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お酒スル・Booze/Alcohol Thread Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 22:26:11 No. 338
Post all about booze for cooking, be it beer, wine, rum, liquor, nihonshu, shaoxing, whisky, vodka, hard cider, tequila, vanilla extract or whatever. Maybe mention how you clean your kitchen with isopropyl alcohol. What do I look for in a beer for hot dogs? Are any of the ones Aldi sells good enough for it? Any cheap suggestions for hot dog beer?
(27.15 KB 640x640 640x640.jpg)
>beer As I get older, I have started to veer away from beer and more towards hard spirits (my favorite drink, in the entire world, is peach schnapps with club soda, on ice). That said, there are still two beers that I will go out of my way to drink. >Czechvar You could put a gun to my head and I still wouldn't be able to tell you why I love this beer as much as I do, but holy fuck boys. It's light, with a hint of sour bitterness, and a good flavor. It's the beer that I crave on very, very hot days, and I like it a lot because it doesn't hit your gut like a bomb - so it's easy to down one or two of these with a meal and not feel like you're going to pop. >Hobgoblin Heavier, thicker beer with a much richer, darker flavor. It's got almost a hint of chocolate flavor in it, and is a nice, heavier beer for a colder day. I've turned this beer into something of a Christmas tradition, where I'll go see my family, and once my nephews are done opening their presents my old man and I will knock one of these back and try to steal bites of turkey while it's finishing cooking.
(290.21 KB 680x368 Ed8v4jsWkAAeyaS.png)
I only drink vodka but after waking up to gatorade colored vomit twice my body rejects it now. Can't stand it. To compensate, I'll take any beer that's a higher percentage like Elysium Dust (8.4% or something). I got some mead fermenting in the kitchen since March too but I haven't tasted it yet. Still has blackberries in it.
Why the Japanese text and anime screenshots?
(237.73 KB 480x360 ClipboardImage.png)
(70.21 KB 355x214 whatareyoudoing.png)
So, any thoughts on Aldi's beer for hotdogs?
>>348 >>351 Stop playing dumb, this isn't a Japanese themed board and you know that. Imageboards haven't been exclusively about anime stuff since like 2007, this website didn't form as an anime site and /ck/ formed way after that period anyway. Weebing out like this is unusual in today's age outside of anime boards which is why I asked. >>374 If you're eating hotdogs I don't think it really matters, it's not the finest food.
>>375 It's a videogame imageboard migrated from another videogame imageboard which forked off from an anime imageboard. The vast majority of anons are familiar with anime and have reaction folders full of anime girls. No matter what topic, people are going to reply with anime girls. >>374 What >>375 said. If you like their beer enough to drink it on its own then it should be good enough for hot dogs.
(51.26 KB 512x256 unnamed.jpg)
>>375 There is no need to be upset, anon.
(1.08 MB 3264x2448 20200612_064809.jpg)
(1.19 MB 3264x2448 20200612_064838.jpg)
>>374 Aldi has quality beer and damn near everything else. A pretty damn good portion of all their products is the same exact product as name brand just different label. Here's just one example that i noticed and took pics of. Same exact container too just a different label.
>>378 I remember I saw an Australian show (called The Checkout, I think) that talked about Aldi absolutely flattening their national supermarkets like Coles. It was really interesting. Food in Australia is very expensive, mostly due to the Aussie dollar originally being half the value of the US dollar but gradually increasing over the years. Now it's something like 70% or 80% the value of the US dollar, but companies still charge roughly double the rate of what it would cost in the US. This is true for a lot of things, like video games which cost like AU$120. There's no economic reason for this other than greed and it being the "acceptable" thing to do. On top of that, food in Aussieland is already more expensive than food in the rest of the world can't remember why. When Aldi came in, they were selling food at something like 1/3rd the price of other stores because they were charging it at the same price as they do in other countries. This killed a lot of smaller stores in regions they setup in and rapidly pushed them into being the 2nd biggest grocery store in the whole country. They might have become the first since they did their report. Really interesting stuff.
(489.96 KB 967x786 ClipboardImage.png)
>>378 Any recommendations on what I should grab for beer dogs?
>>380 My favorite one is pic related but they only show up when German week comes around. I usually go for the cider its absolutely magical damn near orgasmic. Of those ones I've had the Folded Mountains and Independence Harbor, both were good. I wouldn't say I'm great at recommending pairings I find most drinks go great with most food.
>>381 Is the hard cider good for beer dogs?
>>384 Absolutely. I've had chili dogs, saurkraut mustard ketchup dogs, onions relish ketchup mustard dogs, bbq sauce dogs, hotsauce dogs and probably a few others i can't recall atm with the cider as my drink. I've never had a bad pairing with it.
>>385 I meant boiling in the alchool, not pairing it with the meal.
I've never done that before with any alcohol so i can't say, i nuke my dogs or fry em in a splash of oil. My gut says it would either be amazing or terrible.
I bought and received a bunch of pears and made a pear butter with amaretto, coconut liqueur, and liquore strega. I threw it on top of both vanilla and chocolate cake (chocolate was the best), but it was amazing with peanut butter and bread. Mix your drinks folks.
I'll have a Bailey's or a rum and coke during the holidays or events. I don't have anything against alcohol, I'm just too cheap and lazy to buy it with any frequency. I wouldn't mind having the knowledge to be able to pair shit with meals, though.
>>408 For beers, chapter 7 of "Randy Mosher - Tasting Beer: An Insider's Guide to the World's Greatest Drink-Storey Publishing, LLC (2009)" covers that. For wine, "Madeline Puckette, Justin Hammack - Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine-Avery (2015)" also has a chapter on flavour pairings. Generally speaking, acidity and carbonation both help pick up the fat in your mouth, so that type of drink goes well with fatty foods. Drinks with strong oak/wood notes go well with smoked food. The dumbest way to look at this is: if what you're drinking has notes of some ingredient used in the cooking of the meal, it'll pair well. If what you're cooking has notes of something that is often paired with what you're cooking, it'll pair well. Cider works great with pork, for example (pork and apples is like eggs and bacon). Whiskey and spirits are a whole new fucking ballgame, even though they work off the same principles, merely because the flavors are so strong, so when you fuck up, you really fuck up. Also, whiskey's complexity makes it so that you may have to invest quite a bit of dosh building a palate and tasting notes before having a good palette to use as a reference for pairing.
(82.01 KB 1200x630 rhubarb.jpg)
(101.32 KB 960x640 elderberry.jpg)
I decided to try making rhubarb wine and elderberry wine for the first time this year. I finally bottled them yesterday and got to taste the fruits of my labour. The rhubarb wine is good for cooking and not much else. But by the time I decided to try making this wine, it was way into late summer and I didn't have much rhubarb available. In the end, I didn't get all that much juice out of the rhubarb so the wine was primarily water and sugar with some tea leaves. Consequently, I'd like to try it one more time in the spring with plentiful rhubarb harvests. As for the elderberry wine, it needs to mellow out for the coming months in the bottles, but it was a nice tasting wine. Had a creamy texture and a pleasant taste. I only wish preparing elderberries wasn't such a pain in the ass.
(1.09 MB 640x360 awful.mp4)
>>375 Friendly reminder to lurk for two years before posting.
>>338 >お酒スル お酒スレ?

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