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(969.25 KB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Arcane Anonymous 11/22/2021 (Mon) 16:16:59 No. 20437
Is it any good? I haven't had any time to watch it but not only the normalfags praise it, but even close friends whose recommendations I trust. It might be because years of /co/ gave me this sixth sense... or turned me into a bitter, distrustful asshole, but I for what I've seen it just looks like some RWBY shit on over budget. Like yeah, it could be good, but it just looks like a fad, not like one of those shows you keep discussing forever. I AM going to watch it myself when I get some free time, but right now, Whad does /co/ thinks?
>>20437 btw. I've never played LoL, but my friend told me it isn't necessary.
>>20437 >whad Fucking retard.
>>20437 >Whad does /co/ thinks? Go back to /v/ and kill yourself in Minecraft and then run outside and jump under a bus.
User Was Banned For This Post
>>20442 I just like you guys. You're the only friends I can talk about autistic stuff with.
>>20437 It's very good, although I think it gets a bit convoluted at the middle. The best episodes are the first three and the last two. The CGI and 2D-3D interaction is very cool. I think you should give it a shot, check the first episode and decide if it's your cup of tea. >>20438 Yeah, I don't know anything about the game either but I still enjoyed it. The show itself introduces you to the lore, it kinda reminded me Warcraft 3.
>>20437 LoL is a shit game & Riot is just as sex pest riddled as Blizzard.
Look at those ugly fucking dykes, avoid that shit. Use your common sense.
>>20446 >those ugly fucking dykes But Vi is cute
>>20444 I found the characters compelling enough. I can get over vi and cat being dykes because it's Netflix and they were forced to dish out an otherwise competent set of characterisations.
>>20437 Haven't finished it yet It's well animated and the voice acting seems well done to me. I, at least, was interested enough in the plot to keep watching without it feeling like a chore so I suppose the script is good as well. So far the pozz is there but it's minor compared to other things. There's the narrative poor underpeople bullied by the topsiders, which could be a communist message but the topsiders are also shown to be not all bad so I'm not sure. There's lezbodykery, the redhaired dyke is an unsexy stronk gril and jinx is more covered up though that could be because she's younger? Also there are some KANGZ (or QUAENZ I guess). The animation and some of the character designs can feel to goofy for the tone, the furry animal is dumb and I couldn't take the sex scene seriously. still a flaw though.
>>20437 >>20454 >That said, /v/ is the part of the site where you can talk to autistic people about vidya to your hearts content. <Arcane is an animated series. He means since it's based on Riot's ASSFAGGOTS game League of Legends.
>>20452 Also nigger music
>No pirate links >no webms how is one supposed to know anon?
>>20448 Isn't Vi the one always getting double teamed by a couple of lady cops in porn? Not that I would know, I heard about that from a friend.
>>20451 To be honest I don't care, at least that's there because of fanservice instead of some writter's self insert.
It's great. I've never seen such great work of arts for a cartoon. You don't need to know anything about LoL. It's even better if you don't know the lore, it'll spoil you.
>>20456 Truthfully some of the close ups and the nigger music was the worst part of it, the second worst was random TWU LUV type stuff from people who knew each other for less then double digit hours. Third worst was the undertroden commie bullshit. But hey I watched it, it had its moments. The story actually made sense (in that it had a beginning middle and end both in the mini-arcs and the overall arc) the secondary characters were good, I enjoyed the villain. I'd give it 3/5. And considering how much cartoon shit struggles to get to 1 it must be amazing.
>>20462 That's actually a great point. I don't care about dykes as long as they're not preachy. Especially since is TV-14 and not aimed at kids >>20458 aac93973 There doesn't seem to exist in 4K which is sad because the animation itself is a highlight.
>>20452 >still a flaw though. What?
>>20437 I thought this was the fighting game they were promoting. >LoL Pass
>>20452 >I couldn't take the sex scene seriously. Sodomite sex?
