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(969.45 KB 1024x527 ClipboardImage.png)

Absolute state of nu Pixar Anonymous 05/02/2021 (Sun) 19:31:08 No. 12439
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYfJxlgR2jw This looks like shit. It's like Calarts made in 3d or something. Also the same tired trope of >No, my sheltered child! We do not do NEW THINGS around here!
(70.36 KB 540x537 best friend.jpg)

>>12439 Pixar is shit, man, everybody knows that, why don't you open a thread about a cartoon you do like for once?
>>12440 >modern western animation >something to like If only there was good things.
>>12441 I personally thin modern animation is just fine outside from Dixar and TV animation, but it doesn't have to be modern.
<SO, it's a cross between The Little Mermaid and The Thirteenth Year? >>12439 >It's like Calarts made in 3d But, Pixar was ALWAYS staffed by CalArts students since the start. >>12442 Have any recent examples? All the "good" Western animation I can think of all come from France.
(222.69 KB 330x369 Screenshot.png)

>>12443 The face on Mermaid Jimmy Neutron, there, is pure "rejected from Aardman."
(277.98 KB 1600x1200 h2o.jpg)

>>12443 I'm being reminded of H2O, of all things.
>>12446 Not me. I know this because I don't have an erection.
>>12447 I can't have a boner when the shotas are ugly italian cal arts abominations.
>>12448 Exactly. >mfw H2O
(56.94 KB 816x640 344323424.jpg)

(232.07 KB 1296x730 2020 oscars (Toy Story won).jpg)

(543.35 KB 1280x720 2021 Oscars.jpg)

(111.98 KB 1080x1080 index55335354.jpg)

Oh great another animated movie by pixar that looks like it was animated by first year students. Based on this trailer I can't wait to see more clips of characters reacting to mildy pleasant things as the most amazing things in life just like their last film. Maybe this time the side characters we're suppose to feel for will get more than two scenes of focus or interaction before the great emotional climax involving all of them unlike raya and the last dragon. And I can't wait for this to win an oscar like disney and pixar win every year regardless of other animated movies released Okay Spiderverse won over wreck it ralph 2 but that was an outlier and you know it.
>>12461 >Based on this trailer I can't wait to see more clips of characters reacting to mildy pleasant things as the most amazing things in life just like their last film. Wasn't the also the premise for a lot of Ghibli films, too? Also, I just realized that, unless a film bases itself off the life of an ACTUAL HUMAN BEING (And, eve then, you HOPE the film is accurate to their life), nearly all the "emotional films" come across as superficial as they never display any real struggles, fears, and difficulties people go through.
>>12443 Primal.
>>12465 You're right Primal is great. I'd recommend Kid Cosmic too. Sadly that's all I can say stand out as good modern cartoon shows. I definitely liked the Wolfwalkers movie & Klaus. Funny enough both are pretty unique animation style movies.
>>12463 I would argue that that is more of an overall theme in most ghibli films rather than a premise. Even my neighbor Totoro considered by many to be a simple feel good movie had some conflict and good fantasy elements to it. Soul on the hand entire moral was that these little moments is all it takes to have a happy life, which could work if they're examples were say talking with close friends or practicing new a hobby or skill, but they instead go for the most lowest common denominator examples of happy little moments. Such as eating a nice meal alone or getting a haircut while talking with the barber which makes the entire message feel hollow and dull. The main conflict of the movie is also a rehash of monsters university except not done as well since Joe's love of music just comes off as a shallow emotional response rather than mike's passionate study, exercise and knowledge of scaring. Going back on topic of Luca, this is basically the same thing they did with Coco. They grab a generic story add some jokes and elements from a culture, this time italian instead of mexican , and called it day. I've seen Song of the Sea, I've seen Lu over the wall, and I've seen the Little Mermaid, this has nothing new to offer other than some italian jokes and it'll be praised as one of the best movies of this year. Winning an oscar and be considered a staple of great representation.>>12463
>>12469 >this has nothing new to offer other than some italian jokes and it'll be praised as one of the best movies of this year. Winning an oscar and be considered a staple of great representation. I hate that you're right. Heck even Lilo & Stitch did this kind of nonhuman character hiding among humans story in a seaside location already. The only thing "unique" with this that sets it apart is it's art style. But it's ironically the cookie cutter cal-arts beanmouth just in 3DCG.
I guess coco set the precedent for all pixar films after it.
(92.43 KB 720x1046 1598003992367.jpg)

