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(924.52 KB 2550x3300 CloneWarsPoster.jpg)
Star Wars Anonymous 07/05/2020 (Sun) 18:38:28 No. 2582
No Star Wars thread? Let's change that.
Is there any hope? I want to believe the Lucas faction will succeed in ousting the Disney trilogy.
>>2583 >Is there any hope? No. Ignore Disney Wars and enjoy the decades of good stuff we have.
>>2583 Current rumor is that Disney will use alternate timelines sent up in Star Wars Rebels to write off their stuff as non-canon/another universe. It won't save Star Wars but hey it'd be nice just to have the first 6 movies & both Clone Wars as the true experience. Then the old EU as the true continuation.
Realistically, how many padawans would have been raped by their master?
>>2586 >Current rumor is that Disney will use alternate timelines sent up in Star Wars Rebels to write off their stuff as non-canon/another universe. I am so tired of this multi-verse bullshit.
>>2589 Believe me I am too. It'd be easier just to say "it's non canon" instead of doing all these in universe explanations/excuses.
>>2582 Genndywars and Galaxy of Adventures are the only two decent Star Wars media from the last two decades.
>>2593 Nigga you got shit taste. Galaxy of Adventure is just cheap pseudo anime short recreations of the original movies that alter events drastically.
(9.28 MB 854x480 and she was a good friend.mp4)
>>2591 > It'd be easier just to say "it's non canon" instead of doing all these in universe explanations/excuses. But they can't do that, otherwise it would exclude all the faggots who caused the series to do a swan dive in the first place.
>>2600 Fuck em!
>>2597 It's fine, I like the animation and battle scenes.
>>2604 You have autism.
>>2605 I understand it and I respect your opinion, but why?
>>2583 Yes. Prequels are becoming more and more popular.
>>2587 None.
(112.03 KB 978x302 tv_on_star_wars_prequels.PNG)
>>2593 Pleb harder.
>>2609 This cap better be from 8/tv/ motherfucker/
>>2610 >he can't tell the difference Go back to cuckchan. You're too retarded to be here.
>>2608 >>2587 Jedi are essentially monks so it's not impossible for something scandalous like this to happen. Not helped that Jedi are taken from their family from infancy and taught to live a life of dedication to their ways with little to do in the way of managing their desires. That's why some Jedi fall easily to the dark side because they're not too familiar with it's temptation and thus never develop a proper means of resistance.
>>2609 They keywords here are "from the last two decades"
>>2614 Prequel films are still younger than 20 years except for the first one.
>>2607 They were always popular. The only people that hated them were grumpy old men mad that they weren’t exactly like the original trilogy. All those fags that spent years crying about how bad the prequels are were sucking TFA dick because it was just ANH again.
(93.03 KB 720x900 Jar_Jar_Binks-0.jpg)
>>3705 >The only people that hated them were grumpy old men mad that they weren’t exactly like the original trilogy
>>2587 I see this kind of happening with the Sith a lot.
>>3705 >All those fags that spent years crying about how bad the prequels are were sucking TFA dick because it was just ANH again. to the contrary, a surprising number of them actually found new appreciation for the prequel trilogy just for being relatively internally consistent
(2.15 MB 1920x1080 pJGY2xR.png)
(2.88 MB 1920x1080 PvlKp4w.png)
(2.60 MB 1920x1080 qcZj7kz.png)
(3.23 MB 1920x1080 VTwAJrE.png)
Star Wars is a cultural landmark turned a very very expensive embarrassment. I have no strong attachment to the series. Never have. Just a shame it's reputation is ruined. But at least the good stuff that's no longer canon in Disney's eyes but fuck em is still there & I have fond memories of it. Speaking of which, cute alien wolf dog people.
>>5578 The original Clone Wars animation is the only thing i actually like at this point, haven't watched the original trilogy is a decade though
>>5599 Both Clone Wars shows are what made me engrossed in Star Wars at all. I was introduced in the movies through Revenge of the Sith & watched the rest later through DVD rips because we were poor.
>>5569 That didn't come unil TLJ. When TFA came out everyone was sucking it's cock simply because George Lucas wasn't involved.
>>5776 >When TFA came out everyone was sucking it's cock simply because George Lucas wasn't involved. not true, TFA had mixed opinion amongst star wars nerds. Plenty of people disliked it as a retread of the first star wars movie. Alot of people liked the prequel trilogy more at the time because even if they disliked it, it mostly wasn't a retread and people already saw signs of politcal pandering.
>>5780 There's a strong case to make that the prequels weren't actually hated by the audience but by the media, critics, & of course fat alcoholics in Wisconsin.
>>5780 I was actually quite puzzled why TFA was so highly praised when I saw it. Everything looked and sounded like Star Wars, but the entire film was completely off. >>5781 The biggest sin of the prequel films is that everything is too drawn out with the politics and the drama. And, I'm one of the people who prefer the prequels to the originals.
>>5782 That's a fair complaint. But then you look at the sequel trilogy & one of the big problems is that there's no political landscape given. So the audience has no idea how the First Order rose to power, how the New Republic operates, why they haven't fully engaged against the First Order, or even how the galaxy is affected by several planets being obliterated. The prequels actually build the world & the politics are needed to show how Palpatine rose through the ranks to supreme chancellor then Emperor.
>>5781 >There's a strong case to make that the prequels weren't actually hated by the audience but by the media, critics, & of course fat alcoholics in Wisconsin. Don't think that's true either. Nerds like to argue and star wars was always prime space for arguments, it's not like the original trilogy was immune to this either. I've heard from older star wars fan's that their were arguements dating back to the second movie that the original movie was the only good movie, or that the other movies were fine movies but terrible sequals. People are always inventing narrativies and rewriting history when it comes to nerd shit. It's just that now you have a bunch of non-nerds who had no prior interest in the franchise rewriting shit.
>>5781 Jake Lloyd got driven out of acting because of the Phantom menace. Not that child actors last long in the industry to begin with. Jar Jar's VA was getting death threats to the point he considered suicide. So yeah, by Revenge of the Sith the hate had died down, but there was some genuine hatred for the prequels in their time. The one good thing about Disney Wars is that it made some people go back and re-evaluate the prequels.
>>5782 TFA was highly praised because JJ essentially remade A New Hope with the serial numbers filed off. >>5783 If JJ was going to rip off anything, he could have ripped off Zeta Gundam. >The Federation New Republic has created a new military organization the Titans to deal with the Zeon Imperial remnants, they do this by genociding colonies major population centers on imperial loyalist worlds. >Char Aznable Luke Skywalker, has been forced into exile due to the revelation that he was a famed Zeon pilot the son of Darth Vader, and though Amuro Ray Princess Leia is demoralized into inaction at the state of the Federation Republic Char Luke has created a resistance movement in the form of the AEUG new Jedi Order. >Meanwhile, Axis Zeon the First Order is marshaling Zeon Imperial remnants across the Earthsphere galaxy under the leadership of Haman Karn a mysterious imperial general heavily implied to be Thrawn to draw in the EU crowd who claims legitimacy by virtue of stewardship over the last Zabi Emperor Palpatine's heir I found the "Rey is Sheev's grandaughter" reveal so funny that I decided to keep it in, if only so we can keep Ma-Rey Sue as a delusional figurehead being puppeted by people more powerful than herself
>>5795 Gundam is unironically a better scifi fantasy franchise than Star Wars.
>>5796 All Star Wars really was is WWII in space, with the influences of Flash Gordon and John Carter.
>>5799 >All Star Wars really was is WWII in space Gundam did that better with actual nuance & something to say.
