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/co/ Vidya Thread Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 17:46:59 No. 2282
Anyone wanna talk about /co/ related video games? What have you been playing? What upcoming games are you looking forward to? Here are my thoughts on a few new and upcoming games. Avengers looks like ass. I hate how everyone in charge at Marvel completely missed the appeal of Kamala. I'm probably in the minority here who actually like the character, but what made her appealing at the start was how low stakes her stories were. She doesn't work in big events like what this game is going for. It also will have some Destiny like shit tacked on. Ultimate Alliance 3 was enjoyable, but definitely worse than the original. It does show how much better stylized art looks when compared to the upcoming Avengers game. The camera is terrible though especially in co-op. I don't understand Sony's strategy with Spider-Man: Miles Morales. They revealed it like it was a sequel, but from what I understand it is just an expansion that comes with a rerelease of the first game. Next gen so far looks like a disaster. And finally Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated. I was really looking forward to this game, but I hear it's a mess. The cut content from the original that they had advertised as being added wasn't, and even with a day one patch it is apparently still a buggy mess.
>>2282 I watched a stream playthrough of Battle for Bikini Bottom. Ignoring how shit Spongebob became after the first couple of seasons, the game doesn't look fun. The voice lines for the 3 playable characters are very limited so you will hear the same ones on & on for hours. The boss fights are incredibly simple & the announcer won't shut up. In the original release, they could not get the real voices for Mr. Krabs or Mermaid Man due to payment issues/availability. So they casted people who aren't even close to doing an impression of them instead. Mermaid Man in particular sounds like Bobcat Goldthwait doing an old man voice. What sucks is even now they didn't bother to get Clancy Brown to dub over Mr. Krabs lines for this release. Can't exactly get Mermaid Man since the voice actor's dead.
What about Undefeated? The demo was quite fun but I don't know what's next for the devs.
>>2283 You never talked about the gameplay at all except for briefly mentioning boss fights. Boss fights aren't exactly the point of the game, or most other games in its genre. The gameplay is excellent. You're missing out. Though from the sounds of things, you don't like video games anyway, since everything you talked about was more /co/ stuff. Which is fair enough given what board we're on.
>>2302 The gameplay is... what's there to talk about? The surf/skate segments are cool. There's not always clear map direction so you can get lost in the kelp forest. Socks are an annoying collectible. Golden Spatulas are fine till you have to start paying Krabs for them. Bowling is fine. Sandy has the best controls since she can use the lasso. I can't really say much else. It's a simple straight forward platformer. All the criticisms are outside of the gameplay itself unless you count voicelines.
>>2303 It's hard to tell how good the gameplay is in things like platformers when you only watch someone else play. I will never understand why normalfags like you actually watch other people, strangers, at that, play video games. It's a relatively simple platformer, but it does what it does well. I recommend actually playing, if you're into vidya anyway.
>>2307 Of course I play games. Just no interest in playing this.
>Avengers muh cinematic experience with generic combat stabled on to trick normalfags into thinking it's a game i.e. god of war >UA3 I don't actually know much about it but it's got carl manvers so it's probably trash. Also groot is supposted to have a skeleton nose and I hate that they've removed it to appeal to MCUfags >Miles Morales Expect lots of BLM shit in this one >Battle for bikini bottom I don't really care
>>2311 > it's got carl manvers so it's probably trash What the fuck, why are they using her current name and costume? They should be using the one I jerk off to instead. Kill yourself faggot.
>>2282 I got no money, wich /co/ related game is free to play? aside of Wakfu, wich I didn't like that much In any case, I played the "Marvel vs" old games in arcade but I never liked the third one.
>>2311 >carl manvers
>>2312 It has nothing to do with "jerking off to" the old costume. It has to do with the fact that literally everything the SJW version of Carol Danvers has been in is trash, because the character isn't made to be liked, the character is made to spite the audience. Her being in any product is a great indication that the product doesn't actually want to be good, so you can save your time and money and just stay away from it. Why would SJWs like you even come to a vietnamese clay sculpture imageboard that only exists because the last three were ruined by SJWs like yourself? Couldn't you just be happy with one of the ones your kind has already conquered? You'd be much more comfortable there.
>>2312 All female designs, especially for capeshit, should be jerk off-able. If they aren't, it's a sign the people involved have been corrupted to hate beauty.
>>2282 Captain America's tacticool armor looks excessive. It looks like a worse version of the movie costume and that one was already kind of tacticool to begin with. This is more of a dig at modern games in general but I'm getting sick of the "realistic" look a lot of games have nowadays. It just creates this uncanney valley effect that always looks weird no matter how much they improve graphics.
A new Batman game and Suicide Squad game are expected to be announced at the DC Fandome. I hope they ditch the Arkham formula and do something new since those games have gotten pretty bad. The Suicide Squad game will likely be a Harley Quinn wankfest.
>>2349 If they do a new Batman game it will just be the Arkham formula again. Complete with bad collectibles, Batman models with giant right arms when you turn the camera around to look at yourself, & JOKER! Suicide Squad would be very likely with Harley shoved in heavily. Either as the main character or a DLC side character like Catwoman.
Is this thread also for cartoons based on video games or would it be better to make a separate thread for that?
>>2350 Maybe it will be another Mortal Kombat rip off game.
>>2351 Make a separate one.
>>2352 Suicide Squad fighting game?
>>2359 In any case, Batman has a bigger roster
>>2349 I'm hoping they'll make a good Superman game or even a Green Arrow game if they still want to do the street level hero stuff.
>>2375 >I'm hoping they'll make a good Superman game Never gonna happen. WB hates Superman. They already cancelled the Superman game Rocksteady was making.
>>2378 I think it's more they've bought into the Superman 64 meme and they don't want to make anything that has the slightest chance of being bad for fear of it being sold as WOW IS THIS THE MODERN NEW SUPERMAN 64 SO BAD WOW
>>2378 >WB hates Superman. Do you know why that is? >>2394 >I think it's more they've bought into the Superman 64 meme They've released Superman games since Superman 64. I highly doubt anyone at WB is even thinking about a several decades old N64 game anymore.
(38.52 KB 420x473 confused superman.jpg)

