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(315.54 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)

(122.25 KB 266x292 ClipboardImage.png)

(166.00 KB 210x330 ClipboardImage.png)

Same VA thread Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 07:38:54 No. 7438 [Reply]
>No way, Eric! This shot is too good to pass up for the premiere in Vancouver... the chopper's just the icing! >You freaking lunatic! You're gonna get yourself killed. >And I'm going to pull a McTwist on the way over
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(330.44 KB 360x450 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm the pizza delivery dude! The dude with the food!
(9.33 KB 258x195 Vercetti.jpg)

<Keep at it, cocksucker!

Netflix Holocausts It's Animation Department Anonymous 04/22/2022 (Fri) 01:10:05 No. 25307 [Reply] [Last]
DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD >The news of the changes in the department emerged around the same time the quarterly earnings report for the Netflix streaming platform surfaced. Netflix saw its stock plunge more than 30% after highlighting the loss of 200,000 subscribers, which was the first time the platform had seen such a decrease in over a decade. >Phil Rynda, whose official title is Netflix’s Director of Creative Leadership and Development for Original Animation, was let go this week, along with several of his staff >Along with the firings, the department is seeing the cancellation of notable Netflix shows, including Lauren Faust's Toil and Trouble, Roald Dahl's The Twits, and the heavily delayed adaptation of Jeff Smith's comic book series Bone. >(Netflix confirms their decisions are made using data, which takes into account viewing versus cost.) >Netflix currently touts “Boss Baby” as the ideal of what an animated series on the platform should be and what kind of numbers those animated series should be bringing in <The future is a Nickelodeon style hustle with licensing out the ass and family guy clones everywhere After years of forcing their crappy diversity requirements down project's throats, its all finally come to bite them in the ass. https://archive.ph/aWi6W https://archive.ph/A0Qoh https://archive.ph/OQo8y
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>>26288 Wasn't arguing otherwise.
(294.92 KB 1479x1100 lj4jshnpb7j61.jpg)

>>25452 FUCK!

Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 04:14:00 No. 17819 [Reply]
I wonder what Tarzan's Parents ship from Disney's Tarzan (1999) would look like in it's full glory before it got destroyed by fire.
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I think, similar to USS Constitution?
>>21208 Are you saying they sank the ship on purpose? They didn't even try to bring friends on the lifeboat
>>26299 Tarzan's parents didn't burn the ship.

(110.62 KB 442x848 Turning-Red-Horny.png)

(42.18 KB 680x383 FME9xdpXEAg6PDg.jpg)

(105.99 KB 360x193 FMQBUcTWUAUiKCQ.png)

Anonymous 02/23/2022 (Wed) 04:59:50 No. 23357 [Reply] [Last]
>‘Turning Red’ Film Critic Calls the New Pixar Cartoon ‘Unapologetically Horny’ WTF PIXAR https://archive.fo/KkoRb
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>>26291 >>26298 The problem with letting the government have control in either of the matters you speak of is assuming that they'll side with you and not against you. Look around. They're already loudly proclaiming how vehemently they are sided against you.
>>26295 >I guess if we had a situation like in Dot.Hack where the whole internet goes down in a spectacular blaze of glory we could rebuild a new one that has safeguards against kids accessing social media but that would require a system where safeguards are in place. The only safeguards you need is to make internet unfriendly to normalfags.
>>26061 >that Gundam autist On /co/?

(31.45 KB 343x460 my name's not rick.jpeg)

Rick Should Have Died Early Anonymous 05/22/2022 (Sun) 07:04:10 No. 26242 [Reply]
He is the main antagonist up until the governor shows up and Hershel/Dexter should have killed him for screwing them over repeatedly. Dexter didn't even do anything wrong and actually tried to help Rick's group only to get murdered because Rick had to go and simp for his unfaithful wife.
11 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>26317 It does when you're talking to that niche, on a board specifically for them. Context matters.
>>26318 If you're gonna play it like that, it's not popular or successful. Do you see anyone here praising the comic or storytiming the whole thing? No. No one here cares.
>>26319 >If you're gonna play it like that, it's not popular or successful. Do you see anyone here praising the comic or storytiming the whole thing? No. No one here cares. NTA and I have no horse in this race, as I don't care for most zombieshit. But I vaguely recall there was a dedicated walking dead thread when the comic ended in 2019. What is it about this niche discussion that upset you this much, to the point you have to continually be pedantic and bump a thread that would have probably slid off the catalog by now?

