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(29.41 KB 262x381 Rugrats_go_wildposter.jpg)

Rugrats Go Wild Anonymous 01/11/2022 (Tue) 09:18:34 No. 21951
This movie was much more frightening as an adult.
Stu Pickles was a terrible parent.
(76.57 KB 540x304 vnphnu_540.jpg)

(37.74 KB 480x368 Smithers gets blacked.jpg)

(44.84 KB 500x375 83211243.jpg)

(87.14 KB 1066x600 aHw70q7blFsOo7ItfcuFqVPoH1r.jpg)

>>21951 Egad, I always hated the Klasky Csupo style. There's an almost FRENCH amount of ugly animated characters. Early Simpsons looked awful and the only KC show I've ever watched all of was Duckman.
>>21952 Every parent was a terrible parent in The Rugrats.
(365.10 KB 320x240 Go fuck yourself.webm)

>>21964 Klasky Csupo's style worked very well in the right contexts. I think Rugrats was one of those contexts, because the whole world was supposed to look kind of weird, because it's through the eyes of babies, and everything is weird for them. Also they themselves are pretty weird and gross when you observe them, and that's part of the show. The only times I really think their style looks weird is As Told By Ginger, since that show tries to be slice of life realistic stuff. A more realistic style might have worked better. Then again I don't like that show anyway. On the other hand, Ahh! Real Monsters! is a perfect fit for the style, because it's monsters, it's supposed to look weird. >>21972 I think they're all supposed to have flaws, but Angelica's parents are the only ones that are really bad. Stu is too childish and sometimes that results in irresponsibility, but it also results in him having a great bond with his kid. Didi is very well intentioned but represents all the problems with parents who try to parent from a book, listening to academics who are ultimately just talking shit. Chaz is obviously loving and protective, but his extreme protectiveness results in his kid being a scared little nerd. Phil and Lil's parents get less focus but it seems like maybe they're too lax and thus their kids are little weirdos. On the other hand, you have Angelica's parents, they work too much and don't spend enough time with the kid, but when they do, they spoil her with too much undeserved praise (perhaps because they don't spend enough time to build a real relationship and treat her with more nuance). Then when they do lose it and finally punish her, it's over the top, and sometimes she doesn't even deserve it. There are a lot of episodes of Rugrats where Angelica was being bad, but then she gets punished for something completely unrelated, or something she actually didn't do. Or times when she really didn't do anything but gets punished anyway, because the viewers understand she's a little cunt and deserves it either way. But it makes sense for the parents' characters regardless. Rugrats is deep. But every season after 3 gets progressively worse, and the fact that they've managed to make the new stuff even worse than the 2000s-era seasons is almost impressive, because those 2000s seasons were already awful.
>>22007 It was alright after the first movie and Dil was around but pretty much everything after the second one was ass. I mildly enjoyed All Grown Up for some reason, despite it being diet As Told By Ginger.
>>22030 Naw, even Season 4, before Dil, was a big step down. The show ended after Season 3, then several years later, when execs saw it was doing well in reruns, they revived it, but it was a clear step down. I'd still say Season 4 is perfectly watchable, and it's easier to group it in with Season 3 because it doesn't have extra characters, but in retrospect, if you're watching in order, you can see the difference. And then it gets worse with every subsequent season. I can tolerate the Dil seasons but I don't think anyone would say they're anywhere near as good. Then after the second movie they introduce like four new characters and it becomes really damn obvious that it's a different show. They also changed the format in some seasons so it's three 7 minute shorts instead of two 11 minute shorts, and that doesn't help things at all. By the later seasons they introduce even more main characters, and I don't think many people are even aware of that because of how bad the show got and how unwatchable it became. And then it smoothly transitions into All Grown Up. All Grown Up sucks, but it honestly isn't much worse than the already awful final season of Rugrats. And then it got even worse when they brought it back. It really is a shame, because it makes people forget how great the first three seasons really were.

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