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Netflix Holocausts It's Animation Department Anonymous 04/22/2022 (Fri) 01:10:05 No. 25307
DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD >The news of the changes in the department emerged around the same time the quarterly earnings report for the Netflix streaming platform surfaced. Netflix saw its stock plunge more than 30% after highlighting the loss of 200,000 subscribers, which was the first time the platform had seen such a decrease in over a decade. >Phil Rynda, whose official title is Netflix’s Director of Creative Leadership and Development for Original Animation, was let go this week, along with several of his staff >Along with the firings, the department is seeing the cancellation of notable Netflix shows, including Lauren Faust's Toil and Trouble, Roald Dahl's The Twits, and the heavily delayed adaptation of Jeff Smith's comic book series Bone. >(Netflix confirms their decisions are made using data, which takes into account viewing versus cost.) >Netflix currently touts “Boss Baby” as the ideal of what an animated series on the platform should be and what kind of numbers those animated series should be bringing in <The future is a Nickelodeon style hustle with licensing out the ass and family guy clones everywhere After years of forcing their crappy diversity requirements down project's throats, its all finally come to bite them in the ass. https://archive.ph/aWi6W https://archive.ph/A0Qoh https://archive.ph/OQo8y
Shame about Bone, but fuck Castlevania so it sort of balances out.
>>25308 It's a blessing in disguise that Bone won't be ruined by Netflix. Castlevania already ran it's course, unfortunately, so it's not like it's affected by Netflix doing less animation. Plus they seem to only be focusing on kids animation whereas Castlevania was very much made for adults. Still it hopefully means no more shit like nu-She-Ra, The Dragon Prince, or Voltron.
This was inevitable. Greenlighting projects, dumping loads of money into them, and using questionable "data" to decide which ones to dump/continue is not sustainable, no matter how many subscribers you have. That they see Boss Baby, an IP they don't even own, as their internal standard for "success" tells us all we need to know about how Netflix management sees animation on their platform. The real question is whether this will affect Netflix's live action projects eventually.
>>25311 We can only hope.
(3.75 MB 1361x2085 88698320_p4.jpg)

I just hope Hilda's last season manages to come out. I genuinely don't care about the fate of the rest of Netflix.
>Big Mouth is dead
(219.95 KB 1310x1260 gYSfR.jpg)

>>25327 Nope. Not only this abomination will get a new season, but even a spin-off will come out this year: https://archive.is/gYSfR
>>25328 Of fucking course! The Kike's can continue to have all of their cheeze pizza fantasies, but anyone willing to humbly ask for a decent anime will be lined up against the wall and shot.
>>25329 >using Jewflix for anime You are doing everything wrong.
>>25327 >>25328 You fools. This was only ever about netflix's kids animation department. Not the adult.
(3.11 MB 3840x1746 Purge.webm)

>>25333 So Castlevania/DMC's still not dead? FUCK.
>>25336 Castlevania already finished. The possibility of that edgy indian faggot ruining Devil May Cry however is still very possible.
>>25333 >You fools. This was only ever about netflix's kids animation department. Not the adult. Meanwhile >>25307 >Netflix Holocausts It's Animation Department Forgive my misunderstanding of OP sucking cock.
(22.55 KB 420x408 index.jpg)

>>25348 Why the fuck did I watch all of these?
>>25333 >>25338 Most of all animation is considered for kids, which is why they canceled Bone and Faust's work. OP also mentioned Netflix is going the Nick route when it comes to successful shows while preferring third parties to do the heavy work aka little to no additional funding (Dreamworks with Boss Baby compared with Dreamworks with She-Ra where it had Netflix funding ).
>>25348 I checked the YouTube comments for some of those, normalnegroes love this shit and want more sex-positive content featuring jewishs. The near future will be a lot of fun for "minor attracted persons"
We get it you love the /blacked/ board.
>>25365 >jewishs that was supposed to say p-r-e-t-e-e-n-s
>>25365 Frank, there's nothing wrong with this post, stop banning people for no fucking reason, man
>>25329 >The Kike's can continue to have all of their cheeze pizza fantasies It's a cartoon. They don't real.
>>25418 That's why he said fantasies.
>>25419 Cartoon aren't cheese pizza.
>>25421 You telling me the jewish made Big Mouth with all the clips here >>25348 isn't some sexual entertainment for the kikes?
>>25423 Yeah sure it for kikes. But it's not pedoshit, just like loli isn't. :^)
>>25424 Okay now you show your true colors.
>>25421 That's why he said fantasies. You seem to not understand what fantasies are, are you retarded or something?
>>25430 If someone had called loli a cheese pizza fantasy, people would be frothing a the mouth, calling him a pedophile trying to conflate fiction and reality. I don't see why the same isn't applied here?
>>25431 >If someone had called loli a cheese pizza fantasy False equivalence! Can you point to any lolicon/shotacon erotic-comedy manga (NOT hentai) that is explicitly about underage characters (In the realm of the story, NOT lolicon/shotacan characters that are far older than their appearance leads one to believe: I.E. 300 year old vampire loli or Detective Conan) going throw puberty and engaging in sexual activities?
>>25432 >going throw puberty Not sure about that one, but I hardly think it ought to be a requirement that they're specifically in some phase of puberty/talk about puberty, rather just 13 or younger. As for the rest, off the top of my head, Kodomo Jikan, and Eromanga Sensei. Those are just a couple really popular ones though. There's plenty more.
>>25432 Oh, and if you don't limit yourself to erotic-comedy, i.e. ecchi, there's Made in Abyss.
>>25432 If you restrict it "explictly about characters going through puberty", the answer is no. If you expand that to covering any sexually related topics (wearing lingerie, sucking out vital energy as a succubus, wanting to bang your teacher). I can list several examples of loli characters engaging in a sexual context, with puberty as a side note. Fuck Made in Abyss has uncensored loli nips and a shota with a raging boner.
>>25435 And, >Riko is strung up naked in rope bondage >Riko stuck a stick up his ass while he was knocked out >And examined his penis >Ozen makes a little boy crossdress >He gets strung up naked in rope bondage accidentally >Reg has some fluid extraction device on his penis when in Bondrewd's examination chair >Irumyuui is turned into a magic broodmother >Riko examines Faputa's anus and says it smells like sunshine and potatos But I think, this doesn't exactly count as much as the other shows for anon's particular request, because they're not really engaging in lewd activities of their own volition or with sexual intent much of time. Also this is /co/, I don't want to go off on this tangent too long. So to bring things back to the point, his false equivalency claim is just him trying to restrict the requirements for "analogy" as much as possible to win the argument regardless of logic, when there ought not be such restrictions. Big mouth and loli are both media depicting fictional children sexually, and that's all that should matters between them. If one can analogize that violence in media =/= a real urge towards violence, therefore sexual cartoon children =/= a real urge toward pedophilia, then there oughtn't need to be such strict requirements to analogize one sexual cartoon about children with others.
(1.42 MB 1738x1242 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25433 >Not sure about that one I can provide one example, Tezuka's Yakeppachi no Maria. And, it's COMPLETELY different from Big Mouth.
>>25436 Part of the reason people are okay with calling Big Mouth "cheeze pizza" is they find the material beyond offensive, not because they're calling for it's creators to be arrested over it (Though none of us would be surprised if it does eventually happen because of (((other))) reasons).
Real sad posting hours.
(25.58 KB 593x255 NotFeelingThatBad.PNG)

