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/co/ Christmas card 2021 Anonymous 12/16/2021 (Thu) 04:55:02 No. 21198
Hey Hey Hey, didn't see one this year. I hope the usual Anon is alright, there isn't much left before the big day so I hope enough people submit to fill this year's card. I'm feeling Log Cabin this year. Just submit (preferably backgroundless) pictures of /co/ related material (8moe related events count too) to be put in a collage. The result will be posted on various boards on Christmas Day. Suggestions are welcome, submissions all the more. Last year's thread >>7853
(174.00 KB 975x600 doc venture.png)

(342.79 KB 631x947 dr flug.png)

(250.82 KB 688x1100 jinx.png)

(848.15 KB 696x1148 carnage.png)

(1.90 MB 1600x971 he-man.png)

Yeah, I'm alright. Life just got busy for me and I don't have nearly the time for imageboards that I used to. By the time I remembered the Christmas card I figured it'd already be too late, so it's nice to see someone else is willing to keep up the tradition. I've collected a couple characters from notable cartoons/movies this year to help you get the ball rolling. Unfortunately I couldn't get backgroundless versions for all of them, but the flat colors should be easy enough to remove.
(453.24 KB 1280x915 omniman.png)

(371.75 KB 1000x629 rosemary.png)

(266.00 KB 1024x768 tom & jerry.png)

(780.47 KB 1280x1811 lebron.png)

(1.33 MB 1947x1125 lois lane.png)

Luckily you've chosen a log cabin for this year, since cartoonwise things seem to have been pretty dry. But with 5 /co/-tans making up the centerpiece of an enclosed space, there's probably not too much room left that needs filling up. You can also gather some more inspiration from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_in_animation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_in_comics Both articles have a Deaths section if you wanna do the floating heads in the sky thing as well.
>>21383 In game jinks looks like she has a birth defect
I tried to find renders of Santa Inc's Santa or the (((elf))), but there's absolutely nothing to be found but unusable screenshots. Maybe for the best, but it feels like a missed opportunity for a good potshot.
>>21386 What counts as a usuable screenshot? I could suck it up and pirated it for a few shots.
>>21384 That's not what new Lois is gonna look like. >>21383 If we're gonna have He-man on there then it should be the one from the series that's not shit.
(118.32 KB 425x425 kid cosmic.png)

Should have Kid Cosmic somewhere there too since the second season came out earlier this year.
>>21387 Basically just something that shows the entire body (so you don't have to forcibly place them at the bottom to hide their lack of feet) from the front, preferably close enough to be detailed and with a simple background that be easily erased. No funky lighting in the scene that messes up the character's coloration either.
>>21390 I had to skim through 3 episodes of this garbage to get these shots so I hope to God they're good enough.
(26.85 KB 758x890 article-61ab789131bcd.jpg)

>>21390 >>21392 How about this instead? Also the original OP here, I'm going to start combining the images together soon so I was wondering which cabin photo (from the first post) should be used?
(45.96 KB 716x828 j4SbXGA.jpeg)

>>21409 And the uncensored one too.
(236.65 KB 450x329 theFillmore.png)

(41.05 KB 300x316 1636714742028.jpg)

(229.67 KB 400x422 1605224884572.png)

(129.36 KB 2048x2048 1599265352332.png)

(115.57 KB 367x529 Mr. Mitchell 2021.png)

>>21198 these aren't so great but
>>21411 None of these except the last one have any relevance.
>>21409 I'm feeling #3 personally for that warm coziness, but #2 is probably the better choice as it's wider and can fit more characters without the pic feeling cramped.
>>21409 I say 3, it just feels more like a Christmas card.
>>21414 you're correct
(17.53 MB 8419x6242 xmas card 2021-min.png)

The card so far.
(347.12 KB 532x582 thumbsup ed.png)

(70.12 KB 557x605 aku EXTRA2.png)

>>21475 Put these men somewhere in the back
>>21478 Anon you don't get the point of this card do you? The Whole point is including relevant /co/ material in 2021. Not just random /co/ shit.
(2.25 MB 1600x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.50 MB 1425x1425 ClipboardImage.png)

Metalopocalypse movie was announced this year. Sneaking in one of these or one of Dethklok's other album covers into the frame on the mantle could work. Mike Tyson Mysteries got cancelled and Tails Gets Trolled had 10 year anniversary this year. I will post something for these later on in the day.
Anyone remember who died this year?
(125.84 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)

>>21481 Norm MacDonald.
>>21481 >>21482 Thea White too.
(344.96 KB 897x439 tardchad.png)

>>21479 Ohhhh! I'm sorry, I should lurk more.
>>21483 Should have them both in framed photos on the mantle. >>21484 At least you've realized your mistake.
>>21480 If you're including that might as well include ATHF since it was part of the same announcement. I think it was Venture Bros, Metalocalypse and ATHF all getting a movie, right?
(244.87 KB 1189x1019 Mike Tyson Mysteries Pigeon.png)

(310.82 KB 575x660 Tails Gets Trolled.png)

(38.44 KB 196x312 Shake.png)

(331.54 KB 574x758 Frylock.png)

(29.04 KB 196x166 Meatwad.png)

>>21480 >>21482 Pigeon and Tails >>21494 Might as well
(77.50 KB 246x385 Carl.png)

>>21495 Here's Carl too
(10.09 MB 6314x4682 xmas card test.png)

Update, last call for anything else. I also added one or two things myself.
>>21497 Gonna need a fullsize of that comic. This looks plenty good. Slap on a "Merry Christmas from /co/!" message and it's good to go tomorrow. For recipients I nominate /tg/, /m/ and /toy/ for old times' sake, /v/ and zzz/v/ to be polite, and /monster/, /cuckquean/, and Hispachan's /ac/ because iirc those three sent us Christmas cards as well last year.
>>21497 looks nice :)
(8.24 MB 3840x2916 tarjeta.png)

Speaking of christmas cards, we just finished this one on /ac/ (hispachan's /co/), and we do not forgot about you guys, I hope you like it. We desire you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
>>21198 Merry Christmas everyone
(16.19 MB 8419x6242 X-mas card 2021.png)

I think its all done, had to add some last minute things Like a new death but its ready. https://archive.ph/VRQKq >>21498 >For recipients I nominate Just make a thread anywhere you want saying Merry Christmas.
>>21516 Merry Christmas from /b/
>>21544 /b/s of any *chan have been light years better that cuckchannel's /b/, for at least a decade now. Happy Heartwarming Gift Day!

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