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(4.27 MB 720x720 pf.mp4)

Proud Family Anonymous 11/13/2021 (Sat) 00:23:40 No. 20054
The trailer for the reboot? continuation? came out. The animation looks more stiff, but also seems edgier and I was worried they were gonna make it more safe and toothless. I guess they're acknowledging the fans have grown while at the same time not making it adult. Probably just to PG.
(54.48 KB 1200x630 R.jpg)

(433.36 KB 669x601 Screenshot.png)

>>20054 Fuck, I forgot Mexican Joker was a cast member.
Isn't it going to be filled with current year politics though?
>>20057 Well, probably, the OG show had then current year politics but never above the comedy. As long as it doesn't get preachy over everything like the usual cancer it wouldn't be out of place for it to have politics.
(291.57 KB 372x480 ClipboardImage.png)

>>20057 Yes, it's ruined. They're gonna add a "14yo activist who pushes for social change that after some clashes with Penny will become her friend (She'll convert her)" Also Penny is 16 now so I hope she gets fucked in the ass.
>>20059 Man, she even looks like those shitty 14yo fag's who cancel's people over stupid bullshit.
(78.30 KB 1006x1280 Proud faggotry, twitter.jpeg)

>>20054 >Where is your white boys?
>>20054 The shading looks really impressive for a TV animation production; nevertheless, the rest looks like shit.
(316.99 KB 704x1106 frog pepe buckbreaking.png)

>>20062 >(((Leibowitz)))
>>20062 >gay adoptive interracial couple with a 14-year-old activist daughter named leibowitz-jenkins Who wrote this? Was it Sam Hyde or Ben Garrison? Seriously, it's like goddamn pottery.
>>20062 Where the sodomites in the old show?
(308.17 KB 282x277 The Pride Family.png)

>>20062 >That satisfied look on his face...
>>20101 No. That one was a kid/family cartoon. >>20054 (OP) >>20059 Yeah, they're definitely going to ruin it. And since she's 16, they'll have her explore her sexuality with Mya. Just your typical Disney shit. >>20104 Well, nigga maybe getting pounded in the ass every night. But at least that BWC comes with money, a stable job, a nice car, and a big house.
>>20135 Well, the OG show was one of those anti-buffoonery black shows. In which they tried to show a healthy spot in which blacks could keep the healthy parts of their own cultures and subcultures distinct from white people's while leaving behind the niggering. Think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Where Will would still keep aspects like the bright colors, the loudness, humor etc. and contrast with the white culture his rich family had acquired but at the same time call attention against the nigger shit, like abandoning your child, the gangbanging etc. This was kept for some time in media, until (((liberals))) pushed the idea that the issues of black people were not partly society and personal fault, but entirely society's so blacks didn't need to stop niggering themselves or improve in any way, society should do it for them. In fact, some of this anti-buffoonery media is starting to be considered racist because of course it is.
>>20138 You pretty much summed it all up. And also, both Family Matters and Sister Sister refrained painting hood mentality in a a good light.
(6.26 KB 241x209 jew 25 centimeters.jpg)

>>20117 >But at least that BWC comes with money, a stable job, a nice car, and a big house. >"BWC" >"Leibowitz" >"(((LEIBOWITZ)))" >"(((WHITE)))" I think you mean CJC, for circumcised jew cock.

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