>>5796 Some of the best EU writers agree with you. Take a look at Thrawn and tell me he isn't just a blue skinned take on M'quve from Gundam.
(111.08 KB 984x900 DjKJgmZWwAI31Uk.jpg)
>>5851 That's actually really apt.
>>5852 Oh fuck for a second I thought that was Marge Simpson in a classic anime style.
>>5852 I cant believe a man of M'Quve taste would ever own such a shit vase >>5795 Even though its a ripoff its more compelling than what we got >>2587 >>5523 Swtor seems to imply quite alot
(156.26 KB 1440x1080 DjKJNUpXsAAHw0y.jpg)
>>5899 That's the vase he wanted to give to Kycilia Zabi. In the original series he had a second vase he kept for himself. I found this out on looking for images of the vase. I had only seen the movie trilogy cut of the original series.
>>5900 Thought that shit was made from jade it looks terrible irl
(7.37 MB 3022x3200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5902 Jade is green. It was probably meant to be glass in the anime.
>>5905 It's also ranges from light green to white. Could of sworn it was light green. But these vids arent agreeing with me
>>5908 A light green but not like clear or white. I have some jade beans I got from a bracelet that broke. They're pretty light in color but clearly green.
>>5909 That can't be right, i remember having a discussion with a family member that deals in antiques about white jade.
(1.66 MB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5926 Huh. Apparently.
>>5908 >>5926 >>5909 There's a couple different minerals that are called jade. Color can vary and can even stray into reddish tones or even almost black.
>>5578 Wait, I thought everybody hates the clone wars? I only have vague memories of the 3DCG one with no strong opinion on it.
>>5933 Not at all. Unless you mean the movie(s). Those aren't liked by the media & casual audiences. The Genndy animated series & the CG series are both well liked. Loved even.
>>5940 Is attack of the Clones the only prequel movie that people actually hate? I mean, The Phantom Menace is the meme hatred, "Lol, Jar Jar, Now this is pod racing." And Revenge of the Sith is begrudgingly admitted to actually be good. But the middle movie is kind of ignored.
>>5942 I really can't tell you how much prequel hate is genuine & how much is just parroting RLM or the media.
>>5942 >>5946 The prequels arent good films. The story for the films are great but are hampered because Lucas cant direct a decent film anymore and had legions of Yes Men telling him he could do no wrong while producing them. RLM over exaggerates for the sake of comedy but the points they made still stand. People dont hate the prequels as much any more because Disney basically showed what a true cash grab was. There was at least some love and originality in the prequels with various moments where people still recount to this day, the Disney sequels barely have anything memorable outside its controversy. The sequels are well made films but are nothing more than soulless corpses puppeteeried by the mouse.
>>5947 I can't call the prequels bad films but you're right. As movies they aren't anything amazing due the acting & too much talking about politics. Though like I said earlier in the thread, politics are needed to establish just how the empire came into power over the entire galaxy. Just watch Gundam.
>>5948 You're comparing a serialized animated show to a trilogy of 2 hour films originally based on traditional storytelling inspired by the hero's journey. Politics isn't Star Wars strong suit its Star Trek's territory. Nobody watches Star Wars for the politics, they watch for the characters and how they over come their obstacles. I mean there's always been some political banter in the original trilogy but that always took a back seat to the greater plot, all people needed to know is that there was an evil empire and the rebels were fighting them.
>>5949 The Hand of Thrawn duology did star politics well. If there's any real world application to be found, it's "internal squabbles are great for external enemies, and may have even been been created by one".
>>5950 Yeah but that wasn't Lucas and he said he's no fan of the EU.
>>5949 Nigga the character are more barebones than the premise itself. Star Wars is basic as it gets for telling a fantasy hero's journey story. There's nothing wrong with having world building to make sense of the setting. Were the prequels needed? No. Did they actually expand the universe? Yes. Would I still recommend UC Gundam over all of Star Wars? Darn tootin.
>>5981 Then why bring up Gundam at all, this is /co/ after all.
>>5982 BECAUSE IT'S THE BETTER FRANCHISE Do you have autism? You have a complete inability to understand things.
Bait Posting
>>5982 Animeniggers are insecure faggots who feel the need to bring up their hobby at every opportunity to try and legitimize it. They are furfag levels of obnoxious cunts shoving their shitty shows into discussions they don't belong in.
You aren't helping
>>5928 >>5930 Learning all this over a cartoon vase.
>>5988 Theyre all non canon anyway
>>5989 Yeah but they were still better than everything post Disney buyout.
(64.61 KB 1280x800 Djin Darjin Concept Art.jpg)
(549.54 KB 1041x1600 Jango Kid.jpg)
Disney being Disney, ripping off the EU again. https://archive.vn/RQlDM They showcased concept art for Din Djarin where he is saved by the Death Watch. Here's the thing: that mirrors almost exactly how Jango was saved by a Mandalorian in Jango Fett- Open Seasons issue 1 which came out in 2002 under Dark Horse. I think even what he was saved from was the Death Watch. If it ain't that, they are still trying to explain away Rey in additional books that confuse the whole sequel trilogy more. They confirmed that only Sith can use Force Lightning, which complicate things since Rey used it when she thought she accidentally killed Chewie when he was on that ship in the most goofy looking force tug-of-war ever. They now say that the force healing is part of the Dyad but in a previous book she learned it from trying to heal a broken Kyber Crystal in a Lightsaber. Star Wars is as much of a mess as Disney is right now where they are even defending filming Mulan remake near a concentration camp in China to be "authentic" when most of the film was done in New Zealand.
>>5994 This is nothing new. Disney copies a lot of concepts from the EU.
>>5995 Like how the chopped and pasted bits and pieces of Kyle Katarn's story for Rogue One?
>>6007 Exactly.
>>5949 The Starwars cartoons really flesh out the story more. Like Anakin constantly being lied to by the jdei council or Obi Wan pushing him to the darl side. Or Obi Wan knowing Anakin is lying to his face about padme but thinks its ok because everyone has secrets
(43.36 KB 700x1037 image002-9-1-700x1037.jpg)
Why is this a thing? Also here is the cast: >Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker) >Tom Kane (Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn) >James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) >Dee Bradley Baker (clone troopers) >Kelly Marie Tran (Rose Tico) >Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) >Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) Glad they didn't forget everyone's favorite character Rose Tico. The way she was sidelined in Rise of Skywalker was disheartening.
>>6011 That's a show that came out years after the movies helmed by completely different people with Lucas only there whether to say he'd allow something or not. Unless it was the original CW mini series but that was all Genndy's work and most of that is not cannon.
>>6153 >most of that is not canon Disney says everything isn't canon until they establish it. It's all bullshit. There's no true canon but what was made under Lucas' direction & Genndy's work is even referenced in the final Clone Wars season. As far as I'm concerned it's still canon & Disney's crap can die in a fire.
>>6011 Don't forget that Anakin is only not a "Jedi master" by RotS because the council fucked up: His padawan was completely ready for the knight trials (which would make him a master), but they fucked up and expelled her for something she didn't do before they could be completed. By all existing standards, he should have had the title if not for the council wrecking things.
>>6155 What if Windu was going to make him a master when he told him to wait in the council chambers while they arrested Palpatine? The youngling even calls him "Master Skywalker".
(465.83 KB 400x580 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6167 Apparently "master" is supposed to be how all knight+ jedi get addressed by non-Jedi. One EU writer got so frustrated with this and his editor adding it to everything, he named a Jedi character "Bayts" as a joke, only to have that particular publication go to a different editor who didn't add master in front of his name.
