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(142.96 KB 948x1300 korgoth of barbaria.jpg)

(144.77 KB 480x272 3 dog band.png)

Shows that Never Were Anonymous 08/02/2021 (Mon) 02:11:26 No. 16167
Most shows start off with a pilot episode, but a lot of shows never get past the pilot stage. And hell, sometimes they never even get past the concept stage in someone's portfolio. Which is a shame because a lot of failed pilots are miles above the quality of stuff we see broadcasted today. Do you have any favorites? Know any obscure ones people never talk about? Anything you're just really disappointed never made the cut? Some well known ones: >The Modifyers >Danger Planet >Constant Payne (that one about a girl and her spy dad that got turned down because of a scene resembling the 9/11 attacks) >Welcome to Eltingville >The Amazing Screw-on Head >A Kitty Bobo Show My personal favorite is Korgoth of Barbaria, a Conan the Barbarian-inspired fantasy farce featuring incredible animation and a massive cast of talented voices. Created by Aaron Springer and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, it was originally picked up by Adult Swim but got dropped because of how much it cost to produce. Another favorite of mine is 3 Dog Band, which just had very fun visuals and great music.
>>16167 >>The Amazing Screw-on Head That was always meant to be a goofy one shot. I don't a series would have been needed period. Some shorts don't need to have a series. Besides that's what Hellboy should be for.
I never got Korgoth but at least I got Primal. Different but similar
>>16167 Even if Korgoth had been greenlit and very successful. AS would've still canceled it. Same with The Eltingville Cub. Though that eventually was adapted into its own two-issue comic. 3 Dog Band should have taken the place of Uncle Grandpa. That one had much potential. But, Cartoon Network.
>>16178 Now that you mention it, anyone got that MEGA folder with all ATHF and Primal episodes?
(108.68 KB 1280x720 cartoonstitute.jpg)

>>16176 The comic was meant to be a one-shot, yeah, and obviously an animated adaptation would take after it in that way too. But dumber things have been made into full-length series and it's fun to imagine what could have been. I'm sure Mignola had some other ideas rattling around in his head for the character. >>16178 Got as in got to see on the air or as in understood and liked? I never saw it on-air either but it's still floating around online even today. >>16184 Guess I should clarify it was part of a pilot program called The Cartoonstitute, a la What a Cartoon! (which birthed The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Lab and pretty much all of CN's quality shows). Danger Planet and Le Door were the only other pilots from it that really stood out to me, and it's still pretty astonishing Uncle Grandpa of all things made the cut (though I guess it was right around the time internet culture was becoming mainstream). >>16194 I did back when Primal came out two years ago but I never bothered to bookmark it or save it.
>>16209 >What a Cartoon! (which birthed The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Lab and pretty much all of CN's quality shows). It also birthed Family Guy.
(114.01 KB 1920x1060 gknd.jpg)

Galactic Kids Next Door looked pretty promising. I think there was a lot of potential in a traitor Nigel Uno plotline considering he is supposed to be of decommission age in the teaser. Shame it never got picked up.
>>16219 Which was tolerable until it got cancelled and returned the first time, most likely with less Seth involvement since American Dad has lasted a lot longer in terms of entertainment value.
>>16224 >GKND Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. It was a really neat take on the show's concept but I can understand why it wouldn't have the same appeal. Presenting aging as some sort of universe-wide disease that a group's intent on completely wiping out is a pretty dark idea for a kid (and even teen) show.
(135.07 KB 1300x501 Flint-Family-Stones.jpg)

>>16224 It's for the best, anon. >>16252 Adult Swim is the only reason why Fox revived it, and ever since its revival, Seth has always been trying to get away from it. Which brings us to that Flintstones reboot idea he had.
>>16224 man, to think they went to the effort of making a constructed alphabet and number system for the gknd, pitty.
>>16209 I never got to see it in the air as being a non Ami means AS gives no shits about you. I saw it over the internet. But when I said "I never got" I meant that "never getting a full Korgoth series"

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