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(273.73 KB 480x610 363462363.png)

The Barbarian and the Troll Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 00:27:42 No. 11560
This show is pretty damn good. Better than any other animated show on the US airwaves today. It gets away with more 'adult' humor, and by adult I mean something more along the lines of early Spongebob/Simpsons jokes. It's surprising that Nick picked it up out of all networks, but then I remembered Cartoon Network is trying to appeal to an infant audience since 6-12 year olds don't watch TV anymore. The second episode airs tomorrow but I know this site is too slow to have a live reaction thread. If you happen to catch it on TV or on the Nick website & want to describe your viewing experience, this thread is for you
>>11560 I know nothing about this.
(71.92 KB 680x1000 mr-meaty.jpg)

The last puppet show from Nick that I remembered was Mr. Meaty, and I don't think that there would be another show like that ever again. Maybe it should have been something on TEENick, or better yet - some other adult channel. I do wish that this new show would not be restricted by Nick's TV-Y7 audience, but I guess that sells, sadly.
>>11563 Cousin Skeeter and Mr. Meaty are my favorite puppet themed sitcoms next to Dinosaurs and Dinosaurs. I'm surprised that Nick went along with Skinny Butt and Porker's Adventures in Fast Food. Mr. Meaty was available on TEENick's On Demand thing. But I think that was one or two years after the second season had ended. Greg the Bunny, Wonder Showzen, Crank Yankers, and TV Funhouse(Comedy Central) all somewhat worked in terms of non-Muppet puppet themed shows targeted at adults. With Wonder Showzen and Crank Yankers both at the top. I remember the stuffed bunny from Unhappily Ever After(90s sitcom) being good at comic relief. But puppet sitcoms and etcetera. can only go so far with an adult audience. Then you have the people that will go on about how puppets and adult subjects don't mix; because, muh influential children might start watching and shit. That's why some networks have become... hesitant in terms of airing such proposed media, especially after One Million Karen's throwing that huge pissfit over The Muppets sitcom.
>>11563 Mr. Meaty was made back when Canada had balls. TBatT is the only kids show I can think of in 1985 + 36 that actually cracks jokes that don't equate to jangling keys in a baby's face, ala the likes of funnyfacebob
>>11560 It most likely be another "into the trash after season 1" show.
>>11563 That shit gave me nightmares... AT AGE 37!
> It's surprising that Nick picked it up out of all networks, but then I remembered Cartoon Network is trying to appeal to an infant audience since 6-12 year olds don't watch TV anymore. Damn, so we get to see a reality where Cartoon Network becomes bastardized into a toddler network, and one where Nick and Disney ironically don't. What a time to be alive.
>>11691 > Nick and Disney ironically don't. I wouldn't go that far but its refreshing to see new shows that aren't calarts garbage.
(32.11 KB 600x338 60763625474ee3967_w.jpg)

>>11691 Speaking of irony, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation picked it up as well. This is ironic because their mandate of mostly Canadian content is usually the worst shit ever made with very few exceptions. They ran it for kids every afternoon who were just getting home from school. I didn't let my kids watch it for what should be obvious reasons. I should try and find a dl for it now that they're old enough to appreciate it without going insane like your average Lovecraft protagonist.
(284.11 KB 544x303 3469075.PNG)

In case anyone's interested in this show, Kimcartoon now has the series added to their list. A guy on 4/co/ is also compiling high quality rips on MEGA aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci9XVnNFakFnTCNBbEEzUjEzdkREYUJMcVlQZFNqd0tB
(39.87 KB 221x250 D9JQ15wWsAU_0yT.png)

>>12062 >going to cuckchannel >admitting to going cuckchannel >admitting to going cuckchannel so nonchalantly
>>12062 Despite your rubbing of elbows with 4plebs, I appreciate the info. What's the full download address? I can't seem to make it work.
(646.95 KB 1600x1787 transformers slag.jpg)

>>12062 >>12103 Sorry, bumping for this because I managed to push it way the hell down with shitposting in other threads. >pic unrelated
(214.43 KB 640x366 1214412653437.jpg)

>>12064 If this place didn't get 5 posts a day on average I wouldn't need to go to 4chong. >>12103 It's obviously b64 encoding. Most people hate cuckchannel for being filled with dumbasses and newfags, but you seem to be both.
(46.03 KB 426x571 kid sardonic baby.jpeg)

