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(116.19 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

Roosterteeth Funeral Thread Anonymous 11/07/2020 (Sat) 21:13:04 No. 7098
Little bit of /v/ and a little bit of /co/, either way the dead horse is burning. So take your bets on when the final death blow is dealt. Because the dream is long dead
>>18854 Villains being too admirable/badass or not has been a problem for millenia on millenia ("Did anyone ever prefer Othello to Iago or Macbeth to his killer or even Luke to Vader?") but I don't doubt any global order has ever had such a problem with it as Current Year Globohomo. Back in the old days, progs were more willing to trick you into agreeing with them using ultimately better crafted propaganda than shit like RWBY like Casablanca or OG Star Wars or Mark Twain's book. Now they don't since either they want your submission over loyalty or are flexing or just acting out of eternal butthurt over getting shoved into a locker. Legit epics and war stories or even old school fantasy ala Tolkien were written under the assumption, even for progs like Elric of Melnibone's author, that "villains" like Sauron or Macbeth were misusing signs of excellence like bravery or loyalty to their own for foul or blasphemous ends. They needed to since it wouldn't be credible for them to be the threats they're supposed to be if they were just pathetic incel armies (just compare how Tolkien wrote Gollum compared to Saruman and Sauron, who were both great men led astray by misusing their abilities in defiance to Eru or putting themselves first ahead of him). Europeans praised Saladin while crusading against him with this also reflected in works like Song of Roland. It's only Disney-tier thinking which says that "agents of evil" must be totally devoid of virtues or excellence. See also "Nazis/Trump voters/Whites MUST be incels or else that shows Hitler did nothing wrong and the Jews were asking for it!' This addresses Adam Taurus and Ironwood. While Salem and Cinder are bad villains from different problems (being more or less girlbosses who twitter cunts and Hillary voters self-insert as and soylords want to be sodomized by, are characters among the wider trend of Leftoid writing appropriating the notion of salvation from a deeply Christian history and combining it with victim tiers to make it so that supervillains like Cinder and Emerald or even Hazel are still somehow either more eligible for redemption than someone like Ironwood from having vaginas/not being whyte and dying to prevent the protags from losing too hard).
>>18702 The hypocrisy is what pisses me off the most. Everyone gets buttmad at Ozpin for not telling them Salem can be killed, then in Vol. 7-8, they all go lying to Ironwood because he looked kinda scary in those electronic billboards and no one ever has a moment to realize they're doing the same shit. And then they act like Ironwood was just doomed to be evil, there was no other choice, it had to be this way. They ruined my boy and made the main cast so morally reprehensible that you can't root for them anymore. >>18817 She's got a good design both pre- and post-Vol. 3, but she's the worst character, bar none.
>>18860 >lying We went over it already they only had a problem with Ozpin enough to confront him over it from him not doing more to include them in his conspiracy (no one complained about Ozpin ruling an empire founded on worshipping him and Salem as deities or him running a global conspiracy, even Salem being immortal wasn't that big of a deal after all what with le war on Salem with muh hope). They like actual leftists are aligned with elites if not elites themselves and will always work to acquire power or at least be shielded from it. Ironwood (and Salem to a lesser level) is only really le villain from being an elite who doesn't follow Globohomo's mandates enough and/or elite conflict (see the whole "you're not uniting muh humanity right"). As that TAJackson20 twitter said RWBY's plot can be summed up as rainbow imperialism/Globohomo/globalism being attacked by patriarchy/le nationalism/white supremacy/muh capitalists (recall how Salem and Cinder both have backstories that more or less blame the patriarchy/Whitey for them being supervillains). Atlas' destruction obviously stands for both burning down White America/Europe/Western Civilization to make a more inclusive universe and also "regime change" as inflicted on a land like Libya. >Cinder Her design is bad outside of the Monty episodes and especially the one in that pic.
>>18861 >recall how Salem and Cinder both have backstories that more or less blame the patriarchy/Whitey for them being supervillains Cinder's backstory was that she was abused by a matriarchy, a racist one, sure, but Cinder wasn't black a fauna so they didn't mistreat her for that. A male, almost a father figure was the one who taught her how to defend herself and properly fight so that once she became an adult, she could leave her abusive adoptive mother and enroll in an academy. It's been some years, since I watched Volume 6, but from what I remember Cinder just wanted to revive her lover, so she went to the dragon of light, he told her to go away, then she went to the dark dragon and told him, that he was her first pick, then the light dragon came in and gave the dark dragon the redpill on women, so she was thrown in the pool of darkness. None of their backstories have the patriarchy/whitey as motivation for why they became villains.
>>18863 With Cinder, it's shown she comes from a destitute background and was brought in mostly as slave labor. From that lens, it could be interpreted the mother is treating her bad because she's poor and filthy IE eat the rich. Personally, I don't think the writers put any thought into it more than "obvious Cinderella reference" because that's her entire motif.
>>18864 Why they decided to go all in on the Cinderella motif with Cinder's backstory (outside of the dark twist ending) is a mystery. They have several characters that only embody the base aesthetic ideas of the characters they're meant to represent yet with Cinder they did the opposite. It's not like her backstory even adds to her character, she's still a poorly written villain who should've died several volumes ago.
>Unironically discussing RWBY >Unironically discussing RWBY after Monty died You need to stop
(1.31 MB 1752x6796 richard williams despair.png)

