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(380.81 KB 750x675 spooder.jpg)

More adult animated movies Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 02:02:43 No. 2429
https://www.cartoonbrew.com/feature-film/sony-animation-prez-kristine-belson-coronavirus-will-lead-to-more-pg-13-and-r-rated-animated-movies-193790.html Seems Sony Pictures Animation wants to place more focus on developing PG-13 and R-rated animated movies, because it's easier to have VAs speak their lines at home than to gather actors on a set in post-Corona times. Is this the animation genre's chance to shed its kiddy image and be considered a respectable medium by the mainstream? Or are we just gonna end up with a slew of Sausage Party-tier disasters?
>>2429 Knowing the track record of "adult" animated content in the west, I can say for certain we'll get nothing but Seth Rogen tier raunchy comedies.
(50.84 KB 500x600 Face+it+no+one+loves+you.jpg)

>>2429 >Is this the animation genre's chance to shed its kiddy image and be considered a respectable medium by the mainstream? Or are we just gonna end up with a slew of Sausage Party-tier disasters? You answered your first question by even needing the ask the second. We are NEVER going to get any "good" "adult animations" outside of projects of passion. Hell, even then, you'd be lucky to even got something of actually consumable because Kiketube has offered the entire planet the chance to make passion projects out of their literal bedrooms, and WHAT has the West done with that freedom? Basically responded by making material that all universally says: Fuck!: https://invidio.us/watch?v=vVkDrIacHJM You!: https://invidio.us/watch?v=vnnxoqu-b9Q 'God!: https://invidio.us/watch?v=Zlmswo0S0e0 There are the occasional works that do defy this though, like that TIE Fighter animation: https://invidio.us/watch?v=PN_CP4SuoTU And, that one short that Borderlands plagiarized: https://invidio.us/watch?v=OmeP1YkaeTo However, these come across as more the exception, not the rule. If anything, I'd say that it's show that the West is completely screwed. They don't perceived adults as being able to enjoy any form entertainment unless it has swearing, sex, defy Christian principles (As if it is the only religion that exists on the planet), and the lowest tier of humor available for any sitcom. And, with that being said, one can't really blame that when media is cheap to make and it pays the bills. That's also on top of the fact that you have people graduating from CalArts who are brainwashed into thinking that every single fart they make has to be abstract and deep in meaning otherwise it produces nothing in regards to answering some vague and unending need to "Push the boundaries" and "Make a statement". Then, you have animation that's aimed at kids and treats them like idiots (When not being blatantly sexual, and not in the inconspicuous way that Animaniacs and the DCAU treated it), which you can't really blame them for when the populous is already treated like an idiot the moment they enter school and almost encouraged to fail all their lives because then they can play the victim card and not have to put any actual effort into thinking or doing anything. And, the saddest part about it all is that regular people realize this bullshit is happening and are completely rejecting, but none of the people in charge of these companies give enough of a damn to change course and finally make media that appeals to the larger audience. NO! They'd rather outlaw a drawing made on Filipino rice paper because they see it as a direct competitor to their industry. And, ensure that it is NOT classified as being a part of the same industry by continually pushing that there is a distinction just because the work comes from the other side of an ocean. And, we're not going to talk about European works because American companies keep trying to segregate that material off unless they European company pays the protection money. Honestly, I'm just tired of it all and have mostly cut myself off from Western animation. And, I can't even call it that when much of the work is produced in Japan and Korea. At that point, why not just go full weeaboo?
(93.50 KB 1050x599 fantastic_planet.jpg)

>>2431 There's infinite potential with adult animation - in theory. It's unfortunate that the end result is almost always a "comedy," and rarely does (((Hollywood))) have any other genre expressed through animation; you'll almost never see genres like slice-of-life, high school, military, or even isekai shown that's already done countless times in anime. 3DPD is considered the de facto standard for Western media, even if there's corporate diddling still involved. The pool for this kind of animation is going to be extremely small due to the lack of shekels, but it's not dead (yet). I usually find them anywhere except the US and Japan; there's a good amount made in Russia and occasionally France. At the end of the day, the weeaboos may wobble, but they never fall down. https://invidio.us/watch?v=3rBX4nDz9sQ
>>2431 is the backwater gospel really anti Christian? Seemed more like they were portraying the priest as someone abusing his status to push his on warped views. I interpreted some of the symbolism to support that conclusion, such as the priests hollowed out bible holding a gun, or when the hobo says"why don't you try it" when the priest asks him to submit to the lord. Is there something I'm missing?
>>2437 >is the backwater gospel really anti Christian? It isn't when you think about it because your points are correct. However, that doesn't stop retards who keep pushing the belief that the problem "wouldn't exist" in the first place if we abolished "all" religion because then "there would be 'nothing' that could be used to influence and lead the people into mindless zealotry".
>>2429 A few experimental shows maybe, but on a scale like Anime afraid not. Doesn't help cartoons and western animation are getting co-oped by the politically correct libs and people still tend to see cartoons being made for kids. Meanwhile, Anime has successfully shed this image and expanded to the mainstream crowd. I work on retail and all I can say is I see people more excited about Anime than they do for western animation nowadays.
Thank you Corona-Chan. Speaking of, when creating art why haven't people just done something like have a public file across the employee network where everyone just does everything online, fucking /co/ could do it assuming everyone here could be bothered to follow a specific art style and script.