>>6185 I don't know if that's right considering clones address the jedi as 'general'.
>>6167 >What if Windu was going to make him a master.
>>6188 Ow... my heart...
>>6186 General may take preference.
So how's the mandalorian season 2 so far?
>>3711 I had an idea for Jar Jar. Assuming he didn't die during the events of the original trilogy, he and Ahsoka could very well be the only 2 people left in the galaxy that personal knew Anakin Skywalker. Of the two only Jar Jar wouldn't likely try to kill Ben Solo upon meeting him, and thus Jar Jar is the only character who could explain to Ben what his grandfather really was about and possibly set him straight.
>>6186 they were addressed as general in context of military operations. It was rank, whereas master is a salutation
>>7129 The EU took the superior version and just used hidden memories on R2D2 for Luke and Leia to learn more about their heritage.
>>7062 >The Mandalorian (((Fans))) Call For Gina Carano To Be Fired Over ‘Likes’ On Personal Twitter Account I fucking swear the only decent thing to come out of Lucasfilm and you have these retards trying to ruin it. https://archive.md/8mAVS
You think they tasted like caviar?
(129.11 KB 480x224 ClipboardImage.png)
>abandoned due to being too stupid to deal with human opposition I think TIE/D would have done much better if it was fielded as a supplement, not replacement, to traditional pilots. The numbers would defend valuable pilots by eating up enemy warheads and distract enemy humans so your humans could deal with them.
>>7292 The main advantage they had was the ability to be endlessly spawned from the factories on-board World Devastators from whatever world was being consumed, without that they were pretty much a waste since it's cheaper to make two TIE/LN fighters than just one of those droids. The TIE/LN is just 60k credits while the droids were 170k.
>>7062 First episode was really good. Lots of exciting stuff happening, and some cool hints to an old character you probably really like. Second episode was pretty good. Third episode was very boring and is nothing but set-up for the next episode or two, I really didn't like it.
>>7295 The pilot is a massive cost between his equipment, recruitment, training, wages, experience, room, board and life support. All that adds up to more than 25k credits. In-fact, just 70 credits a day (which is actually really low considering pilots are officers.) of wages exceeds that cost in a year. This doesn't even mention the morale hit his death creates. In the real world, using drones to eat up enemy AA missiles has been a valid, established, tactic since the 1970s, two decades before the droid TIE debuted in Dark Empire.
(647.66 KB 1888x2343 1451191066179.jpg)
>>7301 >implying the Empire cares about the pilots There is a reason they don't even add life support to the damn things, the pilots are expendable in the eyes of the Emperor. The pilots themselves also believe the lack of protection serves to test their skills thus they normally don't have a problem with these flying coffins.
>>7302 Even just on a pure money standpoint the pilot isn't totally expendable. Assuming 260 credits a day (number pulled from Star Wars d20 as income for a low level professional) over 368 days that's 95,680 just on a year's wages, over half the droid's costs. 10 credits a meal three times a day is 11,040. Flight suit+blast pistol is 2500. You've essentially doubled the cost of a TIE/ln even before you figure out how much Imperial academy training costs the empire.
>>7312 You have to also factor in pilot skill, the droids were only good in swarms and easily taken down by the veteran pilots of the New Republic. The only thing droids have over organic pilots is numbers, and when it gets too expensive to field those numbers it's not worth it. The CIS was able to field large numbers of droid fighters because they had the backing of various major corporate powers, one of which is the largest financial power in the entire galaxy throughout every era, the InterGalactic Banking Clan. The Empire drops projects left and right whenever cost vs effectiveness is factored in, the TIE Defender project while effective was too costly to mass produce at 300k per fighter, so they were only given to the most elite of pilots to justify the cost. In the end of the day a TIE/LN pilot will most likely provide a better value than the droid that will probably end up scrap in its first sortie. The Emperor ended up replacing those droid TIEs with those terrifying Shadow "Droids" anyway.
(266.86 KB 400x700 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7313 I, Jedi's opening establishes New Republic fighter tactics is to wipe out enemy fighters quickly with missiles at first contact and to only bother using guns when this has wiped out the majority of the enemy force. Having a wave of expendable ships waste the limited missiles of the opposition seems like a sane response, especially if their cost was lowered even further (make them unarmed, cut down their speed ect.). Shadow "Droids" don't really fill the same niche of totally expendable forces, and frankly pilots that have all three of intact brains, heavily wounded bodies and 3: can be retrieved safely seems like it would be enough of a rarity to render them novelties and not something practically fieldable. The idea of injured clones as unwilling cyborgs works because it's entirely plausible large numbers of ground troops are injured without dying entirely compared to pilots in a ship that operates out of atmosphere and tends to explode when critically damaged.
>>7279 I think they tasted like easily-triggered feminist tears.
>>7317 >easily-triggered Eternal summer strikes again.
>>7314 Im still pissed we'll never see a live action Dark Trooper, jet pack and all.
>>5781 >>5780 Episode 1 was insanely popular at the time. The hatred for the prequels stemmed initially from Jar Jar being incredibly obnoxious. After having watched the behind the scenes for Episode 1, it was apparent that the people around Lucas felt that his shit needed to be reeled in, but they turned into yes men. This is why the pacing for Episode 1 is so bad, and why Duel of the Fates kept getting interrupted by more Jar Jar. Episode 2 had great action scenes, but angsty Anakin was incredibly obnoxious and dragged the movie down with his love scenes. Episode 3 was considered the best of the prequel trilogy, because it seemed the best put-together and we finally got to the pig payoffs. All of the jedi die and Anakin get his shit pushed in by the immensely more popular Obi Wan. From the behind the scenes for Episode 3, I believe that Lucas actually hired someone to keep the script and pacing in check. We still got bs like Padme dying of a broken heart, but she had served her purpose by then. >>5780 When TFA first came out, the biggest criticism was that it was a retread of ANH. It absolutely was, because JJ is a fraud and shit like Snoke should have set off early red flags for everyone involved. However, Disney overcorrected and the last two episodes went off the rail in a bad way. TLJ ignored a lot from TFA and was a disaster. Episode 9 tried to ignore episode 8, and ended up fucking everything up. The new trilogy fully embraced woke culture and all of the cancer that it entails. From what I hear from current long-time fans, it mostly gets ignored. >>5783 I remember that. The Resistance made absolutely no sense. Who were they resisting? The Empire was largely gone, and the New Republic was in power. It was fucking stupid back then as well. >>5792 I can see those arguments. ANH was made to be a self-contained story. It doesn't need anything else for it to be enjoyed. >>5795 Thrawn was retconned to be part of the prequel trilogy. In general, the main reason for Gundam having better written stories is because it embraces the shit ton of written material for it. The major issue with SW is that Disney immediately invalidated all of the books and comics when they took over. Decades of work were thrown out the window, which is fucking retarded. Eventually someone must have realized this, because it wasn't too long before the EU was getting plundered for material. >>5994 Mandalorian has actually been pretty good. There is an overarching storyarc, but every episode gets wrapped up neatly. So far, it has managed to avoid the cliffhanger after every episode craze that has been out of control for far too long. >>6188 Palpatine was fucking with everyone, but Yoda and the Council were at fault for what happened. >>7062 It's pretty good. A certain bounty hunter was teased early on, so we'll likely get to hear how he survived soon. >>7169 A lot of these kikes hated season 1 for being dumb. I'm hoping whoever is in charge of Mandalorian is able to keep it from getting pozzed.
