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Artists Tracing Anonymous 04/21/2021 (Wed) 03:33:35 No. 11968
Just today it came to my attention that the artist for the recent tie-in comic, Godzilla Dominion, has been found to be tracing. Not just Godzilla himself but the fucking Bass Pro Shop logo too. If you try to call him out on twitter, he will immediately block you for it. https://twitter.com/Drew_E_Johnson
(3.45 MB 377x372 laugh gal.gif)

>>11968 >fucking copied a clip art fish
>copied the Bass Pro Shops logo as if every single person in south and midwest wouldn't notice
Why do people pretend to care about tracing?
(404.94 KB 807x807 (You) (2).png)

>>11999 >pretend
>>11968 and it's in a wrong pose and looks hilariously out of place
>>11999 Tracing's easy to shit on, regardless of context
(656.78 KB 1988x1529 Ezrf5KLXoAkewBF.jpg)

(398.39 KB 1920x1009 Ezrf5KDWEAEO1Tx.jpg)

Might have another addition here.
>>12029 That's not really tracing though, it's using a reference, but it's different enough that it wasn't straight up copy pasted into the comic like that fucking fish.
>>12031 You might be right but it's like one for one referencing if it's not a trace.
(416.65 KB 635x497 Batman-Adventure.gif)

>>12029 Quickly overlaying them in Photoshop, I would call this tracing. They even copied the fucking floating Hint Monitor from the game because they didn't realize it's not part of the building. The absolute state of modern comic artists.
>>12057 That proves it! Good work, anon.
>traceing is bad To be fair, if they weren't lazy cunts we wouldn't have Lands gems
>>12352 Literally just porn orgasm faces. There's really no standards or quality control at all.
>>12353 Not just faces, that 5 pic has the entire body traced from porn by the looks of that position.
>Trying to learn how to draw during one of the three hours of free time I have when not working <Meanwhile pros get paid, and just trace shit they saw in a video game or company logo
(8.51 MB 1920x2951 ClipboardImage.png)

(6.78 MB 1920x2951 ClipboardImage.png)

(8.24 MB 1920x2951 ClipboardImage.png)

(8.48 MB 1920x2951 ClipboardImage.png)

(547.49 KB 750x750 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm still convinced DC got away with tracing the Iron Man helmet for Red Hood in the New 52 Batman & Robin series.
(147.78 KB 636x657 frog pepe meh.png)

>>12352 >ywn hurt a hero so badly, s/he orgasms Why live?
(585.02 KB 1280x1821 Perfection.jpg)

(5.68 MB 1202x1702 Perfection 2.png)

>>12029 >>12057 <tracing background and still making it look sketchy and not well defined Pathetic >>14685 <typical realistic art style stiffness - mostly boring static poses, even the action poses are mostly straight looking with minimal tilt. <over-detailing - Red Hood mask with all those straight lines almost looking like greeble, Red Hood' ugly room <bad anatomy - Nightwing got bigger face than his head in profile, Nightwing body is tilting yet his torso is straight and there's no connection between it and the neck, Red Hood looking up with weird looking jaw and his facial features positioned as if he looking straight <bad construction - see above (Nightwing' pose), usually it goes along with bad anatomy <random shading for realistic art - best example would be Red Hood standing the room, he doesn't have a shadow under his feet and nothing in the room is shaded in the same direction <lousy color scheme - all similar (red, yellow and bright brown) warm and bright colors, nothing to compliment or contrast and the ugly bright yellow color is distracting from seeing the big picture <lousy compositions - Damian tilting his head where everything else is centered, Red hood' room- the left side is disgustingly busy and overdecorated while the right side quite empty with noting to parallel or continue as part of something The assumed tracing of Iron Man helmet is the least of the problems that ugly art has. Now let's compare and contrast to an exquisite art. Behold first pic; the page is divided to three segments, with left and the right parts (the horses, the people and rocks) are tilting in opposite direction from each other and then you got one center piece (cactus Plastic Man) although not completely in the center of the picture. In addition to that, Plastic Man' punch being paralleled to the similar angle of the running horse below and the dust is used as filling the gap between the background horse and the stone as well surrounding the main horse in half circle. So as you can see, it's beautifully and perfectly balanced and connected composition. The color scheme is great too; it's colorful in the right amount with cold colors being in the center and warm colors on the left and right sides contrasting each other, furthermore the blue figure is being complemented by the orange stones next to is and green Plastic man cactus is being complemented by the red figure beneath it. Of course, the drawing got good construction of the figures and objects, nice cartoony anatomy and shading and also great cartoony dynamism. Here's another page from classic Plastic man, same thing, perfectly and beautifully balanced compositions and color schemes. Even just that small panel in the middle where Plastic Man hold Wozzy from a far (Plastic man arm is paralleled to the train tracks and both are in warm colors including the sun in the middle meanwhile Woozy and the train are paralleling and in cold colors, simply gorgeous) is by far superior and appealing unlike that ugly structure-less soulless art. P.S. Plastic Man got some really great compositions and they're easily noticeable thanks to the terrific cartoon art style.
There is a bit of a commotion right now over Joelle Jones. She was caught swiping art from Pepe Larraz. It's odd and refreshing to see people complain about someone other than Land doing it. https://twitter.com/samuli47/status/1489675965533986819?s=20&t=2ydDXYp8wOeU2EWJXx3hdQ

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