>>2399 >Do you know why that is? It's a commonly held theory that WB thinks superman can't work now, so they treat him as a b list character. Part of the reason they think this is because: >writers have always found him hard to write for especially with how powerful he is/ >their are people who don't liek him, either because they find him boring(an opinion I find meritable, but alot of that is because only writers with the most generic understanding of him typically write him. A good writer could easily make him more interesting with minimal changes to his personality) or despise him because "he basically a cop." >many writers who do write him either bring in poorly handled edginess into his stories or using him as an overt politcal mouthpiece. This pisses off many of the people who do like him. The latter two points make him a pain in the ass to make stuff for, so they basically treat him as a red headed stepchild.
>>2417 >>2399 >Do you know why that is? Execs are casuals and informed by SJWs. Casuals don't get Superman because he hasn't had a good and popular adaptation in like 25 years. Arguably 40, since Lois & Clark didn't seem to have much staying power in the public consciousness. And actually I love Smallville and think it's overall an excellent adaptation of the franchise (except Lana, Mxy, and a few more minor characters), but it was on CW so nobody watched it. And casuals wouldn't know it was about Superman anyway. And it was kinda for teenage girls, who aren't exactly the target audience for Superman. So the result is that casuals think of Superman as "generic hero man" and don't understand that he's an actual character. This is why they think he's too strong, and think he has a boring personality. Anyone who reads or even watches any of his stories, outside of a few lame ones, would know better. But nobody reads comics anymore, and the big adaptations, by which I mean the movies, in the last 40 years, have been less than stellar. Superman II was 40 years ago. III was successful but not as popular in retrospect. IV, Returns, and the recent abominations obviously have not done as well. Actually I kinda like Man of Steel too, but now I realize the parts I liked were all done by accident, because Zack Snyder is like a retarded child who doesn't understand the characters at all. He clearly likes them, but he doesn't understand them. This is the guy who tried to make Watchmen into an action movie, while keeping the script devoutly accurate. Anyway, aside from being casuals and casuals not being exposed to good Superman stories, the other thing is that execs are informed by SJWs, if not being full SJWs themselves. Superman has a history of being a rather patriotic character, and he has patriotism for a good country, that he immigrated to. You're not allowed to like countries that immigrants want to go to. You're only allowed to like countries that immigrants want to run away from. Because you know, they're really good, and that's why all those immigrants want to run away from them to the countries that they hate. Combined with this, SJWs already hate superheroes, and heroism in general, because they see them as "fascists," as Frank Miller showed well in The Dark Knight Returns. Though even there, he kinda screwed Superman in a hypocritical fashion. In the book, he points out SJWs calling Batman fascist, pointing out how ridiculous this is, but he essentially casts Superman as a reluctant semi-fascist as well. That book is a rightful classic, and has gone on to be one of the major ways that semi-casuals are exposed to Superman. So what happens is SJWs get a hold of Superman and try to recast him as an SJW. And THAT'S when he becomes "boring." Because SJW stories are always entirely predictable, and always entirely boring. But of course the SJWs working in Hollywood would be most informed by these stories, and these are the ones they'd forward to any execs, or rather, the ones that would inform their script treatments that they had to execs, so execs end up thinking Superman is fucking boring, if they even get that far. The more likely thing is that the execs and their underlings are SJWs and just hate Superman enough to not even bother to try to make him SJW like them. They just figure they won't use him, because they hate him and what he represents, and what they think he represents, and they semi-rightly figure that casuals don't care about him anyway. But of course casuals only don't care because they haven't been exposed to a good adaptation in forever.
>>2434 Not like we'll ever get a good Superman adaptation outside of animation. Hollywood especially does not know how to write a hopeful boyscout hero that tries to see the best in people.
>>2417 >>writers have always found him hard to write for especially with how powerful he is/ They could go back to the original power of just being able to do John Carter length jumps. Or, just keep putting him in situations where he cannot use all his power and/or show how he still has limits or cannot change the outcome despite being so powerful. >their are people who don't liek him, either because they find him boring(an opinion I find meritable, but alot of that is because only writers with the most generic understanding of him typically write him. A good writer could easily make him more interesting with minimal changes to his personality) or despise him because "he basically a cop." Back in the earlier years of Supes stories, wasn't he more of a detective due to his day job of being a reporter? Why not make something about how he does enjoy working as a reporter, but hates having everything about that part of his life being a near and total lie; meanwhile he likes the freedom of being Superman, but hates the fact that he cannot have the same impact that he could have as a reporter? >many writers who do write him either bring in poorly handled edginess into his stories or using him as an overt politcal mouthpiece. This pisses off many of the people who do like him. Care to provide examples of the latter? >>2435 >Hollywood especially does not know how to write a hopeful boyscout hero that tries to see the best in people. That's because the retards writing this shit cannot fathom that people still look for the best in other despite knowing that humanity is a race of complete hypocritical idiots. Despite how much they like to talk about "grey areas", they're more black and white than everyone else.
>>2438 Superman being "too powerful" is such a fucking stupid idea. All that means is that he fights other guys on his same level, or he fights guys that don't use brute force. That's why his archenemies are Lex Luthor and Brainiac, two guys whose strength is negligible, but who are both basically mad scientists. Superman's first recurring villain, the first supervillain ever, was The Ultra-Humanite, an old crippled man. And, by the way, is it really so hard to see the connection between the name "Ultra-Humanite" and the name "Superman?" Is it so hard to see the comparison being made here? The philosophical implications? But I suppose that's too much to ask, since it's apparently already asking too much to just go with the very fucking obvious here and show that most superman stories actually have him beat the enemy not with his powers, but with his intelligence. As you mentioned, he's a reporter. All his supporting characters are reporters. And that used to mean something. He doesn't just beat up criminals, he solves crimes. He's as much a detective as Batman. Being a detective is his day job. Only Superman goes a step further, because, going with his higher power level, he needs to solve mysteries that go beyond normal street crime, or even international conspiracies. Superman needs to solve mysteries that frequently end up being the work of a reality warping wizard imp from the fifth dimension. Superman's powers don't mean a damn thing when he fights Mr. Mxyzptlk, yet he is one of Superman's most iconic and recurring villains, around whom many great stories are written. Even Superman's lesser villains are made to have Superman outsmart them. Metallo has a Kryptonite heart, and Parasite can steal people's power, so Superman can't get close to either of them. Zod and the