>>7303 >The thing is, all those University-educated animators that they hired to do everything but the fights could barely animate to begin with, and were thus worse when using an unfamiliar tool, and a tool that they were resistant to using (because it doesn't benefit their resumes). This sounds familiar.
>>18612 >DEM The what now?
>>19857 Kill the faggot.
>>19857 lol did they make this character a tranny? Had a feeling one of them would be.
>>19857 You will never be a woman. And there are no successful examples of socialism. >>19861 It's a tranny who went on about how tranny they are and how they hate their family/Atlas. Which is no surprise for a Leftist.
>>19872 this >>18817 isn't the tranny character anon.
>>19872 Holy fish paste what an obsession is this even on topic???
(2.75 MB 200x150 377.gif)

>>19857 >Trannies want rights. >They can already take all the estrogen and HRT they want. >They have to keep playing the victim because that's how they feel special and the only way people pay attention to mentally ill faggots. Never fails to get me to laugh when they act stupid like this.
>>19857 Humoring the delusions of the mentally ill is not, and will never be, a human right.
>>19891 >>19893 It's a sexual fetish, nothing more. Basically feminization with a side of self-humiliation. Once you understand that, everything else becomes clearer.
Crossing over with /v/, any opinions on team RWBY's appearance in Cross Tag Battle?
>>20531 I heard some people disliked the inclusion because they thought an Arc-Sys crossover fighter should have had Guilty Gear instead of RWBY cameos.
>>20544 (sweet dubs) I can't help but think RWBY could be half-decent as a spectacle fighter in the vein of DMC or Revengeance.
>>20546 RWBY was made since Monty wanted to make his own Dead Fantasy. He had no actual ability in making a plot or making a setting. Hence him making the real bad decision to have a civil rights ninja catgirls subplot since he wanted Blake to have cat ears and making RWBY (if only as a team) already able to fight on par with elite huntsmen like Glynda. You need to understand that the "ruined Monty visionrino" is just a cope for a show that was never really good. It was always doomed to be an abomination that's what happens when reddit and tumblr and twitter lesbos (larp) with Nu She-Ra/Magical Girl/Avatar/Other Gurl Cartoon Of The Month/Yang/Maleficent avatars make an animu.
>>20567 >Nu She-Ra/Magical Girl/Avatar/Other Gurl Cartoon Of The Month/Yang/Maleficent avatars Good god Anon, you already have of mouth full. Swallow before shoving more buzz words in there.
>>20568 Go back to watching South Park and posting on 4cuck if you're going to be like that.
(483.30 KB 460x460 trannies bon jovi.mp4)

