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(25.78 KB 220x265 CameronStewartJune2011.jpg)

(3.77 MB 2256x2952 Warren_Ellis_by_Gage_Skidmore.jpg)

(14.00 KB 502x294 Ellis screencap 1.jpg)

(10.95 KB 581x188 ellis screencap 2.jpg)

Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis accused of sexual misconduct Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 23:46:24 No. 1931
Don't know /co/ has a contianment thread for this kind of stuff, but seemed to be worth having it's own thread. http://archive.is/0Z1W8 https://archive.is/mdXCR http://archive.md/wZiRO
>>1931 Warren Ellis may have his moments in comic writing but he's a shit adapter & now a proven shit human being. I hope they bury him.
>>1931 >22 >"young and vulnerable" lol apparently, hitting on a woman at all is predatory 𝕬𝖓𝖉 𝖑𝖔, it came to pass that all comic books were written by queers and women. except /pol/ had a problem with the queers so now it's just women
>>1932 >now a proven shit human being. >proven Nope. >shit human being >for trying to pick up chicks You are a shit human being. Please do better and kill yourself.
>>1933 >>1934 Okay Mr. Weinstein.
(982.06 KB 390x259 woman judgejudy eyeroll.gif)

>>1932 >now a proven shit human being
>>1938 Weinstein literally did nothing wrong, except for casting prostitutes in his movies instead of actual qualified actors. Then decades later the prostitutes have the nerve to complain that he made them some of the richest beings to ever exist? The ones that should be complaining are all the people he wasn't attracted to who had to actually work for a living, or missed out on jobs to a bunch of whores.
>>1931 Hopefully this causes Castlevania to get canceled.
(289.96 KB 1200x1440 Jason latour.jpg)

(389.09 KB 800x597 Latour spiderqwen and ham.jpg)

(396.45 KB 554x800 latour Southern bastards.png)

(438.90 KB 602x800 Latour Apocalpyse.jpg)

>Multiple women accuse SPIDER-GWEN co-creator Jason Latour of misconduct https://www.comicsbeat.com/jason-latour-misconduct-allegations/ http://archive.is/ZlGA1#selection-1029.0-1029.71
>>2142 I should mention this is part of a string of Metoo allegations against various entertainment and entertainment adjacent people. Chris Avellone of New Vegas and KOTOR2 fame just got cancelled due to a drunk text he made than apologized for several years ago.
>>2142 >>2143 Remember though, even Spider-Gwen's main creator was a sex weirdo who posted his hairy butthole to his detractors.
>>2145 yeah, but that won't get him cancelled because it was against a comicsgator.
(87.90 KB 480x640 robbi rodriguez 0.jpg)

(33.73 KB 652x394 robbi rodriguez 1.jpg)

(34.72 KB 680x271 robbi rodriguez 2.jpg)

(2.30 MB 1571x2000 rodriguez death.jpg)

>>2142 There's not even an article yet for this one yet.
(16.08 KB 220x281 scott allie.jpg)

(502.50 KB 1665x2560 bprd the devil you know.jpg)

(810.10 KB 1200x1463 charles brownstein.jpg)

(1.63 MB 4000x2668 ed piskor.jpg)

>Dark Horse Editor Scott Allie Accused of Prolonged Sexual Abuse http://archive.is/cMax6#selection-469.0-472.0 >DARK HORSE COMICS ENDS RELATIONSHIP WITH EDITOR SCOTT ALLIE AFTER NEW SEXUAL ASSAULT ALLEGATIONS http://archive.is/h7Xpc >Creators withdraw support for CBLDF as allegations against Charles Brownstein resurface http://archive.is/PVJ66#selection-1029.0-1029.87 Ed PIskor is also supposedly getting cancelled as well, but there aren't any articles on that yet.
(100.21 KB 680x653 Men in Comics Say No.jpeg)

If you have to take a pledge to not be a rapist, then you have more problems than just that. Also written by women who probably are lusting after little boys like Dana Schwartz. I guess the comeback for the comic industry won't be backed since it's being attacked on all sides even when it's trying to recover.
(235.87 KB 800x938 geoff jones.jpg)

