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(300.79 KB 1280x1929 RCO001_1587718523.jpg)

(358.62 KB 1280x2029 RCO005_1587718523.jpg)

(592.10 KB 1280x1929 RCO006_1587718523.jpg)

(582.02 KB 1280x1929 RCO007_1587718523.jpg)

(618.40 KB 1280x1929 RCO008_1587718523.jpg)

Anonymous 08/17/2021 (Tue) 15:06:57 No. 16906
story time 3 edition: OP is a flaming faggot After getting downsized from the CIA, he takes any job he can to pay his debts and alimony. He isn't a bad guy by nature, but out of necessity. He has to live a life where things don't matter, and long as he gets paid. His motto, simply stated: 'Every man has his price'. writer: JEFFREY KAUFMAN Artist: MARCO TURINI
(668.04 KB 1280x1929 RCO009_1587718523.jpg)

(686.38 KB 1280x1929 RCO010_1587718523.jpg)

(759.73 KB 1280x2029 RCO011_1587718523.jpg)

(542.66 KB 1280x1929 RCO012_1587718523.jpg)

(627.42 KB 1280x1929 RCO013_1587718523.jpg)

(555.49 KB 1280x1929 RCO014_1587718523.jpg)

(604.41 KB 1280x1929 RCO015_1587718523.jpg)

(624.34 KB 1280x1929 RCO016_1587718523.jpg)

(485.33 KB 1280x1929 RCO017_1587718523.jpg)

(553.17 KB 1280x2029 RCO018_1587718523.jpg)

(484.62 KB 1280x1929 RCO019_1587718523.jpg)

(618.07 KB 1280x1929 RCO020_1587718523.jpg)

(592.21 KB 1280x1929 RCO021_1587718523.jpg)

(591.18 KB 1280x1929 RCO022_1587718523.jpg)

(580.18 KB 1280x1929 RCO023_1587718523.jpg)

(527.60 KB 1280x1929 RCO024_1587718523.jpg)

(624.52 KB 1280x1929 RCO025_1587718523.jpg)

(609.51 KB 1280x1929 RCO026_1587718523.jpg)

(547.48 KB 1280x1929 RCO027_1587718523.jpg)

(608.35 KB 1280x1929 RCO028_1587718523.jpg)

(609.67 KB 1280x1929 RCO029_1587718523.jpg)

(559.62 KB 1280x1929 RCO030_1587718523.jpg)

(668.75 KB 1280x1929 RCO031_1587718523.jpg)

(569.41 KB 1280x1929 RCO032_1587718523.jpg)

(563.09 KB 1280x1929 RCO033_1587718523.jpg)

(535.14 KB 1280x1929 RCO034_1587718523.jpg)

(588.00 KB 1280x1929 RCO035_1587718523.jpg)

(542.40 KB 1280x1929 RCO036_1587718523.jpg)

(556.37 KB 1280x1929 RCO037_1587718523.jpg)

(545.58 KB 1280x1929 RCO038_1587718523.jpg)

(590.31 KB 1280x1929 RCO039_1587718523.jpg)

(601.22 KB 1280x1929 RCO040_1587718523.jpg)

(586.92 KB 1280x1929 RCO041_1587718523.jpg)

(671.48 KB 1280x1930 RCO042_1587718523.jpg)

(450.52 KB 1280x1929 RCO043_1587718523.jpg)

(495.50 KB 1280x1929 RCO044_1587718523.jpg)

(541.38 KB 1280x1926 RCO045_1587718523.jpg)

(521.76 KB 1280x1929 RCO046_1587718523.jpg)

(635.46 KB 1280x1929 RCO047_1587718523.jpg)

(616.76 KB 1280x1929 RCO048_1587718523.jpg)

(508.64 KB 1280x1929 RCO049_1587718523.jpg)

(464.83 KB 1280x1929 RCO050_1587718523.jpg)

(585.96 KB 1280x1929 RCO051_1587718523.jpg)

(528.11 KB 1280x1929 RCO052_1587718523.jpg)

(649.26 KB 1280x1929 RCO053_1587718523.jpg)

(585.95 KB 1280x1929 RCO054_1587718523.jpg)

(612.44 KB 1280x1929 RCO055_1587718523.jpg)

(585.02 KB 1280x2029 RCO056_1587718523.jpg)

(507.22 KB 1280x1929 RCO057_1587718523.jpg)

(555.90 KB 1280x1929 RCO058_1587718523.jpg)

(634.89 KB 1280x1929 RCO059_1587718523.jpg)

