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(370.59 KB 489x474 Lip Bite.PNG)

Villanous Anonymous 11/01/2021 (Mon) 13:09:40 No. 19425
Full fledged TV series is finally out How is it?
(23.18 MB 1280x720 Based Hat.mp4)

>>20030 >>20032 I genuinely don't know what the rules of this show are. This is genuinely edgier than Regular Show which audience claimed could belong in Adult Swim, cause they're a bunch of pussies. They allow a lot of swearing, including Demencia yelling the classic "Viva Mexico Cabrones" but this was cut mid swear. I mean, it's probably trying to test the limits of the PG rating, but also could be that HBO MAX has lax supervision. My point is that I don't understand the Standards and Practices behind this show like I would do in the past.
(59.17 KB 628x999 BlackHat.jpg)

(26.62 KB 350x403 warden.jpg)

(452.95 KB 850x963 peacock.jpg)

I really wish that Black Hat looked like a threatening, abominable villain since his distinct voice (and his surprising amount of abilities) are ideal for that. His goofy design reminds me too much of the Warden and Peacock.
>>20077 His abilities work because he's such a simple design.
(495.36 KB 1459x1600 FD8QzxJXEAADe52.jpg)

>>20077 When he needs to be threatening he transforms. You cant have transformations without the default shape. They already mocked "more threatening idea" in the show. You have seen it, right?
(67.13 KB 1280x720 03.jpg)

(83.05 KB 1280x720 06.jpg)

(139.63 KB 1280x720 02.jpg)

(170.71 KB 1280x720 07.jpg)

(136.61 KB 1280x720 08.jpg)

>>20077 A more serious and "threatening" design wouldn't have worked in a silly show that parodies hero/villain tropes, similarly to how a "less nerd" version of Flug wouldn't be as funny and sometimes relatable as the current one. Besides, the creators can simply make "detailed closeups" to depict BH in a more threatening way.
(312.56 KB 300x225 venturebroscancer.gif)

>>20095 Is this bitch supposed to look like that e-whore belle delphine?
>>20111 She is a parody of e-thots, yes.
>>20112 With the cherry on top that she may actually be rather intelligent, but tossed all that into the dumpster and burned every bridge she could clawing her way to the "top".
(213.50 KB 1920x1080 life_is_cruel.jpg)

(255.38 KB 1920x1080 not_mexico.jpg)

(404.42 KB 1920x1080 young_flug's_photo.jpg)

>>20103 It's been a while since I've seen detailed stills in cartoons. I was slightly worried that the animation would end up flat at first. Thankfully, that's not the case here.
>>19425 Did.... did.... did they gangrape her?
where to watch it without subs?
>>20139 are the subs hard baked? if not you should be able to turn them off
(165.11 KB 236x241 bane alfred e neuman.png)

>>20112 >She is a parody of e-thots, yes. This is CY+6 Mad Magazine levels of "parody."
>>20159 Not really. It's pretty standard parody.
>>20159 MAD stopped telling jokes.
>>20177 The punchline is that the artist has $70000 in student loan debt and is living paycheck to paycheck.
(67.20 KB 474x623 OIP.jpg)

>>20177 Fucking Mad has always been a jew-run hive of liberal scum and villainy, but at least it used to be funny. I've still all my dad's and my old Mads. My father-in-law bought a whole shit ton of CY-5 Mads for my son at a garage sale and holy shit, it was bad back then. I can only imagine how much fucking worse it's become in CY+6.
>>20095 >I came for miss heed And totally was not disappointed.
(2.23 MB 280x498 db9.gif)

(165.57 KB 1188x668 bunnygirl.jpg)

(240.89 KB 1366x768 lizardgirl background.jpg)

(221.44 KB 1188x668 welcome_to_black_hat.jpg)

The lizard girl background character is Cosma from OK-KO. I haven't seen it so I didn't recognize her as being from something else. She looked awful in her first cameo appearance. Shrinking the eyes a bit and changing the angle of the head made a big difference. The bunny-hairpiece girl has custom art >>19947 Is she from another show or is she their OC?
(58.30 KB 641x680 FDxfA2ZWEAUDTua.jpg)

(89.20 KB 479x679 FEMnND8XMAMbU1x.jpg)

(23.12 KB 360x360 FD28XRQVEAMeFSB.jpg)

(143.54 KB 1500x1500 FD28XRSUYAEBfNB.jpg)

>>20431 https://twitter.com/BaiChu14/status/1457466476575657985 Not sure, may have been in one of the specials.
>>20432 Or short episodes before the 6 here
>>20432 Ah, the custom art was fanart? She and Cosma were in the Villain Orientation Guide teasers which were filled with Cartoon Network characters because they were side marketing for the network. The clips are fun because the Villanos characters are up to their usual antics throughout the show. >>19733 > Going by the teaser, I was given the impression that Demencia is a "crazy lizard girl" because of her snake-hat being a parasite that attached itself to her. < teaser shows Demencia as lizard without human >>19946 < art shows Demencia as human without lizard hoodie I can overthink a few possibilities to explain the contradiction: * The art might also be fanart and unofficial * Ituriel changed his mind * The lizard and human Demencias were merged in a mad science experiment * The human Demencia skinned and ate the lizard and wears its skin as a hoodie * It's deliberately left unresolved to add to her mystique
Any good/funny webms to show about the show or is it just fanarts and porn?
>>20459 Each episode is only 10 minutes long. Watching ep2 for instance should tell if you'll like it.
(494.28 KB 809x786 Waitasecond.png)

>>20459 >* It's deliberately left unresolved to add to her mystique Seems likely, its not like they explain any of the characters powers except the character that actually preexisted the show.
(5.81 MB 1280x720 horse.webm)

>>20669 Huh, didn't know this show was a Bloodborne prequel.
>>20669 I was expecting a centaur, but that also work.
(57.07 KB 250x313 lovecraft methulu.jpg)

>>20669 IA! IA!

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