other Phantom Zone criminals have Superman's powers plus military fight training, negating said powers and making it so Superman is basically fighting just stronger guys than him, who also have tactical experience and frequently command armies of mooks with Superman level strength, making so the power is a complete non factor, except for the danger to the world that Superman needs to stop. But it's not just that he needs to solve simple mysteries of whodunnit. Many of the best Superman stories have him grappling with ethical conundrums. This again is why SJWs cannot write him. They see the world in black and white, and cannot comprehend the concept of an ethical dilemma. Sure, Superman can do things, but what things should he do? People think Superman is about flying around and punching things, but it's not. It's about solving mysteries and then figuring out what is the correct course of action, both logically and ethically. But the closest the movies can get to this is by having Zod threaten civilians, both in Superman II and in Man of Steel. Basically no other Superman movie has bothered with it. But I suppose it's better they don't even bother, because modern writers cannot, or even are not allowed, to have actual ethical dilemmas. Just look at what they've done to Star Trek. A series that was once very much about those same things, mysteries and dilemmas. Now about shooting lasers and calling the audience shitlords for even thinking that dilemmas are possible. And the dilemmas are a big part of his personality. Yes, Superman, Clark Kent, has a very strong moral compass. He does face temptation, but doesn't give into it very easily. But that's the point. It's not just about doing the right thing, because we all know that it's good to do the right thing. Superman has to grapple with figuring out what the right thing is, and when he does, worlds are on the line, since he has to figure this out in the middle of a fight with Brainiac, and he only has a split second to decide if it's moral to save Kandor, a piece of a dead world, his birth planet that represents all the things he can't fix or save, that he now has a chance to revive, in favor of Metropolis, his current home, with his current friends, but where he never quite fits in, and can never be a "normal" person. I think a lot of this also comes down to modern audiences not being exposed to Superman, and instead being exposed to another excellent and almost equivalent series, Dragon Ball Z. The comparisons between Superman and Goku have been made, and they're both great superheroes, but there's a big difference between western superhero comics and eastern superhero manga, or at least the big popular examples, like Superman and Dragon Ball Z. Japanese superhero stories very frequently rely on getting stronger to beat the villain. Western superhero stories almost never do this. For all the discussion of his different power levels over time, Superman's power has actually stayed very static through most of his history, and has only fluctuated on a few occasions, usually not even related to solving a problem. There is general power creep, but again, it's not done to help him solve a problem. He almost never solves problems by getting stronger. Goku does. Many popular japanese superheroes do. So people see Superman, as powerful as Goku got after defeating many villains, and think that means Superman has no way to get stronger and therefore no interesting stories to tell, but that's ridiculous. It just means that the stories he tells aren't about getting stronger. They're about getting smarter. Series like Dragon Ball do also feature a degree of planning in their fights, but even then, it's frequently planning a way to get stronger, rather than a way to outwit the villain, so casuals, who are much more exposed to popular anime than they are to Superman, don't understand that Superman, and most western superheroes really, don't operate this way.
>>2434 >Casuals don't get Superman because he hasn't had a good and popular adaptation in like 25 years. What about TAS? >1996-2000 Holy shit.
>>2447 I fucking love the DCAU, and I imagine many here do. I don't think casuals, as in the broad public, are as into it as us. And even out of that, Superman: The Animated Series is probably much less well remembered than Batman, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and even Static Shock. And even those, I think a lot of people remember they existed, but don't remember much of the specifics of them. Even out of those more popular DCAU cartoons, I hate to break it to you, but casuals aren't very aware of them either. They might remember Static and not know he's the same universe as the others. They remember because he was aimed at a younger (and therefore different) audience that wasn't necessarily an audience that would be watching the other shows. They might have vague memories of Justice League, just enough to be confused if Green Lantern isn't black. They might remember that Batman Beyond existed, more than they remember that a Superman show in the same universe existed, but I bet most won't remember anything about it. And the holy grail that is Batman: The Animated Series? It must be very well remembered by everyone since Harley Quinn is now so well known, right? Well what version of Harley is popular and well known? The Animated Series version, or the Arkham Asylum version? And the only reason she was so prominent in that is because they got the main writer from The Animated Series to write it. And he is a good writer, and the game was well made, so they changed her outfit to suit the hospital setting of the game. And casuals were so clueless that they thought that was her regular outfit, and now that's what we get forever.
>>2450 It's weird. I picked up the series just yesterday actually because I kept remembering the batman crossover(World's Finest), and when I finally watched it I was amazed with how well the animation still holds up(yeah there's some primitive parts of it but it doesn't even compare to the highs of the show, and somehow I don't remember Lois Lane being so hot and having a miniskirt on at all times ) so I decided to go back to the start. What I'm getting at is that this stuff could be re-ran in the modern day and I doubt anyone would think it's out of place outside of the few first episodes where there are some patches of rough animation. >Arkham games As much as I dislike the games I can give them credit for showing the entire rogues gallery. As much as it is in glimpses and there is still joker focus it's a nice touch.
>>2454 I rewatched the entire DCAU in order last year, and do think Superman doesn't get enough credit. It really is a great show, and I think it's a shame it is usually seen as lesser than Batman and Justice League. I guess it's because those shows are so excellent, but Superman certainly approaches them. I love the Arkham games, and think they're, overall, excellent adaptations and representations of the Batman franchise. Even Harley, who is now ruined largely due to them, isn't really their fault. They changed her outfit to suit the setting of the game/franchise. Casuals latched on to that, and suits cater to casuals. Doesn't justify the bad writing in her movie portrayals though. That's just Hollywood's fault. Also, in order to watch every episode of the DCAU in order, I had to make my own order, since shows were aired out of production order, and some shows were meant to be watched in production order and others weren't. It was actually incredibly complicated to figure out an optimal viewing order, keeping things as close to release order as possible but also trying to put episodes into the orders they were meant to be viewed, rather than the others they were released (like The Cat and The Claw is the first episode aired, but obviously On Leather Wings was intended to be the first episode viewed). I now have it in a huge excel spreadsheet and don't know what to do with it. Where would be a good place to upload this so I could share my autism with the world, and make watching the DCAU in proper order easier for future generations?
>>2455 Put it here, I wouldn't mind rewatching that.
(92.96 KB 689x621 superman vs cops.jpg)