(121.90 KB 1360x620 45354354354354.PNG)

(237.03 KB 702x1023 elemental-1.webp)

New Pixar Move Anonymous 05/16/2022 (Mon) 22:38:59 No. 26108 [Reply]
>Pixar has dropped the concept art for its next feature, Elemental, which will hit theaters on June 16 (see it below). Disney already had the Father’s Day weekend date reserved for an untitled Pixar film. >Directed by Peter Sohn (The Good Dinosaur, Partly Cloudy short) and produced by Denise Ream (The Good Dinosaur, Cars 2), Elemental journeys alongside an unlikely pair, Ember and Wade, in a city where fire, water, land and air-residents live together. The fiery young woman and the go-with-the-flow guy are about to discover something elemental: how much they actually have in common. >The movie was inspired by Sohn’s childhood in New York. >“My parents emigrated from Korea in the early 1970s and built a bustling grocery store in the Bronx,” said the director. “We were among many families who ventured to a new land with hopes and dreams—all of us mixing into one big salad bowl of cultures, languages and beautiful little neighborhoods. That’s what led me to Elemental.” >“Our story is based on the classic elements — fire, water, land and air,” the director added. “Some elements mix with each other, and some don’t. What if these elements were alive?” >Pixar, after being sidelined to Disney+ with Turning Red and Soul during the pandemic, returns to theaters this Father’s Day weekend, June 17-19, with the Toy Story origins story Lightyear. The studio showed off the pic’s first half hour to great response at CinemaCon last month.
15 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>26128 Industry faggots are largely never creative with their follow the leader bullshit, so my money's on reason #3. With the current corporate climate (aided by witch hunts from leftist HR), it's impossible to say "no" to anyone who is non-white and making a story about "culture" without being crucified as a racist and permanently blacklisted from the industry.
Pixar was always shit
>>26128 People who comment on media in the consuming class are critical of everything if it depicts real groups and execs are terrified of criticism from liberals and their ilk. All that's left is "authentic" stories from "authentic" people, which is defined as being immigrants from urban centers, which are devoid of any genuine culture that people have to worry about the depiction of.

Anonymous 05/21/2022 (Sat) 02:02:34 No. 26195 [Reply]
You're in store for some movies. Hope you got snacks (and you better share, dammit). Join us for the following movies: - The Gumby Movie - The Nut Job - The Average Dinosaur OR You can choose between the Ted Box and the Yaki Box. Ted Box smells like the most amazing male power fantasy ever made, and you can take that to the bank. Yaki Box smells like another target for well-intentioned grandparents. JOIN US https://vaughn.live/tedfufu
13 posts and 29 images omitted.
(68.19 KB 1080x1031 sass.jpeg)

Flipping a switch says I'm voting for Yaki
(177.57 KB 1000x1401 CarGo.jpg)

Next movie of the night is from the Yaki Box, and it's CarGo! It LOOKS like Cars, but it's super-not. At least Melissa Joan Hart is in it?!
(99.49 KB 1334x842 Cats.png)

(531.14 KB 973x586 Nikki.PNG)

(1.08 MB 973x599 Nikki 2.PNG)

(1.12 MB 971x596 Nikki 3.PNG)

(1.01 MB 706x678 Nikki 4.PNG)

Obscure stuff from childhood you were able to find Anonymous 05/13/2022 (Fri) 00:01:31 No. 25994 [Reply]
I finally found it after 22 fucking years, this pilot aired on CN like 30 times and it stayed in the back of my mind as I remembered it from time to time. Animation looks better than I remember, but the narrative and aesthetics are really off. The gal that directed this also made the cartoon sections of Lizzie McGuire later on. Post your own experiences
2 posts and 2 images omitted.
(915.43 KB 515x753 Baby_Folies.png)

took me long fucking while but i finally found it(don't mind the chinese sounds) https://yewtu.be/watch?v=oJrNgbF5AoY
>>26086 The hell is that?
I've been thinking of translating this but I doubt it's worth it.

