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Flashpoint Beyond or Thomas Stop Trying To Fuck Your Dead Son Anonymous 01/16/2022 (Sun) 00:49:40 No. 22204 [Reply]
> Flashpoint Beyond, we learn that the Flashpoint reality survived - and Thomas Wayne/Batman is even more shocked than we are. In the seven-issue series, he will return to the streets of his Gotham City to figure out the multiversal mystery of how his universe didn't die - and if there's some way to resurrect his dear, departed son Bruce. >The series kicks off April 5 with a special double-sized Flashpoint Beyond #0, followed by six issues released every other week culminating June 21 with Flashpoint Beyond #6. This better retcon Future State because if it doesnt it'll be nothing more than wasted filler.
4 posts omitted.
>>25875 The original Reverse Flash was Eobard Thawne, AKA Professor Zoom. He was the nemesis of the second Flash, Barry Allen. Barry Killed him after he killed Barry's first wife (turned out she just had her mind warped into a new body in the 30th Century the moment before she died, but Barry didn't know that until later) and was about to kill his new fiance on their wedding day. He would continue to appear occasionally anyway because he's a time traveller from the 25th Century and sometimes he, from before he died, travelled to some point after he died, and fought the Flash there. Also, there was one notable time when Abra Kadabra, a villain from the 64th Century, thus much more powerful than Professor Zoom (who at that point got his super speed with tech from his 25th Century future, though later he would instead make a connection with "The Negative Speed Force"), disguised himself as him just to fuck with Barry, but it accidentally just got Barry acquitted of the murder of Thawne because now everyone thought he was alive again even though he wasn't. Later, Barry died and his sidekick, Wally West, got promoted from Kid Flash to regular Flash, and eventually another guy, Hunter Zolomon, fashioned himself into the new Reverse Flash, with a similar costume and such, and was also called Zoom, but not Professor Zoom. Eobard Thawne got the nickname The Professor because he was a brilliant criminal genius or something. He was deliberately fashioning himself into Wally's nemesis and a replacement for the old Reverse Flash, but I guess he wasn't pompous enough to go around calling himself Professor. The first Flash, Jay Garrick, also fought a villain called The Rival, and later he was retroactively considered a Reverse Flash, but he isn't really as similar as Thawne and Zolomon. Nearly 25 years after his death, Barry came back to life. Shortly after, so did Eobard Thawne, but Barry probably didn't expect this, since Thawne was dead for like 30 years by this point. However, he didn't discount it could be him or some other Reverse Flash, like perhaps Zoom. >tl;dr: There are multiple Reverse Flashes. Each one has a real name and an alias. You could consider each to have multiple aliases. Eobard Thawne is also known as Professor Zoom, also known as a Reverse Flash, also known as The Reverse Flash. Not to be confused with Hunter Zolomon, AKA Zoom, also a Reverse Flash, also referred to as The Reverse Flash when he was the most relevant one.
>>25907 That looks like he was retroactively just called reverse flash but it doesn't make sense because flash is just a reference to his super speed, he looks like a flash flying by, but reverse flash would imply he is not fast. And now I will introduce you to a much better use of the name in a villain that I made up called "Torque." His entire purpose would be that he can't move fast, he just slows things down and attacks with a bunch of power, hence the name. That would be an actual "reverse flash" and not "I also go fast but I'm evil" Dr. Zoom and Zoom have always been much better names because it implies a similar and yet sinister version of the capacity for the same abilities.
(542.38 KB 400x592 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25908 Professor Zoom and Zoom are also called The Reverse Flash because they're Flashes with reverse color schemes and also reverse senses of morality. The term Reverse Flash is originally used on the cover of Professor Zoom's first appearance, and yes, originally it is a descriptive term rather than a name, but then as you point out, that is how many names work. While he did call himself Professor Zoom, he also deliberately dyed his costume the reverse colors to match his reverse morality. (Later stories would say it was to match Kid Flash, because Thawne was originally a fan of Flash, but several instances of both time travel and partial amnesia make this a bit confusing). I just read Thawne's first appearance, The Flash #139, and there he dubs himself Professor Zoom, but the narrator, himself, and Barry all refer to him as a or the REVERSE-FLASH as well (always bolded in the comic, hence my caps here. But since comics font is traditionally all caps, bolding seems to indicate something close to caps sometimes). They're using it as a descriptive term, but since it's bolded, and used on the cover, in the title of the story, it's meant to be a term we remember. That descriptor just became an alternate alias for Thawne very quickly. Also, it should be noted that Barry and the narrator also call him Zoom, as short for Professor Zoom. And as I mentioned, his original nickname before he got speed was The Professor. He just added Zoom to fit the speed motif, not thinking of the actual name Reverse Flash. If he had, he probably would have liked it better. It fits his personality and motivation of simply spiting Barry better.