(651.97 KB 1280x2029 RCO060_1587718523.jpg)

(747.39 KB 1280x1929 RCO061_1587718523.jpg)

(484.60 KB 1280x1929 RCO062_1587718523.jpg)

(537.00 KB 1280x1929 RCO063_1587718523.jpg)

(607.40 KB 1280x1929 RCO064_1587718523.jpg)

(626.70 KB 1280x2029 RCO065_1587718523.jpg)

(605.48 KB 1280x1929 RCO066_1587718523.jpg)

(586.80 KB 1280x1929 RCO067_1587718523.jpg)

(624.86 KB 1280x1929 RCO068_1587718523.jpg)

(525.23 KB 1280x1929 RCO069_1587718523.jpg)

(495.61 KB 1280x1929 RCO070_1587718523.jpg)

(518.92 KB 1280x1929 RCO071_1587718523.jpg)

(562.29 KB 1280x2029 RCO072_1587718523.jpg)

(311.08 KB 1280x1929 RCO073_1587718523.jpg)

(427.87 KB 1280x1929 RCO074_1587718523.jpg)

(550.79 KB 1280x2029 RCO075_1587718523.jpg)

(561.93 KB 1280x1929 RCO076_1587718523.jpg)

(530.17 KB 1280x1929 RCO077_1587718523.jpg)

(531.17 KB 1280x1929 RCO078_1587718523.jpg)

(544.23 KB 1280x2029 RCO079_1587718523.jpg)

(513.91 KB 1280x2029 RCO080_1587718523.jpg)

(571.19 KB 1280x1929 RCO081_1587718523.jpg)

(494.68 KB 1280x1929 RCO082_1587718523.jpg)

(621.53 KB 1280x1929 RCO083_1587718523.jpg)

(598.02 KB 1280x1929 RCO084_1587718523.jpg)

(535.89 KB 1280x1929 RCO085_1587718523.jpg)

Those are the members of "Terminal ALICE" another comic from kaufman. Might story time that one too if you guys liked this one
(608.32 KB 1280x1929 RCO086_1587718523.jpg)

(570.23 KB 1280x2029 RCO087_1587718523.jpg)

(442.08 KB 1280x1929 RCO088_1587718523.jpg)

(581.13 KB 1280x1929 RCO089_1587718523.jpg)

(749.40 KB 1280x1929 RCO090_1587718523.jpg)

(656.14 KB 1280x1929 RCO091_1587718523.jpg)

(468.48 KB 1280x1929 RCO092_1587718523.jpg)

(674.60 KB 1280x1929 RCO093_1587718523.jpg)

(448.98 KB 1280x1929 RCO094_1587718523.jpg)

(559.02 KB 1280x1929 RCO095_1587718523.jpg)

(460.91 KB 1280x1929 RCO096_1587718523.jpg)

(662.54 KB 1280x2029 RCO097_1587718523.jpg)

(546.94 KB 1280x2029 RCO098_1587718523.jpg)

(551.60 KB 1280x1929 RCO099_1587718523.jpg)

(626.40 KB 1280x1929 RCO100_1587718523.jpg)

(557.96 KB 1280x1929 RCO101_1587718523.jpg)

(651.65 KB 1280x1929 RCO102_1587718523.jpg)

(621.97 KB 1280x1929 RCO103_1587718523.jpg)

(625.71 KB 1280x1929 RCO104_1587718523.jpg)

(461.24 KB 1280x1929 RCO105_1587718523.jpg)

That's all folks, hope you liked this story time, I enjoyed the idea of the plot but the artwork is weird looking IMO. If you guys liked this, I will also post terminal Alice but will do so in another thread so to keep the story times separated
>>16930 Thanks Anon.
Story's okay, but the art and coloring are bland and distracting. Not a fan of how it pussies out of actually showing tits and ass.
(90.08 KB 439x454 ClipboardImage.png)

(402.14 KB 640x432 ClipboardImage.png)

(140.97 KB 960x375 ClipboardImage.png)

I dig the goofy sleazy comic. Made for very good popcorn type fun. >>16971 >art and coloring are bland and distracting Agreeable, but they at least serve their purpose. Would think some stylization with the proportions of Madworld or Sin City might work favors for this series over the western 2000s comic book look
(13.27 KB 250x272 stopped reading there.jpg)

