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(21.55 KB 254x261 ClipboardImage.png)

QTDDTOT - Questions that Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 04:34:07 No. 14184
The Taito Superman arcade game from 1988 has this woman as an unused graphic. Is she an existing DC character?
Considering the game itself has little to do with the comics or film, its probably a random model imported from another game, recolored and used for testing.
>>14184 I checked most of the covers of Superman publications that would have been contemporaneous with the development and couldn't find any designs that matched that. If it is based on an existing DC character, I would guess that it's either an unused prototype design for Supergirl or an original design for Supergirl. The build is about right, the color palate is Superman-esque, she's the most major Superman-related female hero, the boots look similar enough, and her hair is the same color and length.
>>14208 Not the OP, but though I agree with you, there's something very adult woman about her, like a gal in her thirties. Also, the costume's ringing some bells but I just can't find it in the ol' memory cells. I feel like this is an unused boss-fight villain. It's too bad the image is so small.
>>14247 >but though I agree with you Sorry, that was worded wrong. I think you're possibly correct in that they might have made Supergirl to look like that, but I can't shake the feeling that it's someone else.
>>14248 I thought she resembled the harbinger a little.
>>14208 It's probably not Supergirl considering how Kara Zor-El was erased from continuity and off limits at the time, and Matrix as Supergirl was a new character who only debuted in 1988, and didn't look like this. Granted, she is a shapeshifter, so it's theoretically possible. Also, I doubt Taito gave enough of a fuck to care either way, and DC might not have cared either. She could also just be a random Phantom Zone criminal or something.
Will it ever happen that going forward with the timeline we actually will see a retired capeshit? Like spidy with all the time conversion is pushing 40. Same as batman or ironmanwhich he died and got taken over by a stronknig Are we gonna see spiderman #2000 where he actually hang his web shooter and let whoever is the new character take over?therefor actually ending The amazing spiderman
>>14270 The original Batman retired in DC Super-Stars 17, from 1977, and died in Adventure Comics #462, in 1979. He never came back to life or anything, though according to the wiki he did once appear as a spirit in JSA #82 in 2006. To be clear, the current Batman is not the original, but a multiversal doppelganger of the original, and technically his first appearance is considered to be in Superman #76, from 1952, which is said to be the first time Superman and Batman teamed up, which means they were never in the Justice Society, which means this must be a different Batman (and Superman) than the original versions, which were in the Justice Society. Also note that this second Batman's history from before Superman #76 is considered to be very similar to the original Batman's history up to that point, just without particular differences, such as the aforementioned Justice Society thing, and the fact that the original Batman (and his whole universe) seemed to move more in real time, while the second (current) Batman operates on a sliding timescale, so he ages much more slowly and is much younger than the original. While I'm at it, I should also note that that second Batman I mentioned, though technically the current one, has had aspects of his history altered a few times, most notably after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, he is still technically the same guy, but history changed around him. Batman has generally had his history changed less than other major characters, though. Also, while the original Batman was from Earth-Two, and there is another universe called Earth-2 and later Earth 2, that is technically a different universe entirely, created by Alexander Luthor, Jr. in 2006. Earth-2 had a history very close to Earth-Two, and its Batman was already dead, but the point is that it still wasn't actually the same as Earth-Two. After the Flashpoint, Earth-2 had its history drastically changed, and the Post-Flashpoint universes