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(62.09 KB 768x1152 knoweverything.png)
How do I make ____ Thread Anonymous 08/20/2020 (Thu) 04:22:16 No. 242
Request and recomend recipies for things. Any suggestions on hashbrown recipies? I know the general parts, but the devil is in the details.
Yellow potatoes. Grate them on a cheese grater, skins and all. Put them in a strainer and run them under water to remove extra starch. Dump them out on a paper towel and dry them best you can. Fry them in butter in your cast-iron pan. Keep the heat down-ish. Add more buter if needed. Make them 1 layer deep and don't over load the pan else they won't brown correctly. Add ksalt, pepper, garlic powder (fresh might burn), and smoked peprika. Once they brown, flip them. Add the same spices again, but this time you can add green onions if you like. Or/and peppers. If you add those at first they might burn. Cook until browned. Sorry, I didn't save pictures of this. Maybe if I remember to next time, when I make them again.
>>242 >hash browns I like to make patties. Cube a potato (I leave the skins on, peel them if you want) then blanch them in a deep fryer - meaning deep fry them only until they're barely turning a slight shade of yellow/blonde. If any are brown you have fucked up. Drain them, let them cool to room temperature, then fire them into a food processor (or grate them if you don't have one). Once they're a fine paste and in a bowl in a mushy mess, add your favorite spices then form them into patties. Freeze for one hour. Fry/deep fry these (or bake them if you're a pussy) and voila, crispy on the outside/fluffy on the inside perfect hash brown patties.
any ideas how i could make a beef bisque soup?
(1.47 MB 2160x1620 hash-browns-01.jpg)
(1.19 MB 2160x1620 hash-browns-02.jpg)
(1.52 MB 2160x1620 hash-browns-03.jpg)
(1.45 MB 2160x1620 hash-browns-04.jpg)
>>246 OK, I made them yesterday. I served them with scrambled eggs. If I was serving this to someone else, I'd have left off the cheese because it really doesn't fit. Since I had it to use up, I put it on top. The hash browns are as I've written in the post I'm replying to. The eggs are 3 lg eggs, 1 Portugese hot pepper from my garden, baby bella mushrooms, 1 garlic clove, baby bok choi, shallot, ksalt, black pepper, basil, and oregano. They're friend in avocado oil. I cook scrambled eggs longer than most peopel because wet eggs skive me out.
>>266 Like most hmm, don't think there's an english word for it, maybe stew would be? Anyway, for beef you'd cut it into small 1/2in. cube pieces, you stir fry on oil until brown n' tasty (but undercooked), then add the remaining ingredients like tomatoes, onions, clove or bayleaf, salt, cover in water just barely, bring to boil, then simmer until not terrible. >>360 >not eating a delicious jiggly salted egg cooked for 10 seconds on top of a really thick piece of sourdough toast Sorry about your brain problems anon
>>360 I have for ever had the worse time making hash browns. They always end up a soggy mess instead of nice and brown and crispy. What's the secret?
>>362 Not that anon but be very autismal about draining them and use a firmer potato. Also
>>362 Rinsing your potatoes after you've cut them, then letting them sit and drip-dry onto paper towel or whatever can really help. Rinsing and washing them after cutting helps remove a lot of the starches, which is what contributes to the finished product ending up as a mushy mess.
>>362 Yellow potatoes. Raise them well after you cut them. Get the starch off. Dry them well. Don't over load the pan (1 layer, 1.5 max). Resist the urge to flip them until they brown.

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