>>16906 >Whore >nipples and other good stuff covered with hair and shadows, because fuck men
Seriously, this thing is so cock-teasy, it might as well be a Zenescope book.
>>16971 >>17015 pics related
>>16983 Madworld was such a good game completely handicapped by being a Wii exclusive. Good art direction, music and gameplay. They made the right decision releasing the sequel broadly. /v/ posting over.
>>17023 that 4th pic if false as fapping to a women that has never existed and you know this does not have the same depressing effect.
>>17016 Fun fact, it is
>>17023 I won't fap to ANYTHING that doesn't have visible nipples, you spastic. The days when I had to resort to bra ads and partially descrambled cable are long gone, and if I can't see some nicely formed female breasts with suckable nips, I am not participating.
(565.10 KB 1286x2048 RCO001_1583421162.jpg)

(387.92 KB 1332x2048 RCO002_1583421162.jpg)

(717.07 KB 1332x2048 RCO006_1583421162.jpg)

(763.66 KB 1332x2048 RCO007_1583421162.jpg)

(720.48 KB 1332x2048 RCO008_1583421162.jpg)

storytime: I can't be bothered to make another thread edition Ok since the writer and artist are the samebeing this their first novel together actually I will just use the same thread I've already made to post this one and not clog up the catalog Alex, Laura, Illena, Cara and Eve (ALICE), are five female contract killers forced to work together to stay alive and cancel the million dollar bounties placed on each of their heads. writer: JEFFREY KAUFMAN Artist: MARCO TURINI
(673.90 KB 1332x2048 RCO009_1583421162.jpg)

(753.00 KB 1332x2048 RCO010_1583421162.jpg)

(685.09 KB 1332x2048 RCO011_1583421162.jpg)

(615.63 KB 1332x2048 RCO012_1583421162.jpg)

(667.60 KB 1332x2048 RCO013_1583421162.jpg)

(677.37 KB 1332x2048 RCO014_1583421162.jpg)

(781.73 KB 1290x2048 RCO015_1583421162.jpg)

(790.21 KB 1332x2048 RCO016_1583421162.jpg)

(760.69 KB 1332x2048 RCO017_1583421162.jpg)

>>17270 Anon beware, this time the art is uglier then before
(706.36 KB 1332x2048 RCO018_1583421162.jpg)

(698.95 KB 1332x2048 RCO019_1583421162.jpg)

(725.82 KB 1332x2048 RCO020_1583421162.jpg)

(631.58 KB 1332x2048 RCO021_1583421162.jpg)

(784.64 KB 1332x2048 RCO022_1583421162.jpg)

(693.01 KB 1290x2048 RCO023_1583421162.jpg)

(769.69 KB 1332x2048 RCO024_1583421162.jpg)

(692.85 KB 1332x2048 RCO025_1583421162.jpg)

(665.50 KB 1332x2048 RCO026_1583421162.jpg)

(732.57 KB 1332x2048 RCO027_1583421162.jpg)

(682.01 KB 1332x2048 RCO028_1583421162.jpg)

(857.07 KB 1332x2048 RCO029_1583421162.jpg)

(775.40 KB 1332x2048 RCO030_1583421162.jpg)

(631.63 KB 1332x2048 RCO031_1583421162.jpg)

(677.02 KB 1332x2048 RCO032_1583421162.jpg)

(777.48 KB 1332x2048 RCO033_1583421162.jpg)

(771.50 KB 1332x2048 RCO034_1583421162.jpg)

(757.40 KB 1332x2048 RCO035_1583421162.jpg)

(715.14 KB 1332x2048 RCO036_1583421162.jpg)

(631.60 KB 1332x2048 RCO037_1583421162.jpg)

(768.17 KB 1332x2048 RCO038_1583421162.jpg)

(684.44 KB 1332x2048 RCO039_1583421162.jpg)

(782.22 KB 1332x2048 RCO040_1583421162.jpg)

(705.77 KB 1290x2048 RCO041_1583421162.jpg)

(630.13 KB 1332x2048 RCO042_1583421162.jpg)

(690.26 KB 1332x2048 RCO043_1583421162.jpg)

(599.12 KB 1332x2048 RCO044_1583421162.jpg)

(629.99 KB 1290x2048 RCO045_1583421162.jpg)

(602.15 KB 1290x2048 RCO046_1583421162.jpg)

(581.15 KB 1290x2048 RCO047_1583421162.jpg)

(460.32 KB 1332x2048 RCO048_1583421162.jpg)

(783.20 KB 1332x2048 RCO049_1583421162.jpg)

(719.24 KB 1332x2048 RCO050_1583421162.jpg)

(719.06 KB 1332x2048 RCO051_1583421162.jpg)

(670.61 KB 1332x2048 RCO052_1583421162.jpg)