>>7394 >ANH was made to be a self-contained story. It doesn't need anything else for it to be enjoyed. Isn't that because the films are written in the same format as the Flash Gordon serials? >The major issue with SW is that Disney immediately invalidated all of the books and comics when they took over I have unironically heard people defend Disney trashing the old EU, and their justification is the "What If?" DLC scenarios from The Force Unleashed II.
>>7394 Honestly Thrawn should've been the big bad of the sequel trilogy or at least shouldve been used like a more involved Tarkin.
>>7394 > bs like Padme dying of a broken heart That can actually happen. Look it up
>>7396 >Isn't that because the films are written in the same format as the Flash Gordon serials? They were definitely influenced by Flash Gordan, but I recall Lucas mentioning that he wasn't sure how well ANH would do, so he made sure its story was self-contained in case it would be the only one. >I have unironically heard people defend Disney trashing the old EU Yeah. That decision didn't age well, as Disney ended up having to salvage as much from the EU as they could. >>7408 The material was already there for a sequel trilogy. Some of it could have been tweaked, but instead Disney decided that falling on their face was the better option. Fortunately for Disney, the Star Wars fandom had grown desperate enough to not care. >>7417 I don't doubt it. I've heard stories of people losing the will to live once their spouse dies. I think I was just expecting more. Padme dying in relative safety after having just given birth was pretty lame after Anakin got toasted. Had she gone into labor on Mustafar and died there, it would have been more impactful as she would have died with Anakin on that planet. Not literally together, but Anakin could have felt her go before he got crippled by Obi Wan. It would also squash the issue of Vader never seeking out his child as he instead could have assumed his entire family died on Mustafar.
>>7440 >Disney decided that falling on their face was the better option. More like they grew complacent as they let Kennedy play out her fanfic.
>>7394 >The Resistance made absolutely no sense. Who were they resisting? The Empire was largely gone, and the New Republic was in power. It was fucking stupid back then as well. Evil governments always continue calling themselves "The Revolution" or the equivalent long after they become the government.
>>7456 Like the Chinese Liberation Army?
>>7394 >The major issue with SW is that Disney immediately invalidated all of the books and comics when they took over. Decades of work were thrown out the window, which is fucking retarded. What's retarded is that they had the very valid luxury of picking and choosing what they'd like to use as canon and instead nuked it all simply to re-make A New Hope.
>>7673 The old EU had tiers of canonicity, they could have simply nuked everything under a certain tier or nuked the bits of the EU that everyone hated. The funny part is that they still ended up stealing ideas from the EU for their movies and they thought no one would notice.
>>7679 And it looks like they're going to be nuking and changing more things in the future too. > Dave Filoni Reveals He’s Open To Changing Star Wars Continuity And Canon https://archive.md/Ucth7
>>7685 Anon that's not a fucking problem when the old canon has already been nuked, he's shown he respect the old EU, & what passes for canon under Disney is all the horrid sequels/spinoffs. Let em do better with Star Wars his own way.
>>7686 Im not against it, just pointing out at this rate there will be no set canon at all.
>>7694 It'd be best that way at this point.
>>7685 >According to a report from Polygon after attending a panel at Star Wars Celebration back in 2019, series showrunner Jon Favreau revealed the first season of The Mandalorian took place 5 years after Return of the Jedi and 25 years before the events of The Force Awakens. It seems that the time period was chosen to make sure that nobody from the Disney trilogy can show up in Mandalorian. Of course, I wouldn't put it past Disney to try and shoehorn Carrie Fisher's corpse into the series. >Not only did Filoni reveal that he’s not interested in keeping character designs the same across different mediums between animated versions and live-action versions Filoni is being slippery with exact timelines. I think it's less that he's going to change SW cannon and more that he doesn't want to get particularly autistic about it. With the way Favreau set up Mandalorian, there shouldn't be anyone from the new trilogy in it. The old trilogy characters are expected to show, given that Lando is already in the series. Lando seems in-character, so I don't expect anyone else to differ.
>>7697 >given that Lando is already in the series. Lando seems in-character, so I don't expect anyone else to differ. Anon.... that's not Lando. There's more than one black guy in Star Wars.
>>7698 But he's the only one that matters.
>>7708 Not anymore. Carl Weathers is the guy in The Mandalorian. He was Apollo Creed in Rocky.
>>7710 >He was Apollo Creed in Rocky. I thought he looked familiar.
>>7715 He was in Happy Gilmore and Predator as well.
(33.94 KB 680x453 EoeDR1MUYAAGnqJ.jpg)
(49.31 KB 620x413 Eob2txCWMAYGx4F.jpg)
Other than the beer gut, its nice to see Boba back and given some proper respect.
>>7834 >given some proper respect Why does it look like he has a beer belly?
>>7835 Either the actor didnt have time to lose it or he's been stuck on Tatooine for so long healing after escaping the sarlac pit that he let himself go.
When do you think the ideal point to set a X/Taipan!/Mount & Blade esque game of buying/selling/mercing throughout the Galaxy? I'm thinking late 7 ABY, right after the Bacta War but before Thrawn comes. Gives the most factions to work with (Early and overextended New Republic, Zsinj, Greater Maldrood, Hutts, Hapes, Tion Hegemony and effectively independent systems that fall through the cracks), allows the iconic OT ships while allowing some of the post-Endor designs (E-Wing) to start appearing and is still early enough for Clone Wars stuff to appear as relics for poorly equipped forces.
I liked the new episode. >>7834 It was nice to see Bobba actually perform, rather than get gifted Solo by Vader, and then get taken out later by a blind Solo. As for the beer belly, I think they wanted Bobba to go bear mode. He smashed through those storm troopers like they were made out of glass.
>High Republic rumored to get a cartoon https://archive.md/YvX74 Is this crap even out (the books they showed)? I vaguely remember they announced it but other than that I haven't seen anything.
(60.01 KB 414x415 ilovetrash.jpg)
>>7891 It was delayed, officially due to Wuhan Flu. They at least toned down the horrible character designs but previews still indicate its horrible TDS that contradicts itself within a paragraph
>>7894 >contradicts itself within a paragraph Mind sharing?
>>7901 https://disneystarwarsisdumb.wordpress.com/2020/10/24/high-republic-opening-crawl-conflicts-with-itself/ (Really, this whole blog is worth a recommendation. One guy cataloging everything retarded Disney Star Wars or Disney's employees on Star Wars does)
>>7903 >Outer Rim worlds into the embrace of the Republic through ambitious outreach programs I didnt even need to read the rest.
>>7903 >glorious REPUBLIC >noble and wise JEDI KNIGHTS It sounds like the new one was written by the Chinese. Just replace Republic with China and Jedi Knights with PAP. >Starlight Beacon What a shitty name. >It is a time of ambition, of culture, of inclusion, of Great Works. The Marxists must have jizzed themselves as they wrote this. >Chancellor Soh >蘇 and 苏 are also romanized So and Sou in Cantonese; Soh and Souw in Southern Min dialects; Soh in Teochew; and Thu in Gan. This Chinese name I'm pretty sure the Chinese are wearing Disney like a flesh suit by this point in time.
>>7917 >written by the Chinese. Just replace Republic with China and Jedi Knights with PAP. Well Disney has multiple book and media products in China trying to get them into Star Wars. They've failed spectacularly every time.
(112.38 KB 264x296 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7917 Yun was a clearly Chinese typed character (name, Asian mix actor) in the really early EU. Thing is, Yun is actually a really well done character with enough depth for what he is (recurring boss) that fits perfectly within the setting instead of CCP propaganda.
