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Anonymous 12/11/2021 (Sat) 22:34:39 No. 21015
What's your favorite boomer comic?
(72.11 KB 540x400 1557551785480.jpg)

>>21015 The only correct answer
>>21015 Superman
(32.26 KB 480x464 thefuckingsheep.jpg)

Wife bad, bestiality gooooood.
(59.08 KB 600x292 i070325lio.jpg)

>>21015 >What's your favorite boomer comic? For Better or For Worse. Not because it's good, but because it's so insanely tone-deaf. Better yet, it, like Twilight are a glimpse into the mental process of a desperately lonely and broken woman. >IRL husband cheats and leaves Johnston for the other woman <Final comic: "John and Elly are more and more in love every day" >Elizabeth is almost raped and Anthony the soyboy somehow rescues her <Lynn is baffled that the fans want to see the rapist brought to justice because he was just a means to an end to stick Lizzy with the gimp, so she grumbles and writes in a quick "and the rapist was dealth with, THE END" few strips >Lawrence comes out as gay <his family reacts like it's 1955 and not 1991, kicking him out. That pales, however, in that the boomer fanbase, her main audience, really aren't that fond of peter-eaters and are outraged that Lynn would drag that into their daily enjoyment... predating 8/co/ by at least 20 years. >Anthony lies to his wife, who never wanted children, that he'll raise the sprogs leaving her free to pursue her dreams <Anthony is shocked to discover that the snotty French bitch's mother instincts are non-existent and she's enraged with him for lying about letting her pursue her dreams >Anthony is married, but asks Elizabeth to "wait for him" while he dispatches his "evil wife" <Elizabeth ACTUALLY waits for him, raising her step-daughter like her own >April is added to the cast because Lynn's ovaries dried up and died and no one was presenting her with grandkids fast enough <April is treated like Meg Griffin, ignored by both parents and siblings, and taking the blame from fans for Farley's death even though she was a toddler, Elly wasn't watching her, and there was a FAST STREAM OUT BEHIND THEIR HOUSE >Michael outright steals an old man's private history in order to make money and fame, with no permission asked or given <Old man tells him that he's a thief. Michael goes through an Olympic amount of mental gymnastics trying to make himself look like the good guy >Elizabeth teaches on a native reservation for a few years <is somehow not gang-raped by drunken chugs The list goes on and on. It's amazing how bat-crap crazy Lynn Johnston really is.
>>21040 This is actually one of the funniest newspaper-type comics I've ever seen. It's not "beastiality gooooood," it's that his wife is just that bad. Pretty solid boomer humor. >>21084 >April is treated like Meg Griffin, ignored by both parents and siblings, and taking the blame from fans for Farley's death even though she was a toddler, Elly wasn't watching her, and there was a FAST STREAM OUT BEHIND THEIR HOUSE I remember the cartoon episode where this happened. I had no attachment to this show except for hating how damn boring it was. Then I saw this episode, and it's the only memory I have of the show 20 years later. Fuck that kid. She killed that dog and everyone knows it. She should have listened and not gone in the fucking water. People underestimate how aware kids are. Most kids would have known better. And now the dog is dead. I'm shocked that anyone young enough to know how to use the internet has as much knowledge as you about any newspaper comic, but especially For Better or For Worse. How could you force yourself to read so much of it?
Can YOU see the JOKE?
>>21093 No but I want to fuck Dora.
(195.69 KB 578x840 Lol.jpg)

>>21093 Reminded me of this old gem
(870.31 KB 3270x2289 epiderraqxiatob0xrgu.jpg)

(966.36 KB 3270x2289 mcezggfbcw5h3lpazvxe.jpg)

(616.70 KB 3270x2289 l3duzjuv7p97pzm2enou.jpg)

(942.82 KB 3270x2289 ikjbnxq1osiqycoyf6ui.jpg)

(1.73 MB 2153x2648 89065516_p1.jpg)

For me, it's Kelly's rants about insignificant problems. >>21094 Same.
>>21096 Wait, these aren't Onionesque parodies?
>>21097 Yes, he works at The Onion as their cartoonist.
(597.24 KB 406x640 dora can you find where.mp4)

>>21104 I'd explore her.
(6.74 KB 210x240 OIP.jpg)