(111.37 KB 508x680 Geoff accusations 1.jfif)

(72.50 KB 680x431 geoff accusations 2.jfif)

>>2513 By her own accusation.... he just flirted with her once.
>>2513 Women are so absurdly spoiled, so privileged, to use their language, that they cannot comprehend that men actually need to put forth effort and risk rejection if they wish to ever not be alone. Women are used to just getting offers for affection. They're so spoiled that they take offers for affection as insults, and then incorrectly, absurdly, monstrously calls them threats, unless they're from Chad Thundercock and his giant bank account. The sheer lack of empathy is just absurd. What does she expect him to do? Well the answer is obvious. He's supposed to just be content in his loneliness and grovel at her feet in apology for his "privilege" of being allowed to exist in the same universe as her.
>>2220 >I guess the comeback for the comic industry won't be backed since it's being attacked on all sides even when it's trying to recover. Let it burn. Until culture and society can unfuck itself then nothing of value will be created anyway.
>>1931 Something tells me even if the girl Cameron dated was 18, she still would had come out with her "Metoo" allegations anyways. Apparently its wrong being straight white man now to the feminists now. >>2220 3rd wave Feminism as a whole needs to get canceled. Nothing good came out of it. >>2516 A good majority are. The actual good girls are a few and are gradually getting brainwashed by liberal educators its why you see liberals go against homeschooling or private schools. >>2517 Agreed its best we let it fall apart and rebuild itself.
(1.84 MB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)

(67.27 KB 1452x621 WarrenEllisFrontpage.png)

Long time lurker, thrice time caller here, since what? The umpteenth exile? And now that most of you are caught up on the REEEEETOO nonsense going down in the ruins of the western comics market next to the riots going on outside, I would like to dump my opinion on the current shenanigans. Namely regarding Mr. Ellis. 1) Back in the good old days of the 2014-2016 exodus I was one of the few anons warning many of you in /co/ that if you wanted to now why the industry was going fucking SJW crazy you needed to go back to the networking source. The old Warren Ellis Forums : http://forums.delphiforums.com/ellis/?gid=2028379568 . This was where due to his operating a site with worse than Something Awful Rules (You could only post your real name there) you could see the networking, the various meetups, the numerous LGBTBBQNOTATRIPLEXPARODY types that were coming into the late 90's indie comics scene. The beginnings of an honest anti big two sentiment of walking away from the capes to do anything and everything else. The birth of Oni Press, Planet Lar, legit talented female creators like Colleen Doran mixing it up with Dwayne McDuffie to early foes being borne like Matt Fraction and the like. The variety of various proto pop culture bloggers such as Bleeding Cool. There were even physical meet ups with specific dates on there with recollections from the people who attended. I lurked but never posted because the convos were more interesting than anything I could think up at the time. But everybody else? They left paper trails everywhere. You as anons were given the massive gift of the outlines to their mighty grifts. And to the potential Pandora's box that had been open in that time. You refused to look into the box.
(1.26 MB 576x836 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.87 MB 683x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

