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(235.33 KB 1440x1445 RCO066_1484025045.jpg)

(86.03 KB 720x540 Each other.jpg)

Star Wars: The Empire did nothing wrong. Anonymous 09/10/2021 (Fri) 03:44:46 No. 17647
Last thread is dead and I need my Star Warswholesome dose.
>>21949 Where would there be a fucking compartment to hold more rockets, if directly underneath the launcher is his fucking arm?
(5.32 MB 2085x1536 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21949 Stop being a nigger.
(148.17 KB 238x363 blk derision.png)

>>21953 He upgraded his weaponry, obviously. >>21954 >Stop being a nigger. No.
>>21953 >Where would there be a fucking compartment to hold more rockets Fanny pack
(127.11 KB 650x640 the_rock_fanny_pack.jpg)

>>21971 This guy gets it.
>>21874 >As for bad? Eh? It's broadcast television bad. It's soap opera bad. If I weren't paying to watch it, like I am not, then it is a reasonable diversion. I just don't agree with PAYING for this dumpster fire. A PPV television series just doesn't make sense and it's obvious they all do this out of fear of receiving poor ratings. Boba Fett: The Series shouldn't be about his post-venomous-desert-tentacle-monster experience. Rather, if anything, the series should take place when he was young and being molded into a bounty hunter.
(405.35 KB 666x388 Screenshot.png)

>>22103 >Rather, if anything, the series should take place when he was young and being molded into a bounty hunter. <he wants more prequels instead of moving forward They already made that show. It's called "A Handful of Episodes of Clone Wars.
>>22113 To move forward, anon, we'd have to venture into the Kir Kanos and Darth Krayt dark side of things. But I don't see that happening.
>>22115 Yeah everything is gonna be prequel & only slightly post empire from now on.
(1.25 MB 688x994 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.23 MB 1920x805 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.36 MB 1400x933 ClipboardImage.png)

I figured out what the hell is wrong with BoBF's visual design: Everything is brand new. Even things that were weathered in the OT like Boba Fett's armor are almost new. This goes both ways, with the flashy colors of the bikes not coming off as flashy custom jobs (like you'd expect from a "biker gang"), but off the line modern vehicle paints. I'm knowledgeable enough about the middle ages to hates Hollywood's insistence on making the middle ages/early renaissance drab and dreary, but once I notice this I can't unnotice it.
>>22166 Yes, this is one of the problems. Another issue is their insistence on reusing shit from the old EU/Lucas they shouldn't and not reusing shit they should.
(49.26 KB 950x534 OIP.jpg)

>>22166 >Everything is brand new. Not exactly. Fett reclaims his armor in The Mandalorian and, in the next episode, is sporting a glaringly brand new paint job (pic related). This is because it's been sandblasted to hell and back spending so much time in the deserts of Tattooine. Not to mention his adventures prior to the sarlaac. There are already chips in the paint from his activities from then on until the the new series. Does everyone know about the huge middle finger to Kathleen Kennedy in episode 3, yet?
(439.63 KB 807x427 starwars KK 1.png)

(31.83 KB 486x302 starwars KK 2.jpg)

>>22231 >Does everyone know about the huge middle finger to Kathleen Kennedy in episode 3, yet? You know what, I'm just going to dump it. Pics related. The despoiling pieces of shit who rape and pillage their way through someone else's hard work? They leave leave their calling card on the side of their victims' house.
>>22232 I don't think it's that and anyone who believes Doomcock saying it is should be more skeptical of a schizophrenic with a stupid helmet.
Stop being an eceleb faggot
>>22235 He has a point, Frank. Doomcock has been the Star Wars schizo of youtube that's always spreading rumors that turn out to be false every time.
(4.49 MB 1918x816 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.83 MB 1917x575 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.07 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.75 MB 1905x837 ClipboardImage.png)

>>22231 It's not just his armor though. The buildings, the background vehicles, everything is smooth and in good condition unless it's totally broken rubble. This could work on the top level of a core world, but when the allegedly dreary slum in the endless desert is are nothing but clean buildings with perfect corners and the supposed poor ride perfectly painted bikes, it's just a visual disconnect. Contrast that with the Lars Homestead, which is supposed to be a nice and relatively safe, if quaint and ultra rural, place by comparison. In just the establishing shots you've got discolored machinery, rough surfaces left on buildings, worn inscriptions, and there's a few stains on the wall.
(2.28 MB 640x360 cD_t-jvubh1KSTFa.mp4)

