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(145.58 KB 1280x720 farfetched.jpg)

Anonymous 02/27/2022 (Sun) 04:20:24 No. 23505
Will this become the next Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovn0pzuGs_M
>>23505 No. People only wanna fuck the dragon dog. That's nothing compared to all of Vivzie characters people wanna fuck.
looks boring but mabye it's alright show
(5.26 MB 800x600 I want to fuck that.webm)

(37.14 KB 500x500 1432517177926.jpg)

>>23505 Is that a girl or a boy?
>>23505 I aint clicking that shit, does anyone have a webm?
(143.12 KB 375x181 fartfetched.png)

I haven't seen it, but here's what I get from that still: - The freaky logo and dragon dog imply that paranormal activity is one of the main themes of the show. That's up my alley. It's the sort of thing I'd watch. - They're on a stage with rock band equipment, which means they're into that subculture. - The dog looks like the star of the show. It's in the center, it's expressive, and the way it's looking at the bug invokes a wonderment at nature, the kind of thing that good anime does well. - The girl looks like a generic 2000s Western cartoon and could be Instantly Forgettable unless she's written well enough to become her own standout character. Her color scheme matches the background and she fades into it. I can't tell what she is holding, and it's hard to tell whether she is sneering or if she is supposed to be smiling. The eyebrows don't match a sneer and seem to be way out of place. - There is some attention to detail in the lighting and shading of the music equipment. It's a good sign when an art studio goes this extra step. It shows that they want to produce a good work. After watching the pilot: - The girl is the everygirl in a team of weirdos. That's a good person to make the MC. - The dog is definitely the star of the show. It has a likeable personality, and they did a good job animating it. - They're all in a traveling rock band. That's a good excuse to move to different locations for new stories, and we can expect that music acts will be a part of the show. - The bandmates have self-defining personality traits that can play off of one another or be the basis of new stories, but none of them stand out as exceptionally interesting. - The main thing it has going for it is the extra effort that they put into making the pilot look good, particularly showing off what they can do with the dog's animation. Conclusions: - It has potential. Whether it will be good or not depends on the writing. - Whoever animated the dog deserves a job in a cartoon studio somewhere. So there's one anon's overanalysis. YMMV.
>>23505 >>23514 >>23518 wait, you mean this isn't made by vivzie? is this artstyle going to be "the artstyle" of 2020's cartoons?
>>23624 Web cartoons sure. These women grew up in the hottopic Invader Zim era of edgy cartoons.
https://farfetched.show/ About The Creators Ashley Nichols Ashley is an animator & artist, best known for her work as animation cleanup lead on the Hazbin Hotel pilot & Lackadaisy film, as well as her popular podcast HuniCast. When she isn't working, she wastes the hours of her life away playing dinosaur video games. Dave Capdevielle A skeleton roaming the Earth in a flesh suit, Dave is a writer, musician & overall entertainer, best known for his work on the Hazbin Hotel pilot, various productions & podcasts. He knows far too much about 1980's horror movies & ALF. >Hazbin Do you think Hazbin will be to web animation what Flapjack was to ~2010s cartoons?
>>23662 Flapjack even that popular? I thought the likes of adventure time were more popular and influential.
>>23662 >Flapjack You're thinking about Adventure Time or Steven Universe. Flapjack didn't influence shit, it was just a derivative of Spongebob and Chowder and halfway decent, though I never liked the main characters voice actors or setting.
>>23663 I think he means that Flapjack was the spawning point for a lot of later cartoons, or at least their writers and directors. JG Quintel (Regular Show), Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls), Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time), and Patrick McHale (Over the Garden Wall), just to name a few. And for the record, I remember Chowder being more popular than Flapjack in terms of late-aughts Cartoon Network shows, but both were head and shoulders above dreck like Squirrel Boy or My Gym Partner is a Monkey
(1.89 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.94 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage (1).png)

(1.79 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage (2).png)

(1.85 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage (3).png)

(1.94 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Character bios for the cast, has the typical pronoun bullshit.
(961.48 KB 2669x1295 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.54 MB 3850x2001 ClipboardImage.png)

(982.15 KB 2340x1554 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.86 MB 3600x1808 ClipboardImage.png)

>>23732 Character model sheets.
(2.36 MB 4096x2222 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.57 MB 3900x2321 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.96 MB 3600x2198 ClipboardImage.png)

Part 2
(343.08 KB 3650x2000 media_E-8PF5IVcAcqmrF.png)

(365.80 KB 3500x2198 media_E-8PF5IVUAUJ5P1.png)

(611.97 KB 3500x2500 media_E-8PF5HVUAEZbiX.png)

Part 3
(457.91 KB 850x850 original.png)

>>23505 The original was better.
>>23732 >pronouns Yeah, it's shit by definition. No one even needs to look at it, never mind watch it.
>>23737 I didn't even see that. I was too focused on the fact that this guy is obviously a fag: >>23734
>>23738 From the thumbnails I thought it was a girl. Goddamn bait and switch like real life can't do. And it's a shame, because I like that gradient. It's pretty. A girl with gradient hair might be cute if she wasn't played up like a typical feminist.
>>23739 I take it that you didn't watch the webm: >>23709
>>23740 Oh fuck, no. I saw the bottom posts from the main board page and scrolled up a bit from there, is all. I'm... not a fan of that animation. It's almost like it's just key frames in a few places.
(311.28 KB 1920x1080 Griff.jpg)

Forgot this character Bio, last one for now.
>>23742 >>23732 >pronouns Oh for fucks sake.
(297.86 KB 546x419 Not buying it.png)

>>23732 >Pronouns. What a way to kill a project.
(81.27 KB 409x406 oh, I hate this.png)

>>23732 >>23742 Does no one else see the irony that this project was probably conceived as a direct response to stick it to the Hazbin project, and all the drama that sprouted as a result, but the creators still allow their politics to cloud their judgement, and fall right into the same pitfalls that caused them to leave in the first place?
>>23746 Well unlike Hazbin, this hasn't been picked up by a major production company & had all it's voice actors fired. Yet.
>>23732 >2nd pic Why does that character remind me of Randy Stair and his Ghost Squad?
Does it already targets the ((usual demographic)) for perpetuation of memes, tikitoki vids, fanarts and shipping?
>>23752 It's possible considering it takes place during the early 2000s, the timeline that most of gen Z's born into.
What is this inmense faggotry?
>>23732 >He Has no dong, this faggot has a funny face
>>23518 no never mind its just a Saturday morning cartoon premise and the character designs look like how i drew when i was 12 if though my artwork was dynamic

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