Whole bunch of shit announced, emphasis on shit https://archive.vn/wip/Sy3Z8 They're going to ruin Rogue Squadron.
>>7946 10 buxs only two manage to get made and the rest are sent to development hell.
>>7947 >Willow Fucking why? One movie made thirty years ago does not need to be remade. What next? Is Disney finally going to make Buckaroo Banzai vs. The World Crime League?
>>7946 Stackpole isn't involved in Rogue Squadron. He's being overly polite about it, but it's clear he had no idea this was happening. https://archive.vn/wip/PESUN
>>7951 >Fucking why? They've run out of ideas and are currently scrapping the barrel.
(95.62 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Boba Fett with clean armor just looks weird.
>>8023 It's new paint.
>>8033 I know it just looks off putting.
>Star Wars' Boba Fett actor Jeremy Bulloch dies aged 75 Everyone's dropping like flies! https://archive.is/oE0xp
(66.95 KB 1920x1080 EpiJUv4VQAASXT_.jpg)
(100.17 KB 1900x791 EpggD83UcAAiCGM.jpg)
Season 2 of The Mandalorian ends with CGI deepfake Mark Hamill/Luke taking Grogu away while setting up Boba Fett as the focus for the next season. >>8145 F
>>8151 >Disney giving up with merchandise cash cow How unexpected.
>>8152 Well there's a few factors here. >Boba Fett is more popular than ever now >Boba Fett is a recognizable old character But there's also the idiocy of Disney at play here. >the sequel trilogy still being canon in Disney's eyes means Grogu is fucking dead.
(5.95 MB 640x270 1608339361892.webm)
(5.95 MB 640x270 1608339485188.webm)
(4.84 MB 640x270 1608339569786.webm)
Have some webms of Luke's appearance in The Mandalorian.
>>8160 >>8151 I may have interest in watching this IF Disney didn't nuke everything good about Star Wars with the special help of KK and JJ (Yes, I know about the leaked script, but it still isn't SW, and still doesn't fix all the problems that already existed with E7). Also, why does it look like Luke just walked out of a PS3 game? Is CGI really that overestimated in it's capabilities?
>>8200 Disney is bleeding money & they CG'd over an actor's face rather than getting someone who already looked like Mark. Which this model ironically barely does anyway.
>>8200 They can make good replicas of faces if they try and have the time + budget.
>>8151 I liked it. It showed that Luke is taking on a mentor role without needing to bring in the dumpster fire that is the Disney trilogy. It also opens up the possibility of a reboot. >>8154 There’s no way in hell Disney would bog Mandalorian down with the new trilogy bs. The only thing the new trilogy did was taint the brand. Their focus on Bobba Fett and the introduction of Ashoka and hint of Thrawn shows that they want to cater to older fans. If Disney was smart, they would avoid the new trilogy at all costs and keep the focus on the post-DS2/pre-Abrams timeline.
>>8206 They're making a show about that even worse rip off of Kyle Katarn from Rogue One, their current canon timeline still has the trilogy, the clones from The Mandalorian could be proto-Snokes/Palpatines, & the second to last episode was meant to be a nod to The First Order in Moff Gideon's last line. >is Disney was smart You know that's not true. There's a rumor that the Ahsoka show will use time travel to erase the sequel trilogy but that's some extremely wishful thinking.
>>8209 >Kyle Katarn Bobba Fett isn't Kyle in any way. He never assisted the New Republic and only stood against Moff Gideon, because he had already given Din his word. As soon as his promise was kept, he went and took over Jabba's palace with his waifu. There's no way in hell that Bobba will become a Jedi, and he still sees himself as a mercenary. >Ahsoka show will use time travel to erase the sequel trilogy I think the plan is to avoid the time period of the latest trilogy in its entirety. Mandalorian is set 20 years prior, so most of that cast wouldn't be born yet. Letting Disney shoe-horn in Rey and co would burn any goodwill that Mandalorian has made with the older fanbase.
>>8160 Luke's introduction was great, and it really showcased the difference in ability between a jedi master and bounty hunters. It was also interesting that he used force crush against that droid. He doesn't seem like a paranoid wackjob that the new trilogy made him. When he pulls down his hood, it looks like we're watching Luke from one of the Battlefront games. At around 0:20, you can actually see when they apply Luke's face to the actor. The actor's lips are a bit pink, and Luke's lips are the same as his skin tone. Around 0:38 when Luke is in the elevator, it looks like they didn't apply the Luke face to the actor. Either way, it looks like the way has been paved for the original trilogy characters to show up next season. If Han shows up, I'm curious if we'll get the three Solo children back. They were a lot more interesting than Ben.
>>8210 Nigger read what I said again. I'm not talking about Boba. I'm talking about that fucker from Rogue One. >>8211 If the next season is Boba focused then the safest route to take would be him fighting other crimelords. My bet is they'll bring Maul back.
>>8212 > I'm talking about that fucker from Rogue One. I see, I wasn't aware of it. It doesn't seem that interesting, but I also barely remember Rogue One. >My bet is they'll bring Maul back. Maul already came back. He eventually died on Tatooine in a final fight with Obi Wan during Rebels. By the time of Mandalorian, he would have been super dead for at least a decade. I'm thinking Thrawn is going to be the one who they eventually lead into. It would also make more sense for Bobba Fett to encounter Han again, rather than Maul.
>>8227 Shit you're right Maul's dead. They're definitely saving Thrawn for Ahsoka's show. Boba & Han.... ehhhh they wouldn't be able to even convince Harrison to do the voice. Doubtful they'd bring the Solo actor back either considering his acting is awful & the movie was a flop.
>>8232 > they wouldn't be able to even convince Harrison to do the voice I wouldn't be so sure. We thought he was done after TFA, but he still came back. Even Sean Connery did some voice work after he retired. At the very least, they can find someone who sounds like him. It shouldn't be that hard, given how popular Han is.
>>8237 They couldn't even get someone who actually acts like Han for the Solo movie.
(2.72 MB 975x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
Rogue Squadron issue 18 implies Wedge isn't just not force sensitive, but actually resistant to the force. Interesting.
Which Old Republic comics are worth a read?
>>8655 There's the series made by Dark Horse, if you liked the game you'll enjoy them.
(330.06 KB 673x700 sad_anon_by_wizik-d63uwwz.png)
>Lucasfilm Games will now be the "official identity" of all Star Wars video game releases from Lucasfilm moving forward. <the mouse kills Lucasarts, sells its soul to EA and then brings it back from the dead How bad are they going to fuck it up? https://archive.is/txTov#selection-1875.0-1875.119
>>8713 What about old pre-Phantom Menace ones?
(439.28 KB 911x888 2072955-admiral_thrawn_.jpg)
>>8806 To my knowledge there really isn't any, Old Republic was introduced around 06. Most Star Wars media before the prequels focused on stuff like Dark Empire, Thrawn or a bunch of mid-quels. You could give the comic version of the Thrawn trilogy a chance.
(24.74 MB 2560x3915 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.00 MB 515x800 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.75 MB 646x999 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8822 >Old Republic was introduced around 06. You what mate?
>>8828 Im more familiar with the games but thanks for correcting me.
>Disney much rather remake a hunk of shit than start fresh All they need to do is adapt Heir to the Empire, yet they rather die than to admit failure.
>>9208 They kinda painted themselves into a corner on that one. They canonized Thrawn and did Rebels, not to mention redoing the story of Han and Leia's marriage/children along with Luke turning into a faggot instead of being a Jedi master, so now existing canon directly contradicts all the shit that happened in the Thrawn trilogy of books.
