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(20.16 KB 360x450 Jeffrey_Katzenberg.jpg)

Jeffery Katzenberg Anonymous 04/18/2021 (Sun) 12:32:25 No. 11917
What is your opinion of Jeffery (((Katzenberg))) deciding to leave Disney, sue them for millions of dollars, using that money to start Dreamworks and Dreamworks movies in general?
(243.17 KB 600x293 jew futurama farnswort.png)

>>11917 >jews jewing jews to make more jewry Does it even matter? The money keeps getting fed to Israel, anyway.
>>11917 He looks like Seinfeld's less talented cousin.
I'd cum inside him
>>11917 Dreamworks was certainly a better investment than The Young Turks.
>>11917 >Founded fucking Quibi He may have had a spark of creativity once, but it's far gone now.
(1.47 MB 1600x1511 ayylmao.png)

>>17377 So is the money he used to invest for qubi
>>11917 He got lucky when he had creative goyim to clean his jew ass from the industry until their blood ran out and now look what happened to Dreamworks, it became the other GrubAHub animations company.

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