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Anonymous 10/05/2021 (Tue) 23:55:47 No. 18294
It's Spooky Month! Got any specials you always come back to every year or remember fondly?
(128.09 KB 500x480 ofe4a9V27h1qmsde1o4_500.png)

(90.67 KB 720x960 Bill Sienkiewicz.jpg)

(101.40 KB 270x270 1484707_full.png)

(179.61 KB 500x445 very scary do not open.png)

Scary Godmother (and it's sequel?) is the one I always remember getting played endlessly and over the years of exposure I ended up growing to like it. It's not the best thing ever but it's laid-back and fun with really nice character designs. When younger I thought it wasn't that popular but it's got a ton of fan art online. And, uh, other art. I also remember there being a couple live action movies that would get shown around Halloween too. Either Disney or Nickelodeon had one about a girl going to "Pumpkin Town" or some shit but Cartoon Network had a shitty one too around like 2008? I don't remember anything about it, just that there was some goth chick with striped stockings.
>>18295 Why the hell did you post the fifth image?
(55.31 KB 513x399 ClipboardImage.jfif)

I always liked the Rugrats Halloween episode. I guess just because the show is good, and I like the early look of it, especially in the darker (visually) episodes. It successfully captures the feeling of learning about Halloween. It hits that very early nostalgia. Earlier than other Halloween specials. >>18295 I never watched Scary Godmother until last year, despite being the right age and loving Mainframe, specifically searching out all their stuff until well after ReBoot was over. I can't believe I missed it when I was a kid. It's actually pretty funny. That skeleton who lives in the closet was pretty clever. Also, I just have always liked early CGI, especially Mainframe's style. Halloween is Grinch Night is another underrated one, and I'm glad OP mentioned it. It's actually pretty scary, as far as stuff aimed at that age group goes. I'm a teacher and one time someone decided to turn on Halloween is Grinch Night for the kindergartners when it happened to be raining during recess near halloween. Lots of kids cried at that one part where the Grinch finally does his thing. I hardly blame them. Though other kids, the cool kids, thought it was awesome, and it's sad that the crying kids probably mean they won't show it for any other classes. It's a good lesson to suck it up and enjoy something that's cool. The cool kids should get to enjoy it.
>>18295 I only remember this being played on repeat every Halloween season on Cartoon Network. It was cheap looking even back then but I enjoyed it.
>>18296 It's the scariest image I could find!
>>18295 Im surprised they havent tried to bring her back.
(6.98 KB 242x208 1377308612896.jpg)

Has there been any new memorable Halloween specials? Im not talking about live action stuff, Disney dumps a low quality film each year, but a decent Halloween special/movie?
>>18301 There was an animated Michael Jackson special made after his death. It was terrifying, but not on purpose, rather, just because of the uncanny animation. Also because Thriller and Ghosts are actually both excellent things to watch on Halloween, and it's sad that this is the best they could do to follow them up.
>>18303 They should've played moonwalker instead.
>>18301 I usually watch Over the Garden Wall around this time of year, it’s not exactly “Halloween” per se, but it’s a great fall show.
>>18313 I mean it literally takes place on Halloween.
>>18295 > Either Disney or Nickelodeon had one about a girl going to "Pumpkin Town" or some shit Thats Halloweentown https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ozGLDYRjvN0
>>18317 Ah yeah, that's the first one I was talking about. I always remembered it being a big deal for some reason but maybe the kids I grew up with just all watched the same shit.
>>18294 I remember the Halloween Tree. It was interesting. How was the Courage/Scooby Do movie?
>>18320 It was big enough that they made like four sequels to it, I suppose.
>>18328 The first two were cute but they were no Hocus Pocus.
>>18329 Hocus Pocus is in its own tier, the only thing it shares with Halloweentown is the unfortunate matter of being owned by the mouse.
>>18301 I don't remember the last time an animated show had a Halloween special. The Simpsons has Treehouse of Horror but that's not always Halloween themed and the Simpsons is shit (now). Did Gumball? Adventure Time? I think those are both over and they didn't really have a special or anything like that. Did Family Guy? Futurama? The closest I can remember is just some horror themed "what if" episodes. With how sporadic and uncertain modern production is I think a lot of studios just don't chance it, unless it's fittingly themed like Over the Garden Wall or a successful enough show that episodes can just get shuffled around for better holiday timing.
>>18394 I just wonder how badly they'll fuck up the sequel.
So do you guys have any Halloween traditions? Or do you usually just toss on a special or a horror movie like I do so long as you don't get tasked with passing out candy?
>>18480 I see a movie if its on tv or in the theaters. It doesn't feel as special as it once did because everything is on the internet at any time of the year. Years back I used to have a channel called Monters HD (defunct now) that played 24 hour horror movies, Id binge watch that every weekend during October.
>>18322 >>18294 I’m surprised the Halloween tree isn’t talk about more. It’s shockingly dark for Hanna Barbera Christmas special. its a movie that should’ve had Creepypasta written about it.
>>18394 >Hocus Pocus is in its own tier, the only thing Hocus pocus spawn amusing among of porn and erotica fan fiction. A lot of it people with women online.
>>20809 I don’t want to imagine porn of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, or Peggie Hill, but your post has given me that mental image.

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