Anonymous 05/08/2022 (Sun) 04:31:59 No. 25881 [Reply]
How did 4cuck/co/ get so terrible? Do we know the web identities of the mods?
19 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>25920 I know I'm asking dumb questions but by RW do you mean Red Wood? Couldn't find a lot of info about him online, from what I've seen he used to be a mod who also was an attention whore tripfag, didn't know he affected so much /co/'s culture outside from shitchan.
>>25918 >People who get mad when you point out the actual reasons we have problems with modern comics and cartoons Blaming SJWs and talking about how shit everything is does get repetitive, especially when there aren't enough posters talking about anything else. 4/co/ may be shit and its generals a cancer, but people still flock to it regardless of the state of comics and cartoons. >>25935 I think he means Right Wing. I don't think anybody who remembers Redwood would be shy about referring to him.
>>25881 Ask the mod here, he's literally one of the half/co/ jannies that keeps the board unusable.

(257.29 KB 768x398 Right Wing Trolls.png)

Zombie Simspons continues for another 2 seasons Anonymous 03/06/2021 (Sat) 01:46:29 No. 10094 [Reply] [Last]
That'll be Seasons 33-34 taking it to 2023. If that wasn't bad enough, they even pulled a "SJW is a term created by right-wing trolls" on a recent Simpsons episode. Will Simpsons ever end? If I had to guess, they'll keep it going until they hit season 50 or at least 1,000th episode just for bragging rights. Do you still watch classic Simpsons or do you not want to be reminded about the walking corpse that it currently is? https://archive.vn/68Hge (renewal) https://archive.vn/dZ7s6 (SJW Simpsons)
53 posts and 17 images omitted.
>>21635 raid by /cow/, they often come here when their bored from raiding the gamergay thread and /v/. Just report and ignore.
(9.27 KB 312x162 Sneed's reggeton.jpg)

>>10094 Ready for a new epic crossover?
>>10094 Did they do a Halloween special referencing Simpsons being a zombie TV show?

(661.47 KB 1200x676 Perez-Marvel-DC.jpg)

George Perez RIP Anonymous 05/07/2022 (Sat) 21:40:21 No. 25861 [Reply]
>George Perez, Legendary ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths,’ ‘Wonder Woman’ Comic Book Artist, Dies at 67 >The famed artist, who also worked on The New Teen Titans and Superman during his decades-long career, passed away on Friday peacefully at his home with his wife, Carol Flynn, and family by his side, according to a statement posted to his official Facebook page. His passing followed a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. https://archive.ph/mgRDY
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
F. Also, >It took Perez's terminal diagnosis for Marvel and DC to sign off on another JLA/Avengers TPB. Was published by The Hero Initiative back in March >Limited to 7000 copies >Was already expensive at $185, but scalping has made it more so. >>25866 Perez was primarily known for his art, though apparently he's done his fair share of writing/plotting according to the Grand Comics Database https://www.comics.org/writer/name/george%20perez/sort/chrono/
>>25867 Damn that's a lotta credits. Dude was busy.
>>25861 Was he vaxxed?

