 MB 2480x3159 Esj9MOyXMAAe0Uk.jpg)
(1.33 MB 1866x1023 ClipboardImage.png)
>>285 He really eased up on bullying her, I'm actually terribly disappointed. I wanted to see her cry harder
>>286 The teaching feeling girl has a good life (after being given to the player) though.
(2.64 MB 2000x2500 89456831_p0.jpg)
Crying is cute
(360.27 KB 1869x1443 fed83e166fd299f69e8bff4273c9faac.jpg)
>>239 I want to adopt this girl and protect her forever :(
>>307 I want her to cry cutely from an unfair and harsh life
(1.56 MB 2884x4096 EUYUQI4U4AA9BrY.jpg)
>on /b/ >spammer starts tossing cp around >slightly puffy purple-tinged skin around the eyes >neutral expression as they're photographed presenting themselves >they aren't happy, those eyes cried >several images posted, always spot the eyes >I've been there Though a sickly feeling, I sigh and move on, and knowing I can do that feels like I've done alright. I'm not quivering mess over some trigger. It's a darkly empowering sort of sense. Unwell, but I'm still here. I'm not like the pictures anymore
>>496 >accidentally click on one of the pics >notice lots of cuts and cigarette burns in her legs >mfw
(2.01 MB 1372x1944 84284391_p0.png)
>>497 I never self-inflicted on my thighs, but did get some scars. I know a friend that got cig burns near her groin because her mother did it. Cig burns was a fairly typical way to hurt her. I don't like the idea the effect of child abuse never really ends. Scars on a psyche just seem to persist in some form or another. The people that caused it don't deserve that kind of power. It is what it is, though.
(245.58 KB 573x1149 quack.jpg)
Imagine being so sad playing by yourself you start to cry
(717.50 KB 500x335 1419286409313.gif)
>>496 >>497 >>501 Shit, son. Dunno how to help make it better, but if we met IRL, I'd make you pancakes like you were Sylvie.
(55.84 KB 444x563 1414562067630-0.jpg)
(165.28 KB 800x800 1414468596819.jpg)
(132.00 KB 531x926 1414468207316.jpg)
(1013.08 KB 500x375 1416322838818.gif)
(424.17 KB 464x381 1458233309523.gif)
bumper bully
>>536 you pervert I know that mango
(251.75 KB 300x100 bumper.gif)
>>540 I made a banner out of that pic and added to the board.
(90.04 KB 680x834 Suicide Boy C6.png)
(30.97 KB 499x472 Suicide Boy C5.png)
(183.43 KB 743x1320 Suicide Boy C8.5.jpg)
Suicide Boy appealed to me as the idea of a cute boy trying to kill himself in various ways, I was 200% on board But actually it just becomes gay and the self-harm and suicide parts shift to the background. Crying hooni is cute
(215.70 KB 338x518 old.png)
(319.48 KB 1112x2048 new.jpeg)
>>555 (checked) Hey, another Hoonifag. I love how the comic tells the story of Hooni's suffering in a comical way, especially in the situations related to his poverty and low social status. I honestly prefer them to the physical abuse he and others do to himself. Another thing I like are the interactions between him and Jaehoon (the tall guy), is like an older brother dealing with his retarded younger bro. Still, there are 2 things I don't like about the comic. The first is that Hooni's blond friend (I don't even remember his name) is a complete Gary Stu with no flaws whatsoever, becoming boring after a while. The second is the redesign of the guy who pretends to be Hooni's friend just to make a comic about him, he went from being subtle shotabait to becoming a blatant trapbait, getting to the point where his hips got smaller and his ass got bigger by the minute.
(2.00 MB 539x9750 happy cirno comic.jpg)

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