drop the hyphen to make it slightly easier to identify them, so from there, we'll call it Earth 2. Earth 2's history was drastically different from Earth-Two, but did feature doppelgangers of people who were well known for being from Earth-Two. Still, it was technically not the same universe, and also was really different anyway. Also, in 2015 Brainiac of Earth-0, who had escaped the Flashpoint and then absorbed Crisis Energy and became super powerful, went throughout time and grabbed cities from various notable moments throughout the multiverse, such as the moment before a universe got destroyed, and brought them to the present. Then he turned all these cities back into whole universes, including Earth-Two right before it was destroyed in 1986. Then he sent a few characters back in time to make sure that places that were about to be destroyed won't be destroyed anymore. So technically there is a splinter timeline/universe of Earth-Two that currently exists (though note that it's outside the "local multiverse" so it's harder to reach from the main universe), however, this is still just an alternate timeline/universe that splintered off of the real Earth-Two, which was still folded on top of Earth-One to become New Earth in 1986. Also, Batman of Earth-Two was dead well before 1986 anyway, so the Batman of the new Earth-Two is also dead. With Batman out of the way, I'll also mention that the original Superman retired in 1986 and died in 2006. He briefly came back to life as a zombie in Blackest Night in 2009, but so did everyone else who ever died. The original Wonder Woman also retired in 1986 and then left reality in 2006. All my explanation for why the current versions and the Earth 2 versions and New Earth-Two versions aren't the originals still applies here. I mention those three because they're among the most famous characters ever. Of course, it applies to many others as well. The more obscure, the less likely it is that they'll get brought back to life. There are plenty of Justice Society characters who died and stayed dead. The first two Blue Beetles (Dan Garret and Dan Garrett) died and stayed dead, and while the third one (Ted Kord) currently has some sort of Post-Flashpoint rebooted version running around, note that the pre-Flashpoint version's story ended completely, and the pre-Flashpoint version of his best friend, Booster Gold, is still around (as the current Waverider), as a distinct character from the Post-Flashpoint Booster Gold, so for Booster and characters close to him, especially those who were heavily altered, like Ted Kord, they really are completely separate characters. A similar case is with the original Supergirl. Kara Zor-El died in 1986. History was then altered so that she "never existed," but really she did, but people didn't remember her. A new Supergirl, Matrix, debuted in 1988, but while she is called Supergirl, she has an entirely different story. She is not the same character. Later, Kara's ghost would appear a few times, and they would say there was some fucked up multiverse shit that was preventing her from being rebooted into the new history, but they solved it, and then she was rebooted into the new history. So technically the Kara Zor-El of New Earth is the same soul as the Kara Zor-El of Earth-One, but they have entirely separate, though similar, stories. Kara of Earth-One's story completely ended and then Kara of New Earth's story began. She would then be fully rebooted again after Flashpoint. Technically the same person, but really, it's a completely new story, that begins from the beginning and counts no elements from the old version as canon (though many current elements are shared with the old version). >tl;dr: Lots of characters died for real and stayed dead. The simplest examples are the original Batman and Superman. Go read those if you want.
>>14253 >harbinger That's it! I don't think it's her, but, minus the red helmet, that's who she's reminding me of. Thanks, anon.
>>14295 The thing over her right breast sort of evokes the shape of Harbinger's costume, not to mention the general color scheme, but those weird things on her arms look more like Lady Quark, also from the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Of course the rest of her doesn't look similar at all.
(119.08 KB 480x315 ClipboardImage.png)