It is pretty good. Pretty surprising for something that's tied to League of Legends. It's first animated show in a long time that actually made me want to watch the next episode. I did not experience that since last episode of Venture Bros years ago. And it's nice to have animation aimed at teens and adults that has some budget behind it for once. It looks like a moving 3D painting, there are female characters in it who are not ugly, 2D animation for smoke produces an interesting effect, and action scenes are better than ones in most feature animated films. They also use better camera angles and framing than average Disney or Pixar animation. Story is solid but nothing groundbreaking. Two main protagonists are deeply flawed screwups, despite being women. They get beaten up, fuck up, are forced to learn, and are overshadowed by others on regular basis. Jinx is surprisingly well done. It would be too easy to turn her into a randumb Harley Quinn clone. Instead she is a lunatic talking to effigies of people she killed, blows up everything around her to the point of becoming a liability even to her crew, and resorts to violence at a drop of a hat. It's good, and you do not need to know anything about the game. Most people playing LoL know next to nothing about the setting anyway since that's all explained in character bios people usually don't read and tie-in media like comics. >>20452 >>20497 >commie bullshit There are plenty examples of the opposite. >Supposed oppressors are diverse, while the underclass is almost entirely white >Undercity's "commie" revolts only made things worse for everyone each time >Most criminals from undercity are pieces of shit making things worse for everyone >Asian sheriff is a corrupt, power hungry tool >Black councilor from uppercity is a greedy manipulator >Another black councilor just goes with the flow and whatever will make her most money >Most tech innovation is done by men >Only tech literate female character in the show makes crude explosives and relies on stealing other's work to do it >Male characters tend to be more sensible and competent, while female ones are either emotional hotheads, rookies who get smacked around, or self-serving narcissists >Not-slav scientist is lusted after by his female lab assistant >Vast majority of female cast is attractive >Least attractive female characters have wacky hair and tattoos, but conventionally attractive bodies. >People using drugs aren't cool free spirits but gutter trash and criminals. Factions and characters in this show are more complicated that what most mas entertainment has been offering lately. It makes it easy to spin things your way, to see a message you want. It's just a story about revenge, redemption, and reconciliation. It's peppered with good amount of action, and somewhat complex characters. This used to be standard in simple but competently done stories. It seems to me like after over a decade of plummeting standards in media too many people grew to expect simplistic stories that fully pander to their ideology. >>20497 >nigger music Most of it was electro pop and indie pop, and both genres were stated in England by white people. Music itself was done by Imagine Dragons or people imitating them. Music is a bit too lyrics heavy.
>>20510 <commie bullshit >There are plenty examples of the opposite. <Supposed oppressors are diverse, while the underclass is almost entirely white <Undercity's "commie" revolts only made things worse for everyone each time You know that shit's so fickle nowadays that if this bit of the greentext gets out, it's enough for the series to loose half it's fanbase and to get slammed by the critics. I'm not saying you're wrong, but the woke fans just see what they want to see. It would be really funny.
>>20509 Is that in a later episode?
>>20510 Electro pop and indie pop are also shit, or at least the music in this show was. But I agree with your points.
>>20523 ><Supposed oppressors are diverse, while the underclass is almost entirely white Nigger, stop talking about shows you haven't watched
Let me know when someone posts links or webms.
>>20528 They already posted the magnet link >>20498
>>20510 > Music is a bit too lyrics heavy I didn't finish my thought there. I found music a bit too lyrics heavy for a soundtrack. It can work if the song is there for a minute, but Arcane usually lets songs go for longer than that. In most of these situations instrumental tracks would be better.
>>20537 Really I only remember two times it was intrusive.
(140.26 KB 356x306 man it hurts to live.png)

>>20443 For whatever it's worth, I tried to apologize, only a certain amateur proctologist killed the message with the mea culpa in it because I may have made a disparaging remark about him. Anyway, I was having a bad day, but I shouldn't have taken it out on you. Sorry, little buddy.
>>20437 Wait, League has a story?