(5.28 KB 187x250 1476109299399s.jpg)

Do people actually think Bones is good? I remember reading all of it in High School, and, that's it. The plot is forgettable. The characters weren't interesting, the setting wasn't interesting, the plot wasn't interesting. Do people actually like it?
>>25456 Yes. I won't explain why because you're setting off my faggot flags.
>>25458 Sorry to be argumentative I guess. I will say from my memory I recall it having good individual panel lay out, and good taste in colors. So visually it was good, it was just the plot that I can not seem to remember at all and I remember just getting to the end and saying "That was it?".
>>25460 Eh, I'll guess I;ll attempt a genuine reply than. It wasn't very original plotwise, but it told its story better than most similar shit. I remember it having very good pacing and use of thematic than most similarly plotted shit. I thought the jokes were generally pretty good, from what I remember. However, I also haven't read it since highschool.
>>25461 If I remember right, it's just about the three random cartooney looking creatures getting into a village with some normal humans in it, and then some chosen prophecy about a one of the not-princess farmers being important right? Some underground creature threat to? I think I might have laughed once or twice. It probably lost me the most when they got to the big city made of stone before the climax.
>>25462 It was hard carried by its characters for me. I really like most of not all the characters when I read it.
>>25456 It looks french even though it's american, that was the first thing that catched my attention when I first picked it up. Another interesting thing is that it's animation influenced something very rare among comics, let alone american comics dominated by capes. >>25449 For one side, it's sad, for another I can't picture Netflix animation doing a decent job on Bone.
>>25467 Hopefully he gives up at this point and the project is put in hibernation.
(32.92 KB 625x626 936.jpg)

>niggerpill shows up >replies to one of his own banned posts
>>25548 The post with a public ban wasn't made by niggerpill tho.
>>25452 >Woke is good <But pedos and racism is bad Woke propaganda isn't like a banana that you can peel and throw away racist pedophiles.
Regardless of what you or me might think about Netflix, it won't go away anytime soon. It is too big and too used to fail.
Regardless of what you or me might think about Netflix, it won't go away anytime soon. It is too big and too used to fail.
>>26092 >>26093 They're literally plummeting in stocks because more people are unsubscribing like crazy especially after saying they're gonna put in ads.
(69.96 KB 612x449 FUCKING LOL.jpg)

>>26093 > It is too big
>>26093 See, if they were a megacorporation with a monopoly on streaming ok, but Disney +, and Viacom+, and Turner Max are all ripping at the animal to shreds with no consideration as to why predatory business practices like these might lead to an uptick in piracy rather than being able to make money off people.
(61.75 KB 786x376 ClipboardImage.png)

>>26279 >That headline >That disclamer Do you have an actual decent source?
>>26280 I don't notthebee has ever got caught making a false statement, and they direclyquote a gizmondo article verbatim.
>>26281 No exceptions faggot. Rags are rags and not your friend. https://archive.ph/uUHuy
>>26288 Wasn't arguing otherwise.
(294.92 KB 1479x1100 lj4jshnpb7j61.jpg)

>>25452 FUCK!
>>25307 So I guess Cuphead it's going to have fewer episodes next season? But then the cartoon is repeating what Spongebob did first, what the hell happenedd to leaf cartoons? >>26096 It's all about propaganda, why do you think twitter all of the sudden became worthless when Elon teased at buying stocks?
>>25307 despite the drama this caused people who were doing stuff in house got to keep their ips and for the most part the content that wasnt going to be made in house has no real news about it getting canned. yeah they are bleeding numbers but when have they not been doing that? they dont exactly sink millions into marketing for the things that create unlike its competitors. as for the creator made animation projects and adaptions will i hope they open their doors back up again since there isnt really place to do so in the current age unless you magically become big on social media.
(101.90 KB 177x247 Screenshot.png)

>>25452 >Um woke is good, dude Never meet your heroes, guys. That's a lesson I've been forced to learn again and again since 2014.

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