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(293.35 KB 1905x821 luckypie2.jpg)

Easter Animation Outside of Japan Anonymous 06/03/2020 (Wed) 22:11:44 No. 1607
Although not as known there's been an upswing of some really good Asian animation projects over the last 10 years.
(356.40 KB 1193x1500 91U3otY1IsL._SL1500_.jpg)

(267.35 KB 1166x1500 81MuPNLR6AL._SL1500_.jpg)

>>1607 Only seen the first one. It's alright. Just kind of weird how it makes some of the ducks sexy. These two movies are pretty alright too. But frankly I'm not one for supporting chinese films or china in general. Worth pirates at least I'd say.
>>1617 >some of the ducks sexy Thats a common trope.
(129.32 KB 960x540 index.jpg)

I watched Little Door Gods a few years back.I liked it, animation was pretty good for a non-american release,interesting interpretation about how gods work, and nice little moral about adapting to modern times without forgetting tradition. My only real gripe was that some of the side characters were annoying and unappealing design wise. >>1617 What's White Snake about? My friend watched it a few months back and said he liked it but I never got around to watching it. I sort of forgot about it after I asked him if the main couple was a pair of lesbians based on how feminine the main character looked.
>>1684 Forgot my video
>>1607 China is killing it in this category. They have all the money they want and it has intern public that can make profit. Too bad most of their movies are garbage. >>1684 I can't find a place with good subtitles for that movie.
>>1684 White Snake is about a snake demon that loses her memories after an attempted assassination of a snake killing general sorcerer. She ends up in a snake trapper village & meets this man. She has this magic hairpin that they figure out was made by a special shop for demon weapons. So they journey together to find out more.
>>1689 Thanks anon I'll check it out.
(1.56 MB 1280x600 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1690 You're welcome. Thai.
>>1692 Good to see you're still around, Golden
>>1692 >>1694 I got around to watching White Snake. I'd give it a 7/10. While I did find the everything up to the 3rd act good, the final act was quite underwhelming to me. Mostly cause the villain and the twist villain were rather generic and boring.The fights with them were also disappointing compared to the other ones. But the fight choreography was great and the visuals were amazing. So I say give it a watch if you find the premise interesting.
>>1895 The twist villain was incredibly tacked on. I mean sure she was a demon so can't exactly count for morals but it just happens outta nowhere to drag out the conflict.
>>1897 My guess is that half way through writing the movie they realized the only true villain so far has been a human. Which goes against the moral ambiguity theme about humans and demons so they rewrote it at the last minute. So that's why the twist villain dies so nonchalantly
>>1686 They seem to be pumping out these films on a conveyor belt, i head monkey king was pretty good.
(24.38 KB 580x326 legend_of_hei-580x326.jpg)

Is The Legend Of Hei any good?
Apparently this is China's answer to Princess Mononoke. It honestly doesn't look half bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilaNtKn_k_s
(863.55 KB 606x856 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm trying to find this film in korean. It's got a horrid english dub out there & little information about it beyond the director being korean japanese. Since there is that dub, I have to assume there's a version with korean dialogue & english subs.
(90.84 KB 517x524 Dayo_Poster.jpg)

(16.83 KB 400x250 CTC-3586-image5.jpg)

(107.98 KB 500x375 3124009395_fd72272711.jpg)

(27.23 KB 500x313 120anna-and-bubuy.jpg)

Does Dayo count
>>3145 Where is it from?
>>3147 The Philippines.
>>3149 Then it counts retard.
Watched New Gods Nezha Reborn. From the same studio as White Snake but no real connection if they are in the same universe. However at the end it does have a teaser for a White Snake direct sequel. This time focusing on Blanca's sister Verta. Anyway, this movie's pretty good. It's got a lot of action & the animation is pretty stunning for 3DCG. The story might be a little confusing but that's always the case with chinese mythology stories.
>>12023 Mythology films are the only animated movies that China seems to get done decently.
>>12026 What's surprising is a lot of them are about rebellious characters fighting back against authority.
>>12027 China can only change so much before they have another Cultural Revolution flop on their hands.

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