>>2438 >Care to provide examples of the latter? There was the time when he got depowered and they did a story that was clearly a ferguson parallel This of course pissed near everone off on both sides of the politcal spectrum.
>>2462 And it sucked so hard that they had to kill Superman again and replace him with a version of himself grabbed from the timeline before he did this stupid shit. And then I think later they ended up erasing the entire arc from continuity.
>>2465 I remember they I guess fused New 52 Superman with pre-Flashpoint Superman.
>>2462 >only 2 niggers What are they saying in this picture?
>>2472 >Counting the black people inside a crowd Actual autist.
>>2461 Can I upload excel files here? I'm pretty sure I can do pdfs, right? I'll do both, even though pdf isn't ideal, just in case. >>2466 They did, but in the process it completely erased the death of New 52 Superman from history. Since that "Truth" story was heavily tied up with him dying, I wonder if it was even intended to still be canon. I suppose it could be, to a degree, but a few main elements of it were erased, at least. It's kind of a clusterfuck since they said that the merged Superman was operating "in the shadows" like Post-Flashpoint Pre-Flashpoint Superman, until recently, implied to be the point where Post-Flashpoint Pre-Flashpoint Superman revealed himself to the Post-Flashpoint world. But it can't be exactly that since New 52 Superman is too important to too many stories that are still important, like Darkseid War. What would make sense is if the "black suit period" ended at the start of the "present" era of the New 52, but then that erases or significantly changes a bunch of Pre-Flashpoint stories that are supposed to be canon as well. They really shouldn't have said he operated in the shadows in the merged continuity. That should have been one of the things they erased. The whole point was just to make Jon Kent canon anyway.
>>2480 Fuck. I guess I can't upload excel files. The excel file is useful in case you want to sort it so that you're only watching certain series or something. Also, related to that, I must admit that I never double checked the order of Gotham Girls, because it sucks. Normally, I'd watch them all, and group together any episodes that directly lead into each other, like multi-part episodes, instead of putting episodes of other series between them, but watching Gotham Girls just isn't worth it, even though I actually own the Birds of Prey tv series DVD just because it includes Gotham Girls as a special feature. Anyway, it shouldn't matter. Gotham Girls doesn't cross over with anything anyway, though the theory that one of the characters becomes Killer Frost is kind of cool, so you can group all the episodes together and watch them all at once and it won't make a difference. Same with Lobo. But then you could do that with a lot of episodes of shows that don't cross over much, but if I were gonna do that, I wouldn't have made this autistic viewing order chart at all. I also suggest paying special attention to entries 351-355, and arguably 356. They form an extended crossover between Justice League and Static Shock that has been very much overlooked, partially because the first part, the Justice League part, was aired much later. Also, the Static Shock part is three episodes, two of which are a two parter, but they're the only two-parter in the franchise that actually has another episode in the middle, and that episode was also aired much later than the two-parter. But that episode going between the two parts actually is lightly referenced, and helps the timeline fit well. Then the episode after all of that is another Justice League crossover, which fits better knowing the Justice League crossover Static just had. And before anyone mentions it, I'll just say that I did include later DC movies that only sort of count, including Crisis on Two Earths, as well as Batman & Harley Quinn and Justice League vs the Fatal Five. Crisis on Two Earths isn't technically canon but fills in a lot of significant gaps if you know what it is. The others are arguably canon but shouldn't be. I'm just including as much as possible. I've also included The Adventures of Batman & Robin for Sega CD, since the cutscenes are basically a "lost episode." My cutoff was at including the other video games which didn't feature those types of cutscenes, though are intended to be in the same universe, and the DCAU comics, which are supposed to be the same universe, and even have new entries being released now. But that adds so damn much to the list, and since it's not animated, and frequently not considered the same level of canon, I imagine it's a very different audience.
>>2480 Hold on a second, there's a Lobo show? Is it any good? Also thanks. Man that's kind of convoluted. Also now I remember how Batman Beyond's end for Bruce Wayne is pretty depressing with every single one of his allies having left him and him dying as a cranky old man with only Terry and Ace to keep him company. I always felt Bruce should have had more of a happier ending.
>>2482 There's a Lobo webseries. It premiered at the same time as a webseries called "Gotham Girls." Both are exactly what you'd expect. Which means Lobo is pretty awesome. But they're webseries from the year 2000, so expect year 2000 Newgrounds-grade animation. I like it, but don't expect it to be the same as the tv shows. There are periods when you don't need to pay attention to the order. Namely, periods during which only one series was airing. Then you can just find if that series is production order or airdate order and watch them in that order. Just remember what the last one is before other series start and you need to start paying attention. This means that the beginning and end is simple, since Batman: The Animated Series was the only one running for a long time, and Justice League Unlimited was the only one left for a long time. And in the middle, there are a bunch of periods where several series were on summer break or whatever and only one series was left running, so there are a bunch of episodes of one series in a row. Sometimes it actually gets pretty tedious, and it's nice when another show breaks it up. Like for example, the last two episodes (a two-parter) of Superman: The Animated Series aired somewhat significantly after the rest of the series. But after that, all that was airing was the rest of a season of Batman Beyond. So I was somewhat tempted to move up those episodes of Superman to earlier in the list, to right after the rest of the episodes of Superman are over, but leaving it in its release order relative to Batman Beyond helps break up a long string of episodes of Batman Beyond, and also keeps the end of Superman closer to the beginning of Justice League, which it sort of leads into. Of course, Justice League is even moreso a spinoff of Batman Beyond, so anyone who would do something like just put Batman Beyond and Zeta Project at the end of the whole list is an idiot. The same even goes for Epilogue, which does function excellently as an ending, but also specifically acts as an epilogue to that season of Justice League Unlimited. Putting it at the very end, after the following season of Justice League Unlimited, removes it from the season whose plotlines it is most related to. This is why attempting to stick as close to airdate order as possible is important.
>>2482 >Also now I remember how Batman Beyond's end for Bruce Wayne is pretty depressing with every single one of his allies having left him and him dying as a cranky old man with only Terry and Ace to keep him company. I always felt Bruce should have had more of a happier ending. Terry is Bruce's happy ending. He spent decades alone, and his life was sad. Terry was the one bright spot that brought relative happiness to his life, and even helped him somewhat repair some of his broken relationships, like with Barbara Gordon, the Justice League, and most notably, Tim Drake. This is why Return of the Joker is such a good ending. We learn why Bruce is alone, and it's because he couldn't deal with what happened to Tim, so by reconciling with Tim at the end of the movie, he is essentially fixing the core problem that he had through the entire series. This idea that Terry is fixing Bruce's life is also seen with how, in Return of the Joker, they finally manage to get Bruce back in full control of Wayne Industries, after it was long taken over by Derek Powers and others. The series also tries to imply that Bruce's loneliness is due to his own emotional failings. He's the one who cut himself off, and wasn't able to balance Batman with Bruce Wayne, unlike how others, like Superman, can balance their superhero lives with a more normal life. And the series shows that this same thing is happening to Terry, as he shows difficulty balancing Batman with his social and family life. But even though Bruce clearly doesn't actually want Terry to suffer this way, he also doesn't know how to stop that from happening without Terry failing at being Batman. But by The Once and Future Thing and Epilogue, Terry has found a way to balance these halves of his life, and his relationship with Dana is still going well after all these years. This is then not only a happy ending for Terry, but a happy ending for Bruce, as he lived to see that he didn't cause someone else to suffer in the same self-inflicted ways that he did. He lived to see that he ensured that not only would Batman live on, but he would get even better than the original. All of these things are arguably amplified by Epilogue's twist, though I think they work regardless. Terry was part of Bruce's family regardless, and he helped repair the family that Bruce cut himself off from years earlier. Too bad they fucked up and never got around to including Nightwing in Batman Beyond. At least they mention him enough to give you ideas about him, but it would have meant a lot if he actually appeared and interacted with Bruce at all. Semi-related though, there is one good part to them not getting around to including that many old characters in Batman Beyond. In the last episode of The New Batman Adventures, The Judge goes around executing a bunch of villains. They say they were never intended to actually be dead, and characters like Riddler and Mad Hatter were supposed to reappear in Batman Beyond, but since they didn't, then at least they actually did get an ending, and it makes the last episode of The New Batman Adventures actually feel like a last episode.
>>2484 It's just that I keep thinking back to that scene in Mask of Phantasm, where he kneels to the graves of his parents and says "I didn't count on being happy"
>>2485 Precisely. And that continues through his whole life. Until the end, when Terry helps to actually fix some of the major things that were making him unhappy. It's bittersweet. Sad that it took so long, but at least things were looking up by the end. They don't deal with the endings of other characters as deeply, but they also seem like they probably aren't great. Superman being possessed by Starro for decades probably fucked him up a bit, for example. Actually, if you want to talk about a sad ending, the last regular episode of Justice League Unlimited is basically about Carter Hall getting cosmically cucked. It's confirmed that he and Shayara are soulmates, and they are truly destined to be together, but she proves herself stunning and brave and bold as she decides to spit in destiny's face so that she can be BLACKED, and we know things won't turn around, since The Once and Future Thing shows elements of the future that come from this. The DCAU came up with the first reasonable way to deal with Post-Crisis Hawkman's backstory, and then ruined it anyway. And I suppose it's good that the series ended when it did, because I can't imagine that storyline not becoming SJW trash if it continued.
This game was pretty good.
(29.14 KB 480x600 suicide-squad-480x600.jpg)