>>12443 >Have any recent examples? Hilda. >>12448 The MC looks alright (my biggest complaint is his huge nose, but that's a "Pixar staple" at this point), but his friend has a severe case of "retarded face" that doesn't disappear no matter what.
Is this supposed to appeal to me as an Italian?
>>12439 >3dcg tumblr nose on every single character >american country and pop soundtrack with italian vocals This might actually be a new low. >>12502 Not in the slightest. It's supposed to appeal to Califags who only know Italy from the two days they spent there out of their week long Europe vacation. Probably made by the same people too.
(477.43 KB 294x219 batman tears.gif)

(50.66 KB 598x944 man vince is pissed.jpg)

>>12461 >mfw Ellie's death in Up >mfw anything Pixar related post-Up The fucking Jackalope short was more watchable. I actually thought Soul might be worth viewing, but it's obviously more "pandering to the 13%"/Oscar bait, so fuck that shit.
>>12507 Did we EVER identify the fucktard who enviously defaced the original? It seems like something the hatechan party van should have looked into.
(343.08 KB 1085x579 She ra opinion, tumblr.jpg)

>>12507 Does anyone have the edit of that fucking thing getting shot? >>12508 >Soul They couldn't get a black man to play as the main nigger, so it's another Pixar film that also got shit on by dykes.
>>12509 The CN Graffiti wall got torn a part however someone bought the infamous piece on Twitter, if we can buy it off them and use forensics to track the artist, then we can find them and break their knee caps for making us spend millions on finding them, the bastards.
(69.99 KB 601x800 Italian farmer.jpg)

>>12439 Worse thing about it is that it depicts Italians in this Tumblrized Pixar artstyle. Let's be honest though, it was just a matter of time after the Disney takeover. UP was their last decent movie
>>12537 >that fucking pic >crankin' it to She-Ra I'm getting so sick of the dishonesty in their so-called arguments. I never found She-Ra or any of her pals attractive in that way and I doubt many others did either (at least, not without some rule 34 images). What people objected to was that ginger cunt making a show for children that was nothing but lesbo recruitment vids using her headcanon. "I played with the dolls to write the show." Does she even realize how fucking retarded that sounds? All the women who loved that show and the toys and were given Hank Venture in drag as an update hate it more than any man could. But no, it's "a bunch of guys want to fuck She-Ra! I win!"
What's these studios fascination with making everything look like cheap plastic? It's fucking ugly.
Just got done watching it so I'm posting my first impressions. Going into it I thought the animation style was ugly and uninspired and I left thinking the same. I don't know what happened between Tangled to now but it hasn't been good. The story itself wasn't anything special, but I don't hate it, it's one of those movies I can watch once and recommend to my younger family members. Monsters U, Finding Dory, Soul, are just some of these movies I've seen only once and felt like I've wasted my time. At least with this one it was just fine, I guess. My one concern is an issue some people are bringing up about Luca and Alberto. The director said the film is based on experiences in his childhood and his childhood best friend. Others obviously take this to mean that Luca and Alberto must be gay and there's no other explanation for their relationship (because obviously you can't hug someone of the same sex, that would be gay). I didn't get that impression throughout the movie, not even from the metaphors presented in the film. I just think people are reading too much into what's just a simple kids movie that just happens to have two boy characters that are best friends.
(47.56 KB 720x850 blk AI.jpg)

>>12537 >They couldn't get a black man to play as the main nigger, Wasn't it Jamie Foxx? Because maybe your standards are too high since he's niggery enough for me.
>>14238 Tangled was a Disney film dude.
(610.75 KB 948x527 6346401.png)

