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(307.82 KB 367x515 canadian_hello.png)

(57.38 KB 213x265 1345878320271.png)

(80.25 KB 249x238 1345875939632.png)

Ronnie Filyaw Anonymous 03/26/2021 (Fri) 13:31:20 No. 10716
The author of the online webcomic Whomp! hasn't made an update since the start of February. According to his twitter profile, he has started taking medication for depression as of February 12th, seems his self deprecating humor either got the best of him or was a cry for help all along. As of March 15th he stated: >i still don't know when i'll be ready to make comics again >i'm sorry I hope Ronnie is gonna make it.
(110.66 KB 347x359 1597549349125.png)

>>10716 Dude, man, that's sad as shit
>>10716 That sucks to hear.
>>10716 I don't read Whomp regularly but I hope he's able to recover soon.
(419.54 KB 900x1164 1345879633059.jpg)

Figured it would be good to let /co/ know, I always looked forward to his comics.
>>10716 i havent heard about whomp since like 2014. figured he just dropped out of fad. hope he doesn't troon out.
I remember I asked him what his favorite VN was a few years back. He told me he hadn't actually played a VN in a long time and was really apologetic about it and I felt kind of bad. That dude needs some self confidence. Hope he feels better.
>>10838 On the other hand it's inspiring knowing someone like him with very deep issues can manage to make a comic so widely influential on the internet. Sort of helps put what you or I or anyone could actually achieve into perspective.
>>10716 >self deprecating humor You'd think people would have gotten tired of "self-aware" ironic humor by now.
(31.04 KB 419x261 kidwhynotboth.jpg)

>>10716 >seems his self deprecating humor either got the best of him or was a cry for help all along. >"or"
>>10848 self depreceating humour is entirely diferend from self-aware ironic humour nigger.
>>10910 *deprecating *different
(97.39 KB 1199x514 Tumblr on edgy humor.jpg)

>>10716 >seems his self deprecating humor either got the best of him or was a cry for help all along. That's basically the humor of tumblr.
(35.48 KB 595x365 w1.PNG)

He seems fine now
>>10972 Except that tumblr's brand of self deprecation is centered on the denial of the fact their flaws make them a worse person. It's all about compartmentalizing personal problems into quirks, or if they're particularly self-aware, isolated bad behaviour to retain their inflated self-image.
>>11032 That's my experience as well. I noticed a bunch more "god I'm such a basic bitch scum bag uwu" tier jokes on other social media once tumblr gutted itself.
(1.76 MB 1199x514 fags.png)

>>10972 The more honest version.
(248.05 KB 601x468 dangerfield.png)

>>10848 >You'd think people would have gotten tired of "self-aware" ironic humor by now. Self-deprecation is a very old comedy tradition and it isn't going away any time soon.
>>10724 This one still makes me laugh every time. God bless this man.
>>10724 Imposter Syndrome: The Comic
(230.20 KB 900x582 1485913801481.jpg)

>>10716 He also got a girlfriend around the same time didn't he? He's probably just making better use of his time.
>>21393 This woman should be hanged by her tits for doing this to him.
>>10716 >>11027 Fuck at least he's still alive, I keep thinking he was gonna turn up as dead at some point I keep checking for comic updates.
>>21433 He made a comic about getting a girlfriend, then after a long hiatus, a comic about being lonely. That was months ago and is the last comic he's made since. She probably broke up with him.
>>10716 Is he at least DEALING with the source of his depression? Muh chemical imbalance is all fine and dandy, but 99 times out of 100 the root cause of depression is something that's bothering you, or past trauma. Something that you're ignoring and burying deep to never see.

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