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(99.24 KB 1500x991 US States.jpg)

Anonymous 03/02/2021 (Tue) 07:15:36 No. 10013
What are some cartoons and animated films that are definitely primarily set in given states/provinces/regions? Personally, I'm just interested in American states (I'd like to come up with one of each if possible (it's probably not)), but if there's anywhere else Off the top of my head: - Courage the Cowardly Dog is set in Kansas - Gargoyles, various Spider-Man series and various Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series are set in New York - Megas XLR is set in New Jersey - The Robocop cartoon is set in Michigan - Rocket Power and Animaniacs are primarily set in California - Lilo and Stitch is set in Hawaii - Balto is set in Alaska - King of the Hill is set in Texas - Family Guy is set in Rhode Island - South Park is set in Colorado - Scooby Doo on Zombie Island is set in Louisiana That takes me through all the ones I can recall at the moment and accounts for 11/50 states. I'm sure I'm missing some considering that there are major states like Florida that I just can't think up anything for.
>>10013 >According to the Wiki Johnny Bravo take place in Washington state >Rocky and Bullwinkle are from Minnesota >Gravity Falls takes place in Oregon >American Dad also takes place in Virginia >The Boondocks takes place in Maryland Here's five more for you, Anon.
(158.79 KB 980x1024 flagmoney.jpg)

Spongebob is set in the water around the Marshall Islands, and they occasionally go onto Bikini Atoll itself. Jimmy Neutron is an alternate option for Texas. One episode of Recess gives a latitude and longitude that match up to Pennsylvania, but nothing else lines up with that. Does Liberty's Kids count? I've never seen it, but I'd imagine from what I know of the premise it would be clear which of the thirteen colonies each episode took place in due to basing it around historical events.
I can't be bothered to check, but I'm sure some cartoons set in the wild west give enough indication of where they're set to place them, though they'd predate statehood.
Earthworm Jim is set in Turlock, California. Sam & Max (the series) is set in New York City.
(345.16 KB 309x433 mummies alive.png)

Mummies Alive takes place in San Francisco, California
it's anime but it's Stan Lee and America Fuck Yeah so maybe it gets a pass? Heroman takes place in "Center City", California which is definitely not a 1:1 reproduction of Ventura, wink wink even the bus routes in the show line up to Ventura's at the time >>10039 >Does Liberty's Kids count? indeed it does. For most of the show you know exactly where they are
I wouldn't know any of this without looking it up, but Sym-Biotic Titan is set in Illinois, Squidbillies is set in Georgia, As Told by Ginger is set in Connecticut, and the Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper is set in Maine.
Lilo & Stitch the animated series is set in Hawaii. Specifically, the island of Kauai though there's a few times they go to the other islands.
>>10044 That's a very 90's looking cartoon. Is it any good?

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