>>20613 It has a setting with stories, but vast majority of the playerbase does not care or even know that it's there. That might change after Arcane however. Originally everything started as flavor text for each character. Over time Riot started to build up upon it, new playable characters released were tied to the old ones, eventually it spiraled into a full setting, and small portion of the fanbase started to care. Once Riot saw that there were enough people interested, they began to invest in spinoff media. Initially it was books, and short animations. They kept pouring more and more money into it, even getting team responsible for Monstress to work on some comics and animations started getting bigger budgets. Now Riot releases spinoff games, and their expensive, six year gamble on Arcane seems to have paid off better than they expected. Interest in spinoffs among existing playerbase will probably grow, and bunch of new people will get roped into LoL related media through Arcane.
>>20627 >It has a setting with stories, but vast majority of the playerbase does not care or even know that it's there. you know that they retcon it all the time right?
>>20630 I know they kept tweaking things in past, but I have not paid attention to anything related to League of Legends since 2013 or so. That's when last out of my acquaintances who played the game gave up on it. I am honestly surprised that LoL managed to keep growing for 12 years. Even Blizzard did not sustain growth for that log with WoW, despite their playerbase being full of fanatic morons always eager to eat whatever turd Blizzard manages to squeeze out.
>>20627 >>20630 I miss when the League of Legends was actually a thing in-setting and Summoners existed, and lore shit acted as explanations for certain things in-game (like how Gangplank's buff used to require executing a minion but stopped doing that after a talk with Ms. Fortune). I think when the lore nuked that around the time Trundle was reworked into a generic ice-troll was the time I fell out of love with the game.
>>20510 Cinematography really is better than in most high budget animated films. Same with overall animation, especially facial expressions and action scenes. And that's despite the fact that it was probably more challenging with models that aren't simplistic Disney/Pixar blobs. It's even more impressive since this is Fortiche's second project like this, and it was being developed in parallel with their Rocket and Groot miniseries. It's crazy that a bunch of Frenchmen known for making animated music videos managed to outdo more established animation studios. They also managed to make a video-game based show that isn't shit, something that many gaming companies have been struggling with lately and Hollywood has been trying to do for close to half century now. I would argue that not being familiar with LoL makes the show a little bit more enjoyable. Arcane takes place in past, and knowing that character is one of champions in the main game means that they will not die and that whatever happens to them will make them into what players are familiar with. Ending is a cliffhanger, and I'd say that's another flaw. It's not too bad, since it's pretty obvious what will happen in immediate future. Good news is that second should take two to three years now that they already have the process down and most models ready.
>>20452 >sex scene They finally raped the blue haired flat chested dyke? >>20627 >LoL related media through Arcane. As if the annoying ass commercials on jewtube weren't good enough. What else can be said that LoL playerbase are mouth breathing faggots who refuse to jump off a cliff because their precious waifus keep them to consume and never question with a psychological dogleash? Impressive what a Wal-Mart edition of WoW is capable of.
>>20639 Lol's playerbase are twitch whores
>>20635 >Cinematography really is better than in most high budget animated films. Same with overall animation, especially facial expressions and action scenes. The cinematography and movement in action scenes are pretty good, it reminds me a lot of late 2000s, early 2010s videogame cinematics, a style other animation companies, especially Pixar, actively avoids. Better aiming for realism, cinematography, and camera work that tries to emulate real ones that some times do not suit it the scene or waste the potential of it had it been more daring.
>>20452 >Also there are some KANGZ (or QUAENZ I guess). Except they even explained that the KANGZ civilization really is LIKE Africa with constant coups,wars and fratricide. Which is why the black council member headed for that city in the first place right after she got exiled by her mother. That's less Kangz and really Africa in a nut shell.
>>20452 >Jinx is more covered up though that could be because she's younger? No that's just the way she looks now.
>>20678 Do they have a Robert Mugabe type character over proton-Zimbabway?
I watched the entire thing. It was pretty fucking bad. The 3rd episode has quite possibly one of the worst scenes I've ever seen from an editting, directing, and choreography stand point. I was actually mystified by how awful it was.
>>21641 Which scene is that?
>>21641 Can you elaborate as to why?