Is the design on the Legion Flight Ring ever used in-universe as a logo for the Legion itself? Has their backstory ever been elaborated on, or is it just tech that exists in the 31st century?
(86.72 KB 350x262 chinman.jpg)

>>14184 >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Valiant#Reprints >Hastings House produced seven hardback Prince Valiant books in the 1950s, using the illustrations by Foster but with the text simplified by Max Trell and for the last two books by James Flowers. >text simplified Does anyone know what they mean by this? It's really vague, since it can either mean that the text itself was made to be more simple i.e. more legible, or that they fucked with the prose. I'm curious because I seemed to have found a source for the comics, but it seems to be the '50s reprint. Thanks.
We all know that Disney is a cancer woke machinecheck pixar, you can see the shift from good movies to dumb soulless cashgrab and is align with when they got bought off... circa Brave period but when did they become one? It was a slow change and we can see the wokeness creep into it or did it change one day without upcoming call? And did DreamWorks had more shit movies then good ones?
>>16446 If you look into disney history, you'll find that the pozz was always there under the surface. It started innocuously enough from Little Mermaid on where men started being portrayed as either bumbling buffoons or villains with no real middle ground bar some exceptions (Simba in the Lion King Which doesn't really count since that entire story was stolen from Tezuka anyway, and had it's own shit with Timon and Pumba being portrayed as "good friends" in the same way homos used to hide themselves. and Aladin (though Jasmine is still the "strong independent princess" archtype.)There's been interviews where certain animators claim Gaston was designed to essentially be western bara. Basically, what happened is that the wokeness was always there, it just was so innocuous at first that it didn't affect the bottom line until Current Year when the films stopped being about telling stories and started being about the wokeness for wokeness sake. A book I would recommend is something from the late 90's called "Disney: The Mouse Betrayed" it's about half boomer nonsense (Disney bought Hollywood records and signed Glen Danzig and Insane Clown Posse, they're trying to corrupt our kids!" Though maybe they're right with the latter, too many juggalos.) There's also stuff in there about (((Harvey Weinstein))) two decades before the MeToo shit. You'll also see a bunch of other stuff about Disney sneaking in subversive shit even in the 90s, see that even in the 90s they were sucking up to China, etc.
>>16449 >Which doesn't really count since that entire story was stolen from Tezuka anyway
>>16496 Sure you can trace the story to Shakespear, however entire scenes were lifted from the anime. yewtu.be/watch?v=vHps2iC8W3o
>>16449 >bara Link to these interviews? >>16223 >expecting new-/co/ to have even heard of Prince Valiant You might as well ask elsewhere, mate, unless you get really lucky. If it helps, I've never heard about this change, but I've only read the later reprint (up to 1980); I'm sure it's neglible, but yeah I would still look into it.
>>16449 >you'll find that the pozz was always there under the surface Since the 30's?! You need to give handful of examples to prove it, you only mentioned the 90's. >It started innocuously enough from Little Mermaid on where men started being portrayed as either bumbling buffoons or villains with no real middle ground Huh? The main male characters such as Eric and king Triton are fine, side characters are usually comic relief. >Aladin (though Jasmine is still the "strong independent princess" archtype.) Jasmin was just the rebellious type, that started with Ariel, but she is saved by Aladdin so I wouldn't count it. >There's been interviews where certain animators claim Gaston was designed to essentially be western bara Souce? >Timon and Pumba being portrayed as "good friends" in the same way homos used to hide themselves That's probably the only thing I count as progressive in 90's Disney. >see that even in the 90s they were sucking up to China And they failed back then like they do today.
>>16449 >If you look into disney history, you'll find that the pozz was always there under the surface. It started innocuously enough from Little Mermaid So not "always." It started with the Disney renaissance. I'll accept that The Little Mermaid was intended to have feminist messaging, and they admit Beauty and the Beast was rewritten to make Belle more feminist. Belle was also the last white Disney Princess until Tangled, like 20 years later, and nobody is going to pretend Tangled isn't SJW. But still, it wasn't "always" there, it started with The Little Mermaid, in 1989. So under (((Michael Eisner))), once the Disney family lost control of the company. But that must be pure coincidence.
>>14184 I was recommending Wakfu season 1 to a buddy and when I went to track down a torrent for him I remembered that Nyaa.se is fucking dead. I found a link on Nyaa.si https://nyaa.si/view/577738 but it looks dead, and then I think I remembered somehting about the number of seeders being wrong due to the old tracker. tl;dr >is this torrent still alive? https://nyaa.si/view/577738 >is there another place to get the old subs?
>>16497 Wasn't this complete bullshit though, as in the scenes from Kimba were taken from the series/movies that were released after the Lion King in the first place?
>>16653 >started with The Little Mermaid, in 1989 Anon take your meds.
(26.75 KB 326x320 EMhpbvfXkAA054E0090.png)

>>17425 Anon he's a fucking idiot. I hate to shill youtubers but its already been proven the Lion King never ripped off Kimba. If anything newer adaptations of Tezuka's work actually ripped scenes from the Lion King for its own cinematic scenes. https://youtu.be/G5B1mIfQuo4
>>17428 YMS fucks dogs & promotes bestiality as normal.
>>17429 Not the guy you are replying too but he is correct in this instance.
>>17430 I'd say it's open to a lot of debate. My point still stands YMS is a horrid degenerate. I wouldn't take any of his word as gospel.
(316.55 KB 599x388 furry diaper degeneracy.png)

>>17429 >YMS fucks dogs & promotes bestiality as normal. AND, if memory serves, he's a diaperfur, so everyone can safely ignore him because he's a degen faggot who shits his "Cool Cat" suit and then plays with it.

(392.80 KB 1280x1780 8b46e7f0d0445b1cc6eecaf95d48754f.jpg)

(285.08 KB 473x357 lsh1.png)

>>15942 I found a few examples of it being used in their HQ.
>>17422 Torrent appears to be dead, however I have found a live torrent here. https://nyaa.si/view/1024005 It's unfortunately quite big(1 gb per episode) because it includes both French and English audio(can't opt out of either in the download). >>17432 No argument on how insufferable these "I'm a movie critic" faggots are but still in the same vein of thinking I wouldn't take that comparison video as gospel either.
>>17435 Thanks.
>>17435 That second pic scratches the autistic architect part of my brain really well.
(41.47 KB 273x364 The_Mask-comic.jpg)

Anyone know if the Mask comics are any good? There was also a 2020 series recently and wondering about that as well.

