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(32.10 KB 800x298 800px-Asterix.svg.png)

(107.82 KB 755x1080 stiahnuť (17).jpeg)

Asterix thread Anonymous 01/01/2022 (Sat) 17:21:46 No. 21683
General asterix thread. And I want to start this thread out with Asterix and the magic potion. And I think it's great. Great characters, great animation, great story. We get background to Getafix and generally stuff around druids. i don't want to spoiler much. But, the girl flosses and I'm not joking at the credits. WHY?
(47.18 KB 457x639 Caesar knife holder.jpg)

Good threads deserve bumps. I will say this: was planning to stop right before Falling Sky (a good choice). But then realized I just might try the recent volumes, it seems the new writers really get what made the original comics work.
>>21711 >That knife holder I want it.
How decent is the previous CGI film?
(231.55 KB 1280x735 asterix and obelix.jpg)

>>21754 I liked it
(1.83 MB 600x338 castreau CY.gif)

>>21683 >But, the girl flosses and I'm not joking at the credits. WHY?
>>21754 Quite good. It was enjoyable. The premise was intresting and the new characters were fun and enjoyable. Go check it out.
>>21683 not many people these days are familiar with Asterix unless a) you're from France or in Europe where the comics are still in circulation, or b) If you're in America or elsewhere, you've only known Asterix from the older films.
>>21905 I grew up in Yuurop, and Asterix cartoons would be on TV often. That's how I was introduced to the OG comics.

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