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(826.96 KB 1200x800 ClipboardImage.png)

(139.71 KB 750x1118 animaniacs reboot poster.jpg)

Animaniacs Reboot Anonymous 10/12/2020 (Mon) 19:49:06 No. 6017
A trailer just popped up this week. How does it look so far? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh_vASjvYQE
>>19722 >And no Nancy Reagan? Ronald Reagan still a boogeyman to Calart students. Despite her being a progressive leftist 70s and 80s standards.
>>6017 Saw another clip, this time Warner's CEO fucking up and letting her child throw shit everywhere like a chimpanzee. Are they suggesting colored folks can't run a company? >>6392 >Biden <Leaving soldiers to their death at Afghanistan <Shouting "niggers" any time he wants and his league of dipshit covering his ass <That retarded CNN dyke trying to show sandniggers are peaceful <Backstabbing leftwing faggots <Backstabbing his own supporters <Pinching CIA agents on front of cameras They could make a whole special about him, he's a joke that keeps on giving.
>>19991 no no, they said doctor, not nurse+the inflection ins no the same
>>19991 No, they respectably acknowledged that liking sexy women is bigoted and that chasing women you're attracted to is problematic. Doing hyperbole ridden spoofs and gags via animation of that is also not cool for school. Treat them with the respect they deserve chud.
(264.27 KB 637x360 ed.png)

>>19716 Her voice is breaking throughout and the song it's self really starts to fall apart at about 1:18 then just snowballs into a rolling turd. >>19722 She got a passing mention.
>>19641 To think the reboot is now focusing on gross out humor, John K. raped her so bad her artstyle was also affected. >>20096 >>20169 Considering a Family Guy writer is involved, it's no surprise he's injecting his degeneracy into the cartoon while hypocritically removing the nurse.
>>20169 >>20178 i just noticed something, in >>7430 are they calling the writers of the original show sexists, or im i imagining things?
>>20175 Who's the fatso?
(414.13 KB 528x604 soycommie.png)

>>20185 Pretty much, it looks like they deliberately misinterpreted the idea of the hot nurse character and reactions to her in order to blithely heap opprobrium on the past and show how ENLIGHTENED they are in comparison now. However the fact that they missed the point totally and fabricated a blatantly sexist interpretation as a strawman just shows how totally shit they are. I wager pic related is the face the nu-soy writers made upon remembering she existed. >>20187 No-one of significance just an example of a drunk the Betty Ford clinic would 'clean-up'.
>>6345 >>7430 What's doubly stupid is they could have just repurposed 'Hello Nurse' to fit their wokeshit agenda, just have her move up the ladder to a buttoned up hospital manager instead. Have the boys roll in to ogle her then she deflates them by revealing her new position and less slutty outfit. Would have been much less obnoxious than just deleting her and trying to retcon the past into something it never was. >>7419 Just looking at these again it's like something from a parallel universe, the pernicious political bullshit is repellent but I do love how they smugly churn this shit out but got everything wrong.
>>20192 >Have the boys roll in to ogle her then she deflates them by revealing her new position and less slutty outfit no, the warner bros could realize that since she is no longer a nurse they can't really say "hello nurse", and through a smidge of thought on what they could say to her as a greeting come to the realization that(to my knowledge as someone that only knows a bit of the show through things that are talked online, never set aside the time to watch it so i could be wrong), they have never asked/ addressed her by name, which would then lead to them apologizing, introducing themselves formally and then asking for her name................. which i just looked up, and according to https://animaniacs.fandom.com/wiki/Hello_Nurse her name is Heloise Nerz... which as (you), a man 'o culture might have realized, would lead to the warner bros to greeter in the exact same tone by saying "Hellooooooooooo Nerz", and perhaps dot a few times with "how's it going Heloise" or some shit its brilliant, it writes itself... so long as you aren't a communist demagog that is, in such case you won't ever write a thing like that for as long as you live.
(330.44 KB 958x1419 Animaniacs_34_cos_no_pantsu.jpg)

(331.03 KB 958x1419 Animaniacs_34_A_Xena_parody_1.jpg)

(137.80 KB 530x752 Nerz_Heloise_Nerz.jpg)

(142.63 KB 496x762 A_catfight_with_a_catwoman.jpg)

>>20189 Same with Minerva Mink. But it all makes me glad to have grown up in the non-PC era of cartoons and comics. How can they not see the gimmick behind Hello Nurse and Minerva Mink? >>20196 But wait... There's More! In issue 29 of the comics it's also implied that she's an undercover agent for a top-secret fraction of secretness. They could have easily went with that. But these idiots don't like reading continuations of something they never watched in the first place.
>>20199 What nobody is saying explicitly, but you are getting at, is that the character was already feminist messaging, but these idiots are too stupid to understand it. They did the same thing with PowerPuff Girls and plenty of other things they've adapted/ruined in the past.
>>19716 What a shitty song, no flow, so poorly written they had to insert a meta-joke about her running out of time. Toon was garbage.
>>20199 No one aside from 90s furry manchildren cares about this furry garbage.
(144.71 KB 640x1136 Gee_I_wonder_why.JPG)

(106.58 KB 1136x640 Putin_4.JPG)

(109.19 KB 1136x640 Putin_himself.JPG)

(151.59 KB 1136x640 Putin_1.JPG)

(165.75 KB 1136x640 Putin_2_.JPG)

>>20216 Well... I decided to bite the bullet just to see how stupid they really were and are not surprised. It's true completely true how Anima-Nyet is nothing but an obsession for Putin on top of other self-insert crap.