(606.47 KB 700x394 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2622 2) Warren Ellis at the time that he ran the prime of the Forum was from 1998 to 2002. And in that time period in Pop culture scene was rather unique, the final dynasty of SEGA and rise of So_y in the gaming wars. The collapse of arcades. The bandit kingdom/Sea People's rise of Tokyopop the fastest manga translating group storming book shelves instead of the wonky floppies . The last dying gasps of the old school Cyberpunk authors culminating in the battle between Mondo 2000 and Boing Boing's crew. And Mondo and the hippies were wiped out in a fortnight. Zine cultures becoming real hot magazines like Psychotronik, Film Threat, Giant Robot, while Utne Reader, the clearing house for the old left withering away to be forgotten. BBS's to IRC to early web sites. FPS game mods. Colombine showing that Gigga Nigga ness wasn't only in gangsta rap, it could happen EVERYWHERE! It's the open beginnings with blogspot and the beginnings of Neo Conservative blogosphere both north and south. But like so much of the past when you see it age past you, you might have nostalgia for it until you see what aged. For an example here are two current pictures, one of Xeni Jardin from Boing Boing today, and Grant Morrison, only one of these things aged well and that can also be a sign of a greater character for we will all age to what we've tamed into our own souls. And that will bring us to Warren Ellis's Achilles heel. For some heroes in due time become villains but when they choose to do so, they sow the seeds very quickly with their own demise.
>>2622 >>2623 >You as anons were given the massive gift of the outlines to their mighty grifts. And to the potential Pandora's box that had been open in that time. You refused to look into the box. I remember these forums and your posts. I heard about them back in early 2000s, took a look at them few times, but I do not recall anything particularly interesting. Just bunch of pretentious wankers sniffing each other's farts and people at the bottom were brown nosing Ellis. Most accusations aimed at Ellis follow the pattern of >Ellis offers to be a mentor to a female creator >Female creator agrees >Ellis tries to turn the relationship sexual >If woman disagrees Ellis stops interacting with her >If woman agrees to go along, it keeps going until Ellis drops her once he is bored This is not something that would be posted publicly. Same goes for specific business dealings, especially if they could be incriminating. Worst I recall seeing posted is Ellis gloating that he sometimes gets nude photos from his female fans and perhaps some edgy early 2000s atheism. I would not be surprised if Ellis tried to "casting couch" some whores who wanted to be on SuicideGirls.com back when he was involved with the site. Unfortunately, most models tend to be tight lipped about that sort of thing. I tried making an account on the site just now to see if I could find something interesting, but it is not letting me do it.
>>1938 Holy fuck you absolute normalfag. Do you believe Michael Jackson raped little boys too?
>>2623 3) What in flying fuck would cause a comics creator who had successfully run one of the biggest comics networking sites in existence, and a bold pioneer in making massive headway in terms of outreach for creators rights and shotgunning the second indie revolution since the heady days of the 80's want to fuddle duddle with a nobody pioneer in cam whoring from like early aughts? Well let me give you some important generational word association. Pat Mills of 2000AD is to the JAMS and CRASS as Alan Moore is to Richard Wagner and Arnold Schönberg (Schopenhauer's children) as Neil Gaiman is to Susie Sioux and The Banshees and the Cure as Grant Morrison is to Joy Division/New Order and The Chemical Brothers as Warren Ellis is to Saxon and every other band in the Kerrang Magazine. Mark Miller is that douchey Scottish 80's soccer hooligan who became a Anglican priest listening to Nickelback and AC/DC's Back in Black, but not a single one of their early albums or anything AC/DC produced after that. But it all goes right the fuck back to Mills for the various states of the UK when it comes to the comics industry and the talent it spawned. Make the comics exciting and packed in a single issue, short explosive arcs and thrills and chills. Not unlike a B side of single. If there are arcs short and explosive and don't waste the audiences time with filler, and off to the next song on the Radio dial. And unlike say a good chunk of American comics from the 70's to 80's there was a more open embrace of really feminine characters without that, weird marmy attitude that would get from a slappy Stan Lee. But unlike the SocJus crap produced today there was always a real embrace of the feminine when you had female characters showing up in any Pat Mills comic. Hell he even founded the early 80's hit horror mag for girls Misty, and it was huge back in the day. So it always made good business to play up your female audience, they do spend a hell of lot more than the boys on random things in a mall, so there's no issue from the mercantile perspective. But the women you attract to the business can make all of the difference.
(674.91 KB 400x629 ClipboardImage.png)

