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Don't Let The Cartoon Bastards Grind You Down Anonymous 11/28/2021 (Sun) 20:50:39 No. 20660
YOU CAN make your own cartoons you (do not) need tv/streaming service funding voice actors are (not) expensive creativity is limitless
Sure, you don't need anybody's permission to git gud at art and make your own stuff. But the barriers and middlemen of Bakshi's day have simply given way to new ones, especially if you don't want to be beholden to executive suits and industry cliques. You can't just be an artist/animator, you have to be your own salesman/networker/fundraiser too. You gotta navigate through the algorithms of YouTube/Twitter/Instagram to actually reach people. And if you dabble in the kind of stuff likely to get you banned or cancelled, you have learn basic OPSEC/threat modeling (to avoid doxing) and be on the lookout for ways to circumvent social censorship. That's not to dissuade people from trying at all. The road is going to be rocky, but we do have the tools and resources to navigate it as safely as possible.
(55.23 KB 548x402 bakshi heavy traffic.jpg)

>>20660 >voice actors are (not) expensive Good ones know their value, though. But who knows, maybe you'd discover the next Billy West? >>20746 >But the barriers and middlemen of Bakshi's day have simply given way to new ones, Same in all creative industries, I'm afraid. Kowtow to the jews and advance their agenda re: trannies and gays and your in. Mention that you once liked a Tim Allen tweet and your ass is grass.

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