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(559.18 KB 1024x1621 RCO003_1462765273.jpg)

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(528.11 KB 1024x1609 RCO006_1462765273.jpg)

Story time: batman/spiderman crossover Anonymous 12/06/2021 (Mon) 10:43:23 No. 20867
It's story time anons Yeah yeah, I know that this is a crossover between the big two so the first reaction is thinking will be trash. But this one is in the second best era of comics I personally love 90 edgy style. Sue me i still enjoyed reading it, so in the pile of crap that they throw out nowadays we could look back with fond memories of what comics used to be and suffer characters If I have to present any of those characters with some kind of background you shouldn't be on this board the story so far Peter is happily marriedthank you OMD but the hero life always need checking up on since Carnage have been yet again captured and yet again tried to escape, Bruce is still trying to save Gotham by itself showing that there's no rest for of wicked or the heros. this time a specialized doctor has a plan to redeem those two serial mass murderer providing an end to this endless circus of blood and madness
(503.16 KB 1024x1603 RCO007_1462765273.jpg)

(541.90 KB 1024x1579 RCO008_1462765273.jpg)

(480.99 KB 1024x1579 RCO009_1462765273.jpg)

(451.84 KB 1024x1561 RCO010_1462765273.jpg)

(537.94 KB 1024x1587 RCO011_1462765273.jpg)

>>20867 In the recap I missed saying that h Bruce saves Gotham from the joker. But fuck it I don't want to post it again Alfred was entering the room, but then Bruce is nowhere with the window open... did he just jumped out in his PJ? When did he had time to dress as the bat?
(539.08 KB 1024x1595 RCO012_1462765273.jpg)

(741.08 KB 1024x1577 RCO013_1462765273.jpg)

(652.53 KB 1024x1588 RCO014_1462765273.jpg)

(630.74 KB 1024x1587 RCO015_1462765273.jpg)

(609.11 KB 1024x1598 RCO016_1462765273.jpg)

(569.41 KB 1024x1586 RCO017_1462765273.jpg)

(730.47 KB 1024x1670 RCO018_w_1462765273.jpg)

(590.25 KB 1024x1579 RCO019_1462765273.jpg)

(595.74 KB 1024x1580 RCO020_1462765273.jpg)

(598.15 KB 1024x1605 RCO021_1462765273.jpg)

(613.97 KB 1024x1590 RCO022_1462765273.jpg)

(642.21 KB 1024x1573 RCO023_1462765273.jpg)

(766.68 KB 1024x1696 RCO024_w_1462765273.jpg)

(478.70 KB 1024x1590 RCO025_1462765273.jpg)

(608.96 KB 1024x1614 RCO026_1462765273.jpg)

(789.56 KB 1024x1673 RCO027_w_1462765273.jpg)

(653.57 KB 1024x1596 RCO028_1462765273.jpg)

(534.13 KB 1024x1604 RCO029_1462765273.jpg)

(474.07 KB 1024x1605 RCO030_1462765273.jpg)

(495.27 KB 1024x1551 RCO031_1462765273.jpg)

(556.31 KB 1024x1594 RCO032_1462765273.jpg)

(642.88 KB 1024x1693 RCO033_w_1462765273.jpg)

(465.36 KB 1024x1608 RCO034_1462765273.jpg)

(614.26 KB 1024x1605 RCO035_1462765273.jpg)

(633.34 KB 1024x1620 RCO036_1462765273.jpg)

(685.45 KB 1024x1697 RCO037_w_1462765273.jpg)

(603.47 KB 1024x1616 RCO038_1462765273.jpg)

(595.34 KB 1024x1599 RCO039_1462765273.jpg)

(610.20 KB 1024x1608 RCO040_1462765273.jpg)

(508.94 KB 1024x1592 RCO041_1462765273.jpg)

You remember when joker was just a crazy comedian out for killing with a laugh rather then just kill 100 babies for the sake of it? Yeah I miss those days
(589.23 KB 1024x1608 RCO042_1462765273.jpg)

(598.88 KB 1024x1579 RCO043_1462765273.jpg)

(741.52 KB 1024x1687 RCO044_w_1462765273.jpg)

(626.42 KB 1024x1586 RCO045_1462765273.jpg)

(621.19 KB 1024x1589 RCO046_1462765273.jpg)

(609.23 KB 1024x1583 RCO047_1462765273.jpg)

(611.82 KB 1024x1614 RCO048_1462765273.jpg)

(585.07 KB 1024x1585 RCO049_1462765273.jpg)

(626.32 KB 1024x1736 RCO050_w_1462765273.jpg)