What saddens me the most is that I won't even get some nice shota lewds from this movie due to how unappealing is its art style. A great opportunity to trick Twittard artists into thinking this male friendship is something "gayer" and get fanart of it ruined by the fucking calarts-like character design. So close yet so far.
>>14240 Wait, it's the other way around: >Nigger protagonist, despite being voiced by a nigger his ghost design is not being niggerly enough >Focus on a white soul voiced by a white woman https://archive.is/JqveJ
>>14258 Nigger it's all the same shit.
>>14265 Pixar and Disney Animation were different animals (Especially at the time Tangle came out). But when John Lasseter left, the two studio really have become indistinguishable.
>>12488 Did I made this post? This looks like a post I would make. >>12443 I personally really like Ballmastrz; however, it's not best the Karacaz cartoon.
(13.27 KB 250x272 stopped reading there.jpg)

>>14264 >As A Black Woman
>>14238 The film didn't really pretend to be anything more than just humans befriending fish monsters. I guess viewers wanted it to be as profound as Soul. I will not be surprised, however, if the Italian director actually is a fag and directs a sequel to insist on that theme.
>>12443 DC Super Hero Girls second season just came out.
>>14306 He said "good."
(5.92 MB 3305x2329 87402540_p14.jpg)

>>14271 >Did I made this post? This looks like a post I would make. No, I did. Greetings, fellow Hildafag.
(57.43 KB 631x690 158994156343.jpg)

>>14333 Damn, it's so weird when you find a post that looks exactly like yours. Nice trips, fellow Hildafriend.
(1.07 MB 1920x1080 Zee_No you don't!.jpg)

(825.06 KB 4096x2830 DCSHG character line up.jpg)

>>14307 DCSHG is good; it got varied appealing characters designs, good animation and great soundtrack. It's a well-balanced combination of action and comedy, created by Faust based on her Super Best Friends Forever shorts, being the closest thing to 90's-2000's cartoons and only good capeshit content currently.
(2.97 MB 1916x1076 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.11 MB 1400x700 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.70 MB 960x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.44 MB 844x1250 ClipboardImage.png)

>>14410 >only good capeshit content currently. Ain't exactly any tough competition.
>>14410 Oh god I want to fuck Zee hips so bad. >>14420 What do you think of the DC direct to video movies? I think some of them are pretty decent.
>>14423 New 52 ones all sucked. The new Superman one was pretty okay. Nothing terrible but didn't quite rise to the greats. WW2 one sucks just on the premise being "muh nazis" with the Flash & BLACKED Iris. Seen no one talk about the Long Halloween movie that just had it's first part released. Don't know if I even wanna bother watching it with how much I despise mainstream comics.
>>14423 wew they're pretty good.
>>14410 The one episode I watched was ok. They just needed to tone down that ADHD format. >>14420 They can keep that. I've been rewatching the Fleischer Superman series. Might even give iTuck money for the 1967 Auqaman series.
>>14420 True, it's still counts as a merit if one' likes capeshit. Anyway, it doesn't dismiss the other points I mentioned and it's still a good cartoon on its own. >>14452 Told you. >>14459 Which episode you watched? The only bad episodes so far were BucketBurrito (the worst) and TweenTitans (despite being a parody on TTG). I don't think it's really ADHD, it just the episodes are short; they don't even get to have one episode separated to two segments like many older CN cartoons were.
>>14476 >told you guess I'll go find more, they made supergirl into a tomboy with amazing hips and thighs too so there's that.
(50.21 KB 640x480 supermanbizarrostayhere.jpg)

>>14498 > they made supergirl into a tomboy with amazing hips and thighs too so there's that.
>>12443 That underwater animation doesn't look very smooth or accurate
>>12470 Lilo and stitch also made hiding amoung humans and discovering the small normal life things seem more fun, compared to this movie where it almost looks boring, like after watching too many travel advertisements
>>14849 Probably because Stitch was an obvious anomaly that, while intelligent, couldn't fit in as normal or even peaceful most of the time. He was fun because he was a chaotic monster. These are all just ugly humans.
(14.89 KB 691x345 ETjapanesestitch.png)

