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Anonymous 07/02/2021 (Fri) 08:59:10 No. 14663
New Stonetoss is up.
>>14663 Yup.
where amogus tho
>>14665 Maybe he got bored of that?
(970.31 KB 300x225 1394830228350.gif)

oh goddamnit it's in his hair
>>14667 Shit yeah
>>15845 i lol'd
>>15845 I don't get it.
>>15856 I think it's that the extremism of the far right and cancel culture, pushes fence-sitters to the far right and radicalizes them. Also, I see no reason to anchor this thread. Would expanding it to any political webcomic either on the right or left be better?
>>15857 >Would expanding it to any political webcomic either on the right or left be better? The point is that the same trannies who ruined 4co are moderating this place, who are only concerned with attempting to gatekeep what comics you're NOT allowed to read.
>>15861 /tv/ pls
>>15856 Have you seen the video of fat balding faggot willing to confiscate every weapon around the US through his twitter? Well, he's getting spammed with that video on his fed.
>>15856 The far-rigth is shit on by the colored-hair individuals.

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