(241.86 KB 1920x800 the_bad_guys.jpg)

(1.50 MB 1476x1870 TheBadGuys_book.jpg)

The Bad Guys Anonymous 05/05/2022 (Thu) 22:38:10 No. 25793 [Reply]
A surprisingly okay film. While there is a case of beanface for most characters, and how some animals talk and some don't (the funny talking animal trope is annoying but it gets those parent's tickets), the animation itself was fast-paced and smoothly done (there is some inspiration with heist films). The story (and humor) itself is just heists and plans gone wrong and right. It's based upon a children's book like with Captain Underpants, although I don't know if the film is faithful to the book since I haven't read it. There wasn't much that made me groan, nor much that preached to choirs. It's a safe children's film that's worth putting on for your (hypothetical) children. Expect DreamWorks to milk this franchise since they're reliant upon streaming services.
2 posts omitted.
I liked it, basic heist movie with a nice moral area, humans do suffer from calart beanface and thank God they are on screen for a total of 6min max. My 3 grips with this movie are did i miss somewhere that the foxy Gov was the best thief? Like a throwaway line or something?....I was completely surprised by that cause it felt like a Deus ex machina out of the blue The other is the snake friendship ok, its a kid movie but fuck, he really kept being the cunt of the group and at the last minute, before giving back the asteroid I did moan on them trying to save him yet again And last but not least stop pushing akwuafina, fuck she is not funny she is not pretty, she is a disgusting chink slave and I'm really wondering who did she blow to reach this level of attention, modern politics push you but not this far, the hard push is done on counts like Cheesy feet or Zendaya. But her? What the fuck
>>25846 >did i miss somewhere that the foxy Gov was the best thief? Like a throwaway line or something? During the introduction of the Vixen and Marmalade, they rattled off a series of top tier criminals who previously attempted to steal the Goldin Dolphin and failed, with them stating that the Vixen's alter ego did attempt to steal, but wasn't "successful", and then disappeared entirely without ever being caught. >The other is the snake friendship ok, its a kid movie but fuck, he really kept being the cunt of the group and at the last minute, before giving back the asteroid I did moan on them trying to save him yet again I really wish that they handled that better, too. The final act of the film had me fearing that Snake wasn't going to see any redemption, and the way they orchestrated it does result in opening up some plotholes (Such as, what would happen to Snake if Wolf did turn over the lamp to the police, rather than go rushing off after him?). It's something that could have easily been solved by Snake giving off some subtle tells during the imprisonment scene. However, I'm unsure if that's an oversight, or they had an original draft where Snake did go bad and changed it at the last minute. >stop pushing akwuafina, fuck she is not funny she is not pretty, she is a disgusting chink slave and I'm really wondering who did she blow to reach this level of attention, modern politics push you but not this far, the hard push is done on counts like Cheesy feet or Zendaya. But her? What the fuck I didn't even realize that it was her until the credits started rolling, and I was subjected to Shang-Chi when the rest of the family wanted to watch it. However, given how her character, Shark, and Parana take a back seat to the conflict between Wolf, Snake, the Gov, and Marmalade; I'm willing to let that slide.
I can't handle this movie when they have talking animals trying to save a cat that can't talk and is handled like a pet. Ruined any and all immersion I had up to that point. Furthermore, there were 2 instances of fart and vore fetish through the movie. Also I want to do things to that Tarantula.

(400.29 KB 892x1213 1651441047-Page6.jpg)

Does anyone still read this shit? Anonymous 05/06/2022 (Fri) 14:03:47 No. 25803 [Reply]
>one strip every 1-2 months >little to no improvement on art since the beginning >story pace is slow as fuck >the only interesting storyline (Minmax's party) is on hold until we get on with this gargoyle fuckboy plot Why am I still reading this shit?
1 post omitted.
>>25805 It's Goblins, a webcomic that was kind of popular in the early 2010's, but was memed on being overly dramatic and heavy-handed with characters being sad
>>25803 >it's still alive I'm impressed. >still reading this shit? I'm even more impressed.
(848.04 KB 1162x850 I'M SAD.jpg)


(1.12 MB 1024x576 download.png)

Anonymous 05/02/2022 (Mon) 08:40:35 No. 25658 [Reply]
What the hell is it with this series that attracts so many out of touch degenerate commie lowlifes?
11 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>25758 I still like to think the series ends with him still at acting school. Bojack actually teaching seems like something stable for him to do.
Favorite moment is probably still the drug trip from Downer Ending. No Love is a great choice of music (and it's actually what got me to watch this show). Best episode for me is The View from Halfway Down. Free Churro is a close contender, but they fucked it up with the joke at the end. I don’t know about the best season, the worst, however, was the latter half of the last season. After this, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones I'm pretty sure that a show splitting the final season into two parts is a bad sign, because they inevitably try to cram to much into it and fuck up the pacing. Bojack in jail should have been a season in and of itself, or at the very least an episode. Also Charlie Witherspoon is the best character.
>>25779 >Worst Season >Any of the latter ones If anything Season 1 is the fucking worst, it has none of the Jewllywood psychological analyzing and just tries very hard to be funny and feel something for all these Californian subhumans.