>>21642 The scene in question is the explosion in the warehouse. As a preface, I should state throughout all the series they had serious sense of missing "beats" for dramatic moments and even for basic combat things. Not everywhere, in fact they had some really good scenes near the end proving that at least someone on staff knew how to time things correctly, and make a fight not look like a chaotic mess. My primary concern with the magical explosion scene is thus: there was no god damn reason to keep going back to the fucking monkey clicking and then exploding. It absolutely disrupts the rhythm and gets confusing really fast. This is especially true when "magic" has already been introduced to the plot. With the first shot of the monkey exploding we see only one set of action, Jynx getting blown off the edge. We then go back, and not only reply the explosion, not only the little tick right before the explosion, but we use the exact same fucking shot from the first go around. This is confusing as fuck. When watching this blind for the first time, I assumed some sort of time bullshit was at work because I thought what was being communicated was that a literal second explosion occurred, no, what the animators actually wanted to impart to me was that this was the same explosion.This is a super basic filming technique, what you do when you have an explosion montage is when you want to "rewind time" and switch to another viewing angle, you start immediately after the thing that exploded exploded, i.e. mid-fireball. No, three times, THREE FUCKING TIMES, my sense of time and flow gets destroyed by the animators using the exact same shot to set up the explosion when that makes whatever the fuck you're trying to communicate even more confusing. To be fair, on rewatching the scene to make this post to bitch about it, they seemed to have really wanted to communicate that there were two smaller explosions along with the first one. I can, just barely, understand their reasoning for the first and second reuse, if they wanted to make sure the audience understood where the smaller explosions came from. Problem: the same rules still reuse of the shots should have had the smaller magic stones only start being shown immediately after the monkey explodes, not reusing the shot, right before the monkey explodes. If they absolutely had to keep the moment before the monkey explodes, for some reason, they should at least have the fucking decency to use different angles, at least if it's a different angle it can be communicated to me that while this is the same moment of time, we are now going to show the exact moment of time from a different perspective. This doesn't fix that last one though. The most insulting one was the fourth one, which is only done so that the policemen can notice that there was a giant explosion in a warehouse. This is borderline retarded. Out of the three reuses, this is the most insulting to me. They reuse the shot, have the policemen notice the explosion sound, then look. If you absolutely just positively loved the stupid shot of the monkey exploding, just use that, don't have the policemen noticing the sound, and just have a shot of him looking at the warehouse. Ideally though, just don't reuse the fucking shot, and do the literal exact same scene, just without the third reuse. Policemen hears the explosion moments after it happened (because that's literally how explosions work and I don't think a single person has ever failed to understand this), then looks. The third reuse is not only completely and utterly useless and extraneous information, not only did it actively made the read and timing worse, the animators didn't even fucking commit to it and did the scene the same as the old fashioned way instead immediately afterwards. I could get extremely nitpicky here, I could go full youtube movie reviewer "Why does the torture chamber lock from the inside? What retard designed this?" "Why was the outer wall of this building one brick layer thick? How was it that easy to break out?" "If the explosion is strong enough to vaporize Silco's attendants arm off from what appears to be 20 meters away, how the fuck is the shimmer fueled gangster not obliterated? Is he literally that indestructible?" "Where the fuck does the explosion coming from inside the door come from? What caused that explosion?" I can only assume the answer to the last question is "from the magic gem launched into the torture room", but this would imply that everyone in the torture room should definitely be dead. Everyone, because if you use that explanation, the inside of the torture room was a rifle chamber, and that means the explosion would do even more damage. I'll also say immediately after this shimmer gangster picks up vander and throws him and it's the most weightless shitty animation I've ever seen of someone lifting and dumping a body. Looks like shit. Bonus points: Jynx is later on shown to have traumatic flashbacks to killing her friends. Why? She didn't see them dead. All she saw was a dead Vander. Vi didn't tell her the other two died, she just punched her in the god damn face. Did Silco tell her the other two die? Why? Why the fuck would he do that? Yes she saw the blood-stained goggles, but at best she could only know they were injured, because you know Vi fucking survived or she can jump to the worst conclusion that she killed them, but she is never explicitly shown them being killed. Which makes it even dumber when she has constant flashbacks to them being killed, from camera angles she never ever saw. Her only personal memories of the explosion is her looking at a concrete room, getting blown off a ledge, seeing a dead Vander, and getting decked by Vi. Literally nothing else. I can understand how killing all of your friends would be traumatic, but who fucking told Jynx she did that? Because she, very explicitly, did not fucking see it herself.