First crossover is done. I enjoyed it, showing batman after the first encounter of being a jackass needing help. Joker actually stay in character. Peter not being shit on by bends. And the art is overall consistent and well defined Let's hope the second have the same quality of format
(229.33 KB 995x1538 RCO001_1467436116.jpg)

(310.32 KB 995x1578 RCO003_1467436116.jpg)

(296.84 KB 995x1549 RCO004_1467436116.jpg)

(317.89 KB 995x1539 RCO005_1467436116.jpg)

(265.17 KB 995x1557 RCO006_1467436116.jpg)

second story time characters Really? You even looked this part? Just leave anon. This board is not for you the story Ra's al ghul is trying to submit the world to his will, it found a powerful ally in Kingpin but the plan has a few cracks in it, a friendky neighborhood webslinger and a caped crusader are out to stop the madness of this plan
(525.78 KB 995x1636 RCO007_w_1467436116.jpg)

(313.22 KB 995x1544 RCO008_1467436116.jpg)

(364.64 KB 995x1539 RCO009_1467436116.jpg)

(309.88 KB 995x1554 RCO010_1467436116.jpg)

(271.85 KB 995x1549 RCO011_1467436116.jpg)

Why I keep looking at 90 spidy? The joy of marriage and his happiness makes my heart ache even more
(251.54 KB 995x1558 RCO012_1467436116.jpg)

(258.11 KB 995x1542 RCO013_1467436116.jpg)

(246.37 KB 995x1552 RCO014_1467436116.jpg)

(302.52 KB 995x1553 RCO015_1467436116.jpg)

(304.12 KB 995x1539 RCO016_1467436116.jpg)

So anon, you prefer batman with bad girls Talia or bad girl Selina or bad girl Nocturna? He needs to be with a bad girl so Viky fags don't need to apply
(280.43 KB 995x1528 RCO017_1467436116.jpg)

(320.11 KB 995x1544 RCO018_1467436116.jpg)

(249.26 KB 995x1563 RCO019_1467436116.jpg)

(389.67 KB 995x1622 RCO020_w_1467436116.jpg)

(277.01 KB 995x1581 RCO021_1467436116.jpg)

(314.35 KB 995x1555 RCO022_1467436116.jpg)

(241.76 KB 995x1551 RCO023_1467436116.jpg)

(464.93 KB 995x1649 RCO024_w_1467436116.jpg)

(304.42 KB 995x1571 RCO025_1467436116.jpg)

(334.29 KB 995x1592 RCO026_1467436116.jpg)

(279.94 KB 995x1568 RCO027_1467436116.jpg)

(320.14 KB 995x1576 RCO028_1467436116.jpg)

(292.97 KB 995x1539 RCO029_1467436116.jpg)

(325.02 KB 995x1539 RCO030_1467436116.jpg)

(315.52 KB 995x1557 RCO031_1467436116.jpg)

(275.07 KB 995x1592 RCO032_1467436116.jpg)

(345.62 KB 995x1581 RCO033_1467436116.jpg)

(291.05 KB 995x1584 RCO034_1467436116.jpg)

(258.07 KB 995x1576 RCO035_1467436116.jpg)

(573.60 KB 995x1627 RCO036_w_1467436116.jpg)

I liked the detail that bat uses an hat to cover his ears in the disguise
(345.74 KB 995x1570 RCO037_1467436116.jpg)

(312.08 KB 995x1581 RCO038_1467436116.jpg)

(325.19 KB 995x1563 RCO039_1467436116.jpg)

(506.24 KB 995x1655 RCO040_w_1467436116.jpg)

(530.08 KB 995x1666 RCO041_w_1467436116.jpg)

(346.11 KB 995x1586 RCO042_1467436116.jpg)

(288.32 KB 995x1565 RCO043_1467436116.jpg)

(329.19 KB 995x1576 RCO044_1467436116.jpg)

(277.74 KB 995x1571 RCO045_1467436116.jpg)

(319.97 KB 995x1577 RCO046_1467436116.jpg)

(317.95 KB 995x1570 RCO047_1467436116.jpg)

(309.48 KB 995x1563 RCO048_1467436116.jpg)

(293.02 KB 995x1571 RCO049_1467436116.jpg)

(287.92 KB 995x1605 RCO050_1467436116.jpg)

And that's it. End of the final issue between the web and the bat. Hope you enjoyed this peek in the past of how fun comics could be....try not to rage and cry, the collapse of the industry is near and we could only see a rise from the ashes of this terrible era
(270.76 KB 500x284 internetstranger.png)

>>20887 Okay, boomer.
(26.76 KB 309x281 dubsdouglass.jpg)

(2.85 MB 1280x720 The Hard R.webm)

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