X-Men Legends 1 and 2 were pretty good, if I remember. They were basically Diablo-style games, isometric, where you put together a party of four mutants of your choice, collected gear from the goons you killed along the way, and leveled up while choosing abilities to boost etc. It was ages ago that I played them but I remember having a really good time, but X-Men is my favorite capeshit so I'm probably pretty biased
>>2445 >Awesome anon commentary on why Socjuicing not only leads to bad heroic stories but why they cannot joyfully make Superman stories either. Now while you brought up Dragonball, I think you also proved why westerners nowadays might have some difficulty also trying to comic book games. I mean while the Arkham games are very batmanish, the constant emphasis on tacticool design efforts or the misguided interpretation of tacticool game design in western studios kinda prevents the sort of earnest open joy that say Dragonball games get when playing super powered characters. Especially if you've been playing the xenoverse games. Heck it wasn't too long ago in the early aughts when we had city of heroes out there on the market effortlessly being able to allow you to play superman proxies if you wanted. But to do that you need to sort of get the basics of simply having the mere joy of simplest aspects of Superman that any simple kid would get. Firing lazors from the eyes and punching superdudes and doing that while flying. Taito figured this shit out quickly in the arcade era.
>>3612 I think there is difficulty in making a Superman game, or any other high level character, because while their powers don't prevent you from making whatever story you want, they do prevent you from doing whatever gameplay you want. You have to think of gameplay that makes you feel like the character. But making you earnestly feel like you're as fast as Superman or The Flash is hard. Look at how hard many people complained about Sonic not being fast enough in his 3D games, at least from Sonic Adventure to Sonic '06, even though he actually moved fairly similarly to how he did in the 2D games that everyone liked. So to cater to the people who "gotta go fast," they basically turned 3D Sonic into a single player racing game that switches to 2D for the majority of its platforming. The same problem would be faced by any fast character. Flying is another issue. Many games that do flying give you significant limitations, like limited fuel, or strict boundaries. Or hell, they only let you glide and just call it flying. These things wouldn't feel quite right in a Superman game. You mentioned Xenoverse, and frankly, I never felt quite right with the very limited areas, full of invisible walls, in those games either. The games are kind of fun, but they always feel kind of gimped and immersion breaking. But of course, if you were playing as Superman, with the ability to fly practically indefinitely, at super speed no less, it's going to make any world you make feel tiny, and you're going to need to make a huge world to make up for it. Also you'll need an excuse for the things that keep you walled in (or maybe a small spherical planet or something). Coming up with a way to do this while still letting you actually feel like Superman and not breaking immersion really hard is a problem. I mean there are tons of Superman games, but I can't say that any of them has ever actually felt like playing as Superman, and that includes the successful ones like Injustice. Batman is just a guy who has cool gadgets and karate. Hulk is hella strong, but speed and flight, especially combined, are hard to get feeling right in video game form.
(27.05 KB 320x247 superman3.JPG)

