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(64.91 KB 500x379 THE BOX.jpg)

Ted Fufu 05/22/2021 (Sat) 02:00:13 No. 13218
Welcome to Friday, you bunch of weirdos. Let's watch some movies or something. Choose from the following: Doug's First Movie The Gumby Movie The Mediocre Dinosaur OR You can choose the Ted Box, or the Yaki Box. The Ted Box smells like the darkest Disney movie ever. Parents complained about how awesome the movie was and their children shouldn't be exposed to dangerous levels of metal. The Yaki Box smells like a sequel that no one really asked for and by all rights should have sucked https://vaughn.live/tedfufu
(53.25 KB 719x550 1621372328225.jpeg)

Voting Yaki Box
(1.39 MB 372x300 image0 (1).gif)

Voting ted box
(148.66 KB 1075x1124 warehouse.jpg)

Ted box.
(3.95 MB 400x300 strems.gif)

Flipping a Meowscular Chef plush says I'm voting for Yaki
(296.16 KB 1533x862 message from Sengoku.jpg)

(110.30 KB 840x1199 Yakuza 1.jpg)

(147.09 KB 943x1199 Yakuza 2.jpg)

(112.64 KB 220x220 kickdoor.gif)

Yaki Box
Voting Yaki Box
Ted Box.
(280.25 KB 1920x1080 yakuza summed up.jpg)

(247.38 KB 1440x1080 bartok.jpg)

Up first! Bartok!
(902.22 KB 704x548 Spy holding his laughter.gif)

>>13224 >Blackwashed the guy who looks like shit from Reddit Letter Media Legit one of the rare times they made me laugh and it's not even their edit.
10 minute warning, pls vote kinglets.
(603.48 KB 2898x2898 monke.jpg)

Ted box.
(1.77 MB 1280x720 clang.mp4)

Flipping a Marie Antoinette trading card says I'm voting for Yaki
(277.32 KB 854x1200 E13O8MiUUAEigwG.jpeg)

Voting Ted Box
fuck you ted
(127.73 KB 1200x1189 Essence of Shitposting.jpg)

(195.35 KB 750x1080 Gay people.jpg)

(47.69 KB 988x560 2020.jpg)

Ted Box
(75.47 KB 550x415 dragonslayer.jpg)

Up next! Dragonslayer! Disney made a movie that's pretty much if Star Wars and The Hobbit had a baby. There's blood, gore, nudity. You know, Disney stuff.
>>13245 Do you have a torrent for this one or something? Never heard of it, your description of it sounds awesome, and I want to see it.

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