>>9209 The best route is to erase the the sequel trilogy but they'll never do it.
Also, someone should just make /sw/ here, they're firmly entrenched in the Guntsphere so they're never going to come back
>>9215 Does anyone have an archive of the old /sw/ lightsabre thread? It had a lot of really interesting information in it.
>>9215 Why did they stay when the entire site quite literally ate itself.
>>9218 Mark fat-fingered /sw/ off of vch, and didn't realize it until days later, when the return to 8kunt got delayed. He apologized and everything, but they were rightfully pretty pissed
>>9220 But why julay of all places and not cafe or animu?
>>9234 They were mad at Mark and Julay was the most anti-Mark site out there, but that's just a theory
>>9247 Man that backfired on them real hard.
Well, looks like any hope for Star Wars is dead in the water.
>>9527 Is Disney still burning a shitload of money every day from wuhan forcing parks to close?
>>9540 Yes.
>>9540 No, they just fired one of the fan-favorite stars in The Madelorian because she of her "racist" comment that compared being a Conservative in today's culture to being a Kike in Nazi Germany.
>>9542 >be a conservative in jew infested hollywood >speak out >be surprised that you lose your job If you want the devil's money, you have to play his game. An expensive lesson to learn, to be sure, but I guess she had better practice burger flipping because she'll never get another film.
>>9559 > because she'll never get another film. But she just did.
>>9540 That's not a no.
>>9559 I don't know if you can really call her conservative for a few viewpoints. The majority of her views are probably "progressive"
(204.82 KB 851x494 orange buttcheeks.png)
>>2582 A modest edit
(369.78 KB 569x445 laughingtwileks.png)
https://archive.ph/wip/JBtzi Disney's commiefornia park is reopening and all their media puppets can do to cover up how no one can afford to go with the economy fucked up is whine about privilege
>>10238 Its essentially a rich people tourist trap. But with less interesting or ruined ips, heck even Universal was smart enough to not change Harry Potter because they're still doing gang busters on Hogwarts and they'll triple it with Nintendo Land.
(131.35 KB 2078x772 helicopter saber.png)
>>5994 There are things from show that need to be taken seriously, there are one just for laugh. Don't mix them up
(131.34 KB 500x730 Doggo Knows.jpg)
>>7834 more like Boba fat
>>10823 Its called a "dad bod".
(368.96 KB 1440x2880 ClipboardImage.png)
After watching The Mandalorian, I decided to give (the) clone wars a go, and after following Cosmonaut's variety hour's guide (which skips filler, obnoxiously comedic episodes), I have to say I'm very happy with the result, and decided to jump into rebels, this particular guide's idea of must watch seemed more focused on canon rather than quality and instead I decided to simply watch whatever sounded appealing, and so far I've seen 16-17-22-36-37-38-39-40-57, mostly episodes centering around Clone wars characters, and I'm also very happy with what I've seen, the obnoxiousness of the comedic characters and Ezra hasn't yet been an issue. Am I missing anything good in the first 4 seasons? any guides to surfing the last season? Is Thrawn done justice?
>>12075 Imagine using some eceleb's guide on how to enjoy things instead of just watching the show yourself & forming your own opinion.
>>8151 I hated it, they could have kept Luke's face tastefully hidden, but they decided to go PS4 cutscene mode. When the camera focused on him all I could think was "oh, no, you couldn't resist couldn't you" >>8160 I'd post the entire show if the site allowed me to post mkv files. MP4 doesn't support my favorite codecs. >>8206 They already included Bo-katan, and bogged down the final chapter reintroducing the black lightsaber's lore awkwardly. They might learn, but I'm not holding out my breath. >>12076 >e-celeb are all people on the internet e-celebs nowadays? >just watching the show yourself did that with Naruto, fuck that.
>>12077 Cosmonaut is an eceleb. >don't want to think for myself You could've at least saved faced saying you want other's perspectives to learn about a show but you just straight up missed you can't think for yourself. At all. That's really sad.
>>12079 *admit Not missed. I'm tired.
>>12077 >did that with Naruto, fuck that. I enjoyed every episode of naruto. No idea why someone would want to skip the filler.
(32.59 KB 622x318 My backpack's a jet.png)
>>10823 >more like Boba fat Gee, never heard THAT one this week. You DO realize the guy is 61, right? He's in better fucking shape than I am and probably better shape than you, as well.
>>12096 How is age an excuse for being overweight? My grandfather was relatively fit into his 80's. You gain weight the same way you do at 20 as you do when you're 60, by eating too much shitty food.
>>12096 >He's in better fucking shape than I am That's sad. >probably better shape than you, as well. Very unlikely. Maybe he's got some muscle under the fat but even my somewhat chubby self is in better shape than him. I'm nowhere near his old man beer gut.
(3.89 MB 1600x1230 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.52 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.82 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.50 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.77 MB 1041x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
With the release of The Bad Batch, Disney has retconned out Caleb Dune's/Kanan's origin comic. First up, how Order 66 happens in the comic.
>>12578 Then in The Bad Batch, Clone Force 99 rescue Master Billaba & Caleb's clone squadron from droids with tanks. After they deal with that, Caleb goes off with them to continue the fight. While he does that, Order 66 comes in & Billaba starts fighting. Caleb runs back then away as his master is gunned down. Clone Force 99 catch up to him & he runs away in fear. So maybe this is a big sign of changes in Disney?
>>12579 Every day that Kathleen Kennedy breathes our precious air is a bad day.
>>12662 That broad is the reason behind Nyx Okami, an Asian American Coruscanti(?!?) being replaced with that shaven head posh girl and her twice as useless sister. KK is the ruler of the franchise.
(174.71 KB 368x550 Streetfighter.png)
>>12579 >Master Billaba Not going to lie, I'm behind on my Clone Wars watching. Can someone tell me why a Jedi from planet Puu'indaloo looks like a female clone with Leia braids?
>>12690 Because brown people look the same to you? She's indian. The clones are Maori.
>>12693 The cartoon clones don't look as maori as the actor they're based on.
(901.54 KB 1400x900 snowtroopers.jpg)
snowtroopers are the best troopers.
>>12690 Her face just screams "What am I doing with my life?"
>>2587 >Realistically, how many padawans would have been raped by their master? According to Kennedy's story group, the Jedi fuck like rabbits but aren't allowed to actually CARE about their partner because caring leads to the Dark Side, somehow. Holy fuck, I'd like to drop an entire building on those cunts.
>>12814 So you're telling me padme and anakin fucking wasn't a problem?
>>2587 Main branchline? Absolutely not. They're as chaste as monks. Division branch that believe tantric positions open you up to the living force? Believable.
>>12814 What do you have against buddism?
>>12830 Buddhism is just nihilism for hippies.
(99.86 KB 720x720 starwars happy family.jpg)
>>12827 >So you're telling me padme and anakin fucking wasn't a problem? I'M not telling you anything. What I'm saying is that Kennedy's pack of spavined cunts is saying that rawdogging Padme wasn't the problem. They are saying that fucking with even a trace of affection is how you end up with a red lightsaber. Which is patently bullshit. While sex wasn't involved (I pray), both Yoda and Obi-Wan were fond of Luke AND his father. A lot of Jedi cared for the clones in their service. Caring should never have been an issue, because love is of the Light Side of the Force. Likewise, a Jedi must be disciplined, which means it doesn't make sense for them to run around sticking their lightsabers into every blastdoor, if you dig me. It would make far more sense for them to have a special someone. >>12830 >What do you have against buddism? I have no idea what sort of comment you're setting up. Complete your thought.