>>12122 >It's obviously b64 encoding. I'm sure glad I was schooled by a guy who knows every single piece of knowledge on Earth with no gaps whatsoever. >Most people hate cuckchannel for being filled with dumbasses and newfags, but you seem to be both. Wrong on both counts, I'm afraid. I just have a hard time with stuff like that thanks to a mild case of dyslexia and when it comes to things like that string of numbers and letters, I have a hard time trying to figure out what's what. But thanks for being so alpha and attacking me for no good reason other than you having a low self-esteem. It taught me a lesson I shall not soon forget.
(186.92 KB 336x347 1492542525563.png)

>>12123 >I'm sure glad I was schooled by a guy who knows every single piece of knowledge on Earth with no gaps whatsoever. I'm flattered, but everyone that partakes in scanned comics and ripped cartoons uses that code to prevent copyright goons from striking it down, so I took a wild guess and assumed you're new to how things on /co/ work. The hostility was warranted since you shat on me for "rubbing elbows with 4plebs", then proceeded to act like a "pleb" yourself. No harsh feelings though, hope you weren't too insulted. But since you're mildly dyslexic you probably read that sentiment the opposite way, so, FUCK YOU AND YOUR BAD GENE SPREADING MOTHER YOU DYSLEXIC WHORE.
>>12138 >rubbing elbows with 4plebs And the shatting was justified.
>>>/co/12122 >If this place didn't get 5 posts a day on average I wouldn't need to go to 4chong. PPH whore, go back. You could have converted those episodes to webms, painstakingly taken all effort to not expose yourself as a cuckchanner but you didn't. You deserve everything you get, but not another (You.)
(119.43 KB 299x327 3593793.PNG)

>>12139 >>12144 Chon elitism post-5chan/7chan era is retarded. Imageboards come and go every week these days. This LynxChan site managed to stay alive longer than a month and I commend the webmaster for that, but that doesn't mean this site won't eventually share the same fate as every other 8ch clone, and hirochan will still remain unscathed. >You could have converted those episodes to webms I like TBatT, but I'm not gonna go out of my way to spoonfeed a userbase that'll just shit themselves over a couple users on 4/co/ liking the show instead of discussing the episodes themselves. If you like puppets, comedy, quests, skeletons, lutes, and warrior girl tits, you'll like the show.
>>12149 >Chon elitism post-5chan/7chan era is retarded Shut the fuck up, all you had to say was "I figured someone on cuckchan would have done my work for me" and the other two faggots would have likely stopped giving you shit. Now you've derailed this thread because like many of the autistic faggots who plague imageboards, you don't understand the point of desculation and only further derail threads once you get into asshurt driven arguement with some other fag.
(127.86 KB 492x401 1617161918525.png)

So what are your guys' thoughts on the series so far?
(1.93 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12155 It's not Korgoth
>>12159 I'm Korgoth
(21.67 KB 370x300 starwarshemad.jpg)

>>12188 What did you think of the show dyslexicbro? Did you manage to wrap your mind around decoding base64?
>>12191 Wrong anon, spanky.
>>12138 >and assumed you're new to how things on /co/ work I don't know about "things" but I've genuinely never encountered that before. There's a first time for everything, and this is the one I lost my virginity on. You want to help me out like a pal or do you want to keep sticking clamps on my nips? Because if our positions were reversed, I'd most assuredly call you a faggot but then I'd help you.
>>12325 Type "base64 decoder" in the search engine of your choice. Copy & Paste the spoilered text into the decoder. Now you can watch the first couple of episodes. The 5th episode is airing at 7:30pm EST tonight on Nick. Here's a stream if you're interested and have nothing else to do ustvgo.tv/nickelodeon-live-streaming-free/
(998.71 KB 500x265 wink lecter.gif)

>>12343 Thanks you
(13.58 KB 300x200 facepalm megabyte.jpg)

>>12345 >Thank you I started with thanks and then decide to make it more formal. Damn that S.
(157.42 KB 421x237 Crank Yankers.png)

(75.99 KB 257x400 FurTV.jpg)

These are the ones I remember the most
>>12345 >>12346 Noes problem

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