Anonymous 11/17/2021 (Wed) 11:20:52 No. 20201 [Reply]
Are NFTs a legitmate way for webcomic artists to make money?
23 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>20201 You're better off if you post a "Your Character Here" template and charge to anyone who wants his waifu in it you're a fetish artist.
>>20201 Where's the amongus?
>>20201 As long as the buyers know that they are gambling on the future popularity of the artist (at best), sure. NFTs are not an investment. Either buy to gamble or buy to support the artist.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Thread. Anonymous 11/14/2021 (Sun) 06:39:30 No. 20127 [Reply]
In celebration of this show, it's getting a new season for 2022. https://archive.fo/H54dQ I'm not expecting much since Frylock's voice actor got fucked over by CN by underpaying him meaning chances are he's out of the show or got replaced either by another actor that probably wouldn't fit as well.
9 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>25343 >I wonder if we'll see some giant retarded social media spergout from it That only happens when it's a man raping a woman. Every other combination is acceptable.
>>25763 Looks like they're going for the nostalgia punch and bringing back everyone. I wonder if they're going to recast Doctor Weird?

(1.30 MB 500x281 290132180932.gif)

Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 14:10:14 No. 831 [Reply]
The most poetic thing I've come to notice about this show is Rick's efforts to dismiss the existence of God. He has time and time again tried to proclaim his place as God by emulating what he thinks God is, and continually denounces religion in the face of his own Hubris, the kicker being that he prays to God the moment he's powerless. It suggests to me that he is always going on Atheistic tangents and trying to cement his place as a God among mortals in an effort to win his God's acknowledgement, because his own hubris veils his eyes from seeing the truth about himself. The Ricks Must Be Crazy indicates this with his spite for his universe's creator despite the fact that he was the creator of his battery Universe and the tiny verse's within it. A Rickle in Time indicates it's a facade with his prayers when he thought he was going to die, and his subsequent response after he fixed his collar.Something Ricked This Way Comes validates religion in a sense with the existence of the Devil, though it gets overlooked in later seasons most likely due to continuity errors. Whether intentional or not on Harmon's Part, it makes this show more Christian than it does Nihilist or Atheist in retrospect. Another observation is that without Jerry is far more competent than he's made out to be in the show. Without Rick, Jerry becomes more competent and becomes less dependent on Rick and Beth when he is forced to step up to the plate. With Rick Potion #9, the moment Rick was no longer in the picture, Jerry stepped up and saved Beth despite being willing to commit suicide if he found Beth cheating moments earlier. Despite earlier seasons portraying Jerry as stupid based on his irrational responses, his peeing on the floor schtick in Lawnmower Dog could be seen as a smart move considering snowball and the other dogs didn't act aggressively and dismissed him as a legitimate threat as a result, not to mention the implication of castration Jerry shrugged off as a haircut. Jerry is most likely not a genius, but his antics whether deliberate or not allow him to contest with Rick and Beth married him for a reason despite being the daughter of the Genius. Big Trouble in Little Sanchez speaks for itself. The general idea is that Rick is hailed as a God and Jerry is hailed as retarded, though the show demonstrates the opposite depending on how you look at it. Anyone else notice anything interesting about this show, intentional or unintentional?
6 posts and 5 images omitted.
Is this a copypasta? >05/13/2020 Also this is old.
(419.87 KB 593x768 Rick transparent.png)

>>25730 >Shitpost as a network show That's the thing Smiling Friends could do what half Adult_Swim couldn't for hiring pretentious dipshits, I just hope Zach doesn't go full on sellout, his humor has been downgrading when he became friends with Roiland.
>>25739 Is that motherfucking doug walker lmao Also yeah Smiling Friends has some fun shit in it too, shame it's so short