>>3623 You could always do a golden age Superman, maybe the Fleischer version. That would limit his powers enough.
>>3624 You could make Superman weaker than the comics, like say Fleischer and DCAU levels, but if you can't fly wherever you want hella fast, it's not going to feel like Superman, even if Superman couldn't fly in his earliest appearances.
>>3623 Putting players in a box isn't an issue. You just make Metropolis then make sure the players can't leave the bounds of that city. Same if you transport Superman to another area where he's focused on a certain singular threat. There's also the idea of making it much more based on Golden Age Superman with more limited powers. But the real problem with making a Superman game is being Superman. You have all these destructive abilities but you can't make Superman into a killer. It limits sandbox potential & player fun if they can't hurt civilians or the average thug. Sure you could put a system that punishes the player for hurting or killing people but then the player would just be annoyed constantly if they accidentally do it just trying to have fun.
>>3625 What would you consider to be a large enough world map to prevent a Superman game from being too cramped?
>>3623 >Flying is another issue. I admit I haven't played them, but the Lego Marvel games, seems to have good flying in a city or open fields, so I see no problem with such a concept. At most you can't have Superman smash into buildings, but I think most players will understand that this is a game engine limitation, more than a gameplay problem. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=wcR5ZneELSY>>3623
>>3626 >But the real problem with making a Superman game is being Superman. You have all these destructive abilities but you can't make Superman into a killer. It limits sandbox potential & player fun if they can't hurt civilians or the average thug. Sure you could put a system that punishes the player for hurting or killing people but then the player would just be annoyed constantly if they accidentally do it just trying to have fun. Well you could either transport Superman to somewhere other than earth (think World War Hulk but Superman) so that players can use his powers to a freer extent or you could make missions episodic rather than a connected world and just state that Superman is coming out for existential threats ans all the civilians have either evacuated or they're under the city in shelters or something like that.
>>3629 Yeah that could work. Though the comparison would be immediately drawn to Arkham Knight with the latter idea.
>>3626 >Putting players in a box isn't an issue. You just make Metropolis then make sure the players can't leave the bounds of that city. I can accept one game where Brainiac has bottled the city. After that, it's gonna feel like bullshit in any sequels when I can't fly all the way around the earth. You're right that the morality aspect is another issue, and it's an issue with a lot of superhero games. Everyone wanted to beat the hell out of that kid that keeps losing the balloon in Spider-Man 2, and not being able to is very immersion breaking. I guess they could do some sort of story that's like a prequel to Injustice and you basically get to decide if Superman becomes evil or not. Idk. I don't like how Injustice handles Superman, but also I want the option to wreck shit, because not being able to would make it not feel like Superman. He's able to, he just doesn't want to. >>3628 Flying is easy, but flying, especially flying fast, leads to you facing invisible walls, which is annoying and immersion breaking. They can say Metropolis is an island or something, and do infinite water, but frankly, it will probably still feel like bullshit when even Superman, or any other fast character, can't just fly over all the water anyway. I suppose there's no getting around that though. And like you said, if it's done well, players might accept it as an inevitable limitation. >>3630 Say that the whole city is actually a VR simulation created by Luthor.
>>3654 That's why I suggested a Planet Hulk Kal-el type deal. It would smooth over a lot of the problems with a Superman game. You could even stick him on a smaller planet to make building the map easier.
>>3654 >Say that the whole city is actually a VR simulation created by Luthor. Superman 64
(21.71 KB 480x360 thatsthejoke.jpg)

