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Characters you hate with a passion Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 08:09:13 No. 1450
I can't stand the little nigglet, wish he had died at some point, even if to try give some emotional weight, at least the writers are smart enough to always keep him on the sidelines because if he had become part of the main group i'd have abandoned the series. It's also really annoying how they try to force the idea that he's friends with the rest of the group when they have almost zero interactions with him. So what characters do you hate?
>>1450 He wasn't that bad in the first season but every season after that, he was an annoying little bitch. If it wasn't for him sperging about Eliatropes and dragons, most of the problems that cropped up in S2 and 3 would never have happened.
(205.92 KB 606x630 Pony_Head.png)

The worst character I can think of in recent times is Pony Head . She is similar to Lumpy Space Princess from adventure time, the archetype of teenage ,self centered,loud, rude & off putting personality. LSP's annoying character can be balanced off by her ugly looks & all the terrible situations she gets her self into as it can be seen as a cope mechanism for unattractiveness but Pony Head does not have anything to balance the annoying 24/7 party girl attitude.What were they thinking when they introduced this shit character? Does she get a character arc in season 3 where they try to make her likable?I dropped this show mid season 2
>>1483 This, plus LPS at least was more obvious a spoof on the archetype, complete with a ridiculous "random"-like manly voice, while Pony Head talked like fucking ghetto trash that I have always fucking despised. >>1450 Most of the characters in Star Vs. are fucking terrible.
>>1450 >>1454 >>1483 >>1591 well hello there redditchan.
>>1483 the most we get in the later seasons is that the other characters realize that she's an obnoxious fuck, but don't exactly try to stop her or change her ways. they just acknowledge it. same with janna. she was cool at first but then they shoehorned her into the series in the worst way.
(278.34 KB 500x621 op kungfu panda.jpg)

>>1450 The OP.

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