(105.87 KB 1080x1080 FQ3qH8jXoAMNS3h.jpg)

Anonymous 04/22/2022 (Fri) 15:34:35 No. 25341 [Reply]
>Kerry Washington joins The Simpsons cast as Bart's new teacher >Meet Ms. Peyton, who'll be the permanent replacement for Mrs. Krabappel. "Teaching Bart is a job filled with growth opportunities," says Washington. https://archive.ph/gSe8N
19 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>25633 Just because you're used to the abandoned building rotting in the downtown area doesn't mean things wouldn't be better off without it sitting there for homeless drug addicts to hole up in.
>>25344 A black marxist teacher, just to compensate the jokes they threw at lefties. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ruU4uKUyHs
I'm always mildly surprised The Simps are still going when I see something posted about it given how poisoned that well is by now, feels like some amputated limb went off and inexplicably somehow survived till now on it's own. Must have been 15+ years since I last caught an ep (the quality of writing had fallen off a cliff years before of course) and it was severely grating on my senses with all the endless mindless crowbarred in celebrity cameo shit to the point where no-one who watched the show from the start could *possibly* care about it any more, any die-hard still sucking that dick is the very definition of sub-normal. >>25633 Nice romancing there but the fucker is a monstrous eye-sore Jenga tower just waiting for a crucial brick to get kicked so it can fall over. Pave over the fucker asap. >>25541 Kind of ironic that those with a boner for multiculturalism refuse to acknowledge that were it adopted it would be the end of distinct cultures.

Invincible The Animated Series: Nuclear Fallout Edition Anonymous 05/07/2021 (Fri) 04:08:03 No. 12631 [Reply] [Last]
The show that turns a try-hard high school super hero comic that over stayed its welcome, into a badly animated pandering mess that'll crater in quality as it goes on.
116 posts and 89 images omitted.
>>13305 artist?
>>12634 What the fuck it's even this shit? and what would have happen if someone did the same but with dykes and niggers?
>>24532 How can you top this in cartoon format?

More comics like this Anonymous 02/26/2022 (Sat) 17:12:31 No. 23484 [Reply]
Ive been reading recently Patriotika and Valkyrie Saviours by Ron Z. And they were helluva fun. So I've been wondering if there are still good comics out there? with beautiful characters, good designs, great art and that they don't try to push SJW bullshit? Or at least fun stuff like before.
20 posts and 15 images omitted.
>>23830 >Im reading Bomb Queen Why would you hurt yourself like that?
>>24454 Anon clearly wants to explode.
>>24460 Blew his brains out after realizing it was officially published and not some shitty fanfiction.

(370.36 KB 700x990 UTOPIA-COVER1b1.jpg)

Anonymous 02/08/2022 (Tue) 19:58:40 No. 22937 [Reply]
Anyone remember this absolute classic of unintentional comedy?
14 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>22991 More edits like this?
>>24370 Sadly those are the only ones, unless someone is willing to make more.
>>22991 I still remember the SomethingAwful pants gag, that one aged well. >>23998 Not even in the badwebcomics wikia?

(2.87 MB 1920x1440 Gilbert-characters-1_jpg.png)

Anonymous 04/12/2022 (Tue) 19:52:50 No. 24998 [Reply]
7 posts and 5 images omitted.
RIP :( >>24999 It's actually incredibly lucky Zach got him for that role, sort of sad too considering he wanted to include Norm who passed away right before they had the chance to contact him.
>>25008 )ouy(
>>24998 >Get Supergirl to shit on my bald spot, then maybe I'll undo your curse SupperMan.

Anonymous 04/27/2022 (Wed) 05:02:37 No. 25534 [Reply]
15 posts omitted.
>>25538 > "all animation is for children" mindset. Not necessarily a bad mindset if the alternative is going full on Sausage Party yeah that's 3D but you know what I mean where you have to try so hard to signal as "adult" that you end up becoming more childish than something like The Emoji Movie.
>>25691 >Not necessarily a bad mindset Its the reason why Sausage Party exists. They cant move on from childish crude humor and incapable of thinking about animation as a serious platform for story telling.
>>25537 I think he was referring some cartoonfan sperging about the movie being a worse catastrophe than 9/11.

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