(151.57 KB 1280x720 1616707324246.jpg)

>>21661 As far as the specific scene or the series as a whole? You can see my sperg out above for the former, for the later. The series was peppered with really odd timing issue. It could be a stylistic choice, but it certainly doesn't feel like it because at other times they have really good sense of timing. If it was intentional, it should be bad almost the entire time, or none of the time, but it meanders, I can only assume in that case that they were simply incompetent. They weren't allowed to show graphic violence as far as I can understand. Going to the start of Episode 3, you have Vander's fat friend get killed by the shimmer gangster. I have no idea how he died because it was shown out of shot and was really fast, which is almost a good idea, but after that they show him just laying in a pool of blood in mostly one piece. That makes the death far less gruesome, they almost had a good scene there, but it was marred by the fact that they simultaneously weren't allowed to be violent but didn't take the proper way out and hide bodies out of view so my imagination can decide how gruesome the kill was. A lot of the smart characters are written like fucking idiots. Jayce for instance is so oblivious and naive and I have an incredibly hard time understanding why he would be like that. Yes he's a nerd, but he's not royalty (merely adopted into a family) and he had to work his way up. He makes a lot of stupid emotional decisions that I just can't keep up with, which I suppose makes him interesting as a character as I literally do not know what he will do next, because have the time he's smart, and half the time he's a retard, and I don't know which Jayce I'm going to get in a given scene. Heimidinger is also stupid, though that may just be a way to communicate how out of touch he is. Kaitlyn makes a lot of stupid decisions, I wouldn't to punch the shit out of her when she traded her gun for the shimmer drug for Vi. Whoever wrote Jynx's lines doesn't understand how a mentally ill person talks, or at very least, doesn't know how a dramatic mentally ill person talks. I was getting "haha Harley Quinn vibes", but they never quite got to Harley Quinn crazy, nor did she ever appear just disturbed. It wasn't fun, but it also wasn't realistic. It's like the team couldn't commit to which direction they wanted to take the character. Throughout the series I could not understand the economic relationship between the over and undercity. Why these two even had to be connected really. Which would be fine, if the writers didn't decide to mention it. "Oh trade routes, warp gates blah blah blah" "We can't let the undercity go independent!" They bring it up, but as far as my understanding, at no point is it made clear how exactly the undercity helps the overcity in any fashion. I get one throw away line by Silco about the undercity previously being a mining operation. Okay, incredibly useful information. The overcity relies on the undercity for raw resources. Problem: he make it sound like this was in the past. So it at least resolves why the two are linked up to this point, but it in no way explains why these two cities continue to need to be connected as they are. They blockade the connection between upper and lower city, this is communicated to be dramatic or something. Okay ''why?" Why do upper city people visit the lower city? Why do lower city people visit the upper city? As far as every single part of the rest of the series, you never see anyone cross the bridge unless they are committing a crime, never, at any point, is there a normal person going about his business one way or the other in a non-criminal/violent manner. This goes for both sides. Kaitlyn only goes to the lower city to ignore orders and continue an investigations. Victor only goes to get shimmer from old doc friend. Old enforcer chief was a good person, but also committing or at least letting crime happen in tandem with Vander. No one is shown going to lower city without criminal intent. Fuck the Asian gangster who gets killed by Silco. Why the fuck does he have an accent? Was he born in the undercity? Why doesn't he talk like everyone else? Did they make him look and talk like that because the shitty Chinese voice actor they dug out of somewhere couldn't help but slur his fucking lines? Is he supposed to be a foreigner that's in on the drug trade? Why would he be Silco's underling then, at best he's a fucking liaison. I'll give the series it's due, it managed to sneak in LGBT shit without shoving it down my throat, one could even call it nuanced. Which is an impressive show of self-control from Hollywood types, though I imagine that's only because their Chinese producers were breathing down their necks and they had to bow to Xi Jinping to keep going. The art style is unique and stylish. I'm not the biggest fan, but I can see why someone would like it, it at least makes sense. The backgrounds are mostly pretty. It certainly kept my interest, it was at least good enough to do that. There were some really good gems in there, not enough to make the overall series good, but enough to have me say "okay, I understand how good this could have been if the team actually understood basics". I fucking hate the music, but I 100% understand why zoomers and shit would love it, it's pop music, it's fun, I hate it, but I understand why people would like it.
