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(1016.74 KB 785x606 King.png)

Name a better Disney/Pixar "twist villain" Anonymous 06/21/2020 (Sun) 06:02:13 No. 2038
>Wasn't in forced to drag out the plot and/or to push a furry racism moral without going full dystopia like Bellweather >Wasn't forced in since the intended villain got turned into an antihero like Hans >Didn't have a garbage plan like Eveline or whatever Incredibles 2's villain is called You get the idea.
>>2038 I agree, but I always thought the movie was kind of lame, and so was the villain. Disney is lacking on villains lately.
between the slow build up to the revelation of his villainy to the sudden revelation that Mr Incredible had created his own nemesis, Syndrome's better as a twist between a rape allegory and his outright sadism, King Candy's a fuck of a lot darker though
>>2076 Agree. Syndrome also had a motive and goal that was entirely understandable without outside setup.
>>2076 I agree. Now you have to remind me how shit Wreck-It Ralph and Incredibles sequels were.
>>2076 >>2095 Compare with Screenslaver who didn't need to do anything and she would've got what she wanted (even bigger crackdowns against supers). She would've worked better (besides having a better design) if she wanted supers to be able to what they please no matter what.
(80.92 KB 1100x618 Te Ka.jpg)

>>2038 I'd argue Te Ka was the best twist "villain". The twist being that she wasn't actually a villain just corrupted through no fault of her own. I like that that didn't add twist that made Maui a villain either. He just made a terrible mistake all driven by his desire to be accepted by humans be cause he was abandoned as a baby. There's no main villain in Moana at all only a couple of side villains that are only tangentially related to the plot, and the movie is all the better for that decision.
>>2177 Personally would've preferred if Maui had more focus. I even thought the stupid chicken was going to be Maui stuck in a transformation at first.
>>2076 Syndrome is legit one of the best supervillains I've ever seen. His motive and backstory is believable and realistic, but not in a dark or gritty way; just that what happened to him could've happened to someone else in a similar situation, and his decisions following that were something that made sense. Hell, his idea of "when everyone is super, no one is." is really interesting as well, and is really though provoking for something from a children's movie.
>>2038 I hate Sarah Silverman and her fucking rat OC.
>>2076 >When everyone has super, no one will be No. Because not all powers are created equal. He'd just shift the classes around a little, not create a world of equality where everyone is capable of defending themselves due to them all having powers.
>>2296 The point was to make supers obsolete to get back at Mr. Incredible for looking down on him, while getting to live his fantasy of being a superhero himself. First Syndrome would become the best hero there ever was (as a triumph over Mr. Incredible) , and then use his success/tech to turn supers into nothing, to figuratively shrink the image of Mr. Incredible down forever.
>>2177 Honestly, that movie was pretty good. Probably one of the better recent Disney movies tbh. Funny enough when I saw the trailers with Te Ka I thought it was supposed to be Pele.
Incred 2's villain is so bad that only yurifags who pair her with the mom care about her. >>2325 He just wanted to fuck with Bob for rejecting him any way he could. You know his goons would've raped Helen's ass if the movie wasn't for kids.

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