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(36.35 KB 300x292 supermanfeminaziinvasion.jpg)

WB sold to... Discovery Channel?! Anonymous 05/17/2021 (Mon) 22:21:24 No. 13020
https://archive.ph/wip/s2OXJ Warner Media, including DC comics and a few video game studios, has been sold to Discovery Channel of all places. Place your bets on 1: how long DC will last before it effectively closes down, and 2: if it will be totally closed, mined for a few trades of classic stories every few years and/or retain the bare minimum of content needed to keep certain properties.
I know roosterteeth and crunchyroll are fucked.
>>13020 Discovery would have to utterly braindead to destroy DC entirely. Sure they're nothing but IP farms but Batman and Superman -- the only heroes normalfags give a damn about -- never getting anything new would cause an autistic fit far beyond anything we've seen before. They've been conditioned to "get excited for next product" after all. If there's one thing you never do to the normalfags, it's deny their breads and circuses.
>>13022 They don't need to keep the comics themselves to sell these characters through IPs.
>>13022 Advance Publications own Discovery, and they have been investing and pushing into media popular on the internet or based on it in some ways. They created Bon Apetit, Epicurious, bought Reddit, bunch of news sites, and creates subsidiaries to work on virtual and film media. My guess will be that they might try to make most floppies digital only, and most physical publications will be TPBs and magazines DC has been selling at Walmarts. Getting rid off Crunchyrol might be stupid too. Netflix has been dumping a lot of money into anime, same with Amazon and Hulu, so it must be attracting enough viewers. It would be wiser to just keep it around and cut all the unnecessary fat like original animated content. They could always sell or dissolve it later.
>>13027 >Epicurious So much for them cutting the lefttard infestation from any of the stuff they bought. That's the that vowed to not do anymore beef recipies.
(1.52 MB 247x194 zootopialaugh.gif)

>>13027 >bought Reddit <"Edit: Thanks for the gold, kind Discovery!"
(163.69 KB 500x301 sharkwerefags.png)

>>13020 >inb4 Shark Week becomes Snyder Week

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