>>21682 >Fuck the Asian gangster who gets killed by Silco. Why the fuck does he have an accent? Was he born in the undercity? Why doesn't he talk like everyone else? In some cities people have different accents depending on what part of the city they are from. This sort of thing happens in large cities that have been around for centuries. London is one of these, with north and south accents being a thing, along with accents stemming from people who's roots are in other cities or outside of England. New York is the only such city in the U.S. where Bronx, Brooklyn, and some other burrows have their own accents. Then people from Italian-American, Jewish, Back communities living in the city for decades if not centuries have unique accents of their own. It is a bit of a stretch in case of Arcane, and voice actor is probably the one at fault. I think it's a minor complaint since character is in there only for about 15 minutes spread across multiple episodes. Arcane has bigger problems than this.
>>21684 Yes you are correct he's a minor character and it's not that important in and of itself. However, I think it speaks of sonething deeper. I only mention it because his accent and slur is so fucking strong I had a legitimately hard time understanding what he was saying. I'm sperging out otherwise, but my main complaint in regards to him is I could just barely understand what the fuck he was saying. Which is almost inexcusable for a production on this scale.
>>21678 >>21682 Can you summarize these?
>>20437 It's ok. -Animation 10/10 (took them long enough) -"ART" 9/10 -Story 9/10 (It's a 1900s class struggle story for the 2020-people in the future! So unique?) -World building 9/10 -Characters 8/10 Literally: "fanfic done right with funding". It's a really good story only pushed back by the toxic modern world "politics" Just a reminder: social issues and personal gender dysphorias are not politics. Real politics is about the distribution of wealth and power in a society. Everything else is a lie designed to make you fight with your peers for no real reason. Sexism, racism, old against young, skin colors, eye color, hair styles. dick or no dick, everyone is oppressed, BLM, no wait Ukraine, no wait, me, me, me, Fight, Fight Fight. While the elite laugh in their ivory castles. Wake the fuck up! Arcane is a really good show.
>>24577 I think you're on the wrong site.
(1.18 MB 634x360 fullretard.webm)

>>24578 I think so too. Thank you for pointing this out. So... I'mma go to some other site now because you said so. Are you actually internet retarded?
>>24581 I mean if you type shit like >Just a reminder: social issues and personal gender dysphorias are not politics. Real politics is about the distribution of wealth and power in a society. Everything else is a lie designed to make you fight with your peers for no real reason. Sexism, racism, old against young, skin colors, eye color, hair styles. dick or no dick, everyone is oppressed, BLM, no wait Ukraine, no wait, me, me, me, Fight, Fight Fight. While the elite laugh in their ivory castles. Wake the fuck up! You're most definitely on the wrong sight unless you want to desperately fight with people who think your a faggot for thinking that. Your post basically amounts to: <We're all one race, the human race. Also transgender's are people too I guess Which was never a popular opinion on this site. You put more effort into your political rant than your actual opinion on the show as well. So there's really nothing else to respond too than the rant portion which is barely on topic. Do you not see the impending derail, or did I bite elaborate bait?
>>24581 how we govern people especially those with mental disorder is a political issue, all social issues are political issues.
>>24577 Fucking kill yourself you goddamn communist faggot.
>>24650 I don't think he's that bad. There are elites in ivory castles, hollywood is a big example of this.
>>24654 Sure, I don't think anybody doesn't believe that here. It's just that most people here believe the guys in the ivory castles are jews and that non-whites generally are retarded, if their being generous, or outright subhuman if their not. Which is why I told him I think he has the wrong site if he could say that and not expect a derail.
>>24655 *most non-whites
>>21678 >not understanding filming one scene on 3 different points of view Anon, are you on the spectrum?

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