>>12832 not him but Buddhism and a large majority of eastern religions maintain that having any desire, things like love, material possession, and yes even things like enjoyment from sex is holding you back from attaining enlightenment and keeping you trapped in the material world of suffering. Of course said anon is still wrong, you'll never see Buddhist monks fucking like rabbits because feeling like pleasure and joy that are derived from sex are antithetical to their religion. Which is ultimately what Jedi's are a mix of Tao and Buddhism Remember pic related is effectively the antichrist of the buddhist religion, Known as the demon king of the 6 heavens (Desire) No doubt you can also draw parallels of Yin and Yang. Dark and Light, Chaos and order, passivity and action, Decadence and Authoritarianism. Whenever one side holds sway the balance is upset, suffering seeps into all life, therefore both seek to balance each other out and neither can exist without the other.
>>12839 >desire bad I find that funny that they desire to be free of desire. I guess they define 'desire' in a specific way. >neither can exist without the other. Except dark cannot 'exist' so to speak without the absence of light, since that's literally what it is. In fact darkness is essentially nonexistent, whereas light is an existing thing. This is scientific fact. Western philosophy >>>>>>> eastern philosophy
(355.03 KB 553x545 starwars got milk.png)
>>12841 >I find that funny that they desire to be free of desire. Yeah. It's up there with "ONLY a sith deals in absolutes."
>>12841 I think it's more about how the light creates shadows, but your point is valid.
(88.36 KB 275x250 thinking counter terrorist.png)
What do you guys think of a Star Wars Holyday special rebuild project? Making campy and dumb shorts to replace the original ones and make our own Star Wars Holyday special.
(982.36 KB 865x655 lovecraft cthulhu grab.png)
>>13031 >Star Wars Holyday special rebuild project I don't know, anon. That seems like the sort of innocent project that would summon Great Cthulhu.
>>13047 >I don't know, anon. That seems like the sort of innocent project that would summon Great Cthulhu. Sounds great, how can I contribute?
(60.37 KB 576x1024 greta hit or miss.jpg)
>>13057 Don't do it, anon.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hH8rxarVG8 Here is the full list of all segments: >first ad break >bluescreened circus du sulei >whip stear cooking show (3 minutes of baffling discomfort) >Itchy's VR porn >another ad-break >imperial watches music video >boba fett short I dunno, pretty good >computer unboxing with bad internet >Ackerman closes down the cantina It's a lot of segments in retrospect, maybe it'd be a good idea to promote this in multiple places. I already posted this on smuglo.li/tg/
(393.55 KB 350x235 starwarslukesings.gif)
>>13075 >>boba fett short I dunno, pretty good It's definitely considered the highlight of the show. Want to know something weird? I was a kid when it aired. I was visiting my aunt and uncle's place with my folks and my baby brother and I saw very little of it, but I remember Carrie trying to sing. I thought for years that I had dreamed it or confused it with the Mark Hamill episode of The Muppet Show. Blew my mind when I finally found out it was real.
Baby Rancor merch coming soon.
(100.11 KB 379x214 starwarsimokaywiththis.png)
>>13461 >Baby Rancor merch coming soon.
(66.90 KB 500x500 rageexplosiongasm.jpg)
>watching Clone Wars with my son >he grew up on it, but I never caught more than the occasional episode and didn't REALLY watch it because I was still (HA!) ass-hurt about the prequel trilogy >mfw the worst episode so far is better written than any 100 CY+6 television shows combined >mfw I'll never be able to corner Kathleen Kennedy and Bob Eiger in a dark alley and give them the crowbar beating they so richly deserve
>>13533 I watched it off and on myself, as I'm not a diehard SW fan. Though, I will say Ezra would have worked superbly if they didn't try to make him the Star Wars equivalent to Aladdin. And also, they should have kept Maul balls-to-the-wall unhinged. And either gave him a more fitting death or had him just disappear. Because in all honesty, he served his purpose in episode I.
(125.54 KB 601x625 ackchyually.jpg)
>>13539 That's Rebels. Not Clone Wars.
>>13542 Yes, I know. Clone Wars was the one about the clones, the pedantic Jedi, the galactic war, manipulation, betrayal, realization, sacrifice, bonding, and Space Nixon's plain coming into fruition.
>>13539 >Because in all honesty, he served his purpose in episode I. He and General Grievous were incredibly wasted in the movies
Okay, so, as I said, I'm watching Clone Wars with my now adult son, and I'm watching it through a particular lens, to borrow a term from the shitfags of the world. If the following is already well-known and I'm just late to the party, I cry your pardon, gunslingers. I'm sure everyone's heard about this already, but George Lucas has been quoted as saying that "Jar-Jar is the key to the whole thing" regarding the prequel movies. You've probably also heard the urban legend that George's original plan for Jar Jar is that he would turn out to be a Sith lord, as well, and Palpatine's willing ally/tool. If that was truly the case, then surely it came out during George's meetings with Dave Filloni while he was creating Clone Wars. So I've been looking for clues. We've all seen Jar-Jar bumbling around, getting his foot caught in shit and some managing to Frank Drebbin his way through the series. But there's some stuff he pulls off that just beggars belief, even in the Star Wars universe. It looks much less like dumb luck and more like an evil prick hiding as clown in plain site, using the Force in a very subtle fashion. Here's what I've noticed, so far: >If he's hiding as a fool, the disguise is perfect. The DROIDS order him around. C-3PO, the most obsequious droid in the galaxy, calls him "Jar-Jar." Not "Master Jar-Jar" or some other title. He called 9-year-old Anakin "Master Anakin." Jar-Jar is so low in Threepio's eyes that he might as well be a Kowakian monkey-lizard >Jar-Jar's eyes in Clone Wars are, so far, a lot more yellow than other Gungan characters. Most humans probably wouldn't notice or care, but it's a heavy dark side indicator for evil Force shenanigans in humans. >Movies: Jar Jar just happens to run into Obi-wan and Qui-gonn at an opportune time. Jar Jar just happens to get Palpatine voted into power. >S01E08 - Just... just every frigging action he takes. What isn't designed to save Padme is used to humiliate Threepio in revenge for being a nagging golden dick. There are many others, so far, but I don't have the energy or the autism to re-watch and type them out. Every time it's a Jar Jar episode, I'm paying attention. He's got to be a Force user. He's doing this Drunken Master style of fighting while pretending to be a complete incompetent and it shows. Maybe this deviates after more seasons, but for right now in the first two, a Jar Jar episode seems designed to push the theory that every stupid move on his part is actually a cunning, calculated move
>>13559 What's his endgame?
>>13560 Who the fuck knows? George got so pissy about everyone mocking his gungganfu that he took that particular ball and went home. If I had to guess, though, it would be getting Palpy into power and being rewarded.
>>13558 That's true, and CW did do them more justice than the movies. However, Darth Plagueis had more of a short hand to play at the end of episode I. At least Maul's death was shown on screen. Plagueis didn't even get so much as a subtle scene to signify his death at the time of Maul's death like in the novel.. >>13560 If we're truly talking sith, to gain Lord Momin's level of knowledge. Then, when the time is right, overthrow the current reining sith more preoccupied with ruling the galaxy, chasing Jedi, and their self indulgence.