(149.72 KB 1136x640 the_writers_have_an_obsession.JPG)

(181.29 KB 1136x640 IMG_7601.JPG)

(216.08 KB 1136x640 Pool_Party.JPG)

(165.16 KB 1136x640 American_House_Party.JPG)

>>20464 All the political satire in the reboot is just one-sided tripe with muh Russians interfering and/or orange-man bad with each gag.
(94.09 KB 1136x640 Implied_Beastie_things.JPG)

(139.04 KB 1136x640 IMG_7607.JPG)

>>20258 That explains why the reboot nodded to beasties.
(103.44 KB 1136x640 Ooof_this_scene.JPG)

(66.36 KB 1136x640 IMG_7628.JPG)

(105.30 KB 1136x640 Thats_nasty.JPG)

(135.40 KB 1136x640 IMG_7632.JPG)

>>20465 It's almost as if they were deliberately trying to go the John K's Adult Party Cartoon route. But I'm going to re-watch the first 11 eps and share my two cents here. The reboot is entertaining. Though not in the way they expected it.
>>20465 Do they ever mention Xi or Kim?
>>20468 Nope. Their main concern is only Trump, the Russians, muh Russian interference, Putin, gun lobbying, and Tucker Carlson. I'm suprised they didn't have Trump chasing Comy around like the Road Runner.
I tried watching this with a younger relative since we enjoyed the original when I showed it to him. Needless to say, we couldn't get past episode 2, this shit is eye-roll inducing. I can't think of a single funny moment.
>>20470 I've heard people say S2 was a marked improvement but whatever
(927.29 KB 250x230 1636393803029.gif)

>>20467 >Attack_of_the_Retarded_Children.JPG that filename is so fucking funny to me
(146.16 KB 1136x640 Putin_with_red_eyes.JPG)

(119.00 KB 1136x640 muh_russian_probe.JPG)

(115.36 KB 1136x640 so_much_about_this_one.JPG)

(118.77 KB 1136x640 kid_needs_help.JPG)

>>20473 If they stopped with the Russians, Trump, feminism, and all that other stuff after episode 2. It would be a lot better than it is, even with the many adult jokes that contradicts their Hello Nurse and Minerva claims. But the writers were clearly out to prove several points. One of which being that they obviously worship Putin than his own people. >>20492 They do seem to have some problems.
>>20519 It's not a bad Pinky & the Brain short. It just draws a lot of questions like other things in the reboot.
(112.00 KB 1136x640 let_me_kiss_you_pinky.JPG)

(116.09 KB 1136x640 he_gonna_do_it.JPG)

(112.32 KB 1136x640 Nervous_breakdown.JPG)

>>20520 Yeah... The Brain was about to kiss a distraught Pinky. On the cheek or mouth? The world may never known. But he was gonna do it.
>>7483 >As a programmer, I get incredibly angry when I see this fallacy propagated. There's so much knowledge that isn't even hidden behind paywalls: it's just operational. As Dr. Kahan says: the algorithms that you find on the Internet (or in books, as he put it) are often not the algorithms that have stood the test of time, but rather have withstood the test of time: they are the ones people remember, rather than the ones that deliver good results. Imagine: Yakko's idea of GamerGate is Wikipedia and Gawker's account of it. I really like this quote.
>>20521 Can't unsee how cheap the artstyle has gotten, remove the Warners and the show could pass as one of those forgotten Canadian cartoons.
(124.25 KB 1136x640 samegirl1.JPG)

(174.28 KB 1136x640 samegirl2.JPG)

(117.36 KB 1136x640 samegirl3.JPG)

(165.35 KB 1136x640 samewoman1.JPG)

(183.92 KB 1136x640 samewoman2.JPG)

>>20543 The art style is not as bad as the forced jokes and quips. But the did reuse certain background characters a lot.
>>20614 The art Style is so hideous
(169.97 KB 1136x640 Mouse_Girl_and_Glenn_Close.JPG)

(103.61 KB 1136x640 Barista_Girl1.JPG)

(101.70 KB 1136x640 Barista_Girl2.JPG)

(127.57 KB 1136x640 Barista_Girl3.JPG)

(973.63 KB 1136x640 the_mayo_be_good.PNG)

>>20618 With some characters it's almost as if their facial structure were deliberately modeled from mice. Whereas others are just overly elongated and turned up.
But it's not hard to see which celebrity etc. they respect more.
>>20623 Why do they hate him?
>>20623 They all still look deformed as shit, like they got stuck doing a face gag. >>20628 Probably becase there's enough shitty talk show hosts, other being Pete Homes (The one with "What if Super Mario was realistic lmao" and was ripped off by Dorkly)
>>20216 It's not 'their brand' of feminism though, it has to be obnoxious and completely humourless to fit into their schema.

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