>>3656 pic related >>3655 Yeah, but the setting of the game is also important. I don't want to just play as Superman, I want to be in Superman's world and interact with his various supporting characters. A Superman game where you don't play in Metropolis loses a significant amount of its appeal. Other locations in addition to this would be a good idea as well, but I wanna see the Daily Planet building and go to visit that giant Superman statue in Centennial Park. I wanna visit the Ace of Clubs and Hob's Bay and Suicide Slum. Even in Arkham City and the other games, it was cool to visit Ace Chemicals and Monarch Theater. The first game didn't have that, but the whole thing was Arkham Asylum, one of the most notable Gotham locations anyway. You could do Brainiac bottling cities, and then you could do Darkseid boom-tubing Superman to Apokolips or whatever, but he would have to also bring Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen and all the other characters Superman interacts with.
>>3683 Well joke's on you. DC just got hit with massive layoffs from WB. Any hope of a video game based on any DC IP is pretty slim. I wouldn't be surprised if the Suicide Squad game gets cancelled.
>>3687 >Any hope of a video game based on any DC IP is pretty slim. Are you retarded? AT&T laying off people in no way means they will stop making DC games. DC shit is some of the most profitable stuff they have.
>>3688 Nigger they can very easily any day now shut down the comics division completely. The next on the chopping block would be all the shows & movies. DC as a brand is dying faster & faster.
>>3692 BamHam alone will keep them making DC video games. Injustice, too. The comics division is certainly one of the easiest things for them to shut down, but that doesn't mean they won't keep trying to milk the IPs that came from those comics. The CW is like 50% awful DC shit, and WB is desperate enough for that Avengers money that they'll probably keep trying to do DC movies until the Avengers movies start tanking as well. (Maybe soon since normalfags seem to realize the story is over now, and the next entries are all going to be SJW bullshit that doesn't even have the benefit of being released between the two parts of the two-parter biggest movie of all time.) Even after that, they'll keep making Batman movies forever, with the occasional attempt to do Superman again.
>>3694 Oh I have no doubt they'll continue to attempt to milk Batman. Even though it's stopped working ages ago. Something's gotta give sooner or later though. AT&T/WB may decide to just sell the IPs completely. Or let all the characters become public domain as they realize they can't save themselves from their financial troubles without such drastic measures.
>>3692 >DC as a brand is dying faster & faster. Oh, so you actually are retarded. DC is one of the biggest properties they own. If you look at the most successful movies WB has made in the last 2 decades around half of them are DC movies.
>>3700 >AT&T/WB may decide to just sell the IPs completely. Why would they sell something that makes them billions of dollars?
>>3704 >something that makes them billions of dollars? Does it?
>>3709 Yes, just look at Aquaman. The film single handily revived the character in the public's eye after years of Robotchicken and Family Guy jokes. Making it a billion dollar success.
>>3704 Hey remember Birds of Prey? That was a real money maker.
>>3715 That's because they let the dumb bitch playing Harley act like a backseat driver while giving the film to a director that wanted to push an agenda.
>>3715 Hey remember Joker? That was a real money maker. Hey remember Aquaman? That was a real money maker. Hey remember Wonder Woman? That was a real money maker. Hey remember BvS? That was a real money maker.
>>3718 Joker was the only movie that was a massive success critically & financially.
>>3721 aquaman made mildly more money than joker at the box office. The other capeshit movies listed also made well over their budget at the box office.
>>3721 All 4 of those movies were WB's most successful movie the year they came out. Or are you one of those retards who thinks every movie that doesn't make a billion dollars is a flop?
>>3723 >>3722 Movies have to make 3 times their budget to turn an actual profit.
>>3724 You're retarded if you think that, but even if it was true all 4 of those movies made triple it's budget. BVS >Budget $250 Million >Box Office $872 Million Wonder Woman >Budget $150 Million >Box Office $821 Million Aquaman >Budget $200 Million >Box Office $1.14 Billion Joker >Budget $70 Million >Box Office $1.07 Billion Your next excuse will be that those numbers are lies, so they don't matter.
>>3724 The only movie listed here that possibly didn't make 3 times it's budget listed here >>3718 is BVS. Joker >Had $55 - 70 million budget so needed to make $165 - 210 million <Made $1.074 billion Aquaman >Had a $160–200 million budget so needed to make $480 - 600 million <Made $1.148 billion Wonder Woman >Had a $120–150 million budget so needed to make $360 - 450 million <Made $821.8 million[ Batman v Superman >Had a $250–300 million budget so needed to make $750 - 900 milion <Made $873.6 million
>>3726 >>3727 fuck someone else beat me to the punch
>>3726 No I concede to your point. You provided numbers. There's nothing I can contest to this. But I still tell you DC's crumbling to bits. Comics division & DC Universe have suffered massive layoffs. The game division will be next. DC Essentials division has been COMPLETELY shutdown. The movie division, at the very least the animated one, needs to be afraid right now.
>>3729 >Comics division & DC Universe have suffered massive layoffs The comics division doesn't make hardly any money compared to movies or games and everyone knew DCU was going to be shuttered when HBO Max came out. The games division is one of the more successful things AT&T got with the WB merger, which is why people were surprised when AT&T was considering selling it. DC games make money, they aren't going to stop making them you tard. Even if DC dies the properties still make plenty of money outside of comics. They aren't going to sell them, and they certainly aren't going to just let them go public domain.
>>3700 There is no way they would ever just "let" Batman become public domain. That said, he still is going to become public domain in a few years, because even Disney has seemingly given up on bringing congress to keep extending copyright law. But they'll still have a trademark on Batman and related characters, and a great number of his related characters and concepts will not be public domain. Robin, Joker, and Catwoman will be public domain about a year after Batman, but try putting Catwoman in an actual cat suit and you'll still get sued. Try making Robin act like anything other than 1940s Dick Greyson and you'll get sued. Try using Alfred, the Batmobile, or the Batcave and you'll get sued. Batman alone will keep DC worth keeping. Even if they wanted to sell the rest, they'd want Batman. The most that will happen is they'll stop trying to adapt other characters, which was the case anyway before they started trying to ape Avengers so hard.
>>3737 I see them selling off Superman before they'd sell off Batman. Unless the Pattinson movie absolutely bombs. Which it likely will if it ever comes out. Just because of corona being a concern.
>>3737 >There is no way they would ever just "let" Batman become public domain. That said, he still is going to become public domain in a few years, because even Disney has seemingly given up on bringing congress to keep extending copyright law. But they'll still have a trademark on Batman and related characters, and a great number of his related characters and concepts will not be public domain. Robin, Joker, and Catwoman will be public domain about a year after Batman, but try putting Catwoman in an actual cat suit and you'll still get sued. Try making Robin act like anything other than 1940s Dick Greyson and you'll get sued. Try using Alfred, the Batmobile, or the Batcave and you'll get sued. Sounds like a good opportunity to spin Batman and friends into a your own thing to me. >but try putting Catwoman in an actual cat suit and you'll still get sued Her original costume ain't that bad honestly. >Try making Robin act like anything other than 1940s Dick Greyson and you'll get sued Wouldn't it be more that you couldn't make Robin act like subsequent depictions of Robin rather than you would be only confined to 1940s Dick Greyson? >Try using Alfred, the Batmobile, or the Batcave and you'll get sued. All those came on only a few years after Batman did so all you'd have to do is wait to introduce them.
(94.07 KB 850x653 Eg42ON7WkAE3vBY.jfif)

