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(639.42 KB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-000.jpg)

(127.61 KB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-001.jpg)

(154.74 KB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-002.jpg)

(809.11 KB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-003.jpg)

(1.58 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-004.jpg)

All-America Comix Anonymous 07/01/2020 (Wed) 17:33:44 No. 2402
The creators of America Chavez weren't allowed to make her solo book, so they went and made a "new" character at Image. How bad can it be? It certainly can't be as bad as the America Chavez book, right?
(1.55 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-005.jpg)

(1.72 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-006.jpg)

(7.32 MB 3976x3056 All-America Comix 001-007.jpg)

(1.51 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-008.jpg)

(1.26 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-009.jpg)

(1.99 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-010.jpg)

(1.73 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-011.jpg)

(1.78 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-012.jpg)

(1.36 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-013.jpg)

(1.12 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-014.jpg)

(947.83 KB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-015.jpg)

(755.78 KB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-016.jpg)

(1005.45 KB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-017.jpg)

(5.76 MB 3976x3056 All-America Comix 001-018.jpg)

(3.32 MB 3976x3056 All-America Comix 001-019.jpg)

(1.63 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-020.jpg)

(1.15 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-021.jpg)

(1.01 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-022.jpg)

(1.15 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-023.jpg)

(1.48 MB 1988x3056 All-America Comix 001-024.jpg)

She's still a lesbian from an all-lesbian universe?
>>2408 America Chavez was originally straight. It was other writers who made her a dyke, not her original creators.
>>2402 >>2403 It's literally just America Chavez with an indie coat of paint! Holy hell!
I have to be honest to this day I don't know what America Chavez was ever supposed to be.
>>2412 > I don't know what America Chavez was ever supposed to be. Fap bait.
(213.67 KB 599x943 abomination.jpg)

This art, jesus.
How is this not clearly plagiarism? How has Marvel not sued these people?
(648.60 KB 1920x1080 Discord_rape.png)

>>2414 You say that, but where is the dick?
>>2456 To be fair even creators of actual worth like Jack Kirby have done similar shit(although they often did after being fucked over). Has the big two ever sued anyone over someone going"I'll make my own with blackjack and hookers" with their characters, aside from the original Captain Marvel?
>>2414 This Just like the Halal Ms. Marvel or Korra, brown girls meant to push a message but only end up as R34 bait
(88.68 KB 843x1280 1894142-vengeance1.jpeg)

It's funny to think that Vengeance came out 9 years ago and Casey is only now getting to fulfill his vision of what that mini was supposed to lead into.
>>2402 >tweets The people who make this shit need to die.
>>2405 That 'artwork' is trying soooo hard to be epic but it's just dull shite
Anyone got the solo comic by Gabby Rivera?
>>2404 >just travels to some country to smash robots for no reason >doesn't depose its despotic leader even though she is monstrously OP >says "weird flex but whatever" when he literally didn't flex >his earlier flex of the country being profitable isn't a particularly weird flex??? >quotes the name of a song ("a quein la importa" - to whom does it matter) because millennials do that all the time, yep >live tweets even though she's not tweeting >steals valor >babby's first D&D tier "she has amnesia and forgot her superhero origin" >babby's first D&D tier "party member just wanders into the empty room she's in at the end of the prologue" >she looks like a peace pipe indian half the time, and sometimes like a dot indian Just a terrible, cringey character. Not sure anyone would like this comic.
>>2402 Imagine if Spider-man's debut started with him monologuing about what a groovy dude or cool cat he was. I guess there's a decent chance that the character could recover, but even something good would be tarnished by "debuting" by being a narcissistic prick. Also, >La Puente, California The vast majority of cities in California with Spanish names are as such because they date back to Spanish settlement and consequently have names that are religious in origin: Los Angeles ("The Angels", derivative of the settlement's original name which translated to "the Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels"), Sacramento (Sacrament), San Francisco (Saint Francisco), San Diego (Saint Diego), San Jose (Saint Jose), among others. The one notable counterexample is Fresno, which translates to "ash tree" after the kinds of trees that were abundant there at the time of its founding. The chances of a town with a Spanish name in California that translates to "the Bridge", that is large enough to host a superhero are so negligible that it's laughable. If you're going to invent a town in a region that follows a general naming scheme, try to conform a little to it. Pick something fake but religious sounding or pick a natural feature described in Spanish, do not name it after a product of human engineering.
>>23200 That tweet bullshit thing right in the beginning is the worst shit i've ever read. And I used to write pony fiction on cuckchannel. I'm sure your other points are valid but sadly those first three pages are about as far as I got so I can't even see the rest of the cringey shit you just described. What a fucking mess.
>>23242 its kind of the bones of an interesting premise; an overpowered hero goes and just harasses dictators because they're bored and arrogant but also ultimately leaves them because they know that you can't create change through force, and then their powers falter, which undermines their supremacy over all things on Earth. Those are kind of promising plot ideas. This just isn't... good.... and the tone betrays the writer's unfamiliarity with the target audience. The dated memes and progressive agendas suck and the writer isn't smart enough to go anywhere with those foundational ideas or even to let them breathe a bit, and the art and pacing is bad too. Not sure why people toss creators like this any money.
>>23244 Also, now trump is gone, is there a reason for this tone? The blue team won, and now the truth is revealed - that no-one is energized by the idea of more nigresses and taco-americans in power.
(33.57 KB 483x635 images (7).jpeg)

>>2402 Here's the writer. It makes sense now. This is a white cuck self flagellating. apparently he's part of Man of Action as well.
>>23209 it should be El Puente, not La Puente, Puente is a masculine word in spanish and certainly anyone who speaks spanish will kick you in the balls for saying La Puente
>>23246 He also wrote Godland, which is a comic I like. I'd be upset if I hadn't gotten used to modern writers becoming cucks. Glad I pirated it, although I considered buyfagging Godland before I found out he wrote this.
>>2414 Not sure I understand the point you're making. Could you elaborate?
>>23270 He masturbates to comic book capeshit characters. Granted I can't blame him when I have a fixation on Kamala Khan as well.
>>23244 >an overpowered hero goes and just harasses dictators because they're bored and arrogant but also ultimately leaves them because they know that you can't create change through force Isn't that basically international policy for the past few decades?
>>23275 The thing with it in comics is that everyone wants to be Captain America #1 where he's punching Hitler in the face and grabbing him and Stalin by the ear and putting them in time out.
>>23295 Every big two comic creator wants to make a soapbox, yes.
(889.42 KB 1100x950 ClipboardImage.png)

>>23295 But, no one likes that character. Despite all the attention made by the films, people still like every other Avenger, EXCEPT Stevey. Partially because he's too much of a boy scout, and partially because he becomes a soapbox for whoever the writer is. In fact, things really get interesting once you begin looking at the polls: https://archive.ph/QCE3d According to the stats, the ONLY countries that favor "Captain America" are Canada, Australia, Germany, and Ireland. Try to figure that one out.
>>23297 >wonder woman is the most popular hero in japan Bullshit. Spider-man out of any big two hero is more well known & loved there than WW.
>>23298 Keep in mind this "research" was literally just looking up search history so considering she came 1st in countries like Japan, Russia and Egypt its most likely coomers driving up the number searching for WW porn.
>>23299 That makes sense.
>>23275 That's not a very precise claim, as the west destroyed nations comprehensively and eliminated Gaddafi, Hussein and a bunch of leaders of dominant factions in the middle east.
lmao niggers

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