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(6.83 MB 640x360 Darkseid.mp4)

(1006.43 KB 800x445 ClipboardImage.png)

(586.78 KB 600x394 ClipboardImage.png)

Darkseid War Thread Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 19:29:41 No. 1177
What was your experience of this film? Personally, I was hoping to see the dynamic with Grail and the Anti-Monitor that I observed in the New 52 comics but it was interesting nonetheless and surprisingly brutal.
>>1177 Completely different stories. I don't know how you thought it was going to be an adaptation of that New 52 story.
>>1177 They are still using the N52 designs for these movies? Why?
>>1180 Finishing some retarded animated mcu crap. Hopefully after this they go back to a more traditional style like in Crisis on Two Earths.
(2.11 MB 975x750 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1178 The setting of the animated series was New 52 so I thought it was a logical conclusion to make. Personally, I think the series Earth 2 did it better. >>1180 Because it is the journey from Flashpoint across the span of New 52. >>1183 Or hopefully they will do Rebirth.
(183.78 KB 960x960 72as1fh38c931.jpg)

>>1202 The problem with your expectation is that none of these movies in this New 52 inspired series have been accurate to their source materials at all when they were adapting stories. Secondly, the trailer previews & synopsis never even hinted it was going to be an adaptation of the New 52 Darkseid War. Though they did pull some elements... sorta. More of a loose inspiration.
>>1212 I think there is a fine balance to be made here. I know that by and large the Watchmen film was true to the original to the point where it alienated newcomers as well as fans of the comic who had already seen much of the material. To deviate too much would invoke criticisms from preexisting fans and you will alienate the audience.
>>1213 Okay but we're not talking about the idea of adaptations. I'm saying this was not an adaptation. At all. No one should have expected it to be.
Unfaithful adaptation like their recent movies. I get that they're trying new things but their changes so far aren't as good as the original stories. Talking about Batman: Hush and Superman: Red Son as examples.
I fuckin hated the ending. Flash shouldn't have rebooted the universe. It's fucked up that he even considered rebooting. Its not like in flashpoint where literally everybody died. If the writers wanted to make a new universe they didn't have to connect it to this one. Hell they could even tell stories in this fucked up world in the future, or cross over with a crisis or something. A lot of people survived, flash erased them all by rebooting, which goes against his character i think.
>>1308 >Its not like in flashpoint where literally everybody died. You didn't pay attention. Most of the planet is destroyed with most of humanity dead not to mention the damage done put Earth off it's axis. The world will burn & freeze at the same time. Death was guaranteed.
>>1318 It wasn't a doomed world, some superhero could fix the planet, hell superman could probably just push it back into orbit or something.
It was alright, but pretty forgettable. I am not a big fan of turning Constantine into MCU Tony Stark equivalent to be honest, or having him in mingle with capes for that matter. They did use some cheap cliches towards the end, bur not enough to ruin the film. Original ideas tend to work better for DCs animation. Gods and Monsters, Batman Ninja, and Hell To Pay were probably the best ones out of the recent wave of films. Getting more Japs and letting them run wild, pairing Dini and Timm so they can cancel out each other's autism, or getting some creative people outside of animation involved would be produce better or at least more interesting movies.
Why is it that after the second Suicide Squad movie the animated DC movies seem to have a 0.5 second delay on everything? Every single line of dialog has that odd pause, every fight scene seems to have these odd pauses, it's like they're stretching for runtime. This was an alright movie. I liked how brutal it depicted the war.
I'm glad that this universe is fucking dead. I hope they go back to having stand alone films instead of attempting the shared universe meme again.
>>2096 Shared universes were a mistake. If Marvel & DC just purely did stand alone stories for batches of characters at a time then they'd be in a much better state. It'd give creators actual freedom to create & people wouldn't feel lost or confused on having to read 50 other books from the past to understand what's happening now.

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