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(4.60 KB 250x240 1637048716624.jpg)

Anonymous 11/25/2021 (Thu) 21:03:28 No. 20555
How do you become a cartoon artist in this day and age? Do you have to go down the animator route? Is being independent an option?
>>>/loomis/ Has a lot of beginner books.
>>20556 And they are all useless unless you spend about 10 hours a day every single day drawing your guts out and another 5 hours of digesting books and video tutorials. Most people can't afford that.
(222.14 KB 568x664 stalin.jpg)

>>20555 >How do you become a cartoon artist in this day and age? The bigger question is "WHY?" It's not worth it. The system has to die enough that the little parasites who infest it move on to another bloated beast, leaving the field open, again, for people who know that communism is retarded..
>>20571 This, animation, like most artistic industries, has become incestuous and nepotistic. People don't hire based on merit, they hire because you went to such and such school and knew so and so.
Just know how to draw and animate first and then worry about gathering a following.
(181.38 KB 750x607 leth note.jpg)

>>20574 >Just know how to draw and animate first and then worry about gathering a following. And then, when you've proven you're better than anyone currently working, you just need to sit back and wait for your inevitable cancellation, ostensibly for something you did in grade 3 but in reality because of the gatekeepers being scared for their easy jobs.
>>20556 Thanks. I already checked but it's not very alive. So far I'm just learning how to draw first. My goal is 10k, so here we go.
>>20637 10k what?
>>20683 Probably hours, people always say "it takes 10.000 hours to master a skill."
>>20685 ah, makes sense
(1.38 MB 1280x544 Headpatting_intensifies.webm)

>>20555 This might seem like a tangent (bear with me, seriously.oh god), but first thing you need is passion for the craft. No matter what you want to do, you need to know yourself well enough to understand why you want to do what you want to do. I know this sounds simple and puerile, but this is really important. Most people have a lot of different passions, many of those can be pursued in life separately. Some "lucky" people have passions that can co-exist in a single profession. Those quotes in the word "lucky" are there because you should leave some things you really, really like as a hobby. First advice: "Remember to make a few unrelated hobbies on your way to being a pro in a craft you feel a calling to. You'll need those hobbies later to keep you happy, sane and able to adapt" -An0n The reason I said YOU NEED TO KNOW WHY you want a specific profession, is because in modern world you are put in to a massive arena of amateurs and professionals at a very young age Thanks to the Internet and social media. Most young people get their passions and expectations twisted and go to a terrible road leading to depression or not getting the best out of their talents. Most children just want to be famous and be millionaires, thanks to those youtube millionaire corrosive beasts. Let's say an Anon wants to work at Blizzard as an 3D-modeler (this is like a 500000 people low estimate). The 1.tier goal is to get really good at modeling and learn a little about the related skills like bones and animation. 2.tier is getting good enough to send a resume to a company and get hired. 3.tier is... get molested. I'm joking. You "rarely" get molested in big companies, it's like 1:10 or so. Let's say an Anon wants to be a famous animator in a regocnised large company. 1.tier would be to learn the basics. 2.tier would be to promote your work locally and on youtube, youtube being the secondary. There might be easier ways to do that, like having connections: Rich Parents, Family friends in the industry, Friends in the industry (You got from that "unrelated hobbies" part, pay attention faggot). And after all this bullshit, animation could be still be a hobby, that will bloom in to a profession later. Second advice: "Knowing what you want and why is crucial to your happiness. Everyone should pursue the goals that are first tier and clear. The second tier goals are easier after you get the first ones. This is the way to happiness and good life. Don't quote me on that though." -An0n The Actual Advice: There are a lot of strong forces trying to put people into different boxes, and they want us to fight, while forgetting THEM. They put men and women in to boxes, and gave them different rules. They put skin colors into different boxes and laughed. WE ARE ONE. Do not believe the lies. The TL;DR answer to >>20555 Learn the craft you want to be your profession without sacrificing your other passions. Learn enough about yourself to make a tier-list, and go from tier to tier. Leave room for hobbies while focusing on your goal. Don't thank me later, we are all the same. Start small. Start smart. Start slow. Shop S-Mart. Put your animations on alternative websites like Vimeo. Seriously for monetization purposes. There are a lot of people that are willing to pay 1-5$ for a short animation, I'm one of them, I pay a few dollars for an interesting video. And if it turns out good, I shill it somewhere, not here obviously. This is not a shilling site. Fucking god. Absent destinations. P.S. AI is going to make me and you shit our pants, big time. I'm at low/high code network design and optimization. I can only imagine what AI will do to your field of work. See you later, fellow Space Cowbot.
>>20811 Not saying you're wrong, but this reads like a schizopost.
>>20683 >>20637 I think he means followers.
(26.91 KB 960x540 77f4ace788ee10ae.jpg)

>>20555 >How do you become a cartoon artist in this day and age? Step one: Take a seat on the "casting couch".
(59.91 KB 403x345 0288b28.jpg)

>>20555 >cartoon artist Everyone can do it with practice and passion anon. Now, if you mean, "can I make a living or reach a goodly amount of fame" then that's up to you and how many cocks you can such physically (old producer wrinkle cock) and figuratively (agreeing with your "senpais" in every single thing for years).
>>20555 It's really easy. Step 1: Be ready to draw 8-12 hours daily Step 2: Do this for 12 years Step 3: Profit
(723.97 KB 428x432 disdain.png)

>>20812 >schizo

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