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Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 04:14:00 No. 17819
I wonder what Tarzan's Parents ship from Disney's Tarzan (1999) would look like in it's full glory before it got destroyed by fire.
>>17819 probably like, a boat or something
>>17895 Don't be ridiculous Anon. It would be a big boat
>>17899 Actually it's a ship. Boat and ship aren't synonyms.
Wish there was an official artwork by Disney where i could see Tarzan's parents ship fully intact.
(64.13 KB 500x446 1429263130760.gif)

>>17819 >That fire effect on the ship going down Beautiful.
Anybody still here?
>>21164 Of course.
>>17895 >>17899 >>17911 these but more than anything one of the biggest differences would be the lack of all of the fire
(555.88 KB 400x400 banesimpsons.gif)

>>17899 For you
>>21208 Not that!
I think, similar to USS Constitution?
>>21208 Are you saying they sank the ship on purpose? They didn't even try to bring friends on the lifeboat
>>26299 Tarzan's parents didn't burn the ship.

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