(840.95 KB 1332x2048 RCO053_1583421162.jpg)

(818.39 KB 1332x2048 RCO054_1583421162.jpg)

(720.09 KB 1332x2048 RCO055_1583421162.jpg)

(800.92 KB 1332x2048 RCO056_1583421162.jpg)

(745.78 KB 1332x2048 RCO057_1583421162.jpg)

(582.87 KB 1332x2048 RCO058_1583421162.jpg)

(804.82 KB 1332x2048 RCO059_1583421162.jpg)

(795.67 KB 1332x2048 RCO060_1583421162.jpg)

(667.69 KB 1332x2048 RCO061_1583421162.jpg)

(664.47 KB 1290x2048 RCO062_1583421162.jpg)

(703.95 KB 1332x2048 RCO063_1583421162.jpg)

(636.44 KB 1332x2048 RCO064_1583421162.jpg)

(692.19 KB 1332x2048 RCO065_1583421162.jpg)

(692.01 KB 1332x2048 RCO066_1583421162.jpg)

(667.08 KB 1332x2048 RCO067_1583421162.jpg)

(646.49 KB 1332x2048 RCO068_1583421162.jpg)

(605.93 KB 1332x2048 RCO069_1583421162.jpg)

(647.55 KB 1332x2048 RCO070_1583421162.jpg)

(650.16 KB 1332x2048 RCO071_1583421162.jpg)

(648.20 KB 1332x2048 RCO072_1583421162.jpg)

(726.27 KB 1332x2048 RCO073_1583421162.jpg)

(711.76 KB 1290x2048 RCO074_1583421162.jpg)

(732.57 KB 1332x2048 RCO075_1583421162.jpg)

(785.81 KB 1332x2048 RCO076_1583421162.jpg)

(456.64 KB 1332x2048 RCO077_1583421162.jpg)

(597.09 KB 1332x2048 RCO078_1583421162.jpg)

(779.34 KB 1332x2048 RCO079_1583421162.jpg)

(736.15 KB 1290x2048 RCO080_1583421162.jpg)

(839.81 KB 1332x2048 RCO081_1583421162.jpg)

(711.62 KB 1290x2048 RCO082_1583421162.jpg)

(776.95 KB 1332x2048 RCO083_1583421162.jpg)

(652.50 KB 1332x2048 RCO084_1583421162.jpg)

(739.13 KB 1332x2048 RCO085_1583421162.jpg)

(776.16 KB 1332x2048 RCO086_1583421162.jpg)

(773.76 KB 1332x2048 RCO087_1583421162.jpg)

(767.30 KB 1332x2048 RCO088_1583421162.jpg)

(698.20 KB 1290x2048 RCO089_1583421162.jpg)

(679.29 KB 1332x2048 RCO090_1583421162.jpg)

(776.16 KB 1332x2048 RCO086_1583421162.jpg)

(773.76 KB 1332x2048 RCO087_1583421162.jpg)

(767.30 KB 1332x2048 RCO088_1583421162.jpg)

(698.20 KB 1290x2048 RCO089_1583421162.jpg)

(679.29 KB 1332x2048 RCO090_1583421162.jpg)

(807.97 KB 1332x2048 RCO091_1583421162.jpg)

(749.20 KB 1332x2048 RCO092_1583421162.jpg)

(750.23 KB 1332x2048 RCO093_1583421162.jpg)

(847.90 KB 1332x2048 RCO094_1583421162.jpg)

(933.46 KB 1332x2048 RCO095_1583421162.jpg)

(740.99 KB 1332x2048 RCO096_1583421162.jpg)

(673.80 KB 1332x2048 RCO097_1583421162.jpg)

(475.34 KB 1332x2048 RCO098_1583421162.jpg)

(592.13 KB 1290x2048 RCO099_1583421162.jpg)

(655.76 KB 1290x2048 RCO100_1583421162.jpg)

(694.08 KB 1332x2048 RCO101_1583421162.jpg)

(781.18 KB 1332x2048 RCO102_1583421162.jpg)

(695.04 KB 1332x2048 RCO103_1583421162.jpg)

(705.85 KB 1332x2048 RCO104_1583421162.jpg)

(696.64 KB 1332x2048 RCO105_1583421162.jpg)

I had to spoiler one of those... holy shit the two cunts are having a stroke or something Anyway, how was it? Again I enjoyed the idea of the story but the art is off-putting or downright ugly
(320.34 KB 480x336 Screenshot.png)

>>17291 >Anyway, how was it? Stunning and brave.

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