>>21089 >Fuck that kid. She killed that dog and everyone knows it. She should have listened and not gone in the fucking water. She was a toddler, man. Elly should have been doing her effing job and raising her womb's final hurrah instead of masturbating to pictures of black guys or whatever she was up to. >People underestimate how aware kids are. Dude, I'm a father of two literally brilliant children. They're grown now, but in those years, it was all I could do to keep my son from taking shit apart to see how it worked while my daughter bounced off every single wall we had because she wouldn't stop running around the house like a pinball. Kids get up to shit. They don't even mean to, most of the time, but if a parent says "April, go play in the back yard while I rub my nubbin to Idris Elba, but stay away from the stream," they'll be throwing rocks into in within minutes because anything forbidden just HAS to be the next big thing. >Most kids would have known better. Most kids don't have down syndrome from their negligent mother giving birth to them at 102. >And now the dog is dead I hated to see Farley go, but sheepdogs never live as long as he did, and Johnston wanted him to die a hero instead of with a needle in him. Don't forget the characters aged in semi-realtime.
(104.59 KB 640x1072 1588174530897.jpg)

>>21015 I kind of like the edits more.
(104.83 KB 800x590 gv052521dAPR.jpg)

(82.68 KB 652x493 spanked_by_nature.jpg)

>>21129 What are the effects of extracting crude oil and releasing its components into the carbon cycle?
>>21129 >inb4 nude edit
(49.49 KB 465x194 fbofw10-03-07.jpg)

(63.42 KB 456x251 fbow-456.jpg)

This is now a "Best of For Better Or For Worse thread.
(25.57 KB 320x219 howard_1.jpg)

>>21145 context?
>>21145 I'm not the expert here, but I heard the author claimed she got "raped" and then worked that into the comic. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard the thing that made it really crazy is that the comic was already finished and in re-runs, so she edited old comics to shoehorn in the rape. Am I the only one who appreciates the irony of so forcibly inserting a rape into the story?
>>21133 Literally nothing. Fuck off, yid.
(77.38 KB 283x351 cow_tools.png)

>>21093 >>21095 These look like shittier versions of The Far Side.
>>21149 >context? See >>21084
(230.08 KB 320x320 fidgetspinner hmm.gif)

>>21152 >Cow Tools Hands down one of the funniest strips he ever did. Not because of the humor but because of how he drove millions of readers completely insane.
>>21152 >>21155 Okay seriously though, what's the deal with Cow Tools? I legitimately love most of The Far Side, I don't think it's all this stupid or this incomprehensible. Most of it makes sense and is funny. What the fuck was going on with Cow Tools, though?
(546.23 KB 2048x1463 cow_tools_explanation.jpg)

>>21156 tl;dr
>>21157 On the one hand, I respect him for admitting he just fucked up. On the other hand, I'm disappointed that it's not some sort of genius work. What I really expected was that it would just turn out to be like that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine has to prove that a New Yorker cartoon is just bullshit and not actually a joke. I didn't expect Larson to just own up to it.
(12.73 KB 629x31 Cow Tools.png)

>>21159 Just as brilliant as the comic itself. And exploitable for other situations.
(59.20 KB 474x623 OIP.jpg)

>>21157 Bueno. The Pre-History of the Far Side was an amazing read. Do you have the "When Car Chasers Dream" explanation, as well? >>21156 By now you've read the posted story and know what Gary Larson did to the planet. What do you think? >>21158 >I didn't expect Larson to just own up to it. You're thinking in CY+6 terms, where no one ever takes accountability for their actions. Back when this happened, Gary went "Oooooooh shit" and manned up like a boss. It wasn't his first or last rodeo, either. >pic related: he got accused of making fun of people with hydrocephalus
>>21157 >we are two civil servants who spend the first hour of each day reading the funnies I don't know if I'm less surprised that it would take civil servants an hour to read the funnies or that they could just spend their first hour of work doing that every day. >>21015 dondi?
(542.07 KB 661x623 but during the stone age.png)

>>21157 >cow tools but during the stone age...
>>21095 ...but... his mom's dead.
Calvin & Hobbes, of course. If by "boomer" you meant made by/for pre-Internet and pre-MTV people.
>>21201 That is his real mother.
>>21156 The tl;dr explanation is that considering Monkeys made crude tools cow tools would be even more primitive so that would be funny. But the real problem with the illustration is that the cow doesn't look dumb, looks like she is planning something and just got caught by the farmer. That's the reason why the strip ends being confusing rather than funny.
(49.85 KB 400x400 old get off muh lawn.jpg)

>>21210 >Calvin & Hobbes, of course. >by/for pre-Internet and pre-MTV people. Pre-internet and MTV isn't boomer, you gerbil-shredder, it's GenX. Boomers are pre-TV.
Actually more modern television was invented in the late 1920's before most of the boomer's parents were born. Boomers were, for the most part, pre-color TV (although it existed before WWII). Oh shucks. So did I.
(153.87 KB 200x524 hitlerzisthread.jpg)

>>21326 You existed before WWII?
(115.98 KB 1024x512 Mista 444.jpeg)

>>21326 >There are 70+ year old Grandpas posting here.
(76.39 KB 700x536 1641358822211.jpg)

>>21084 For Better or For Worse is gay and boring. Why would you even try to read it.

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