Carol's old outfit is in the Avengers game but it's censored. The leotard is less gymnastic & more like a weight lifter's due to the short legs.
the avengers game is already below 1000 players on pc. what a blunder.
(296.73 KB 1920x1080 jason and dick.jpg)

Why do WB & DC keep fucking up Jason Todd?
>>25947 Gameplay wise it doesn't really look good either, comparing it to something like Arkham Knight.
>>25948 And Arkham Knight wasn't exactly perfect. Mostly because of the batmobile added in to pad for content like puzzles, obstacle courses, & drone tank fights. How the fuck did Riddler even set any of that up in the maybe few couple of days during the city evacuation? Where did Scarecrow even get an advanced drone army of tanks? I can believe mercs but drone tanks & Jason's stupid overdesigned suit are pushing it. Arkham Knight can be summed up like that. Overdesigned even at the cost of sense.
>>2314 Still doesn't look great with that jawline. MVC Infinite was bad but at least they salvaged her design.
(161.29 KB 1080x1080 FSaZKNNXwAAiAfW.jpg)

(166.14 KB 1080x1080 FSaZNGIXMAAo0iW.jpg)

(174.70 KB 1080x1080 FSaZNHyX0AEa2zl.jpg)

They expect you to pay extra just for one pack of comic based skins but throw in MORE overdesigned garbage looks on top of it.
>>25953 Honestly the batmobile wasn't bad per say, but considering how simple it was it was an extremely poor choice on the developer's part having so much of the game be tied into it. Chase sequences, races, puzzle sequences, stealth sequences, bosses, combat sequences, they went really overboard with it when it could have been a couple of mandatory sequences at best, a fair bit of optional content for it and then giving some more love to the other characters in the campaign. Because it would have been really cool being able to have main campaign content for Robin, Azrael or even Red Hood post-game instead of the literal 10 minute "side campaigns" they gave you. >>25961 >that red robin beyond style That's beyond terrible. >+emote >+gear >+salavage Wait, this is going to be that Avengers game again, isn't it. God damnit is it too much to ask for a straight forward good old fashioned co-op game? I don't want all of this gay always online bullshit or loot systems. All I ever wanted was Arkham with co-op.
>>25962 Yeah the Jim Lee transmogs don't even seem to be skins like I thought. Just fucking icons. They have the fucking gall to have this shit all behind the pre-order system.
>>3623 Making a young superman? You can fly how much you want or as fast you want but is not precise cause you are still learning your powers(so you need to go metropolis-berlin, you do in short burst otherwise you end up if Brisbane by mistake and lose the mission) or you could do something like braniac shrank the world into a snow globe laced with kryptnite therefor your powers aren't as good, you can sorta fly(more like jump with a really slow glide) your punches arent as strong or you are still strong but actually have stamina to control, you can't simply xrey your view till you find the enemy, allowing you also to investigate who did it, why and how to get out Still you don't get a full powered superman but at least you might get a game out of it
>>25995 Sure, it would be easy enough to say Brainiac bottled Metropolis, and use that to justify the limited scope of the game world, but it's about feeling like Superman. There are tons of excuses you can use in the story, but even if they make sense plot wise, they still make you not feel like Superman. Superman loses his powers all the time in the comics, but that isn't what should happen in a video game. You could do a Flash game where The Flash loses his speed and you just solve crimes as Barry Allen, and it could make perfect sense as a Flash story, but you still wouldn't feel like The Flash.
>>25995 >>25996 Why not just make a Superboy game? Don't have flight but you have super strength, super jump, & psychic abilities. Doesn't have to be open world but if it was then it'd make it easier to manage not dealing with janky flight controls.
Guess who's back
>>26013 Daddy neutron looks uncanny.
>>26018 He honestly looks like a lazy town character now.
>>26013 >>26018 >>26020 They made him look a little too detailed.
>>26011 Naaaaa, the idea is ok but then again you want to play superman not another character. Maybe as another anon said, sandbox with morality system would be fine, infamous style
>>26066 Fuck that. Morality systems are terrible & Superman shouldn't ever be evil.
>>26067 Instead of a morality system, why not have a rank system in which you loose points if civilians die for whatever reason, since superheroes are supposed to protect civilians. This would require a mission based structure though.
>>26072 It should be an instant game over if you hurt a civilian. Otherwise absolutely no ability to hurt them.
(19.98 KB 256x325 Superman_Returns_coverart.jpg)

>ideal Superman game I think EA's Superman Returns tie-in game (the Xbox 360 version) is the closest anybody's ever gotten to making a decent Superman video game, but it's also a good example of why it's so hard to design an entire game around Superman https://yewtu.be/watch?v=KY-eUtc-gp4
>>26074 I wasn't just talking about you hurting a civilian, I was talking about civilians getting hurt collaterally or deliberately by villains. The experience would be not just fighting supervillains, but preventing civilians from getting hurt.
>All of these completely homo game ideas Listen up faggots, here's how you do a superman game. The first thing a superman game is flight, lots of flight. Clark practiced the fuck out of his flying skills so the game has to challenge you on that by having you fly complex routes. Maybe it can be signposted with rings similar to Spyro 3's racetrack levels. Next, the game has to have you save civilians. Clark does so on a daily basis, constantly doing split-second decisions so the game should aim to mimic that. Also I don't think Clark would willingly let anyone die even if he fails so I think the game should reference Superman 1 and have him reset time every time he fails, putting you back a good chunk earlier in the game. I'm too lazy to write bullshit about how the indoor levels were lore friendly but you get the idea
>>26085 That should still result in game overs if you fail.
>>26089 NTA, but why are you people so hung up on it being a one to one representation of him in every aspect? I get that superman is often depicted as a guy that can't stand even some people getting hurt, and has gone to autistic lengths to prevent harm. But is it really game breaking if some game takes some mildly liberty, allowing leeway if it makes for funner gameplay? I recall it's established in pretty much every version of his character in the comics that not even superman can save everyone. I would rather have a game that allowed some leeway, like superman returns, and maybe had some kinda of statistic that rewards you playing more "superman" like. A game that instantly games overs you for fucking up even a little sounds like an un-fun game. I get it's an aspect of his character to be like that, but it's not so big an element that it changes much for him to be allowed to fuck up if it benefits gameplay.
>>26090 Superheroes with moral codes don't hurt innocent people & it'd be antithetical to allow you free reign to do so. Even Spider-man games know this. Even Assassin's Creed doesn't let you murder people forever.
>>26091 Yes, but that's separate from requiring you be 100% perfect and save absolutely everyone from disaster.
>>26094 I mean you can have a penalty system but the more likely scenario is like the Spider-man games where you have to complete quicktime events to save lives.
>>26067 But that's not the point. Otherwise how you gonna show how good superman is? He needs to have a risk on crushing a building, he need to feel guilty cause be didn't save the people on the plane.... rather then a morality system(that would have tried to keep the player on the good side) then a mental status level....where more casuality he encounters or more mayhem he causes his mental status drop
>>26091 >Superheroes with moral codes don't hurt innocent people & it'd be antithetical to allow you free reign to do so. But that's not what was being discussed in the post you are replying too.
Man you niggers are fucking retarded.
>>26098 Okay Zack Snyder. >>26099 It is though if it's the idea of letting superhero games have total freedom in what you can do.
>>26103 >total freedom Technically the lego games do.
>>26106 Yeah but lego games are joke games made for little kids. We're talking like at least a teen rated game with more realistic graphics, stakes, & tone.
(24.06 KB 625x626 1375473875362.png)

>>26111 How is it bait?
(15.52 MB 1280x720 7IYMaiDl67pJpoNG.mp4)

Why is everything about Gotham Knights the embodiment of overthinking? The designs & the gameplay are just completely overdoing what should be simple stuff.
(109.05 KB 900x900 bait the musical.jpg)

>>26107 >Yeah but lego games are joke games made for little kids.
>>27170 You can't just keep jumping at shadows by calling everything bait.
(133.63 KB 500x500 baittalkingheads.jpg)

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