>>20567 Yeah, get could do fights, character and weapon designs and maybe a setting of what a scene could be. But the actual world building in character dynamics is sorely lacking. I gave up at the end of S3 and that seems to have been the right choice.
Season 1-2 weren't anything special it's just V3 was worse. V3 was what did: >Had Ruby nuke Cinder in battle and then avoid telling significant enough info for said power until some old beaner is there seasons later only for Ruby to not just nuke Cinder again in the latestseason >Introduced the Maidens who are obviously a shit excuse to draw out the plot and give lazy power-ups especially when the show doesn't give them anything more impressive offensively than bitches like Nora >made Jaune have more of a rivalry with Cinder than Ruby >had the catgirl black panthers/IRA side with supervillains who unleash eternal man hunting monsters on their own city >Had the opportunist criminal fight alongside Cinder instead of just letting Ironwood grab her and skipping town >had Penny die and Yang framed both of which don't really matter in the wider world >tournament arc with no significance in the wider world >Glynda and Ozpin being absent when Yang gets framed >Pyrrha charges in alone instead of calling for backup >make it obvious the show will have an overly large cast what with Team NIG never doing anything important in Atlas >World of Remnant tells us the bad setting (spoilers it reveals that RWBY is about how capitalism/Whites/White Men/Men are stopping Luxury Space Communism/Woke Primal Land from happening and that it's up to international killers who totally aren't elites to defeat the White Man). Mind you much of this was made even worse is later volumes like Ozpin having a nuke cane he never used before or Pyrrha's death's awkward treatment in the plot. The takeaway is that RWBY was never good was doomed to never be good and like Life is Strange is just another example of how the Left has stopped making non-shit propaganda insofar it's both badly written and exposes their reality.
You can tell how bad RWBY's setting is by how there too many kingdoms. Most of them can just be cities/districts in one kingdom under King Oz or whatever with the faunus subhumans from outside of it. It's babbies' first worldbuilding to not include more in your story than is needed. This is best reflected by how Atlas being destroyed didn't make it so RWBY is any closer to credibly beating Salem (Salem has the new Relic and doesn't need any of her ex minions anymore she can just use it to burn every major city/settlement down and Cinder can fend off Winter) and the whole arc was transparently a psy-op (regime change, Antifa, anti-White/Western, revolt against your bloodline and race to join Globohomo's warriors).
RWBY also has a bloated cast. We have two criminals with illusion/shapeshifting themes (ice cream girl and nigger thief), Ironwood's band of losers and Team NIGGA, all of Jaune's team with God Shota. You could can one or two of RWBY itself come to think of it, especially when Jaune and Ozcar keep hijacking the plot (killing robo girl and confronting Ironwood and getting Salem's minions to turn and nuking her army). Having large casts only work if the premise needs one. RWBY is not about globetrotting like HxH nor is it about politics between lands with one family caught in the middle.
>>20657 >You could can one or two of RWBY itself come to think of it I think the makers of Cross Tag arrived at the sae conclusion, since for the longest time only Ruby and Weiss were playable.
>>20657 The large cast wouldn't be a problem if there was a clear delineation between the more important characters and the ones who should be in the background. Ren is not a bad character but making his backstory and fight with the grimm that killed his parents the focus of a volume was a stupid thing to do since he's not really an important character. And if they didn't create new ones to be the partial focus of a volume only to then get shoved out of the way when the plot moves on (Ilia, Maria, Pietro), that would also help.
>>20665 Except Ruby herself isn't relevant once you ignore the silver eyes and her forced rivalry with bloating the plot. Jaune was always like this . She's just doing everything Ozpin wants or approves of. >>20667 No. Ruby doesn't need a large cast since it's not a video game nor did they bother to keep the setting open enough for it. In FMA we don't see other countries than Amestris and Xerxes since the story has nothing to do with them. In HxH the world is shown early enough as being far bigger than the island even before the Dark Continent is revealed. RWBY V4 happens with all the big players (Ozpin, Salem, Ironwood, Adam, Jacques, their minions) mostly revealed besides the gods (who shouldn't be in there either). Despite that we get a glorified way to stall out the plot post-Beacon with nothing really happening (not even killing Cinder since she survives) until the team's traveling with Ozpin who despite running a global conspiracy and helping Salem conquer the world they only start yelling when he didn't do enough to include them in his conspiracy. And from then onward they continue to do what Ozpin wants (even aiding in Atlas' destruction since it was the only country with any notable opposition to his conspiracy's societal engineering). Ren and the rest of Team SELFINSERT are more or less another full set of protagonists. Jaune has been bloating out the plot. Since his intro (complete with a shitty bullying subplot) that's happened. It's even worse with Oscar who has done more damage against Salem in Atlas than Ruby has. Part of what makes it so bad is that RWBY has no real relevance in the Salem and Oz War outside of being Ozpin's pawns. Ilia was there for the shitty Civil Rights Catgirl subplot which shouldn't have happened to begin with (Adam was never good). The Silver Eyes are a lazy way to make Ruby special and it's no surprise that they made a Beaner just for that. Also, considering how much Leftism traces back to Gnosticism and associated theologies/cults/movements/conspiracies you can be sure that the final will be "muh gods are mean" (neverending rage against the father).
>>20672 What do the silver eyes do again?
>>20674 They turn Grim into stone, so I guess theoretically they could also be used to turn Salem into stone, and that's why she hunts them down.

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