(402.77 KB 966x1522 lawd hammercy.jpg)

(452.15 KB 967x1506 The-Mask-Strikes-Back.jpg)

(549.86 KB 987x1514 The-Green-October.jpg)

>>17587 Some people hate the mid 90s comic for the fact that Stanley Ipkiss isn't the sole keeper of the mask, which constantly gets past onto various people. My cousin got me a couple because we would watch the CBS series. The Mask is the same as in both the series and movie. With the usual madcap stuff. Reposted because I was going to sleep in front while typing.
>>17587 the 2020 comic has some Current Year bullshit to my knowledge. I recall hearing trump or an expy plays a major part.
(495.73 KB 1024x1567 RCO018_1470045810.jpg)

(359.73 KB 963x1443 RCO021_1470043853.jpg)

(349.59 KB 971x1430 RCO020_1470044704.jpg)

(358.40 KB 957x1426 RCO021_1470044704.jpg)

(481.18 KB 977x1524 RCO022_w_1470044704.jpg)

I'm getting into old static shock and it's truly a good read, I only knew him for the cartoon but damn it's a well written character, with normal teenage flaws and a belivableish black neighbor. Plus he actually use his power with brains rather then arrive, spark and leave Should I try out blood syndicate and icon since it's in the same city? How do I read them? I mean going #3SS then #3BS and then #3I&R to start again with #4SS #4BS and #4I&R etcetc or there is another reading order?
>>17427 Disney has bragged about how they delayed Beauty and the Beast for years to make it more feminist. You don't think it applied to the movie they released two years earlier? I haven't heard them openly bragging about it, but compare Disney's version to Andersen's. It's a hell of a lot more feminist, losing the original's key themes in the process.
>>18428 Yeah I'm sure Disney really wanted the suicide part in their G rated adaptation about a dizzy mermaid fawning over a prince and land people. Foot fetishes be damned.
>>18427 >I'm getting into old static shock and it's truly a good read, I only knew him for the cartoon but damn it's a well written character, with normal teenage flaws and a belivableish black neighbor. Plus he actually use his power with brains rather then arrive, spark and leave Dwayne McDuffie really was a one in million writer. He actually knew what he was doing, both when writing the original comic and adapting it for tv.
>>18437 You're avoiding the point and you know it. >>18427 Personally, I was a bit disappointed in Static Shock once I actually read it. I think McDuffie became a much better writer as he went on. Static Shock was a little simpler than I expected it to be and thus a bit more SJW than I would have liked, as it lacked some nuance that I've seen in McDuffie's later work. Though I only read his solo stuff and not appearances he had in other Milestone comics. Maybe I should look into those.
>>14184 There is mangas with similar plots or characters like Sentry or Green goblin? Villain with enhancement abilities at cost of his sanity with gadgets but not too sci-fi. Someone trying to be a hero but with a uncontrollable power. Yes, there is /a/ and I have a edgy taste, just asking.
Archer gets S13, but no Malory cause Jessica is dead and no Ray because he's had enough.
(229.92 KB 808x516 207.jpeg)

(4.77 MB 294x207 a5d.gif)

>>19658 left one looks better, are both of these CGI?
(117.25 KB 239x294 zootopia unimpressed.png)

>>18814 >cute bunny is JFK instead of fox >fox is stuck in a destiny string where he'll end up marrying a disgusting Greek for his money Absolutely disgusting.
>>19663 not that anon since I don't repost twitter memes. But I do know that the left one's a cosplayer.
(153.87 KB 200x524 hitlerzisthread.jpg)

>>18427 >"Ah'm'll MELT you" >"Ah'm'll" >"AH'M'LL"
>>19665 >>19663 Yeah cosplayer. Even got the lighting correct in each scene.
(13.76 MB 3975x3056 ClipboardImage.png)

(7.88 MB 1988x3156 ClipboardImage.png)

(7.14 MB 1988x3056 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.59 MB 1440x2228 ClipboardImage.png)

What the hell is Batman's inner armor weave supposed to be?
>>19873 Scifi stuff. Kevlar is weak to knives
(183.78 KB 1040x480 Not cool Damien.jpg)

Why is Damien so racist?
I remember buying this Fantastic Four comic it must've been 2002-2003 or so. They were trapped on an alien ship or other dimension or something. Sue Storm was turning into one of the aliens somehow. Ben and Reed ended up fighting for a bit. I remember Reed saying something about having to roll with the punches because Ben could still really hurt him. I've looked and looked and can't find anything that fits that came out in that time frame. Unless I had bought something older but the art style definitely seemed like early 00s or late 90s. Does that ring a bell for anyone?
(329.39 KB 362x343 Screenshot.png)