(91.58 KB 720x1280 FCPdt34VQAAzoYY.jpg)

/co/ related Pain Thread 2: The Starfox Cometh Anonymous 10/25/2021 (Mon) 16:59:52 No. 18884 [Reply] [Last]
Another miscellaneous thread for all things /co/ related that make you cringe, groan, or furious.
515 posts and 349 images omitted.
>>26177 The creator. Vanity project. Likely couldn't get it off the ground unless she painted it in an existing IP coat of paint.
(99.06 KB 1024x576 FTMCRG-X0AAiydQ.jpeg.jpg)

You know in a better written film this would've been funny as hell, still kinda is but for different reasons. Also someone needs to make a new pain thread
>>26180 Gimme a minute.

(491.62 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)

Anonymous 11/13/2021 (Sat) 02:48:26 No. 20068 [Reply]
I like Amphibia.
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
(554.95 KB 501x463 coolviles.png)

>>20068 well i think Amphibia sucks
(243.33 KB 680x709 chad yes.png)

Everything until the 2nd part of the final was top tier, everything after was a mixed bag.

/co/ Vidya Thread Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 17:46:59 No. 2282 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone wanna talk about /co/ related video games? What have you been playing? What upcoming games are you looking forward to? Here are my thoughts on a few new and upcoming games. Avengers looks like ass. I hate how everyone in charge at Marvel completely missed the appeal of Kamala. I'm probably in the minority here who actually like the character, but what made her appealing at the start was how low stakes her stories were. She doesn't work in big events like what this game is going for. It also will have some Destiny like shit tacked on. Ultimate Alliance 3 was enjoyable, but definitely worse than the original. It does show how much better stylized art looks when compared to the upcoming Avengers game. The camera is terrible though especially in co-op. I don't understand Sony's strategy with Spider-Man: Miles Morales. They revealed it like it was a sequel, but from what I understand it is just an expansion that comes with a rerelease of the first game. Next gen so far looks like a disaster. And finally Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated. I was really looking forward to this game, but I hear it's a mess. The cut content from the original that they had advertised as being added wasn't, and even with a day one patch it is apparently still a buggy mess.
119 posts and 23 images omitted.
>>26106 Yeah but lego games are joke games made for little kids. We're talking like at least a teen rated game with more realistic graphics, stakes, & tone.
(24.06 KB 625x626 1375473875362.png)

>>26111 How is it bait?

Anonymous 03/03/2022 (Thu) 04:22:23 No. 23610 [Reply] [Last]
A day left, what's your prediction /co/? How shit will it be?
294 posts and 81 images omitted.
>>26009 Is there any thread to talk about Dr Strange and how shitty the movie is?
>>26015 There's some discussion in the pain thread but your free to make a thread for it.
>>26009 Those other shows have fucking shit animation compared to Ren & Stimpy, and the later ones wouldnt exist without it in the first place.