>>14852 One thing I never got about Stitch was his whole "destroy the world" programming. I don't think I ever saw it properly in action. He had many chances in the first movie but never really got his engine running.
>>14867 Because Jumba says he'll seek out major facilities to cause the most destruction. He tries to but then he realizes he's on an island surrounded by water.
(808.21 KB 780x527 Screenshot.png)

>>14876 I understand, but when life gives you lemons, you go and stomp the fuck out of King Kamehameha's palace and then head for Ala Moana Shopping Center. You don't say "I'm losssst!" and decide to give peace a chance.
>>14897 He didn't give peace a chance right away. He was still a little shit. He just also had to lay low enough with Lilo to avoid Jumba hunting him.
And, this is this next masterpiece.
>>15128 Thanks, I hate it.
>You've lived long enough to see pixar go to shit I mean they were always overrated but they weren't always bad.
>>15130 What was the last actually good movie Pixar did anyway?
>>15131 Probably WALL-E or Up.
>>15132 WALL-E (2008) and Up (2009) Interesting times.
(185.61 KB 1280x692 average canadian.jpg)

>>15128 If find funny how the trailer perpetuates the meme of Canada being a Chinese colony by making half of the characters present Asian and putting Chinese decorations in the streets.
>>15134 >last good Pixar films >made just 1 year and 2 years after 2007 I know it's basically a meme at this point but I can't say I'm surprised.
>>15138 No shit. It just annoys me at this point.
>>15131 Monster University (2013)
>>12546 >Worse thing about it is that it depicts Italians in this Tumblrized Pixar artstyle. Wrong that's just how all Italians look.
(3.06 MB 720x388 798465.webm)

>>12439 I'm amazed that the parents didn't knew they could turn into humans and to top it all off, they didn't need training to walk.
>>15128 Backstreet Boys in all, eh? >>15138 I'll go all the way back and say Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Up was alright. But WALL-E, meh. I put that up there with DreamWorks Shark Tale.
>>12441 Over the garden wall Justice league New Heman
>>15160 Two of those aren't really modern now that they're pretty old. >new he-man Don't count on it. Kevin Smith never makes anything good & plot leaks say the story will be He-man disappears for most of the series with Teela taking the focus. Just because it's a supposed continuation of the original series doesn't mean it'll be good.
>>15132 >WALL-E That movie was great until they got into a spaceship full of fat niggers and whites.
>>15162 >Teela taking the focus. Don't forget that she turns into a strong independent womyn with dike hair and has a dike nigger girlfriend.
(28.99 KB 500x375 Do_Not_Want_Dog_(1).jpg)

It looks like 3D steven universe
(6.31 MB 1280x536 lightyearteaser.mp4)

This feels like the animated equivalent of a mid-life crisis.
>>12469 My classmates thought I was weird because I think Lu is very cute
>>12507 Didn't Pan Pizza of RebelTaxi draw something on that wall?
(480.31 KB 620x530 3323242434343.PNG)

>>19900 Pixar has been stuck in a mid life crisis ever since cars 2. None of their new movies feel like genuine effort was put into them. You might as well just re watch the buzz lightyear cartoon. It's as cash grab that's actually fun. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=FEn-W7OBuIo >>20017 Yes actually
>>20018 Last good movie Pixar made was Toy Story 3. Coincidentally, that was the first fully made after Disney bought them. I think the only reason it was any good was out of spite for the other version that Disney was going to make without them. But after that, they were never the same.
>>20018 >Yes actually Thank you anon, because I remember seeing that tweet the week it came out and I was wondering how Pan got there, LA and SD are far apart from each other
>>15128 New trailer at >>>/v/470431
(39.53 KB 150x112 Screenshot.png)

>>20018 Wait... isn't this the youtuber who's a diaperfag?
>>20415 Futafag actually if I rememeber correctly,
>>20415 PanPizza is a diaperfag, he also likes goth girls like Raven and Gaz. >>20419 It's Ben Tannehill (BentheLoony) that's the futafag, I think.
>>17185 I was thinking more OG cuckime.

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