I know I'm going to regret asking this. I KNOW I'm going to regret it. Every time I'm on TVTropes (don't judge me) and Grant Morrison comes up, the faggot tropers who handle his stuff keep referring to him as they/them/their and it's not only jarring as fuck, it's a little disappointing that he's such a anus with the pronoun shit. All The Tropes calls him a dude, like a sane person would, and it's no surprise to me that TVTropes has been infected with the SJW virus, but I can only assume that they're following his "preferred pronouns." Here's my question: is Morrison really that big a shit-head, or is he just doing it for the shiggles to annoy people?
>>20502 He's not even a nog. He's a gook.
>>19873 >What the hell is Batman's inner armor weave supposed to be? Mithril.
>>21323 Honestly should just be magic or alien material.
(47.06 KB 500x573 batman haters gonna hate.jpg)

>>21324 I think the gist of it is: >Waynetech puts millions into research >Batman gets first dibs >When the next upgrade is ready, Batman, again, gets first dibs, then Waynetech makes the previous stuff available to buy for police, peacekeepers, and whomever else will benefit from it without killing people >Batman stays ahead of the current bleeding edge and is less likely to be killed by some dick with armor that will cut/shoot through his stuff
>>21328 Were comics a logical one person made narrative then that would work. Too bad comic writers can't work together & all want to push their own ideas. Not to mention no consistency among artists. What I'm saying is, no answer will really come because comics aren't written to even make sense in universe.
>>21330 Man, do you remember back when writers actually kept track of continuity instead of rudely throwing everything out the window and typing their disgusting SJW headcanon? Good times.
>>21321 Bumping for this
>>21330 No consistency among artists would not be as bad if they changed along with the whole creative team, or maybe at least stuck around for a whole story arc. Writing situation is just a mess. There is so much continuity it's hard to keep track of, and good chunk of it is trash. It is annoying however when a new writer comes in and throws what just came before into trash, completely ignoring setups provided by the previous team. Bendis is the most notorious for this. It might have been better to switch to a very loosely connected story arcs, with each being a standalone and self contained. Kind of like Italian comics do it.
>>21353 >Bendis is the most notorious for this. Byrne is also a complete choad for that sort of thing. An issue of What The...?! back in the 90s had stories about the local superhero bar, and one of the tables was designated the "Byrne Ward" because it was occupied by characters Byrne had raped for shiggles. >Turned Scarlet Witch and Vision into Wendy the Good Witch and Casper the Friendly Ghost, ending their marriage and making her crazy because reasons >Cut off Namor's ankle wings and gave him some sort of oxygenated blood disorder which I believe is usually ignored, these days... and riding The Griffon into battle was just nuts. >Non-Fixit Gray Hulk because reasons >Nerfing Superman only for future writers to restore him to former power levels >Cringey 4th wall breaking things, like the Trial of Galactus and She-Hulk (I know She-Hulk was loved by some, but "talking to the camera" in comics is just awful to me) >Cuckolding Ben Grimm by his best friend, Johnny Storm >Mindraping the ever-loving hell out of Susan Richards and starting the whole "Malice" nonsense There is a type of writer who is the equivalent of a kid coming over to visit your kid, who sees all your kid's beloved toys and thinks "I can break these." Byrne and Bendis and >>21321 are like this with work that came before. There's no respect, just destruction that other writers will spend years (or decades) trying to clean up.
>>21321 Morison was always a weirdo, anon. As far as I know his pronoun shit is genuine. I think he even went as far as to retcon his past gender to say he was always a they/them.
>>21353 It's almost like this kind of system doesn't work. You can't tell a coherent story with an ever changing creative team & no amount of progression.
>>21362 How many times are you and the capeshit autist going to rehash the samae talking a points?
>>21364 Do you think only one person can be dissatisfied with comic books? Why else do you think no one even bothers storytiming or even talking about weekly new capeshit issues?
>>21369 Because they hate women, they're racists, they're homophobic, they're probably anti vaxxers and they cannot stand how stunning AND brave every single new issue is?
>>21369 No but your points are almost always word for word a repost of the last 30 times you talked about it.
>>21370 Yes. >>21371 Almost like nothing changes so the same point stands.
>>21373 >Almost like nothing changes so the same point stands. You can always talk about non-big two capeshit comics so you stop time looping.
>>21374 Why? The rest of them are garbage, too.
>>21374 Because no one cares about indie books. Look at how Locke & Key, Resident Alien, Umbrella Academy, & Sweet Tooth were butchered in live action. No one cared. People only cared about Invincible because it was animated capeshit.
Embracer buys Dark Horse comics https://archive.md/Rsd6d
(184.96 KB 554x622 31a.jpg)

(192.57 KB 843x1303 53f.jpg)

(1.65 MB 1388x1125 f7d.png)

(2.75 MB 1167x1980 105.png)

(3.55 MB 1167x1980 441.png)

These edits are pretty funny.

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