Even Temuera Morrison hated the script.
(181.24 KB 834x1024 Dl57KtRU4AE_Je1.jpg)

>>22235 >Stop being an eceleb faggot Frank, could you please start taking your meds, again? Buddy, you have lost the plot. Mentioning Doomcock once shouldn't result in you sperging out. You need to be more hands off or you're going to lose whatever userbase you have left.
>>22281 >once He was mentioned several times before but the posts were deleted for the same reason of the ban.
>>22241 I will definitely admit that the "scooter gang's" rides were ridiculously pristine for a planet full of dirt and dust. Not to mention that going from a western to a cyberpunk setting was a little jarring. They even looked like something out of Cyberpunk or Shadowrun, with their precious little 80s futuristic ties. As far as everything else looking newer, there are a couple of in-universe possibilities that come to mind. Maybe the New Republic started sending aid to Tatooine and other trade hubs, allowing them to do a little civic repair that the Emperor's punitive taxes probably kept them from making. Or maybe we're just seeing newer structures built with the further settlement of the planet. Who knows? IRL reasons could be HD/4K makes the stuff look better than the original movies. I'm not all that put off by the look of things. I think the set guys did the best they could. But the scooter speeders...ugh. I still choose to believe that Boba will realize towards the end of the season that ruling through fear and might is the only way through. The Tuskens taught him their way of respect because they accepted him into their tribe, but to everyone else they're Space Muslims.
>>22283 The scooters wouldve honestly work if the planet was Naboo.
(65.23 KB 960x685 autismsupporter.jpg)

>>22282 >He was mentioned several times before but the posts were deleted for the same reason of the ban. Oh, well, by all means, the spergout was completely within the rights of the jannies. Who the fuck cares? >Hey! Frank! Did you know what Kneon and Geekysparkles had to say about The Book of Boba Fett? The same thing as The Quartering and Jeremy from Geeks & Gamers! They all said "Stop being an easily triggered homosexual!"
>>22285 >Who the fuck cares? >defending ecelebs
(79.12 KB 250x250 bane garak.png)

>>22287 >defending ecelebs No, defending ecelebs would be "[eceleb] has worked hard to [insert whatever] and I think he/she/it deserves more respect!" I'm just saying that the first response shouldn't be reaching for the delete button because someone who's occasionally right is mentioned. It doesn't wreck my day when I go on /v/ and see someone there briefly mention YongYea, and I couldn't care less if the same thing happens here. Now, if someone starts a thread with "Prove to me that Doomcock isn't amazing protip: you can't" then by all means, purge that shit. But freaking out over a quick namedrop is retarded and shows a level of uncontrolled autism that even /b/ would be concerned about.
(156.99 KB 322x267 Darth_Bruh.png)

>>22300 >YongYea Who? See its faggotry like this that infects a board slowly, starts with off hand mentions then it evolves to retarded slap fights. We're supposed to act like we know or we're supposed to give a shit about some larping jewtuber. Hate to break it to you but most Anons think its cancer no matter how much of a homosexual you are for them. If the faggot of a BO has done one thing right its purging all these eceleb faggots from the beginning, hell there's even an old ass eceleb general in the catalog and its dead.
>>22304 When someone who uses the "word" "bruh" is calling you a faggot, you know it's serious.
>>22304 No one's even defending e-celebs. Doomcock is only brought up because he's a schizo that talks about Star Wars rumors after someone just posted a Star Wars rumor. It's not that deep.
(148.57 KB 444x620 ClipboardImage(1).png)

>>22308 Don't shoot the shitposter I got the pic from a reaction image dump.
(91.98 KB 1200x1194 daria.jpg)

>>22309 >brought up because he's a schizo Anon, this is a Star Wars thread not a lolcow thread. You have the wrong website.
>>22311 Nigger he was brought up because a rumor was brought up. An unsubstantiated one like one he would make. Connect the dots.
(77.88 KB 249x374 wss.jpg)

>>22312 >An unsubstantiated one like one he would make Of course you'd actually watch him ya filthy nigger.
(253.96 KB 461x332 Screenshot.png)

>mfw this thread
>>22300 >I go on /v/ and see someone there briefly mention YongYea I'll take "Shit that that never happened" for 1000, Alex.
>>22341 It was just an example, twat. YONG OUT!
(84.03 KB 600x841 devil bruce campbell.jpg)

>>22341 >now to go to /v/ and name-drop Yong Yea

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