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Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 21:59:08 No. 1005
How the hell did this million dollar fanfic get 5 seasons?
>>1005 It looks like a lot people watched it.
>>1005 Have you seen the kind of stuff Netflix produces? It's the exact same kind of woke garbage they love. I'm sure Stevenson has a nepotistic in that guaranteed her at least 5 seasons. >>1007 Keep deluding yourself.
i think they also got one of those Korra/AT endings with lesbians and now the "cool kids" praise it
>>1010 You asked. Netflix cancels shows if they don't have a decent or stable view count even after one season. They have millions in debt and wasting money on something for five seasons won't work for them.
>>1015 The shows don't turn profit. The subscriptions do.
>>1005 Same reason why Batwoman keeps getting renewed, they need shit to fill their catalog.
>>1078 >The subscriptions do. Netflix hasn't had a single year of profit, like nearly ALL video services (Even Youtube).
>>1005 Didn't this show only begin like one or two years ago? How the fuck does it have five seasons? Clearly it doesn't. They're just calling random chunks of episodes seasons to make it look like they have more content than they do. Really it only has like two seasons. Also, the answer is that (((the media))) is willing to waste money on bombs so long as they push their agenda. See Disney buying entire theaters full of tickets to Miss Marvel, resulting in a "hit" that somehow had tons of empty theaters. Also see Disney paying four billion just to buy Star Wars, then immediately sidelining all those star wars characters people actually like, and openly shitting on the movies they paid four billion dollars for. See everything Marvel has done in the last 5+ years.
>>1161 >Leddit spacing >Wojack Opinion discarded
(7.40 MB 640x360 嘘と慟哭.mp4)

>>1168 A thought-terminating cliché (also known as a semantic stop-sign, a thought-stopper, bumper sticker logic or cliché thinking) is a form of loaded language, commonly used to propagate cognitive dissonance. Depending on context in which a phrase (or cliché) is used, it may actually be valid and not qualify as thought-terminating; it does qualify as such when its application intends to dismiss dissent or justify fallacious logic. Its only function is to stop an argument from proceeding further, in other words "end the debate with a cliche... not a point." The term was popularized by Robert Jay Lifton in his 1961 book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, who called the use of the cliché, along with "loading the language," as "The language of Non-thought." What would be interesting now is if midwits start using thought-terminating cliché as a thought-terminating cliché to shut down criticism of legitimate quetions of a poster's origins.
>>1169 An interesting concept and one I will add to my lexicon. As to my origins, no I have not posted nor will I ever post on Reddit. I began my journey on cuckchannel and found it was not to my liking, I then explored other image boards such as TBChan and 16chan before 8kun.
You need to go back
>>1169 >(((Robert Jay Lifton))) >Established psychohistory: the intepretation of historical events with the aid of psychological theory >Popularized the term "Thought-terminating cliché" because he refused to call it what it is: brainwashing >His summary of the term boils down to it being a "bad thing" to shut down retards for showing their retardation because it exposes and alienates (((certain people))) for who they are Every single fucking time! >>1170 >I began my journey on cuckchannel You have to go back.
>>1171 >Robert Jay Lifton is jewish Yes he is anon. Why would you not want to understand the tricks your opponents use to push their agenda? Know your enemy as you know yourself and you will never lose in even a thousand battles.
>>1173 >Know your enemy as you know yourself and you will never lose in even a thousand battles. Sun Tsu right? Also, consider looking for inner meaning. Although this relates to romanticism in the artistic sphere, there are lessons that can be gained from this that you can apply in your everyday life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-xDDI76qLM
>>1161 >Also see Disney paying four billion just to buy Star Wars, then immediately sidelining all those star wars characters people actually like, and openly shitting on the movies they paid four billion dollars for. Let's be fair here, what else can they do with those characters that was not already made ?
>>1181 >Let's be fair here, what else can they do with those characters that was not already made? Make por-...oh, wait, that's been done too.
>>1181 That's what makes it so ridiculous. They had plenty of successful books to adapt. Instead they threw those out and shit all over the original movies, their characters, their concepts, and their fans, because pushing an agenda is more important than maximizing profit.
>>1005 How did Adventure time and Steven Universe get 5 seasons of garbage each? >da jews >feminism >ratings fakery >probably some other shit take your pick anon, things are pretty fucked
>>1005 The manchildren in California watch it
>>1005 It's the same team behind voltron
>>1170 >Before 8kun Imagine being so new that you never even vist 8kun when it was still 8chan
>>1010 >keep deluding yourself So do you have sources to suggest that no one watched it? From what I hear, it's actually decent, even despite the characters' fugly tumblr designs.
>>1775 There's no statistic system available to the public. You've also not been hearing things from reliable sources. The show is shit. Purely made for 30 year old soy drinking woke hipsters.
>>1776 Its fan fiction.
>>1777 Pretty much. Tumblr fan fiction.
(498.71 KB 1200x1551 1200px-Noelle_Stevenson.jpg)

>>1777 >Its fan fiction. It's not even THAT. That ginger dyke admits that she "writes" this fuckery by PLAYING WITH THE DOLLS. I'm sure she just records whatever bullshit she's making up. She's like the Bizarro Bob Budiansky. Instead of thinking up cool names and canon for a conglomerate of various brands of transforming robots, she's ignoring all canon and animating her fucking doll therapy. >"Oh Catra, don't you worry, the beautiful girl will totally ignore the jock and lick your unwashed vag instead of going to prom!" >"Oh She-Ra...I'm going to dildo you like I just got out of prison!" >*knock knock* "Noelle? Is that script ready?" >"GET OUT! YOU'RE DISTURBING MY PROCESS!" >"...Why are you naked?"
(37.43 KB 254x390 Lumberjanes.jpg)

>>1864 Does anyone still have that interview body language image of her? I remember that she looked insecure when talking about Lumberjanes.
>>1877 >Lumberjanes What the fuck is the big deal about that comic? I see it advertised fucking everywhere if a place sells comics, yet I have never seen it discussed.
(365.04 KB 510x680 nimona.jpg)

>>1878 If there's discussion, it's the usual progressive shit. The interview that I was wondering might be from her other comic Nimona, although I've yet to find the image of her uncomfortable body language.
>>1877 >>1879 Did she draw this crap herself?
Wasn't there something about Noelle's agent having some ideas about gender weaponization or something?
>>1880 Take a wild fucking guess.
>>1877 >I remember that she looked insecure when talking about Lumberjanes. Probably because she was part of a team and she took sole credit for it... although why anyone would take credit for that shit is beyond me.
>>1768 Really? I thought it was a completely different team. That and this new team shat on the Voltron team.
>>1005 Because I want to fuck the cat.
So tell me honestly; how much damage will this series do the Masters of the Universe franchise as a whole? Will there be pressure from the usual suspects to make sure all things She-Ra related take after this, as if to "canonize" their precious dykes?
>>2333 It is, they just have similar artstyles. New team is filled with the crazy Voltron shipper degenerates who got rectum ravaged when their gay pairing didn't happen in the show and took it out on the showrunners.
>>5457 That's precisely what will happen, but given that those same people are doing everything in their power to ensure the boogaloo happens come November, nobody is going to be taking their shit soon anyway.

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