(636.17 KB 560x465 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2629 >This is not something that would be posted publicly. Same goes for specific business dealings, especially if they could be incriminating. Worst I recall seeing posted is Ellis gloating that he sometimes gets nude photos from his female fans and perhaps some edgy early 2000s atheism. >I would not be surprised if Ellis tried to "casting couch" some whores who wanted to be on SuicideGirls.com back when he was involved with the site. Unfortunately, most models tend to be tight lipped about that sort of thing. 4) Now as I said before Ellis was doing what Gaiman and Moore had been able to do which was what Pat Mills had done effortlessly. But it all depends on your frame of mind and the audience you want to court. Gaiman went after the feminine goth/art chicks taking classes at the Spandu Ballet. Moore was like beardy dude bapping about magic spells and shit in an old tavern corner while Mills served the drinks to endless prole ladies out with a night with a lad or two and a ear out for any one of their stories. That's normal that's real easy to manage their needs are simple and you don't need to do much. And Millar just manages a strip club with the best bouncers in the business and the ladies are well paid but never pimped. Ellis leaning hard to the KEEERANG!/Suicide Girls crowd, because well he was a part of the early days of the 80's metal / industrial scenes in Britbongo land growing up. And the Keeerang crowd you can reasonbly manage those ladies want to hedband and crowd surf to Motorhead. And then they go home the following morning and suit up to be nurse and life moves on. You can manage that type of lady. But the Suicide Chicks are basically "high end" aughts Cam Whores. And to paraphrase a Doug Stanhope routine, "Being a whore is the most honest job in the world, you're only worth as much as you are on the first day on the job. And then it's all down fucking hill. It's easier to plan for that." Now having seen Ellis's accuser, it's not that Ellis ever touched her, it's that he didn't even know she existed as a "fan" if anything. This woman is now stuck in a market that is no longer tenable as it was in the aughts when she was the special tattooed snowflake. She now has to compete with Twitch Thots, Porn Hub, Brazzers, everything pirated from Brazzers, Only Fans, and an endless array of amateur "sex workers" that get the simps pump and dumping cash left right and center into the biz. And her one woman's cam whoring business will soon run smack fucking dab into Project Melody and the real life version growing in Las Vegas amid the "Pandemic". Escorts that you pay, not for sex, but for just showing up on time, being attractive and just willing to chill and talk for a nice night out on the town. Something that used to be gotten for free in the US and UK and the rest of Western Europe. If you're smart you took the early aughts money made on this shit went to get better skills and walked from the business. If you're fucking dumb you're going to try a stunt for attention and clout, but you ain't still getting a pay raise for any of it. We all know where Ellis's accuser went as a choice and it wasn't the smart one.
>>2632 Course not. But I absolutely believe the kike who never played Castlevania but is still in charge of making a show on it is a scumbag.
>>1945 >Defending a fucking Jew It's time to go back to cuckchan you faggot.
>>2629 >>2636 I remember a time when it seemed like comic writers were shilling that shit. Never knew ellis was one of them.
>>3470 >trying this hard to fit in I understand that your entire view of 8chan comes from Law & Order SVU, but the fact of the matter is that mostly we just want to talk about video games and sometimes comics and cartoons without SJWs censoring it. Your defense of feminist lynch mobs outs you as not understanding where you are.
(31.00 KB 480x861 ClipboardImage.png)