(467.07 KB 1120x584 Hilda_wew.png)

>>2431 Did you have to post a funnyjunk image? And hopefully you just swiped it from google, instead of actually using that site. >why not go full weeaboo I bet you don't even know what that word means, though no one seems to anymore. Anyway, because the Japanese animation industry has its own problems. Japan's industry has largely stagnated whereas the North American animation industry is largely regressive, but stagnation is still not good. Western Europe seems like a mixed bag, but as far as I know, their animation industry is about as big as America's, that is, not very. Lastly, I suggest you read Spengler. >>2429 >>2430 Apparently, one of the projects Sony is working on is a comedy called Fixed, directed by Genndy, and a more serious epic action-adventure film called Black Knight, written and directed by Genndy. The latter may be PG-13, but I've seen nothing about a rating yet. The implication is that, with the temporary decline in film production following the pandemic, there will be room for animation, which has remained largely unscathed, to move its adult content into other genres than "comedy". Also, consider the sort of people who have begun filling the ranks of the animation industry, and the rise of the Internet giving way to the spread of foreign material. >>2436 Most of what I've seen from post-Soviet Russia has been so-so in quality and largely for children, and France seems to produce most animated content for children, and I heard they are pushing for educational content. The People's Republic of China also seems to be ramping up their animation industry, but not only is it not as unique as I would like (i.e. too Japanese-styled, though I understand that it's difficult to do anything else given how influential Japanese animation is in Asia), but tends to be so-so in quality. >>2437 It seems less anti-Christian and more anti-cult or anti-authoritarian, so I agree somewhat. >>2444 Actually, as far as I know, they do exactly that. It's just within their secure local network. They probably have people come over to work because most people working in those industries (or really any industry) have an easier time expressing their ideas face to face than online, besides that there is equipment not everyone has access to at home. In fact, in the OP's article, in the first bolded paragraph, there is a link for another article. In that article, it goes over how the animation industry has been handling the pandemic (fairly well), and apparently one of the problems with this change is that some employees needed to be sent studio equipment.
>>2458 >It seems less anti-Christian and more anti-cult or anti-authoritarian, so I agree somewhat. Its still pretentious crap.
>>2431 Just watch the shit you like instead of complaining about the shit you don't like jesus. Stop whining about the stuff you don't like instead look for new and interesting projects, for the love of god.
>>2487 Why are you even here? Discussion includes both compliments and insults. Why would someone go to discuss a work and then only want to hear positive things? If you disagree and want to defend the work, fine, but telling someone to "stop whining" is retarded, and just means nobody can ever point out any deficiencies in anything ever.
>>2488 Anon is bitching about modern animation, and he points stuff like fucking Hazbin Hotel, there are plenty interesting projects, the thing is they don't usually get popular, so you have to do your research and I don't think whining about shit you don't like would help you in any way.
>>2492 There are many sheep that do not think for themselves. By speaking out against things you don't like, you can sometimes easily convince them and tip the scales.
>>2492 Care to list some of these projects? In particular, the ones that defeat the argument being made in the post?
(309.58 KB 400x633 373047.jpg)

>>2493 >you can sometimes easily convince them and tip the scale I don't agree with that. I prefer to share the stuff I like to other people to make it more popular. For instance, some time ago I watched Ethel and Ernest and I really like it a lot and I think more people should watch it and consider it as animated movies for adults.
>>2496 Why not both? I do encourage others to look at the stuff I like. That doesn't mean I can't point out why I don't like other things.
>>2494 Sure, I like to watch the shorts uploaded on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/gobelins/videos It's the youtube channel from a french university and every year they upload the shorts made by graduated students. Anon is pointing about the amount of animated projects that portrays the religion as a negative way (Or at least that's what I'm understanding, it's kinda hard to understand it with the abuse of BBcodes) but that's not really the case since there's a big amount of animation from different sources in that platform and by animation I don't only mean the stuff that gets reposted on facebook and twitter and get millions of views. Shut, I just remembered, this animated short got fairly popular some years ago: https://youtu.be/ms2klX-puUU And it portrays the christian religion in a good way, since the father tells his child that he shouldn't fear the spider because every creator of god is beautiful and you can even see the spider blessing the food with his family during one scene.
>>2499 >Sure, I like to watch the shorts uploaded on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/gobelins/videos >It's the youtube channel from a french university and every year they upload the shorts made by graduated students. <First dozen clips posted are all (sand)niggers <Animation from "Le Land de Tolerance" That's funny.
>>2501 Those are bumpers for the Annecy, I don't like them either, looks too amateurish in my opinion, even considering they are being made by students. I prefer stuff like Hors l'eau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j01Hg4QJ6NE&t=2s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4BhEBaeQdg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xp22IYL2uU
>>2475 Not disagreeing with you.
>>2496 >I prefer to share the stuff I like to other people to make it more popular. Please do not do this. Normalplebs have a habit of ruining anything they get their grubby little subhuman paws on.
>>2475 not really in my view. It's mostly standard fair in terms of metaphors/alleogry. If anything you could perhaps criticise it as trite.
>>2634 Although most of the time when I share cartoons I do it with other anons, I think they should be more popular among people to encourage to more people to get into the medium, so less projects would fail because nobody knows about them, I seriously don't want the thing that happened with Guy Colins occurs again.

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