(124.13 KB 500x497 FR9j_13VsAAfPck.png)

(5.01 MB 960x540 m1Ur_eoi2fvhROuQ.mp4)

(69.47 KB 720x890 FR78xrsaQAErsDi.jpg)

Anonymous 05/13/2022 (Fri) 06:16:41 No. 26008 [Reply]
Apparently Fireball finally got an English dub out of nowhere. Looks like the mouse is getting desperate for content on Disney+. I mean I'm not complaining its a fun series but its so bizarre how it took this long to get one. For those who don't remember, the show is basically a collab between Disney and some 3d animation studio in Japan with Hitoshi Fukuchi doing designs and some story bits. It was pretty popular on text/image boards back in the early 2010s, it actually had a new season come out last year.
8 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>26048 its probably going to be a while before someone takes the time to rip them. According to this youtube guy uploading that MP4 in the OP, the dub is for some reason only available on JAPANESE Disney+ so the only way the dub footage came by was by VPN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-yQ8GV7dvA Mentions Drossel is voiced by one Erika Harlacher too incidentally.
>>26014 >unless its the dub then that's up in the air I'm clearly talking about the dub. I've already found the entire series some time ago, I was working on a fansub with a friend last year.
>>26045 I found it on sankaku under the artist tag: ataruman.

(145.58 KB 1280x720 farfetched.jpg)

Anonymous 02/27/2022 (Sun) 04:20:24 No. 23505 [Reply]
Will this become the next Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovn0pzuGs_M
32 posts and 24 images omitted.
What is this inmense faggotry?
>>23732 >He Has no dong, this faggot has a funny face
>>23518 no never mind its just a Saturday morning cartoon premise and the character designs look like how i drew when i was 12 if though my artwork was dynamic

Anonymous 04/22/2022 (Fri) 14:46:04 No. 25340 [Reply]
What terrible comics/cartoons do you think aspiring creators should draw practical lessons from?
25 posts and 33 images omitted.
>>25939 It's been done. The Metropolis Police Department from Superman has been superscience Iron Man guys since the '90s, and they had Team Luthor back then too, which was Luthor's team of private security Iron Mans that he used to help the police because he was pretending to be his own good guy son (who was actually a clone he put his brain into) at the time.
>>25939 Wasn't a comic series also about Gotham cops specifically having to deal with super shit?

History comics and manga Anonymous 05/08/2022 (Sun) 04:00:38 No. 25878 [Reply]
Thread title. Share recs here.
4 posts and 2 images omitted.
(332.68 KB 305x475 ClipboardImage.png)

Does historical fiction count? Like westerns? Because Jonah Hex is awesome. I also like Enemy Ace. Enemy Ace: War Idyll is a really cool graphic novel which is treated like someone in the present interviewing an old veteran, and though technically Enemy Ace has stories where he meets time travelling Superman and stuff, this story is played as realistic. That's also the reason most Jonah Hex stories are good, though I do like when he gets into weird sci-fi bullshit as well, like the time he got warped to the post-apocalyptic 21st century for a while. I suppose that particular series wouldn't fit this thread theme, but most of his series would. Especially his Vertigo stories from the '90s. I also have one very underrated and interesting story called The Kents, which is about Superman's (adopted) ancestors during the formation of the state of Kansas in the 19th century. Really, it has absolutely nothing to do with Superman, and they just framed it as that to get some capeshit autists to read it. I think there is a little appearance by Jonah Hex, and there is another character implied to be an ancestor of Lois Lane (actually IIRC it was a real guy named Lane and maybe it's just the framing that leaves the reader assuming they're related), but otherwise it's just the story of an actual historical event, but told through the eyes of fictional characters. Would be cool if DC or Marvel did more like this. I mean they both do a lot of World War II stuff, but given it's all either about superheroes or monsters/robots/dinosaurs, I assume that's not what this thread is looking for, even though JSA/Agents of Atlas/Dinosaur Island/Creature Commandos/etc. are all awesome.
>>25904 Historical fiction counts but try to avoid stuff with fantasy/scifi elements
>>25901 >I've recently read Ayar which is a fantastic reinterpretarion of the ayar brothers and the foundation of the Inca empire done by a DBZ fan. It's kinda cool. There aren't a lot of national comics here, Argentina is basically the only exception, the only latinamerican country that had a big comicbook industry. I barely found it. Thanks, I'll try to read it. This should be fine for people like me who like less-known civilizations linked to Age of Empires.

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