(825.82 KB 485x740 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3481 >Never knew Ellis was an athiest shiller. Oh my poor anon son I have such quotes to show you. I mean he was also a pusher of apple products and web 2.0. Make of it what you will. Also not picking up that Castlevania kinda dumped all of the Christian lore and simped out the male heroes should also have given you a bigger clue that he was simping for the pozzo brigades now. In other news the wammen who started the rumor train on Ellis made a site for all of their accusations. Plot twist EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THE RELATIONSHIPS WHERE CONSENSUAL, INCLUDING THE PHOTOGRAPHS. Which is why they never fucking went to the cops and shit. Doug Stanhope once again is right, there's no business like the whoring business. Well that is if you tried real hard getting into the pants of Warren Ellis, thought your edgy early 2000's femme fatale career was going to amount to anything more than devolving to fat cat lady with a pink vulva cap on your head. Show Business folks, Show Business : https://archive.ph/Ef5IJ / https://www.somanyofus.com/ *Okay here's the protip for the hard mode roulette wheel, so far Garth Ennis was fucked with and he fucking bent the knee. Neil Gaiman went slightly into pozzo land and his progressive wife went cukookajo and had a messy divorce. This leaves us with Grant Morrisson, Mark Millar, and Alan Moore. Who'll be the next victims of the witches wild wild hunt during these plague years.....*
>>3566 >Next victim I suspect that it will be Gaiman. He has legions of fangirls, so something is bound to come up, real or not. Sooner or later one of them will get greedy, fame hungry, or will want to get back at Gaiman for discarding her for another fangirl two decades years ago. I could see Moore getting into some extreme sexual acts, possibly even rape. He considers himself an occult wizard, and people like that tend to buy into weird, made up sex rituals. Moore is no stranger to drugs and alternative lifestyles either, and that tends to coincide with regrettable deeds too. However, I think that he is untouchable at this point. Not even Lost Girls got him ousted out of the industry. >That quote about Apple Is Ellis retarded?
>>3566 >>3575 I've seen Morisson get critcized by the usual suspects for not writing female cheracters "properly." So he's definitely in their sights. Pretty sure he's into alternative lfiestyle shit as well, so he at least as susceptible as Moore in that regard.
(775.15 KB 615x652 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3581 You know what's more fascinating is that Millar so far hasn't been kneecapped by the inter sectional loony bin jims. But I wonder if it's because that maximum chad image just can't be fucked with, even among commies (they do bend over to Stalin's iron dick when he's in charge). Or maybe that Mark Millar just doesn't know how to work a modern cell phone? And here's a fun theory if Morrission doesn't go down with the rest of the ship could it be because this was all a plan to avenge the creators of superman by destroying the entire comics field and his competitors by unleashing deadly chaos powers to become king? The world may never know.....
>>3611 Millar is considered an asshole or a scumbag by many people, he has a lot of money, and has buddies in Hollywood. If Millar will get accused no one will be surprised and his cash will be a nice cushion from consequences.>>3611
>>1934 >projecting
>>3611 I think he managed to wedge himself into the "Magnificent Bastard" level occupied by such greats as Stan Lee and Gene Roddenberry.
>>1931 >Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis accused of sexual misconduct Good. I hope they impregnated every single one of the endless line of comic groupie whores.
>>1931 < 19, 22 < vulnerable young women Bitch, if you don't have some grasp on the world at that age to the point where you responsible for your own behavior, maybe you shouldn't be driving or voting, either.
(1.18 MB 480x848 kid ooh-la-laa!.webm)

(157.63 KB 460x460 kid OH DAYAMN!.mp4)

>>17310 Not excusing the bullshit, but studies have shown that the brain's ability to foresee consequences is the last thing to develop, with an average somewhere near 26 if I remember correctly. Which is why so many fucking kids do so many fucking stupid things in their "adult" years. Does this excuse their fucktarded behavior? No, but it does explain it. Fun fact: for many blacks, they NEVER actually learn the actions=consequences reaction. >t. middle ager who remembers being absolutely fucktarded into his mid-to-late 20s
(16.03 KB 347x145 dubs Don Knotts.jpg)

>>17333 Trips confirm.
>>17333 Sure, but that doesn't help those same people learn from their mistakes. If every mistake someone does make gets waved away as "not their fault," they won't learn anything which leads us to how most women act today.
>>17444 >If every mistake someone does make gets waved away as "not their fault," they won't learn anything which leads us to how most women act today. Fucking trips. AGAIN.
>>17443 No, it's a hell of a lot more complicated than he's making it, but I'm a lazy shit and can't be bothered to write an essay. He's only got an aspect down, but there's more to the story, including genetics (as he briefly touched on) and upbringing/culture.
>>3516 >I understand that your entire view of 8chan comes from Law & Order SVU The only cucks I've seen defend this Jew are retards like you from /tv/ and nu/pol/. Fuck it just neck yourself, since you're going to be a literal retard not realizing that feminiss and le SJWs are the same tribe you stupid faggot.

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