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Hollywood's Share of China Box Office Collapses, Now Less Than 10% Anonymous 08/30/2021 (Mon) 19:38:04 No. 17431
https://archive.fo/FY50G In Hollywood's efforts to push into the China market it's becoming more apparent that it's not working out as originally intended. With IPs being stolen by the Chinese government, increasing anti-western sentiments growing internationally, and woke pandering that's hated so much in China that the term "baizuo" exist to mock it. It looks like the Chinese "Wider Audience" Myth is simply just that, a myth.
(1.28 MB 883x1012 chinese raugh out roud.png)

>>17431 >mfw I found out that Shang-Chi was picked using North American standards of beauty and no one checked to see whether or not he was hot in China Spoiler: He's Chinese-Ugly.
how does China IP stealing work? Like making knock off movies?
>>17448 Pretty much, or just buy off the IP like normal. Though I suspect it's more or less pandering to the Chinese demograph under the false promise of a "wider audience".
(1.10 MB 1320x1842 tencent2.jpg)

>>17448 Old image but should explain everything to you.
I can't blame the Chinese. If I only knew Hollywood's last 15 or so years of CCP-accepted blockbuster output, as is the extent of American releases in China, I would think America never made a worthwhile film in its entire existence and I'd go back to watching old Jackie Chan movies.
>>17450 Isn't Tencent getting fucked up by the Chink government?
>>17477 Kind of. Chinese party is making a power grab, trying to gain even more control over their tech industry, and possible future competition. Tencent is one of companies that in past refused and was slow to comply with data requests, so it is getting strong armed. Anyone too independent or even slightly critical of Chinese government is getting fucked too. Jack Ma, the creator of Alibaba, disappeard for a while with no explanation, and Chinese government straight up unpersoned nation's most famous actress Zhao Wei. There is speculation that CCP is doing that due to looming financial crisis. Chinese people will look for someone to blame when austerity rears its head, and Winne The Pooh wants to make sure there will be no competing entities people could rally around. His efforts to blame foreigners for all problems might mean that Chinese corporate investment in America and Europe might be reduced too.
>>17484 >There is speculation that CCP is doing that due to looming financial crisis. I hope.
(51.02 KB 474x669 Smug Chiang.jpg)

>>17484 >Cultural Revolution 2: Red Guard Boogaloo might be kicking off This should be interesting.

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