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Anonymous 04/22/2022 (Fri) 14:46:04 No. 25340
What terrible comics/cartoons do you think aspiring creators should draw practical lessons from?
(246.30 KB 900x1384 jonesy1.jpg)

>>25340 I recall from old /co/ storytimes about this comic. I can't find any archives of everyone in disgust however.
(2.37 MB 975x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.16 MB 975x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.46 MB 975x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25340 For specific comics on what not to do, pick your poison. In general, aspiring writers can learn a lot from big two comics as a whole. Like having a planned out story, being consistent with characterization, have actual permanence of progression, & don't have a build up of something important just to blue ball your readers last minute.
>>25347 Batman Odyssey does all the things you describe. It's just nuts.
(2.15 MB 774x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>25357 Batman Odyssey is not consistent with Batman's character nor do I believe for a second it was planned out.
(6.36 MB 1800x2767 ignited0000.png)

(4.75 MB 1800x2767 ignited0004.png)

(6.54 MB 1800x2767 ignited0008.png)

(5.38 MB 1800x2767 ignited0006.png)

(5.95 MB 1800x2786 ignited0012.png)

Ignited is a good example of a premise (super-powered teens struggling in the aftermath of a school shooting) that gets drowned out by topical strawmen and a desire to be woke-as-fuck, it ends up being so unfocused that it doesn't even get a decent ending.
>>25364 Do you think if Batman's parents were beaten to death instead of shot he'd have a strong opposition to punching people?
>>25399 He'd just learn how to kick and do nothing but kick.
>>25402 What is one parent was punched to death and the other kicked to death?
>>25404 He'd punch men and kick women. Failing that he'd just develop a fighting style based around using his dick as a weapon.
>>25399 No he'd just hate black people.
>>25340 Why the hell Alan Moore made a cameo in The Simpsons if he hates corporations so much?
>>25399 >>25405 Uncreative. Batman would become a hyper competent grappler/wrestler and get even more theatrical
>>25746 >The Simpsons if he hates corporations so much? Needs bank to pay for his ecstasy binges.
>>25748 >batman ditches the fear/predator aspect and instead becomes a highly theatrical lucha/WWE wrestler who's saving gotham by televising improptu wrasslin matches between him and criminals >instead of the bat signal he goes on the air cutting promos threatening his supervillains while Jim Gordon provides interview questions Fund it.
>>25784 But anon... that would make Batman a streamer.
>>25784 Wasn't there an alternate universe batman that as basically this? He was at least a wrestler.
>>25396 Oh fuck, this. The comic about terrorists getting away with their shit. How did it end? because if it didn't end with the kids being sent to Guantanamo to be waterboarded then it's not realistic nor happy.
>>25860 They ride into the sunset after their friend uses his final moments to help them spread a message worldwide. Is it a happy ending? Depends on whether you bought into the premise to begin with, but realistic? Was never in the cards.
>>25863 Alan Moore was right. Now I want to make a comic about some police men dealing with superpowered teen terrorists.
>>25396 >>25857 >>25858 >>25863 The redhead is kinda cute at least.
>>25895 >Now I want to make a comic about some police men dealing with superpowered teen terrorists. That, actually doesn't sound that bad. I mean imagine a special police group for supervillains.
>>25939 It's been done. The Metropolis Police Department from Superman has been superscience Iron Man guys since the '90s, and they had Team Luthor back then too, which was Luthor's team of private security Iron Mans that he used to help the police because he was pretending to be his own good guy son (who was actually a clone he put his brain into) at the time.
>>25939 Wasn't a comic series also about Gotham cops specifically having to deal with super shit?

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