(1.86 MB 1280x720 starwars the dildo maneuver.mp4)
>>13562 >Darth Plagueis had more of a short hand to play at the end of episode I. At least Maul's death was shown on screen. Plagueis didn't even get so much as a subtle scene to signify his death at the time of Maul's death like in the novel.. Okay, that's new to me. Is that something that was cut from the movie? >If we're truly talking sith, to gain Lord Momin's level of knowledge. Then, when the time is right, overthrow the current reining sith more preoccupied with ruling the galaxy, chasing Jedi, and their self indulgence. A take that's probably more likely than mine, and would be an awesome duel. The sad part is that, like Anakin's destiny, we would already know how that story would end: Palpatine cutting Jar Jar's head off.
(172.04 KB 316x216 ClipboardImage.png)
(128.98 KB 224x259 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm rewatching episode 3 Actually HAL9000's recut and I noticed Palpy or some senate guy has hot female droids. Bless George Lucas.
(975.98 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
(538.27 KB 690x740 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.52 MB 765x2000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13578 They're really weird looking blow up doll droids.
>>13563 >Okay, that's new to me. Is that something that was cut from the movie? No. It's from the no longer canon Darth Plagueis novel. There's been debate(heated) as to whether or not Darth Plagueis should have been in Episode I. And to be fair, this character didn't exist on paper until episode III. Though, they could have at least showed a flashback or something in CW. >we would already know how that story would end: Palpatine cutting Jar Jar's head off. True. Unless Jar-Jar is one of those rare sith that would rather spend more time training and learning in the dark side then ruling the galaxy. He probably wouldn't survive his first encounter with Palpatine.
(59.11 KB 1280x720 disgust no metsatsu.jpg)
>>13579 oooh
>>13579 Yeah, I noticed these Thotbots as well. They MUST be sexdroids. There's no fucking reason for them to have tits and curves. The translator droid from Episode One was identical in form to Threepio, but was obviously female-personality programmed.
(23.08 KB 236x354 marvellokiwtf.jpg)
>>13584 >Unless Jar-Jar is one of those rare sith that would rather spend more time training and learning in the dark side then ruling the galaxy. I was going to say that probably wouldn't be rare but then I thought about it. The biggest reason people go to the dark side is that it's a shortcut to power. If you play the dark version of Kyle Katarn in Dark Forces: Jedi Knight, you end up skipping some levels. They're looking for as much power as they can get without spending their days and nights meditating while moving rocks around and standing on one hand. So it really must be a rare Sithlord who uses cheatcodes for years and then decides to retire and settle down on some backwater with Sith holocrons to read. As for Jar Jar, I don't see it. If he's a sith, he's smart enough to know that he can't match Palpatine or doesn't actually care about ruling. He seems more like the kind of creature who'd enjoy being Loki rather than Odin.
(763.24 KB 900x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13599 Ro-butt designs are a natural aesthetic and aren't even exclusive to the BD-3000. Canonically (as in the EU's canon) replica droids weren't even given a serious production attempt until after the Republic fell, and even then the BB-4000 was deep in the uncanny valley and flopped. Took another decade and massive investment by Imp intelligence to make it go anywhere. I actually had two ideas to utilize the BB-4000. The first is a recycler taking their (likely good quality) electronics in a cheaper and less horrifying shell. The second was a Miraluka who is completely oblivious to the uncanny valley due to their unique sight (it's just another droid).
>>13599 It could just be a pure status symbol but yeah they're very obvious whore bots that at the very least are fondled by the old men who buy them.
(99.29 KB 197x254 ClipboardImage.png)
US court has called Disney Star Wars trash in BRISEÑO V. HENDERSON. >ConAgra thus essentially agreed not to do something over which it lacks the power to do. That is like George Lucas promising no more mediocre and schlocky Star Wars sequels shortly after selling the franchise to Disney. Such a promise would be illusory.* >* As evident by Disney’s production of The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. This is one of the judges who struck down the ban on high capacity magazines and earlier pissed off libtards by attacking political correctness and other libtard sacred cows when he was in college. He may have even been a rooftop Korean since his age, ethnicity and location all line up for it. Guy should be nominated for SCotUS.
>>13611 I sure as hell would. If Trando had had one in Solo: A Star Wars Tragedy, maybe we'd all be slightly less disgusted with the whole idea.
>>13600 >He seems more like the kind of creature who'd enjoy being Loki rather than Odin. >They're looking for as much power as they can get without spending their days and nights meditating while moving rocks around and standing on one hand. So it really must be a rare Sithlord who uses cheatcodes for years and then decides to retire and settle down on some backwater with Sith holocrons to read. There should have been sith like that. Or more focused on using the darkside for party-type self-indulgences than the usual sith type things.In a sense, Momin was more focused on using the darkside of the force to create grand artful masterpieces of terror than ruling the galaxy. He knew of Bane's Rule of Two, and why it was established. But refused to take up an apprentice. As he saw it as a waste of his time. The said was his reason for killing his own master. >As for Jar Jar, I don't see it. If he's a sith, he's smart enough to know that he can't match Palpatine or doesn't actually care about ruling. That's why my theory of Jar-Jar has always been he either moved onto the unknown regions or completely out of the galaxy. Even if he had truly been a sith. Almost every outcast and whathaveyou flees and/or disappears to the unkown regions.
>>13611 That and there are advantages over biological females. So for example: mechs retain their visual appeal longer, they can be deactivated or reprogrammed if they become a nuisance, additional measures like restraining bolts can be secured to ensure loyalty and they can be physically modified to suit your tastes and preferences.
>>13794 Bodyguard femdroids: Lethal as your standard model. But all in a streamlined shape.
(170.72 KB 415x272 man goon face.png)
>>13794 >That and there are advantages over biological females. They can't withhold consent.
(144.00 KB 451x372 ClipboardImage.png)
What's this symbol from? I've seen it a couple times, but it can't find anything about it.
>>14124 The Republic Navy's Open Circle Fleet.
(145.68 KB 394x430 bosslyonie_relationship.png)
Just watched Jar Jar make a complete fool out of General Grievous by pretending to be the Boss of the Gungans. I refuse to believe he's a normal, cowardly Gungan. He acts all spooked by the thought of impersonating a galactic leader and then proceeds to strut into Grievous' clutches and make him sperg out, leading to his capture by the Gungans who whipped the living shit out of him. Darth Jarjus.
>>14127 And to think the gungans could've killed Grievous then & there if the plan weren't to capture him.
(362.88 KB 976x508 grievous statue.png)
(1.75 MB 540x246 the griev.gif)
(2.33 MB 472x257 death by blender.gif)
>>14137 Pretty much. Grievous, as has been mentioned, is a wasted villain. At least as of season 4, for me. I'm still working my way through the seasons for the first time, and Grievous has, so far, been mostly a butt-monkey with the occasional "chilling insect scuttle" moment. Mostly he throws tantrums and takes it up the ass without lube from Kenobi and Skywalker. And droids. And Gungans. And Dooku. And... He's supposed to be this amazing legendary warrior, but so far he hasn't lived up to his potential as seen in the old cell-animated Clone Wars, where he was standing on one foot and fighting everyone to a standstill with five lightsabers while flipping around like Yoda on ketamine.
>>14147 He WAS an amazing warrior. Until Dooku did that to him & made him a cyborg. Convincing him the jedi were at fault. The reason he's got a reputation is that, in the beginnings of the war, he relied on fear tactics. That's how he got the best of jedi at first. As the war raged on, that strategy faltered. He's still an opponent of worth. Just not on the jedi skill level.
>>14137 Would that have accomplished anything? With the clone armies still intact, Palpy was just waiting for a good moment to pop order 66, which turned out to be the moment the Jedi found out he was Darth Sidious.
>>14228 He still doesn't have Anakin completely under his thumb. So he can't have Grievous stage the kidnapping that leads to Dooku's death at Anakin's hands.

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